MKW Chapter 580

Chapter 580    [Finally lured out!]


The guy’s face is slightly covered with a beard but does not appear sloppy, instead, it gives him a mature temperament.

The black gown that he is wearing dangles below the flying sword and flutters along with the wind which is slightly graceful.

Seeing this guy, the king’s heart starts to beat rapidly.

This guy’s appearance seems to be that expert who had always been accompanying the princess!

“Big, big brother…”

Zhang Yunyun looks at Liu Yi who is sitting in the sky as her face is filled with shame.


“No worries, anyway this day would have come sooner or later.”

Liu Yi shakes his head and says to Zhang Yunyun, “ But you running here on your own is too dangerous. I had already before that in the future I will keep looking after you. In the future do not be so willful. If you have a problem I will help you.”

“Understood…thank you, big brother…”

Zhang Yunyun is touched while the king roars in anger, “What the fuck, you do think that I do not exist? Fine then since you have come then don’t leave! How dare you butt in my Cloud Kingdom’s matter. Today you shall die here!”

He waves his hand and the demons below him start roaring and prepare to attack Liu Yi.

“Yunyun. Close your eyes.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he raises his hand and points towards the sky.

“Descending rain!”

-swish, swish-

Instantly from the sky, a palm rain that is filled with Scarlet Blood Qi starts descending!

This fire palm shadow falls above the prison of the prison of the royal palace and then hits the demon soldiers!

What kind of grade is Liu Yi’s technique?

These demons are basically unable to withstand it. Even if their numbers are even higher, in front of him, they are nothing but children and is instantly completely routed by the palm shadows.

“Save us ah!”

“Mother ah, I am on fire!”

“My leg!”

Any demons that were struck by the palm shadows, either their limbs got disabled or they got put on fire. All kind of blood-curdling screeches and anguished wails spread out.

The king’s face turns green as he clenches his fist.

Although he had heard that this guy is very powerful, he did not expect that he was so horrifying!

Just what grade is this large scale technique! looks like my soldiers are not his opponent!

“All of this trash, no matter how many you send out it is useless.”

Liu Yi sits on his Taiji sword as he smiles merrily while he looks at the king of Cloud Kingdom, “Why don’t you send an expert over? I had heard that your Cloud Kingdom had recently roped in an expert who is even stronger than that Sky Flipping Dragon. Why don’t you send him out and fight against me?”

“Hmph, I already had this plan earlier!”

As the king speaks, he uses his demon qi and shouts out, “Left Minister come out and protect your king!”

This roar is like thunder, exploding out in the sky of Cloud Kingdom.

Liu Yi says in his heart, this guy has no shame to shout so loudly. How can the grand king shouts for help so loudly and let all of the citizens in the Cloud Kingdom hear it!

“Hahaha, here I am!”

From the royal palace comes loud laughter. Hearing this laughter, Liu Yi trembles slightly!

This laughter….is from a guy!

It is not Great God!

A black light shoots towards the sky, following which an enormous black figure flies over from the royal palace and open his pair of enormous water wings, and approaches Liu Yi.


Liu Yi really wishes to curse as this fellow is none other than Devil Child!

Bullshit! I still thought that it is Great God, so it is this damn fellow!

“Come let’s turn you into a stepping stone for me Devil Child!”

This snake figure is very enormous and is around 100 meters long. He is floating in the air flapping that pair of shocking water wings and charges towards Liu Yi with his mouth open!

When the people of the Cloud Kingdom see this figure, all of them got a shock.

Even when the soldiers from the nine kingdoms outside the city turns pale when they see this snake figure.

“This, this is the Left Minister of Cloud Kingdom?”

“What a powerful snake demon….his cultivation should be very powerful…”

“Can, can we really win?”

Because of the appearance of Devil Child, the hearts of the soldiers of the nine kingdoms are starting to waver.

The king also starts laughing loudly in delight.

“Hahaha, this is my Left Minister! With him around even you can only die!”

“I’m going to eat you!”

Devil Strillborn’s enormous mouth is very shocking and he is also starting to let out a pulling force, trying to suck Liu Yi’s small figure in.

“Fuck this! Scram for me!”

Seeing that it is not Great God coming out, Liu Yi is very angered!

He suddenly flips his body and stands on his Taiji Sword. He then punches out at air towards Devil Child.

“Glorious Sun Palm! Illusion Extermination!”

An invisible palm wind immediately crashing into the enormous body of Devil Child.


An explosion occurs, following which is the painful cry of Devil Child. His entire body went flying away like a kite with broken strings and then crashed into the middle of the city destroying a number of buildings!

Dense cloud dust rises while Devil Child collapse there like he had fainted from the hit.

Liu Yi attacks while containing his anger and Devil Child is defeated in just a single round!

It can only be said that Devil Child is unlucky. His cultivation is at the entry stage of 18 star jade. Along with the fact that he is looking down on his enemy, he is basically unable to fight against Liu Yi who is completely angered!

Especially right now Liu Yi is under that merged state with Sky Supporting Pillar, his strength have increased by countless times and is comparable to a human-shaped devil beast!

After receiving this palm attack, Devil Child who completely lacking wariness is instantly KO!

