MKW Chapter 585

Chapter 585    [Can become a habit or not?]


Being pushed like this, Liu Yi is completely confused.

Bullshit ah…what is this situation!

Why is Ma Yixuan sitting together with me as well as sitting in this ordinary university lecture hall?

Illusion Technique?

At that moment Liu Yi cannot help but guess as he looks around. Only to see students sitting in his surroundings. Some listening to the lesson seriously, some are covering their head sleeping. There is also a young couple sitting together intimately, being sweet towards each other while taking advantage that the lecturer is not looking.

While the lecturer is reading it word for word at the front paying no attention to the students.

All of this is so real…especially just now when Ma Yixuan pushed me, I actually felt slight pain from it!

It seems like my body has become very weak…I….have become a mortal again?

“What are you looking at fool!”

Seeing Liu Yi lost in thought, Ma Yixuan pushes him again, “Still not awake yet ah you?”

“You….why are you here?”

Liu Yi looks at Ma Yixuan flabbergasted, “Didn’t you….went and join Great God Sect…”

“Scram to the side!”

Ma Yixuan pinches Liu Yi, the piercing pain causes Liu Yi to clenches his teeth, “When did I believe in evil sects! You are the one who is in multi-level marketing! Really annoying! In the future you are not allowed to play computer games anymore, you played until you got bedeviled!”


Liu Yi looks at Ma Yixuan distractedly as he softly calls out for Immortal Fox sister in his body, calls out Little Jade, calls out Yan Qiuhong, Washing Machine, Sky Supporting Pillar….

But none of them reply him like they don’t exist!

Just what on earth is going on!

How did Ma Yixuan suddenly become my girlfriend? Furthermore, I also turned back into a mortal!

This isn’t science ah!

“Did you become stupid? Finished, finished, LOL is harming people ah!”

“…, you really are Ma Yixuan?”

“Rubbish! You don’t recognize me!”

Ma Yixuan pinches Liu Yi again….so painful ah…

“In senior high three, you finally chased me to be your girlfriend and then did your best to get into a university with me and now you don’t recognize me?!”

Liu Yi is slightly panicky, “So, sorry…”

“Tsk, I know!”

Ma Yixuan suddenly becomes slightly jealous and says, “Tomorrow is summer vacation, our class students had decided to have a gathering. You must be thinking of going to see Wang Yuzheng that lass right, that’s why you are starting to be unable to hold in your wild heart?”


Hearing what Ma Yixuan says, Liu Yi feels that it is slightly weird, Wang Yuzheng was originally my girlfriend…but now why is it not harmonious when Ma Yixuan talks about it!

“We…are going to open the student association?”

“That’s right!”

Ma Yixuan nods her head heavily, “Didn’t we agree on it…but it is really things remain the same but people change…did not think that in a blink of an eye all of us have gotten into university. Even Wang Yuzheng, Murong Die those beauties also have boyfriends already. I thought that why will be fairies who will not be tainted with the mortal’s smoke and fire, hehe…”

“The two of them…have boyfriends?”

Liu Yi’s heart sinks down and is very uncomfortable.

“That’s right, in the end, Wang Yuzheng finally went together with Lin Huayang, that young master is also very handsome.”

Ma Yixuan says in envy, “There is no need to say about Murong Die that big missy…alas, she is dating Lan He who is of the same status as her. Right now they are already engaged, and their engagement ceremony was broadcast on tv. They are indeed very rich, so jealous of them…”

Liu Yi’s heart is like it had been extracted and is even more unhappy.

My two girlfriends…actually had other boyfriends?

He is really unable to accept this point!

Liu Yi suddenly recalls the earlier scene where the eye in the center of the giant’s palm shine it’s light on him and then tell him that he will change his fate…

Could it be that this situation….is really because of the change of fate?

Looks like in this fate, I did not meet Immortal Fox sister while I use willpower to court Ma Yixuan…after that Wang Yuzheng and Murong Die no longer have any relationship with me…

What Ma Yixuan says afterward, Liu Yi did not hear them.

After the lesson, Liu Yi doesn’t even know where is his dormitory and needs to ask Ma Yixuan then he knows.

Looking at the foreign faces in his dormitory, Liu Yi only feels like he is like an outsider.

This….is really the life that I wish to live?

After staying in the school for another day, Ma Yixuan got the tickets and pulls Liu Yi and sits on the train back to North Dragon City.

On the Liu Yi looks at Ma Yixuan who is pinching her nose and complaining, looking at her pretty face, his heart only feels numb.

Is she, really the woman that I wish to live together with forever?

“This time around I am not going with you back to your house ah!”

Ma Yixuan suddenly says, “Although we are dating now, you better not think of marriage and the likes first! Before you buy a car and house, don’t think of marrying me, do you hear it?”


Liu Yi smiles bitterly, buy a house buy cars…with my current standards, it will be difficult.

“Understood then is good!”

Ma Yixuan snorts and then lower her head and continues playing her handphone and did not say anything more.

Later after she is tired, she leans on Liu Yi’s shoulder and sleeps.

Smelling the fragrance from Ma Yixuan, Liu Yi’s heart is unable to calm down.

