MKW Chapter 579

Chapter 579    [Nine Yin Pendant]


Zhang Yunyun gently pulls Liu Yi’s hand and ask, “Right now we are going directly to the royal palace?”

“If we go now, we will definitely alarm them.”

Liu Yi thinks for a bit, “I feel that we should go and obtain some information first.”

Great God is very crafty, if I move forward rashly, perhaps I might fall into her trap or let her escape.

The top priority is to find a proper method and inquire about reports regarding the inside of the royal palace of Cloud Kingdom.

While Liu Yi is thinking, he suddenly sees an announcement posted on a notice board.

There are a few people surrounding it. But the words on it is in a mess and Liu Yi does not recognize them. Little Jade is also unable to translate them, perhaps this should be the earlier written language of the Demon Realm.

Liu Yi points over and asks, “Little princess do you know the words on the notice board?”

“Know ah, those are the written language of my Cloud Kingdom.”

Zhang Yunyun says, “From young, I learned them and can’t be even clearer about them. As for other kingdoms written language, I am not clear…”

So at this period of time, the written language is still not unified yet. Looks like Demon Emperor did contribute quite a bit when he unified the Demon Realm. He is a bit like Qin Shihuang back then. After Qin Shihuang unifies China, he unified the common language and culture which advances the internal culture of China.

“What is written on it?”

“Ah, it is a recruitment order!”

The princess glances a few times before saying in worry, “On top, it says that our Cloud Kingdom will be resisting the armies of the nine kingdoms. So they need to recruit soldiers. As Long as it is citizens of Cloud Kingdom, all of them can join and become a soldier to fight for the Cloud Kingdom.”

“Oh? Looks like the Cloud Kingdom wants to resist the nine kingdoms on its own.”

Liu Yi cannot help but says, “The current king of your kingdom is rather confident eh.”

“Cloud Kingdom’s kingdom power had always been the strongest.”

Zhang Yunyun’s expression is ugly, “But….I hate wars….wars will cause a lot of death…”

“I also hate war.”

Liu Yi sighs, “But sometimes you are unable to choose.”

“Big brother….you, you are so powerful, can you help my Cloud Kingdom stop this war?”

Zhang Yunyun suddenly grabs hold of Liu Yi’s hand and begs pitifully, “I do not wish for there to be a war….there will definitely be a lot of people who die…”

“I am not the king of Cloud Kingdom ah.”

Liu Yi tactfully rejects Zhang Yunyun. To be honest he does not wish to be involved with anything in the Demon Realm. The only reason he is here is to kill Great God and bring back Liang Mengyao.

As well as saving Zhang Yunyun’s mother on the way then bring them along and leave this Cloud Kingdom.

This is the complete plan of Liu Yi.

“Only by becoming king..can one stop a war?”

Zhang Yunyun’s expression seems to become slightly ugly.

“That’s right only a king is able to decide the direction the kingdom goes in. Otherwise, why would he be the master of the kingdom?”

Liu Yi replies carelessly, at the same time he thought of an idea, why don’t I go and pretend to join the army and mix into the army to obtain news?

This seems like a workable direction!

Thinking till here, he pulls Zhang Yunyun and walks to an inn and finds a room to stay in.

“Little princess, I am going out for a day. During this period of time you don’t go anywhere and stay here obediently, and wait for my news do you hear me?”

Liu Yi orders, “You must not go out, do you understand?”

“Understood big brother….”

Zhang Yunyun is also concealing worry in her heart as she nods her head and lies down on the bed.

Liu Yi did not see the peculiar in Zhang Yunyun, right now he is concentrating only on making inquiries about Great God and leave the room.

Since the Cloud Kingdom is recruiting soldiers everywhere, looks like the king have already planned to tie all of his kingdoms onto the war chariot to resist the nine kingdoms.

Liu Yi mixed into the crowd of people and listen to the demons discussing the recruitment matter.

“Boss, why did you also come and become a soldier?”

“I had heard that after being a soldier for a month they will give a lot of monetary rewards!”

“What the, this is living your days by the sword edge, is it worth it for this bit of money?”

“What are you afraid of, if I am lucky perhaps I will also be conferred an official title! Furthermore didn’t another expert join our Cloud Kingdom? We will definitely win this way steadily!”

Hearing the discussion of this group of people, Liu Yi’s heart becomes clear. The demons who are joining the army, which one of them are not doing it to better their lives.

It is only a pity that the moment the war really begins, they will then realize that it will not be as beautiful as what they thought!

War is a cruel one.

The queue is very long and Liu Yi is among the queue. After waiting for half an hour he suddenly hears someone shouting by the street.

“Extra! Extra ah! The princess has returned back to the royal palace!”

“Ah? Really?”

“What the, isn’t the princess in exile? Why did she return back to the Cloud Kingdom?”

“That’s right, that’s right. I have heard that someone discovered her tracks on the prison of the royal palace!”

Hearing this Liu Yi’s heart instantly start beating rapidly.

Zhang Yunyun she….actually returned back to the royal palace?

Damn it…this lass must have definitely gone to save Ao Ri!

I have heard that among all of the people in Cloud Kingdom, only Ao Ri is the most loyal to the royalist! She definitely must be hoping to save Ao Ri out and then back herself and become the queen of Cloud Kingdom!

