MKW Chapter 578

Chapter 578    [Snatch the Golden Body lah!]


“Master Qi Yun, I am here to take your golden body arhat. Please lend me one to use ah.”

Xue Luo says while standing on two blood clouds in midair.

“Amitabha! You, benefactor is really vile!”

That master Qi Yun is badly angered, “This golden body arhat is the buddhist body that 18 of my seniors who had achieved dao left behind while sitting! They are holy objects of my sect! To snatch them you actually attack my Religion Mi! This kind of actions, even if it is Buddha, he will also not tolerate it!”

“Hehe, Master Qi Yun, why do you have to say it so unpleasantly?”

Xue Luo covers her mouth and laughs lightly, “What I am doing is not snatching, but borrowing. Just that I might not return it.”

Ge Shenhua glances at Ai Ling saying in his heart, what she says is basically the same as yours ah.

Ai Ling coughs lightly before turning her head away to the side.

“Shameless demoness!”

Master Qi Yun places his hand together, although he looks peaceful his eyes are filled with anger, “To think that my Religion Mi had always been standing aloof of worldly matters. Did not think that it will actually attract such disaster! But you also do not look down on my Religion Mi. Buddhist doctrine is without boundary, let my temple help the souls of your evil spirits find peace!”

While he is speaking the disciples of Religion Mi is becoming even braver. A golden lotus flower imprint emerges from between their brows, follow which golden light emits from their body like each of them had become a small golden person! They start to becomes less fearful of some of the simpler attacks while the might of their buddha palm attacks increases!

“Indestructible golden body eh!”

Xue Luo laughs and says, “Do you really think that with the indestructible golden body you will be unparalleled throughout the world? The blood techniques of my god race are able to break it!”

While she speaks, she forms a seal and points high up at the sky.

Clouds start forming in the sky! This cloud is not black nor white, instead, it is red!

After which blood rain instantly starts falling and instantly falling over the monastery of the Religion Mi!

Blood rain fishy wind!

Ge Shenhua is stunned seeing this. This is his first time seeing this kind of large scale magic technique!

Those zombies who were originally in the disadvantage, after being drenched by the blood rain, immediately become excited like they were drugged and their attacks become even fiercer!

As for the monks, their golden light becomes dimmer and is once again being suppressed!

“There is actually such a wicked technique!”

Looking at the blood rain with a fishy smell, Master Qi Yun’s buddhist heart is slightly wavering.

“Indeed a demoness! But if you think that you will be able to defeat my Religion Mi’s buddhist techniques, then you are gravely mistaken!”

As Master Qi Yun speaks, he suddenly sits down in a lotus position and places his hand together and starts chanting buddhist sutras.

Very quickly golden clouds start gathering in the sky.

Following which, an enormous buddha image appears in among the clouds! The golden light behind him shoots out and shines on the blood clouds!

Buddha aura bathing all things!

Instantly the blood cloud starts to disperse! Instantly the indestructible golden body of the monks return and starts to regain the advantage.

“Buddha is merciful!”

While Master Qi Yun chants, he sighs and says, “Demoness, place down the butcher knife and repent your sins. Right now there is still time to repent. Let the boundless buddhist doctrine transform you.”

“What a joke!”

Xue Luo does not appreciate the kindness, “This world is own by my god race. In the past, it is, in the future, it will still be! When my master awakens, you guys will naturally obediently serve us! At that time, you see if those buddhas that you believe in, which one will come and save you? The real god is only one person and that is my master!”

“Amitabha, female benefactor is too obsessed!”

Master Qi Yun says, “Why don’t you put down your obsession and listen to this old cassock read to you buddhist sutra for 7 7, 49 years. Naturally, you will understand how profound is my buddha techniques.”

[TL: ….where is my knife]

“Who wants to listen to you chant scriptures!”

Xue Luo snorts, “Wait till my master descend and it shall be the death date of you fellows!”

“Amitabha…since that is the case then I can only use buddhist techniques to awaken female benefactor!”

Master Qi Yun continues to chant his buddhist scriptures.

The golden buddha sitting in a lotus position in the sky suddenly forms a large palm print and hits down towards Xue Luo!

18 star jade peak strength is not something that Xue Luo is able to withstand!

But it seems like she also never had any plans to fight the old monk head on!

Xue Luo shouts out, “Protect me!”

Instantly the zombies start to swiftly form a human pyramid and instantly a human wall blocks in front of Xue Luo and got scattered away!

The zombie corpses fly all over the place but their vitality is very powerful. Unless their brain is cut off, otherwise they will climb back up and continue attacking!

While under their protection Xue Luo is completely fine.

“These are all my cannon folder that’s all.”

Xue Luo laughs, “Let you guys have a taste of this fellows’ might! Monks of Religion Mi take this move!”

The moment she speaks the zombies start their human suicide bomb attack!

-boom, boom, boom!-

All kinds of explosion start occurring, exploding the monks of Religion Mi until they wail like ghosts and howl like wolves!

Even if they possess an indestructible golden body, but they are still unable to withstand this kind of crazy explosion!

Very quickly casualties appear within the monks!

All of the monks added together is less than 300 hundred while the sea of zombies, there are over tens of thousands of them. Just this less than 300 hundred monks facing the self-explosion of over tens of thousand!


