MKW Chapter 575

Chapter 575    [Great God is born]


Liang Mengyao got assimilated by Great God!

Currently, Liu Yi is very angry as he erupts with his full strength!

The second stage Dragon Transformation power surges throughout his body. Under the effect of the Ascending Dragon technique, he is able to erupt out with 80% of his dragon qi!

But compared to the 10-20% dragon qi he can only erupt out back then, it is a huge increment!

Currently, his cultivation is at the peak of 18-star jades! Although he still did not step passed Heaven Realm, the distance is just a step away!

Clouds gather under Liu Yi’s feet!

Wind follow tigers, cloud follows dragons!

“What a powerful grandeur!”

Seeing such a strong strength erupting from Liu Yi, that Great God is shocked as her eyes widen, “This Zun has just revived and actually met such a strong opponent!”

“Big brother…is really powerful….”

Zhang Yunyun also stares at Liu Yi, “So…half-demons can also be so powerful…”

“Washing Machine! Combine now!”

To deal with fire he can only use the strength of water!

Under the state of dragon transformation, Liu Yi enter spiritual beast transformation allowing the water qilin to be the main combat force!

At the same time, a golden armor starts emerging and covers Liu Yi’s body while a scarlet cape flutters behind his back!

Dragon Emperor Armour! Liu Yi completely guides his dragon qi causing the Dragon Emperor armor to be activated!

“Parlor trick, just a dragon demon and you wish to become enemies with this Zun?”

The Great God snorts, “Twin Dragon Spitting Pearls!”

Two fire god dragons behind her suddenly roar out and intertwined together as they open their jaws.

Red flames gather in their mouth as all of the fire qi in the air is drawn over!

Two eye-catching red light gathers in the fire god dragons’ mouth before erupting!

Instantly two one meter thick fire pillars erupt out from the fire dragon mouth and shoot towards Liu Yi!

Liu Yi uses shadow step and instantly disappears.

The two fire pillars pierce through his afterimage and shoot into the ground behind.


The entire Scarlet Mountain instantly turned into nothingness!

An enormous dust cloud rushes towards the clouds while Zhang Yunyun’s figure is blown far away. Only by hugging the Taiji Sword tightly did she not fall off!

“What a horrifying fellow!”

Lin Tong who is inside Liu Yi’s body also senses this might and is flabbergast, {Big idiot! You must be very careful!}

{I know Immortal Fox sister! But no matter what I must snatch Yaoyao back!}

Liu Yi’s figure reappears in the sky attracting the cold laughter of Great God.

“I thought you were strong, so it is just a little mouse that likes to hide that’s all. But this Zun want to see just how long can you escape till! Tine Dragon Spitting Pearls!”

While she is speaking two fire god dragon once again shoots out fire pillars, this time around it is even faster and instantly reaches Liu Yi.


This time round Liu Yi did not dodge, instead, he gathers his strength and lets out a dragon breath!

Revolving icy wind erupts out Liu Yi’s mouth. Water qilin’s water attributes as well as Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra’s Mysterious Ice Qi! When these powers overlay each other, the might is outstanding!

The icy wind’s radius is over ten meters and crashes into the descending twin fire pillar!


The two powers whittle away each other and what shocks Great God is that her fire pillars are being forced back!

“Not possible!”

She only has time to exclaim this sentence before being completely engulfed by the icy storm and being frozen there.

A life-like human ice sculpture appears in midair.

But that is only for that split second as cracks start to appear and the ice sculpture erupts open.

Great God’s eye-catching flame body is floating in midair, carrying a trace of anger.

“Very good, you have angered this Zun!”

“Return Yaoyao!”

While Liu Yi’s figure had already instantly appears in front of the Great God as he fully put to use his most expertise close combat attack!

“Desolate flames!”


This fist lands of the head of Great God, instantly blasted apart the flame body of Great God.

But the flames regather them back in the sky and soon change back into the appearance of Great God.

As for Liu Yi, he did not hope that he is able to deal with Great God with just a punch. He is once again beside Great God, at the same time he continuously punches, hitting the Great God.

-boom, boom, boom-

The flame body of Great God keeps exploding apart and gathering together to reform herself.

Liu Yi seems to be a warrior who does not know exhaustion as he keeps punching out, beating Great God into a sorry figure.

Although the Great God’s might is very valiant, but it seems like she had been sealed for too long, thus she is unable to breakthrough heaven realm!

Thus being below heaven realm, even if it is her, will also be beaten up by Liu Yi without any power to retaliate!

“Don’t be arrogant!”

No matter who it is, after being beaten up for a while will also be angry, not to mention this one and only Great God!

She roars out as a fire god dragon suddenly emerges from the slanted ground and bites down on Liu Yi and drags him into the sky!

“Army Destruction!”

Liu Yi punches down.


The fire god dragon’s body is instantly blasted apart! Liu Yi once again regains back control over his body and once again uses shadow steps and instantly get close to Great God.