This lass…is really crazy!

Liu Yi can no longer try and join the army anymore, it will be a wonder if this Zhang Yunyun who had run over to the royal palace will not suffer a calamity!

Perhaps that king of Cloud Kingdom had already prepared an inescapable net waiting for her!

Liu Yi hurry up and grabs hold of that demon who is shouting and ask, “Where is the prison of the royal palace?”

“Who the hell are you? Be more polite when you are speaking!”

The demon glares at Liu Yi, “Let me tell you not to provoke this lord. This lord is a tyrant of Cloud Kingdom! Look at my figure, strong body, all over my body is…..”


Liu Yi directly gifted him a panda eye and then ask, “Where is it?”

“Over, over there…”

The demon instantly becomes soft and point towards the east.

Liu Yi tosses him to the side and bends his knees, and jumps into the sky.

“Wuwuwu, don’t talk reason ah….”

The tyrant of Cloud Kingdom squats in the corner and cry. Liu Yi’s flying speed is very quick. As fast as lightning he hurries over to the prison of the royal palace.

Even though they call it a prison, calling it a stone hole would be better!

When Liu Yi hurries over, he immediately found Zhang Yunyun’s figure.

Currently, she is holding a black jade pendant, raised high up standing in front of the stone hole.

In front of her, surrounding her is a dense group of soldiers. All of them glare like tigers watching their prey but no one steps forward.

While far away on a tall stone war chariot sits a guy in golden fur clothing with a king’s demeanor. From the looks of it, this guy should be the current king of Cloud Kingdom!

“I say, my precious niece, it is best if you obediently wait to be captured. I do not wish to take action again my own niece.”

Zhang Yunyun looks at the fierce looking soldiers in front of her. Although her heart is nervous and her legs trembling, but she still raises the black jade pendant high up.

“You thief who captured my royal mother and then occupied the title emperor by force! You still have the cheek to say all these! Even if I am stupider, I Zhang Yunyun will not fall for your trick!”

She waves the jade pendant in her hand, “If you dare to let them take another step forward then do not blame me for breaking Nine Yun Pendant! At that time, let’s see how you are going to cultivate Nine Yin Demonic technique!”

The king of Cloud Kingdom seems to be slightly afraid as he says, “Let us discuss this okay…”

“Hmph! You release Ao Ri and my royal mother then give me back the King position then I will not break this jade pendant!”

Hearing what the princess says, Liu Yi cannot help but cover his forehead.

This princess….is too naive already…

How would the king of Cloud Kingdom agree to these terms!

Indeed the king who is sitting on the stone chariot immediately roars in anger, “Hmph! I give you face and you still dare you to raise terms with me! Let me tell you Zhang Yunyun, if you do not surrender today and hand over the Nine Yun Pendant! Then I will immediately kill this woman!”

The waves his hand and from behind another stone chariot is pushed over.

On the stone chariot erects a pillar. A woman is tied to the pillar, her appearance is somewhat similar to Zhang Yunyun!

This woman is riddled with scars, seeing her daughter standing in front of the stone hole, tears start covering her entire face.

“Yun’er…why, why did you return back…”

“Royal mother!”

Seeing mother Zhang Yunyun also starts crying as well, “Royal mother…royal mother, I am here to save you….”


The woman starts scolding, “What is the use of you coming back! Didn’t I ask you to bring the Nine Yin Pendant and run away, run as far away as possible!”

“I am not escaping anymore. Royal mother, I am not escaping anymore…”

Zhang Yunyun mumbles, “Right now the Cloud Kingdom has become enemies with the other nine kingdoms and soon we are going to war….royal mother….I do not wish to see war, I do not wish that people die…”

“You silly lass….”

The woman’s face is covered with tears, “You coming back….will then be even worst ah…”

“Hahaha, Zhang Yunyun, do you see this, your mother is in my hands!”

The king laughs in delight and says, “Right now swiftly hand over the Nine Yin Pendant and I will let you and your mother reunite. Otherwise today both of you shall die here!”

He claps his hand and firewood is instantly piled onto the stone chariot. A demon walks to the side holding a fire stick.

“No, don’t ah!”

Seeing this scene Zhang Yunyun instantly turns pale and begs, “Don’t harm my mother ah, I beg you guys…”

“Then hand over the Nine Yin Pendant in your hand!”

The king laughs sinisterly, “Hand it over and I will let you guys go!”


Zhang Yunyun bites her lips while the woman shakes her head towards her.

But…I only have this single mother ah….

In Zhang Yunyun’s mind, she is recalling all of the memories she had with her mother.

I cannot don’t save my mother…

Zhang Yunyun cries and is about to put down the Nine Yin Pendant.

“Idiot ah!”

The woman exclaims, “You cannot hand over the Nine Yin Pendant!”

The king berates her, “Shut your mouth! Otherwise, I will burn you to death!”

While at this moment from the sky comes mocking laughter.

“I thought what kind of person you are and today then I know that the king of Cloud Kingdom is only a despicable person who likes to seize hostages, that’s all.”

“Who dares to be impudent!”

The king instantly glares at the surrounding in anger while the rest of the soldiers are also seeking the source of the voice.

At this moment they notice a sword floating in the sky.

And on the sword sits a guy in a black cloak.


Chapter 579  [Nine Yin Pendant]

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