Master Qi Yun’s heart is very painful, but he immediately revolves all of his cultivation base and uses the buddha light to protect his disciples.

But this way causes him to be unable to divert attention to other matters, naturally, he is being pinned down.

“Monk, I will no longer be polite now!”

Xue Luo turns around and flies towards one of the golden body arhats.

When she flies close to the golden body arhat, that golden body arhat seems to have come back to life! The 18 golden body arhat starts trembling and then waves about their enormous hand and starts attacking Xue Luo!

“Blood sun!”

Xue Luo did not fear it. She bites her finger and tosses out a drop of fresh blood! This drop of fresh blood flies high up into the sky and instantly red light shines out brightly like it is a small sun, illuminating the red light on those golden body arhats.

For a moment the golden body arhats are actually being suppressed. All of them stay still unable to move!

“This is right, hand over the golden body!”

Xue Luo smiles merrily and flies over and punches the forehead of one of the golden body arhat.

Instantly the enormous golden body arhat starts scattering! From inside flies out a golden light which is then kept by Xue Luo.

“Let us go!”

A gleam of light flashes across Ai Ling’s eyes. She knows that if they do not take action then it will be too late! Thus taking advantage of the instantly while Xue Luo is keeping the golden body, she flies over to the top of a golden body arhat and forms a sword seal and rise everything tossing out sword shadows!

“Where did the sword shadows come from?”

Everyone got a fright when they see the sword shadow suddenly shooting out. Master Qi Yun thought that it is done by Xue Luo while Xue Luo herself is very curious.

When a large number of sword shadows descended, a number of golden body arhats were broken!

Ai Ling takes advantage and keeps away three of the golden light and then swiftly brings Ge Shenhua along and flies out.

“Hurry and escape!”

Ai Ling pulls Ge Shenhua who still had not understood what is going on and flies over to the hole.

“Who is it?”

Xue Luo finally senses that something is wrong as she turns around and stares in the direction of the hole and flies over.

“After snatching my golden body and you still wish to leave?”

Master Qi Yun is very angry as he says in his heart, damn it snatching a golden body is still fine but you actually damaged so many! Do you really think that my Religion Mi is so easy to bully?!

“Complete era curse!”

He starts to recite buddist scriptures and the golden buddha in the sky starts to emit out golden light brighter. Rays of golden light start falling from the sky illuminating the entire sky of Religion Mi!

For a while, the zombies let out pitiful cries as their bodies start to fester.

While Xue Luo also seems to be affected as well. She immediately uses some magic technique to protect her body and then orders the remaining zombies to open their mouths and shoots out blood pillars towards Master Qi Yun.

Although there is a number of death in injuries, there is still nearly ten thousand zombies remaining. With nearly ten thousand blood pillars shooting over, it is a rather spectacular sight!

Taking advantage that Xue Luo and Religion Mi fighting each other, Ai Ling brings Ge Shenhua and flies out of the hole successfully.

“Hu, hu…to scary already…”

Ge Shenhua is still frightened as he pats his chest and says, “What an exaggerated technique ah…every one of them…so cultivating is actually such a scary matter!”

Ai Ling glances at Ge Shenhua before asking, “What is it, afraid?”

“No, I am very excited.”

A radiance flashes across Ge Shenhua’s eyes, “Isn’t this way cultivating right? In the future me and my wife will also live this kind of life! What does obtaining scholarly honors count as! A good man naturally will cultivate and become a hero of the world!”

“Good! This way is then that Wine Sword Immortal in the rumor!”

Ai Ling laughs but attracts Ge Shenhua curiosity.

“Daoist Ai, what is Wine Sword Immortal?”

“That…you, in the future you will be called Wine Sword Immortal!”

Ai Ling instantly is stunned, I let it slip again…

“Wine Sword Immortal….this name is very good…”

Ge Shenhua nods his head, “It suits me very well. Very good, thank you Daoist Ai for giving me this name. From now on, there is no longer Ge Shenhua is this world! I, am Wine Sword Immortal!”

Ai Ling is stunned there, even Wine Sword Immortal’s name was given by me….

Could it be that history really happened like this? But wouldn’t it be a complete mess….

Right now Ai Ling does not know how is she going to explain to Liu Yi…when lord returns….my butt will definitely suffer a calamity….

Lord….you quickly return ah…


While currently, Liu Yi has already brought Zhang Yunyun and sneakily returns back to the Cloud Kingdom.

Currently, the situation in Cloud Country isn’t really good. The army of the nine kingdoms had already forced their way to the city walls.

There is basically no way to enter it, even the sky is filled with all kind of demons surrounding the Cloud Kingdom completely!

Liu Yi can only follow Zhang Yunyun and walk through a secret passageway that no one knows to be able to enter the Cloud Kingdom.

“Did not think that the Cloud Kingdom would actually become like this…”

Zhang Yunyun looks at the street that is deadly silent within the Cloud Kingdom which is completely different from the bustling image in the past.

“Perhaps…this is a catastrophe for the Cloud Kingdom…”


Chapter 578  [Snatch the Golden Body lah!]

Tsk, tsk. Ai Ling is just a walking disaster

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