MKW Chapter 581

Chapter 581    [Title at the bottom]


The two greatest experts of Cloud Kingdom, Sky Flipping Dragon, and Ao Ri!

Ao Ri walks the path of Dao Cultivation, using lightning qi to summon nine layers of heavenly lightning to turn his enemies into ashes!

While Sky Flipping Dragon is different. His lightning qi is utilized on his body. When this lightning qi completely erupts not only can he activate the power of his body, at the same time his speed can increase sharply!

It is because of this ability, Sky Flipping Dragon becomes the leader of the Four Demon Kings despite him only have 16 star jade cultivation!

Even Ao Ri is unable to keep up with his speed!

Thus Sky Flipping Dragon is very confident with his ability!

Originally the soldiers who were frightened by Liu Yi start to become excited seeing this.

Lord Sky Flipping Dragon is serious now, this time around he will definitely win!

How is it possible for that guy who is using a sword to keep up with Lord Sky Flipping Dragon’s speed!

In a while more he will definitely be turned into ashes by Lord Sky Flipping Dragon’s lightning!

In the sky, thunder keeps rumbling. This is the effect of Sky Flipping Dragon’s lightning.

This kind of thunder sound causes a number of people to become frightened. Lord Sky Flipping Dragon is indeed powerful! That fellow who is using a sword will definitely die!

“Desolate Flames!”

Liu Yi is calm as he suddenly hits out.


Sky Flipping Dragon is instantly slapped out of the air, his stomach is hit by Liu Yi’s right palm. His eyes nearly pop out while he curls up like a prawn while flying out.

He crashes into the stone hole causing dust clouds and stone debris to rise up and the rest of the demons nearly peed in their pants.


Even Lord Sky Flipping Dragon with his crazy speed…is actually being hit out with a single palm?

Just what is the background of this fellow standing on a sword! This is too unscientific ah!

[TL: what even more unscientific is the usage of the word unscientific in this era…]

{Alas, pitiful Sky Flipping Dragon…}

Right now Sky Supporting Pillar is in a merged state with Liu Yi. Seeing this scene he cannot help but observe a moment of silent, {You are fated to face this calamity ah…}

Liu Yi cannot be bothered with what Sky Supporting Pillar says. He keeps his palm and looks at that king and says, “Right now there is no one disturbing us. So lord king, we can talk properly…”

“Who dares to be arrogant in my Cloud Kingdom! Seeking death!”

At this moment there is a suddenly shout following which a lightning bolt crashing into Liu Yi.


Liu Yi did not have his guard up and is instantly forced backward by the lightning strike by a few meters before being able to stabilize his body!

What a familiar lightning qi!

“You are actually able to take my attack! Good then have another attack!”

Black clouds suddenly start gathering in the sky and another lightning bolt suddenly descends.

“Don’t ah!”

At this moment Zhang Yunyun suddenly lets out an exclamation and then sends out a palm attack towards the stone hole which become ruins.


The entire stone hole instantly exploded open revealing the figure of a man!

Seeing this scene, Liu Yi’s eyes widen!

Just now that palm attack from Zhang Yunyun…was Glorious Sun Palm, Illusion Extermination!

How is that possible! Could it be that Zhang Yunyun is from Heaven Fox Race? No ah, she is obviously a dragon!

This….just what is going on!


Ao Ri’s figure appears and surrounding him is a few restriction pillars that were broken.

“You actually come back! This is great, the Cloud Kingdom can finally go back into the right path!”

Ao Ri instantly starts crying!

Lui Yi is shocked, Ao Ri of this time had actually crossed his heavenly calamity already!

Scary…no wonder he is the number one expert of this Demon Realm! Perhaps under this entire world, the only one who is able to make him submit is the Demon Emperor!

“But let us talk about this later. Let me first deal with this human!”

The moment Ao Ri speaks his gaze lands on Liu Yi.


Hearing what Ao Ri says, the demons were shocked.

“He, he is actually a human!”

“Gods, Cloud Kingdom is nearly exterminated by a human!”

Li Yi frowns and looks at Ao Ri.

“How do you know that I am a human?”

Ao Ri snorts coldly, “Hmph, I went to the human realm before. Even though you are far away from me but I am able to see that stink of a Hunter on your body!”


“Gods, he is a hunter!”

“Save us ah….mother I am afraid…”

The fame of hunter even 1300 years in the past still carries a lot of might!

The moment Ao Ri says so, the demons start to escape in fear, hating that they are unable to find a hole to hide in!


Zhang Yunyun looks at Liu Yi who is floating in the sky, is he a hunter…

Who is a hunter, honestly speaking he is a dragon killer.

So the dragon qi on his body comes from this.

“Princess he is a hunter you definitely must have been hoodwinked by him!”

Ao Ri shouts, “Let your subject kill him for you!”


Zhang Yunyun instantly exclaims in shock, “Don’t harm my big brother! Anyone who wants to harm my big brother has to step over my corpse!”

No matter if he is a hunter or not…he is my big brother.

After living together happily with him for nearly a year, Zhang Yunyun had already given birth to feelings for him. If it is not for LiuYi, she would not have lived to today.

Zhang Yunyun’s manner shocks Ao Ri, “Princess, you must be crazy!”

“I am not, I am very clear-minded!”

