MKW Chapter 582

Chapter 582    [You are crazy!]


Zhang Yunyun actually wants to leave the Demon Realm!

The king of Cloud Kingdom….actually wishes to leave this place!

How….how can this be allowed!

“Yun’er don’t mess around. Right now you are no longer a princess but you have a responsibility!”

The queen immediately berates her, “Do not be unruly anymore!”

“That’s right my lord. Cloud Kingdom is still waiting for you to manage!”

Ao Ri also persuades patiently, “Outside there is still the allied armies of the nine kingdoms waiting for you to subdue them!”

“Royal mother, uncle Ao Ri. There is no need for you to advise me anymore.”

Zhang Yunyun holds Liu Yi’s hand tightly, “I have already decided. My nature is also not suitable for any king. I only wish to follow my big brother side that’s all.”

Zhang Yunyun’s gaze towards Liu Yi carries a bit of happiness.

Liu Yi is also sighing in sorrow in his heart, did not expect that during my trip to the Demon Realm, I would actually accept a princess.

But can I able to bring Zhang Yunyun back to the current era? No matter what I must give it a try.

“But, lord…”

Just as Ao Ri is about to say something, he is stopped by the queen.

“Yun’er have you decided?”

“Yes, royal mother. You should understand me the best.”

Zhang Yunyun nods her head and says, “What I have decided will never be changed. Royal mother you just let daughter be willful this once…”

Zhang Yunyun’s face is filled with begging look.

The queen’s expression turns soft and says, “Since that is the case then I will not make things tough for you. Since you want to leave, why don’t I, your mother give you guys a feast before you leave. This one…Sir Hunter, you saved my daughter, I also want to thank you properly.”

“Thank you royal mother, thank you royal mother!”

Zhang Yunyun is very happy as she pulls Liu Yi’s hand and says, “Big brother we are able to go out and live together! You cannot turn your back on me ah!”

“Will not…”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and rubs Zhang Yunyun’s head, “I will take care of you forever.”

“Oi, oi, don’t rub my head, I will not grow tall!”

Zhang Yunyun becomes mischievous, “But you need to let me come back regularly to see my mother, otherwise I will miss her.”

“Of course. Demon Realm opens once a year. You can come back and stay for around a year.”

Liu Yi does not mind this point, but he thinks in his heart, very soon the Demon Emperor will emerge. At that time the ten kingdoms of the Demon Realm will be destroyed. I’m afraid that Zhang Yunyun’s mother will not be able to survive this. Should I tell this point to her…why don’t I bring Zhang Yunyun’s mother along as well?

This can be considered. Later during the feast let me try and persuade a bit and see.

“Yun’er you go and change your clothing first. Take a look at your current clothing, how long have you not changed it. You have already lost your princess’s etiquette.”

The queen clucks as she looks at her daughter’s words.

“Hmm…I also have no alternative ah…big brother will not think of such things…”

Zhang Yunyun skips as she follows a maid to change her clothing.

“Sir please follow me.”

The queen invites him. Liu Yi nods his head and follows behind her.

Ao Ri did not follow along but his expression is ugly. Perhaps it is because the master that he had always been protecting wholeheartedly has run away with a human thus he is unhappy!

Being able to make Ao Ri deflated, Liu Yi happy in his heart!

The queen leads Liu Yi to a palace. On the contrary, this palace is rather different. It is a building created from wood and is lightly gorgeous.

“This is the palace that the former king requested for me to build.”

The queen points at the surrounding building and says, “Back then the former king traveled around the human realm and got to know me. He then married me before going to the demon realm. To be honest, at the beginning I was not used to it. But now, this place is already my home.”

“Living together with a demon, perhaps it not an easy matter.”

Hearing the queen say all this, Liu Yi cannot help but become slightly emotional.

“Still okay, just that I feel that here is behind times.”

The queen indicates to Liu Yi to sit in front of a table. After which she picks up a bamboo tube by the side and pours some wine into the wooden bowl in front of Liu Yi.

“Sir you see there are a lot of things here which are very behind times, there isn’t even chinaware. It is incomparable to our Tang Dynasty golden age.”

[TL: Chinaware=Porcelain]

“This is true…”

Liu Yi says in his heart, anyways how long more will it be when everything will turn on its head in this place,

The human culture will bring a huge shock to the demon realm.

“Sometimes, I will also think of my home…”

After the queen filled up Liu Yi’s cup, she gracefully sits in front of him, “Unknowingly I have already lived here for nearly 40 years. Thinking of my parents they should also be old already.”

Liu Yi did not drink the wine in the bowl, instead, he asks, “Why don’t you follow us back to the human realm?”

“Return to the human realm?”

The queen smiles. This 40+ years old woman has stayed in demon realm for a while, but is still attractive. This smile can indeed make people slightly infatuated. Luckily Liu Yi is used to seeing all kind of beauties, thus he is not infatuated.

“How about sir talk about the reason why I should go back to the human realm?”

Liu Yi is slightly curious about this queen’s attitude. What does she wish to say?

“Don’t you miss your home?”

