MKW Chapter 583.5

Chapter 583.5    [Side note for previous chapter]


1. why did he not explain to Zhang Yunyun why he is not the one who killed her mother

Well if you guys had read the previous chapter you must know how much she loves her mother as well as hate killing and the likes, thus if she knows that her mother suicided because she wants to leave the demon realm and toss away her responsibility…it will make her guilt-ridden and more likely to be follow her mother wish and become the demon emperor

2. can he save her mother.

Erm probably not.

a) he had used up all his pills previous while treating Zhang Yunyun’s sickness.

b) her mother will still use other methods to kill herself like destroying her own cultivation and the likes. P.S she is a human who is instilled with demon qi to be able to live for so long

c) her mother no longer has anymore will to live. she had already wished to die when her husband the previous king had died

3. is Liu Yi an idiot

Well….we all get the drift that he will be brain-dead when dealing with girls already

4. can his Ai replay the content of his memory

Maybe but as said in point 1 well it will make things harder for Zhang Yunyun and he blames himself for her death

So as to say let take a look at Alrion comment which I think is also Liu Yi’s though process


First off: he did not want to bad mouth Yunyun’s mother. Do you have any idea how hard it is to choose a side when the two people you love most hate each other? LiuYi was totally undermining what the queen wanted. She wanted this future for her daughter she originally thought she would get her way by being killed by the dragon king. Then Yunyun’s desire to see the human world would have led to an “excursion” followed by an invasion. However LiuYi was going to take Yunyun away from that path. The queen couldn’t allow that, so she framed LiuYi.
LiuYi felt that if he hadn’t been there, she wouldn’t have killed herself. He blames her death on his involvement. He also left the last of his vitality pills with that alchemist to make a pharmaceutical company. He doesn’t feel that Yunyun would take his word on how her mother died.(pills were used up a few chapters back)
Yunyun apparently thought it was ok to leave as long as her mother was there to rule. I guess she never believed in her heart that her mother would leave unless her life depended on it. Then with her uncle and mother both dead, she felt it was her duty to step up and no longer go to the human realm, but she loves LiuYi too much to let him leave her. Her mother and Ao Ri both suspected that Yunyun wouldn’t leave LiuYi, but only the mother was crazy enough to set this all up.

5. can he escape from Zhang Yunyun

yes. but what is the point…make her chase him for a month or so? I believe that will make things worst, thus he allows himself to be captured so that he can try to calm her down

Final note.
Liu Yi is a fucking retard and yes the plot is very forced.
Think the author have a mind block and is unable to think of anything to make it flow. Well, it is a given as usually this kind of stories well they update it daily so yeah…




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