MKW Chapter 576

Chapter 576    [Ai Ling’s smarts]


Great God seems to be very good at covering up her tracks. Furthermore she is very smart, knowing that Liu Yi will definitely chase after her, thus she conceals herself very well.

Liu Yi had been searching in the Demon Realm for several months but he is still unable to find that damn Great God.

Seeing that the Demon Realm gateway is about to open but he is still unable to find Great God, Liu Yi does not know if he should leave or not!

Currently, he and Zhang Yunyun are in disguise in the Iron Kingdom having a meal in an inn while trying to inquire about news regarding Great God.

There are lots of people walking around the inn, all kinds of demons are resting here having a meal, thus news of all places gathers here. Thus Liu Yi chooses here to have a rest.

Zhang Yunyun is sitting there obediently wearing a terrifying black sunglass that Liu Yi passed to her and is fighting against a piece of lamb leg on her plate.

While Liu Yi continues to drink the Demon race ‘wine’ while listening to the discussion from the surrounding people.

“Oh, isn’t this the Second Lei Zi? Where are you going wearing this?”

“Aren’t they recruiting troops, I am planning to go and try out!”

The discussion of two people by the side attracted Liu Yi’s attention, “Right now nine kingdoms are recruiting soldiers. My father said that with my strength if I don’t go and try out as a soldier it will be a pity. This time around I am going to take part in the recruitment to fight against the Cloud Kingdom. Perhaps I might be able to gain some achievement and be conferred an official posting!”

“Hahaha, you also wish to become an official, you don’t want your life is it!”

“What is it, right now the nine kingdoms are in an alliance together wouldn’t they be able to fight against a single Cloud Kingdom?!”

“What do you know ah….come, come over. Since the two of us are old friends, let me tell you something that other people do not know!”

The two of them gather together and start muttering.

Liu Yi’s hearing ability is very astonishing, thus he is able to hear their conversation very clearly.

“I have a little brother who is a merchant in the Cloud Kingdom. I had heard from him that the current king of Cloud Kingdom has recruited an expert who is very powerful. I had heard that he is even more ruthless than Sky Flipping Dragon!”

“How is that possible!”

That Second Lei Zi exclaims in shock. Under his friend’s warning gaze he immediately lowers his voice, “Sky Flipping Dragon…that is an expert who is only second to Ao Ri ah…in Demon Realm Ao Ri is the strongest and Sky Flipping Snake is number 2….how is it possible for there to be a person who is stronger than Sky Flipping Dragon…”

“Heh….don’t say that I did not warn you not to go! No one knows where this fellow came from, he emerged as a new force to be reckoned with and obtained the appreciation of the king of Cloud Kingdom. And is conferred as the left teacher of the state which is a grade higher than Sky Flipping Dragon! Right now there are three experts seating over the Cloud Kingdom. You think even if the other nine kingdoms work together they will not be Cloud Kingdom’s opponent ah…”

“Thank you brother, come, let me treat you to a drink!”

After Second Lei Zi hear this, he stops his thoughts of becoming a soldier and starts drinking with that brother.

Liu Yi’s heart becomes apprehensive, at this timing, the expert that suddenly emerges….ten out of ten is that Great God!

She actually relied on that Cloud Kingdom’s king! Tsk, seeking death! I’ll take care of you guys at the same time!

Thinking till here, Liu Yi placed down his wine cup and pays the money for the wine before pulling Zhang Yunyun along.

“We are going now.”

“Wuwu, big brother I still have not finished eating eh…”

“Take it along to eat on the journey.”

“Yay, big brother treats me the best…but where are we going to next?”

Zhang Yunyun has been traveling all over the place with her big brother for so long and is used to Liu Yi’s kind of traveling without any objective but she still asks curiously.

“Cloud Kingdom.”


Zhang Yunyun immediately raises her head shocked as she looks at Liu Yi who is currently sporting a beard, “Want, want to go back to the Cloud Kingdom?”

“Mm…futhermore this time going back, we are saving your mother as well.”

Liu Yi says, “The gateway of the Demon Realm is going to open soon. It is time for us to deal with the things that had to be dealt with and then leave this place. Are you willing to leave with me?”

“I am willing ah! As long as Big brother doesn’t think that I am bothersome, wherever we go is fine!”

Zhang Yunyun anxiously holds Liu Yi’s hand. During this nearly one year time, she had also grown quite a bit and blossoms into an even more slender and elegant woman.

In the past she was around 1.5meters tall, currently, she is almost 1.6 meters tall and her hair is around Liu Yi’s shoulder already.

“But big brother…it will be better if you kill less…”

“More nonsense then I’ll throw you behind!”

“Wuwuwu, I won’t say anymore alright…”

Zhang Yunyun pouts feeling wronged but she still holds Liu Yi’s hand tightly.

“Good, let us go.”

Liu Yi pulls up his cloak and covers his face.

Although he had already grown a beard Liu Yi still maintains his vigilance.

He and Zhang Yunyun are currently wanted fugitives by the entire Demon Realm. If they really got discovered, it will attract big trouble.

Soon a year will past. Don’t know how Ai Ling is doing outside. Without me by her side would she cause a lot of trouble?


Currently in a thatched house in the countryside.