Zhang Yunyun utters it word by word, “If it was not for big brother, you will not see the me who is alive. As long I am still here, then I will not allow anyone to harm my big brother. Uncle Ao Ri, I beg you, don’t take action anymore okay?”

“Yunyun, why do you need to beg him!”

Liu Yi really does not like being protected by girls. He snorts and shouts, “If he wishes to fight then let me accompany him!”

Now that my cultivation is at 14 star jade, after entering the second stage of dragon transformation, it is not like I do not have any power to fight against an expert of heaven realm!

Zhang Yunyun cries and says, “Don’t be like this big brother. I do not wish to see you guys fight against each other….”

Seeing Zhang Yunyun crying Liu Yi’s heart turns soft.

What he cannot stand to see most is girl’s crying. Especially the girls who are important to him.

“Princess, this subject knows my mistake.”

Ao Ri also immediately lower his head, “This subject will not start a fight against this hunter. As long as he is honest, this subject will ignore his existence.”

He turns around and walks towards the frightened king.

“Right now it is also time for you to hand over the royal power! The king of Cloud Kingdom should not be you!”

“I, I….”

The king is about to pee in his pants already. The originally great situation has completely turned into a mess all because of the arrival of that hunter.

Even Ao Ri who he had schemed so much to seal up has also been released. This time around he had really lost a lot of power.

“Since you do not speak up, that means that you do not have any complaint.”

Ao Ri stands there making a lot of demons respect him.

Demons hold strength in esteem. As long as a person is powerful, naturally he will have the right of speaking.

Ao Ri is the current world number 1. Thus his words carry weight!

“As a lord of Cloud Kingdom. Right now I am going to set the disorder of royal power right! According to the former king’s edict, before he had passed away, the princess shall inherit his throne while the Queen and I shall be her regent and assist the princess. While this former prince occupies the throne by force and also tried to harm the princess and queen. I hereby declare to relieve the prince of his title and lock him into the prison!”

Ao Ri instructs people to repair the prison.

While Sky Flipping Dragon and Devil Child who had awakened bow before him, not a single one of them is not reverent and respectful of Ao Ri and submit cheerfully.

The rest of the soldiers also kneel down and start calling the princess, Queen.

The princess’s face turns red and seems to be not used to it and immediately waves her hand.

“Man, take the prince away.”

Ao Ri’s methods are very clean. After ordering people to keep the badly frightened prince in detention, he returns back to the royal palace with the princess and the rest.

On the way, the princess holds Liu Yi’s hand tightly not willing to let go.

She is already used to being dependent on Liu Yi, following him closely and now is also the same.

When Ao Ri and the queen sees this they start frowning.

“Respectfully welcoming the Queen!”

The people in the royal palace are already kneeling down, the scene is rather spectacular.

The Queen and Ao Ri walks up to a high position and waits for the princess to sit on the golden throne.

“Princess come here.”

Ao Ri points at the golden throne, “From now on, this is your throne!”

The Cloud Kingdom’s royalty had once again changed. Right now the general situation is already determined, all that is left is for Zhang Yunyun to ascend onto the king position of Cloud Kingdom.

“That’s right. Yun’er, in future you shall be the ruler of the Cloud Kingdom.”

The queen says emotionally, “From then one, there will no longer be anyone who will be able to bully us.”

“Congratulations princess!”

“Ah wrong it should be the new master of Cloud Kingdom!”

“Right, right, right, congratulations new master of Cloud Kingdom!”

“The new master of Cloud Kingdom had always been kind-hearted, in the future our Cloud Kingdom will be fortunate!”

The rest of the ministers starts kowtowing and bootlicks the princess.

“No, I do not wish to become the king.”

Unexpectedly Zhang Yunyun shakes her head causing the people present to be taken back!

She actually does not wish to be the king!

This bullshit….this doesn’t make sense ah! Within the Cloud Kingdom how many people are eyeing this position! If it is not for the case, that prince will also not commit such a big crime to climb into this position!

While the princess who finally survive from death gates and return back to the position of the king….she actually does not want to be?

Do not wish to be then why did she come back to the Cloud Kingdom for?!

The queen does not comprehend it and asks her, “Yun’er you take the risk to return back to the Cloud Kingdom and you actually do not wish to become the king? Then why did you come back?”

“I only wish to come back to stop this war.”

Zhang Yunyun says loudly, “Right now the outside still has the allied armies of the nine kingdoms. I do not wish to let Cloud Kingdom start a war with them. I do not wish for a war to start and let my fellow citizens die.”

Zhang Yunyun’s word causes the people present to be slightly shocked.

“Yun’er you must consider it clearly!”

The queen reminds Zhang Yunyun, “This is actually the chance of our Cloud Kingdom! With Lord Ao Ri, Sky Flipping Dragon and Devil Child….as well as that hunter big brother of yours, this time Cloud Kingdom fighting against the nine kingdoms is actually the biggest chance! As long as we defeat them, from then on the world shall be our Cloud Kingdom’s! If we give up then there will no longer be this chance!”

“I do not wish to start a war mother!”

Zhang Yunyun grabs hold of Liu Yi’s hand tightly, “I only wish to follow big brother to the human realm and leave demon realm this place forever…”


The queen and Ao Ri looks at each other and at the same time take a shocked breath!


Chapter 581  [Do not love the country, love big brother]

So any guesses on what happen next?

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