This is my life?

As well as the life of other people?

Why did it become so foreign…I am like a stranger watching all of this.

The time on the train is very dull. As a mortal, very quickly Liu Yi is exhausted and sleeps together with Ma Yixuan.

Luckily just before the train comes to a stop, he is woken up by Ma Yixuan. The two of them then head to their respective homes and tomorrow is their student reunion party.

Returning back to home, although it is very familiar Liu Yi does not know why but he is slightly unable to calm down.

The things have remained the same while people change….this place…there is not a single person that Liu Yi is familiar with…

Even his parents seem to be slightly different…

He lies on his bed and is unable to sleep at all, as he tosses and turns.

The second day when he wakes up he is completely exhausted and there are two dark circles around his eyes.

Liu Yi looks at the mirror. Seeing at the zombie-like person in the mirror, he sighs.

Now that he is a really ordinary mortal, without sleep for a day he becomes like this.

But his mind is still clear as it urges his cultivation arts. He sits in a lotus position on the bed and tries to revolve those cultivation arts.

But within his body is lacking a single breath of immortal qi. After sitting for over an hour, he is unable to make any headways at all.

Could it be that I am unable to cultivate anymore?

Cannot be…even if I had become a mortal right now but I still did not forget about my cultivation arts. As long as I continue to work hard on those techniques I will definitely be able to cultivate again!

But at this moment this brain starts to become muddle-headed and become very uncomfortable.

Those cultivation techniques start to become in a mess…and very misleading!

Liu Yi suddenly recalls the there is a day when he stays up all night and had to leave home early in the morning he is also in this state. Back then Immortal Fox sister passed him a mystical technique!

Breathing technique!

Liu Yi thinks quickly, he is still able to remember this breathing technique very clearly!

Thus he starts following the methods of the breathing technique and sits there taking a deep breath!

His mind instantly becomes clearer and a lot of things become clearer.

I cannot practice Ascending Dragon technique as I do not have a demon body…

Netherworld qi is also unable to as I did not dual-cultivate with Xue Feng, thus I do not have this kind of qi.

The remaining ones are Scarlet Blood Sutra and Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra. Of these two, it seems like I can only cultivate one of them.

So is it Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra or Scarlet Blood Sutra?

Right now Liu Yi falls into the difficulty of choosing.

But from what he sees, he does not have any cultivating talent and it seems like devil technique will be faster!

There is a good sentence in the cultivation world, bedevilment in one day, thousand-year hardship in cultivating immortal.

I am already 20+ right now, choosing devil methods seems to be better!

After Liu Yi has decided, he starts revolving the Scarlet Blood Sutra methods.

Black qi immediately emerges from Liu Yi’s head and slowly start floating up to the ceiling.

While Liu Yi’s body also starts to heat up and a familiar feel starts to reappear in his body.

This is a kind of full feeling, this full feeling gives Liu Yi a slight peace of mind.

Devil qi starts revolving in Liu Yi’s star map and the first star jades slowly lights up.

Liu Yi is very excited. Looks like it can work….

Just as he wishes to completely light up his first star jade, his phone suddenly rings.

That counterfeit handphone is buzzing on the table making Liu Yi’s mother to shout from outside, “Hurry and pick up the phone!”


Liu Yi is helpless and can only stop his cultivation and pics up the handphone. Looking at the caller name, it is Ma Yixuan calling him.

“You damn Liu Yi! Take a look at what time it is already! Did we agree that at 10 you come over to my house and pick me up?”

Ma Yixuan’s angry voice immediately comes from the phone.

“Ah…sorry, sorry…I am coming now…”

Only then did Liu Yi recall that there is a student reunion meeting. He was concentrating on cultivating and tossed this matter to the back of his head.

“Forget it. You fellow have always been like this. Dawdle around, hurry and come over! I had already changed! You also wear smarter for me! Right now you are my boyfriend, don’t throw away my face do you hear me?!”


Liu Yi can only helplessly put down the phone and says softly.

“Little Jade help me choose a set of former wear.”

When there isn’t a familiar voice replying him, Liu Yi lets out a bitter smile, I forgot that I had already lost Little Jade.

Without Little Jade changing cloth had also become much more troublesome.

It seems like there are many matters that I am no longer used to.

Is fate really changed?

This thought is unable to disappear from Liu Yi’s mind but there is no one who is able to give him an explanation for this question.

Let’s take it step by step. First, let’s see Murong Die and the rest.

After Liu Yi finished, he left his house and went next door to pick Murong Die up.

Murong Die is wearing a white wide sleeve blouse with denim shorts. With her slim and slender figure, she is very sexy.

“Lazy ghost, let us hurry and go. Don’t let them wait too long for us!”


Chapter 585  [Can become a habit or not]

erm….please don’t tell me he will become a devil from now on….

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  1. Jeez how many chapters of this is there. We already know he breaks out and becomes sword emperor as well as lots of other events as its been confirmed to be closed loop time travel. So just get on with it.


    • Oh and we know the answer of if he becomes a devil. No. All his sword stuff is ether imortal or mixed of imortal pluss others. So that he is sword emperor conferms he will not lose his imortal qi.


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