Ge Shenhua senses the aura of earth realm erupting out from Ai Ling causing his forehead to be covered in sweat.

“Gods…Daoist Ai….it has only been how long….you, actually had a breakthrough into earth realm?”

Ge Shenhua looks at the three star jades inside his body and says, “Didn’t you say that cultivation is very difficult and time wasting? I have been cultivating for so long….and only activated 3 star jades…while you have broken through into earth realm?”

“I already said.”

Ai Ling smiles arrogantly, “Usually I am not interested in cultivation only. But with my talent, if I really cultivate then my improvement will be very quick! My lord’s cultivation speed is very quick right? But compared me to it is still not quick enough. I am still busy teaching you. If I did not teach you my cultivation would have already broken through to 12 star jades.”

“Daoist Ai….could it be that you are an immortal?”

“How do I know, could be…but there doesn’t seem to be a god who likes to cause trouble as me.”

Ai Ling shakes be head and says, “Currently a year is about to be up. My lord should be coming out from the gateway of the Demon Realm. We are guarding here for so long, is just to wait for this moment.”

“Daoist Liu is coming back? That is great then!”

Hearing this news Ge Shenhua becomes emotional before becoming slightly sad, “Such a pity…with my cultivation I am too weak. I have no face to see Daoist Liu ah…”

“What is the harm in this?”

Ai Ling only giggles, “Follow me to the western region!”

“What do we go there for?”

“Go to Religion Mi to steal a golden body back!”

Ai Ling laughs and says, “Religion Mi has a total of 18 golden body arhats! As long as we implant a golden body into you, your cultivation will directly shoot up to Earth Realm!”

“Is, is this alright?”

Ge Shenhua is slightly nervous. These few days he learned from Ai Ling but he had heard a number of things related to the cultivation world from her.

Currently, of the 5 big inner pavilion sects, Religion Mi is one of them! It is rumored that there are tons of experts inside and wishing to steal the heavily guarded golden body from there…perhaps it is very difficult!

“What are you afraid of! Before I had even reached Earth Realm I also dared to seal the Fengshui Compass from Fu Xi Palace Hall!”

Ai Ling rolls her eyes, “What does Religion Mi count as, furthermore that was 1300 years ago and those experts from Religion Mi had yet to even cultivate yet. This miss is even more confident!”

“Daoist Ai, what 1300 years ago?”

Hearing this, Ge Shenhua does not understand.

“Cough nothing….”

Ai Ling divulged by accident and immediately waves her hand and says, “Right now we will head over to Religion Mi. At that time let us steal 3 golden bodies. One for you, one for me and one for my lord!”

“Fine then…then when do we set off?”

Ge Shenhua is more or less apprehensive.

“Right now then. This matter should not be delayed. I still need to hurry back to hold a welcoming back dinner for my lord!”

“Ah? Right now, we are not waiting for Daoist Liu to return back?”

“Wait for what! When my lord come back with his nature it will be a miracle if he lets me go and steal the golden body!”

Ai Ling tempts Ge Shenhua, “What are you hesitating for? Let me ask you do you wish to become stronger and be able to find that reincarnated wife of yours earlier?”

“Want, of course, I wish to!”

“Then that is right, then are you going or not? With this bit of cultivation of yours is it enough? If you do not become stronger swiftly then how are you going to deal with the Demon Realm Army that is coming!”

Ge Shenhua is even more confused, “What Demon Realm Army?”

“Damn…nothing, anyways just follow me that’s it. Relax, this miss will not let you get in danger.”

Ai Ling has her own selfish calculations!

Ge Shenhua will become the famous Wine Sword Immortal! As long as he is by my side, all the matters will be doable as well as safe! Right now nothing will definitely happen to him, because the history will not be changed what!

If he does not exist, then there is really nothing that I can do!

“Fine then, Daoist Ai, then let us set off now.”


Ai Ling takes out red silk.

“You grab firmly. Right now your cultivation is still not enough to fly so far away. I will bring you along.”


Thinking just how pitiful is his cultivation, Ge Shenhua is ashamed.

He immediately holds onto the red silk. When the red silk touches his hand, it is like it is alive and stretches even further and wraps out his waist firmly.

“Very good, let us go!”

Ai Ling uses her magic treasure to pulls Ge Shenhua long as she steps on her sword and instantly the two of them turn into a shooting star and fly into the sky.

“Daoist Ai….Daoist Ai…slower please….slower please ah….”

This is the first time Ge Shenhua flew so high and fast and only feels that he is almost unable to breathe!

“What kind of speed is this ah!”

Ai Ling is unsatisfied as she says, “You are unable to withstand this kind of speed, how can you become an expert ah you!”

Ge Shenhua’s face turns pale as he shuts his mouth tightly, at the same time he shuts his eyes.

If he had sit in a roller coaster then he will understand this feeling. He lost control over his entire body and is being dragged along by the red silk speedily forward!

Ge Shenhua is really worried. If this red silk is not firm enough…and breaks then my little life shall be written off.

Finally, he clenches his teeth and stops thinking of anything and allows himself to be pulled along at godly speed.

Wife ah…you must wait for me…I will definitely become an expert and then come and find you…no matter how long you wait on whichever bridge, I will find you…


Chapter 576  [Ai Ling’s smart]


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