A few fire god dragon swiftly revolves around Great God letting out eye-catching flames like a small sun!

Liu Yi got pushed back by the power of this flame quite far away and for a moment he is actually unable to get close to Great God!

Although the Great God is very powerful but is similar to the experts of dao cultivation. She is very powerful in long-range attacks but is inferior in terms of close combat ability compared to Liu Yi. If she gets close to Liu Yi, she can only take a beating.

Thus, this Great God created this vacuum zone to block Liu Yi outside!

“Go and die!”

Great God got beaten by Liu Yi until she is very angry, thus not that she had forced Liu Yi away with great difficulty she takes out all of her powers and stretches out her hand towards the sky.

From the sky instantly flies out densely packed fireballs. All of the fireballs are the size of chicken eggs but win in terms of amount!

Liu Yi takes a look, at the very least there are over tens of thousand!

-swish, swish, swish!-

Under the control of Great God, the fireballs shoot towards Liu Yi at high speed!

“Thousand Illusion!”

Liu Yi did not retreat, instead, he stands in the sky as his two hands punch out.

With Mysterious Ice Qi contains within, the fist shadows carry a large amount of ice emerges in the sky smashing the fireballs in the sky that are flying over into pieces!

“A hundred birds paying homepage to the Phoenix!”

While this move of Great God only seems like a prefix, she suddenly clenches her palm and the fireballs in the sky exploded and firebirds fly out from within. They flap their fire wings and agily whistle towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi withdraw his fist power and lets the thousand illusion protect his surrounding!

Although the firebirds are very agile, they are unable to get within 3 meters of Liu Yi!

Currently surrounding Liu Yi is dense fist images, blocking the firebirds!

“Come out!”

Flames emit out from Great God’s eyes and in a split second, she created even more firebirds!

In a blink of an eye, the entire sky is filled with firebirds like the sky is created from a volcano!

-Coloured Glass!-

Liu Yi is not startled as he punches out in front of him.

-cracking sounds!-

The sky in front of him scatters! The black crack slowly turns into a black hole. Following which it starts pulling all of the Firebirds in the sky inside!

“Just what fist technique is this!”

The longer Great God fights, the shocker she gets! She is starting to feel like she is not the opponent of this half-demon!


After getting rid of the firebirds, Liu Yi flies towards Great God.

“Fire god dragon!”

Great God’s eyes are slightly filled with horror as she hurries and resummons out 9 fire god dragons which charge towards Liu Yi!

I definitely must not let this fellow get close to me again!

The nine fire god dragons twist together and charge towards Liu Yi fiercely!

“Not Broken!”

Liu Yi continues to fly forwards, at the same time his right hand form a palm and slaps towards the fire god dragon charging over.


A weird undulating sound, like the sound of a bubble erupting!

The nine fire god dragons instantly turn into nothingness and disappear in front of Great God and Liu Yi!

“What is this!”

Great God is instantly very terrified!

Liu Yi also did not explain to her, what he used is the 11th move of Glorious Sun Palm, Not Broken!

This palm move is a defensive palm move! Conquering thousand changes with unchanging! No matter what kind of technique the opponent uses, the moment it touches his Not Broken, they will all turn into nothing!

After Liu Yi dealt with the fire god dragons, he once again appears in front of Great God.

“Return my Yaoyao!”

His eyes glare as pressure starts pressing down on Great God causing her to be alarm!

To actually make me so wretched! Just what is the background of this half-demon!

“Fire Transportation!”

She does not have any other methods. Seeing another palm coming from Liu Yi, she is forced to use an escaping technique!


Flames erupt in front of Liu Yi as an enormous flame figure stands up. After which it blows up violently, jolting Liu Yi backward by several meters!

“This Zun will remember you! Next time we meet, it shall be your death date!”

When Liu Yi opens his eyes, Great God had already completely disappeared, even her aura haw completely been concealed thoroughly!

Liu Yi’s body trembles slightly and nearly collapsed.

A chill pervades his heart causing him to trembles.

Liang Mengyao…

She is really leaving me….

Because of me, I lost Liang Mengyao and also caused Great God to revive…

Liu Yi ah Liu Yi just what on earth are you doing!

But luckily in my heart seems to have a slight link with Liang Mengyao. Although it is not strong at least this proves that Liang Mengyao is still alive!

Alive is good….alive means that Liang Mengyao’s body is only being possessed. Her soul is still alive. As long as I can find Great God, I will definitely be able to snatch her back!

Great God had just left the seal, thus her strength seems to not have completely restored. I must defeat her and save Liang Mengyao before she returns back to Heaven Realm!

“Big brother….”

Zhang Yunyun who is standing on the Taiji sword looks at Liu Yi and feels that her big brother’s back view is very desolate.

“Put this on.”

Liu Yi passes the Sky Flint to Zhang Yunyun.

“Eh…where are we going now?”

“Go and chase after her!”


Chapter 575  [Great God is born]

Erm…WTF??? So Liu Yi is the one who released the Great God???

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