The queen laughs coldly, “My birth parents are already dead. The current parents are the ones who adopted me that’s all. They adopted me just so that they can treat me as a maid that’s all. My life in the human realm daily was filled with disgrace. Later on, when their family did not have any money they nearly sold me to a brothel…luckily at that time, I met the previous king who brought me to here and bestowed me a new life.”

As she speaks hatred filled her eyes, “Although the human realm is flourishing, human hearts are vicious and incomparably dirty! Why do I want to go back to that place? Not only do I not wish to not go back, instead I want to make the Demon Realm my home and then unify all of the demon race and become the king of all. After which I am going to head over to the human realm and rule that damn dirty place!”

Hearing this, Liu Yi’s heart jumps.

This queen…actually has this kind of ambition!

“You are unable to do it!”

Liu Yi reminds, “You are only a human whose body is instilled with demon qi that’s all! If you wish to unify the demon realm it is nothing but a dream, not to mention invading the human realm!”

“Naturally I am unable to do it.”

The queen smiles mysteriously, “But my daughter, she is able to do it.”

“What are you joking about! She is a girl who can’t even bear to step an ant to death!”

“Hehe, sir, I believe that you must still be curious.”

The queen did not follow up with what Liu Yi is saying, instead she says, “Why is Yun’er able to use your technique right?”

Earlier Zhang Yunyun had used Glorious Sun Palm, Illusion Extermination matter, the two of them had seen it clearly.


Liu Yi did not say anything but starts frowning.

“Let me tell sir honestly. Actually, Yun’er is not an ordinary demon. She is a Nine Yin Bewitching Dragon.”

{Nine Yin Demon Dragon’s!!!}

Lin Tong who had always been resting in Liu Yi’s body instantly exclaims in shock when she hears this.

{Gods….how is this possible…there, there is really this kind of dragon in existence?!}

{Immortal Fox sister? What is Nine Yin Demon Dragon?}

{That is the most unique dragon in the dragon race….it is also….a type of dragon that was personally exterminated by the gods….based on reason, this kind of dragon should no longer appear….}

Liu Yi is able to sense that Lin Tong is trembling in his body, {Nine Yin Demon Dragon’s is very powerful…the nine yin demon qi that they are born with naturally is very unique. This kind of nine yin demon qi does not need to be cultivated and will automatically revolve in their body on its own. It can be stated that from the moment an Nine Yin Demon Dragon is born, it had already started on its path of cultivation! Furthermore, demon dragons who possess nine yin demon qi are able to mimic any technique that they have seen before! You can also say that….they are all genius in cultivating…back then Nine Yin Demon Dragon’s was very powerful and nearly fought their way into the Southern Heavenly Gate! Which provokes the god’s prestige, thus later on the gods in the immortal world become angered and send out daoist immortals to put down this dragon race…from then on Nine Yin Demon Dragon’s completely disappear from the world…}

Zhang Yunyun…is actually so awesome?

Liu Yi recalls that little loli who is like a Tangseng by his side daily and starts suspecting.

This, how is it possible?

“The former king had obtained the Nine Yin Pendant from a danger zone and when I was pregnant he continuously used a secret technique to merge the powers of the Nine Yin Pendant with Yun’er who is in my body.”

It seems like she also knows that Liu Yi is suspicious, thus the queen explains very patiently, “When Yun’er was born, she had already transformed her head and become a unique Nine Yin Demon Dragon. Yun’er is the biggest hope of the former king and me. On her shoulders is the responsibility of the Cloud Kingdom. From before she was born, the former king and I had already planned her future path. She will be the one who will lead our Cloud Kingdom and unify the demon realm! She, will become the emperor of the demons!”

Hearing this, Liu Yi trembles and is nearly unable to sit still.

Yun’er ….she, she will become the Demon Emperor?

How is that possible!

Definitely not possible! Definitely not possible!

Liu Yi clenches his fist and tells the ambitious queen, “I will not let all of this happen. I will bring Yunyun away!”

“Sir is thinking too naively.”

The queen suddenly takes out a short sword from behind her.

“What, you wish to take action against me?”

Liu Yi snorts coldly, “You are not even able to defeat a single finger of mine. So save it.”

“Sir does not know that the moment the former king dies, I already no longer had any wish to live in this world anymore.”

The queen holds the short sword and smiles indifferently, “The only reason why I am still alive is to wish to see the moment my daughter unifies the demon realm and becomes the emperor. For this moment, I, am willing to sacrifice anything.”

She stabs the short sword into her lower abdomen.


Liu Yi is shocked as he hurried forward and grabs hold of the queen.

The queen’s stabbing location is very accurate, just into the location of her heart. Right now she still has not died is all because she is borrowing her demon qi.

The currently Liu Yi no longer possess any more vitality dans, thus he is unable to save this crazy woman at all!

“You motherfucker are you crazy! You also want to turn your daughter insane!”

Liu Yi starts cursing.


Facing death the queen is at ease.

“Sir…you are already no longer able to stop this…I believe…my daughter…she will become…the grandest…emperor…”


Chapter 582  [You are crazy!]

…so does anyone has a feeling like WTF???

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