MKW Chapter 584

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Chapter 584    [I am your girlfriend]


“She killed our king!”

“Take revenge for our king!”

On the left-hand side over ten of thousands of demons immediately roar out in anger and charge towards Zhang Yunyun.


In Zhang Yunyun’s hand, a black sword appears and then waves towards those demons.

“Don’t ask the nine layers of heaven, one sword cleaves through 9 lands!”

Wine Sword Immortal technique!

A black light instantly flies out and instantly those ten of thousands of demons had their heads separated from their body and the blood turns into a river!

This scares the rest of the demons badly!

A wave of the hand killed over tens of thousands of demons!

This is so-called million strong army seems to just need a few more wave of the other person’s hand that’s all!

Where….where did this scary woman pop out from!

Seeing this scene the golden fur ape has completely lost his desire to fight and asks trembling, “Who, who on earth are you…”

“I am the Demon Emperor, Emperor of all demons.”

Zhang Yunyun’s voice is not loud but is heard clearly by everyone. “From today onwards, the ten kingdoms no longer exist. There is only me this emperor in this world! I, shall be your emperor! Those who do not submit to me, kill all of them!”

One of the kings shout out, “Why should I listen to you! I have the final say in my country!”

The people by his side immediately hide far away, afraid of being implicated by this idiot!

“Hehe, the king of Wind Kingdom right.”

Zhang Yunyun did not take action against him immediately, instead, she smiles and says, “Talking about this the Wind Kingdom is not that far away from my Cloud Kingdom. It seems like by the lake it is the Wind Kingdom.”

As she speaks she raises one of her hands high up into the sky.

Instantly an enormous aura starts pressuring everyone present causing everyone to be alarm!

Even Ao Ri is unable hold back his shivering.

Zhang Yunyun’s power….is too powerful already….Nine Yin Demon Dragon is indeed powerful ah….

Zhang Yunyun points in a direction and instantly far away in the sky dense black clouds suddenly appear.

Among the black clouds, black lightning is swimming around like a dragon, twisting and turning.

“From now on, Wind Kingdom will thoroughly disappear from my demon realm.”

Done speaking, she presses down with her hand.


From the black clouds far away, densely packed black lightning instantly descends! Instantly Wind kingdom went up in smokes!


The king of Wind Kingdom collapses onto the ground as his expression turned ashen and pale.

“Right now, is there anyone who still wish to go against this emperor?”

Zhang Yunyun waves her hand and destroys an entire country, but her expression did not change like those people’s lives are not related to her at all.

Liu Yi sees this scene through the satellite and his heart aches.

“Paying respect to the emperor!”

Zhang Yunyun’s sentence makes all of the demons kneel down and prostrate themselves in worship!

Demons originally respected strength! Zhang Yunyun…ah wrong the Demon Emperor’s power is worthy of her to sit on this position!

“From now on, the demon realm shall be unified!”

As Zhang Yunyun speaks, black clouds gather above her head and form a black crown, “The entire realm is mine, the Demon Emperor’s! Who dare to obey! Who dares to not accept?”

The crowd of demons bows before her, “No one dares to not obey, no one dares to not accept! Long-live emperor!”

All of the demons kneel down in front of her, the scene is indeed very majestic.

Zhang Yunyun looks at the kneeling demons in front of her but she bites her lips tightly.

She unifies the demon realm with just a raise of the hand…but she is not happy…

Liu Yi withdraws his gaze and lets out a deep sigh.

Originally I came back 1300 years into the future to find the Sword Emperor not to interfere with history.

But I did not expect that I had actually become part of the history.

My existence has heavily affected the path of history. Wine Sword Immortal is born due to me. The existence of the Great God is because of me. The existence of the Demon Emperor is also because of me…

Liu Yi suddenly recalls that back then when he fought against Ao Ri, he attracted out Demon Emperor.

Back then dragon scales were covering his face, thus Ao Ri and Demon Emperor did not recognize him.

While the sentences that Demon Emperor says, “1300 years later perhaps we will be fated to meet…”

“You go back and tell your master to come and find me. As for where is he able to find me, I believe that he is very clear. If he does not come, then do not blame me for taking action on his disciple.”

Those two sentences….obvious is her mistaking me as his disciple…

So 1300 years ago Sword Emperor was none other me.

No wonder when Wine Sword Immortal sent me back, he was not willing to say who is Sword Emperor no matter what…with that, I am this Sword Emperor.

Just because of my existence, it caused so many things to happen 1300 years in the future.

I personally created the Demon Emperor…then I also have the responsibility to turn her back.

The fate is making a fool of people, why can’t I resist fate?

Liu Yi sits in a lotus position as his heart starts to waver.

Could it be that fate is like what Ai Ling says, really unable to be changed?

Then so such a long time I worked so hard in cultivating, what is all of it for?

This is the first time Liu Yi has the thought that fate cannot be fought. In front of fate, he feels like he is incomparably small!

As for fate, it is like an enormous giant, towering in front of him, unmovable!

Just a gentle kick from the giant will be able to flatten him!