Everyone’s jaw dropped. Especially the king who is like he had been struck by lightning and stands there dumbly.

Are, are you joking with me….

This is the Left Minister ah! The Left Minister who is even stronger than Sky Flipping Dragon!

He is actually thoroughly beaten by this fellow with one hit!

“Really damn unlucky!”

After defeating Devil Child with a hit, Liu Yi is not happy at all, instead, he is even more unhappy.

There is actually no trace of Great God! What should I do now!

Without any news about Liang Mengyao, his heart is even more anxious!

This king of Great God controls such a large country, his news should be rather quick right?

“You, you don’t come over!”

Seeing Liu Yi’s gaze landing on him, the king is badly frightened and collapsed onto the ground, “If, if you dare to take another step forward I will kill this pair of mother and daughter!”

Threatening me?

The anger in Liu Yi’s eyes increases greatly!

What he hates the most is being threatened by other people!

“Seeking death!”

The aura of an earth realm expert instantly blasted out flooding everyone present.

A lot of demons who do not have high cultivation immediately collapse onto the ground with their body’s cover with cold sweat.

The king finds it hard to take as he does not dare to move from the chair he is sitting on. His body is like it got stabbed by a large number of daggers making him fell pain in his heart.

The king finally knows that Liu Yi cannot be provoked as he shouts out trembling in fear, “Who…who can protect this king…”

“Don’t you dare to harm my king!”

At this moment from the sky, a lightning bolt suddenly descends.

This lightning bolt lights up half of the sky turning the originally yellow sky to become snow white!

At this moment Liu Yi thought that Ao Ri had come out!

But afterward, a black figure appears in front of the crowd of people.

“Sky Flipping Dragon!”

“Sky Flipping Dragon has finally come, we are saved…”

“Will we? Even, even the Left Minister had been defeated ah…”

The appearance of the black figure causes the crowd of demon to start discussing.

“King, as long as I am here, no one will be able to touch you!”

Sky Flipping Dragon open his mouth, revealing his tiger teeth and make a threatening gesture.

“Interesting. Similar attributes techniques as Ao Ri eh.”

Liu Yi stands on the Taiji Sword and says, “Let me have a go with you, Demon King.”

“My and Ao Ri’s technique is not the same!”

As Sky Flipping Dragon says so, he stretches out his hands as two lightning bolts descend and coil around his palm.

The two lightning bolts transform into two short lances which he then swings around.

“Eat my twin lance!”

So Sky Flipping Dragon seems to be a martial cultivator. He holding the twin lance and instantly appears in front of Liu Yi with lightning surrounding him while the twin lance pierces towards Liu Yi’s vital point!

“Hahaha come!”

Liu Yi laughs loudly, nice that you are a martial cultivator, then this fight will be enjoyable!

He flip his palm and grabs hold of his black Scorpion Tail Lance and then swings left and right, blocking the twin lance of Sky Flipping Dragon.

Two sound breaks out, following which lightning arcs shoot out from the twin lance and charges along the Scorpion Tail Lance towards Liu Yi’s arm!


Seeing Sky Flipping Dragon’s stratagem, Liu Yi’s hands shake his lance causing fire to erupt out and shakes off the lightning arc!

“How is this possible?”

Sky Flipping Dragon is slightly shocked, “You are actually able to shake off my lightning!”

“This bit of lightning of yours compared to Ao Ri is too lacking.”

Liu Yi had experienced the baptism of Ao Ri’s lightning. This bit of strength from Sky Flipping Dragon is like a mere trifle.

Hearing this Sky Flipping Dragon is shocked, “What? You had crossed blows with Duke Ao Ri before?”

“Can be considered I guess…”

Don’t know if fighting against Ao Ri 1300 years in the future counts but at this period of time what is Ao Ri’s grade? Has he reached Heaven Realm?

“Enough already. You can go and rest.”

He lets Sky Flipping Pillar’s might surges through his body and prepares to attack.

“Damn it! Watch my strength!”

Being looked down by others is something very uncomfortable. Hearing this Sky Flipping Dragon instantly becomes angry as two lightning arc shoots out from his eyes and his entire body is covered with lightning light lika he had turned into a lightbulb.


He stands there as bluish-white lightning light erupts out from his body!

“Go and die!”

This kind of eruption of strength seems to make Sky Flipping Dragon even fiercer! His speed at the very least increased by a few folds!

“No one is able to follow the speed of lightning!”

Sky Flipping Dragon’s shout suddenly erupts in the sky.

But Liu Yi only closes his eyes as he activates his Black and White World. Sky Flipping Dragon’s figure clear appears within.

No matter how fast the opponent is, it will not be able to escape from Liu Yi’s Black and White world!

Within the Black and White world, everything will be slowed down. Every action of Sky Flipping Dragon cannot be even clearer!

Sky Flipping Dragon seems to had turned his body into lightning, revolving around Liu Yi.

In the sky, lightning arcs keep shooting out, letting out thunder sounds.

The king cannot hold back his delight, “Sky Flipping snake is finally serious already. Looks like this follow will really be finished!”


Chapter 580  [Finally lured out]

Tsk, tsk. Ai Ling is just a walking disaster

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