Thinking to here, black gas starts emitting from Liu Yi’s body and surrounds his body. Very quickly it wraps around him.

Seeing this sense, Lin Tong is as anxious as a hot pan! But she is unable to do anything as this is Liu Yi’s heart devil!

Since back then, Liu Yi’s speed of improvement had been very swift, very smooth and he had never met any setback!

Thus, it created such a scary heart devil!

If Liu Yi is unable to get through this heart devil, then there is only two end result for Liu Yi.

One is completely losing his cultivation and from then one turns back into a mortal. The other is completely transforming into a devil and become like Zhang Yunyun become a devil without any way back.

No matter which one…both of them are not what Lin Tong wishes to see to happen!

Liu Yi, ah Liu Yi, you must withstand it ah!


At the very same time in the human realm, Ai Ling who had absorbed the golden body and is cultivating suddenly trembles and awakens from her cultivation state.

Wine Sword Immortal senses Ai Ling’s unusual condition and wakes up from his cultivation as well and ask, “Daoist Ai what is the matter?”

“Nothing…suddenly feel that my heart is slightly uncomfortable…”

Ai Ling shakes her head, indicating that she is fine, thus Wine Sword Immortal continues to cultivate.

After absorbing the golden body, their improvement speed is very swift. Wine Sword Immortal is also about to break through to earth realm.

While Ai Ling is even more swift. She is already at 13 star jade cultivation. The Religion Mi’s golden body is all-embracing and also conceals the boundless buddhist qi which is a precious treasure for cultivation!

After the two of them had obtained the golden body, naturally their cultivation speed increases!

But at this moment Ai Ling’s heart is apprehensive, just what is this…could it be that something had happened to lord?

Cannot be…lord is someone who is worthy of the heaven helping him.

Thinking of all of the hardship that Liu Yi had experience and survived, he is unlikely to fall in the demon realm….in less than, less than a month the demon realm gateway will be open. Lord, you must return back save and sound ah!

Ai Ling prays silently.


“A week has passed, what did he say?”

Zhang Yunyun sits on the golden throne and asks Sky Flipping Dragon who is kneeling in front of her.

“Nothing…he did not say anything…”

Sky Flipping Dragon kneels in front of Zhang Yunyun, sensing the pressure that the demon emperor brings to him, cold sweat starts to cover his forehead.

It has been a week already… every time she mentions about Liu Yi, the demon emperor will be angered.

When she is angered, that pressure she lets out….not many demons are able to withstand it!


Indeed this time round Zhang Yunyun directly crushes the armrest of the golden throne as a ruthless light shoots out from her eyes.

“Continue to lock him up! I do not believe that he will not give up!”

“This subject obeys…”

Currently, Liu Yi is still sitting in a lotus position is the Sky Prison formation which the black gas around his body is becoming denser and denser.

In his mind, he is currently escaping.

While behind him is an enormous giant chasing after him.

Liu Yi is really exhausted as this giant chased him for 7 days and nights!

During this 7 continuous days and nights, the giant did not let off Liu Yi and chasing like this!

It seems like if he did not pulverize Liu Yi, he is unresigned!

“Damn it….why is this fellow chasing after me and not letting me off!”

Liu Yi is unable to escape and finally turns around and faces that 100 meters tall giant.

“I am your destiny.”

The enormous giants says slowly, his voice like muffled thunder, “No matter where you escape to, you will not be able to escape from my palm.”


Liu Yi says in anger, “I don’t believe that I am unable to resist fate!”


The giant snorts, “Since that is the case then let me help you change your fate!”

He suddenly lowers his arm and in the center of the giant’s palm, an eye opens. In the eye, numerous scenes flashes by.

On scenes gather together and form a light ray shining on Liu Yi.

This light is very eye-catching making Liu Yi unable to take it but to close his eyes.

“Big idiot, wake up ah! Quickly wake up!”

A very familiar voice keeps urging by his ears causing Liu Yi to subconsciously open his eyes.

Unknowingly the giant had disappeared while the current him is sitting in a lecture theater. The students in the lecture theater are sitting in twos and threes while the professor in front is talking dryly about his lesson.

By the side, a beautiful girl wearing denims complains in anger, “You play LOL again yesterday night right? See how tired you are right now. Tsk, tsk if they knew that I had found such a trash boyfriend they will definitely laugh at me.”

Liu Yi looks at her as his heart speed up…Ma, Ma Yixuan!

Why is it her?!

Ma Yixuan touches her beautiful face and asks Liu Yi curiously, “What is it, is there something on my face?”

Liu Yi exclaims in shock, “Why….why are you here…”

“Did you play computer games until you become stupid!”

Ma Yixuan touches his forehead, “You don’t even recognize your own girlfriend? Damnit, back then you chased me such so fiercely and the moment I agreed, you only care about playing the game daily! Hmph, in the future if you play like this again then you can go and date the game!”


Chapter 584  [I am your girlfriend]

zzz…what a fuck up heart devil…

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  1. I really don’t know why i still read so much shit. Man, i really wanted to know a bit of mandarim to say direct to the writer :

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  2. What a scary EVIL HEART lol only plot armor can save him now -_-
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