MKW Chapter 574

Chapter 574    [Creating history]


In an underground secret chamber in the Human Realm.

Inside here the fishy smell is incomparable because in the center is an enormous blood pool. The blood pool is filled with corpses.

There also seems to be some magic curse in the blood pool. The blood water within keeps bubbling, forming mysterious seal writings.

Xue Luo is standing by the side of the blood pool. Even though it is stinky but she does not feel disgusted about it.

“My master the day you awaken is coming soon.”

As she speaks she gently caressed the blood pool, “From then on the world will be yours…those who are able to threaten you, I have already completely removed all of them.”

At this moment a white palm suddenly emerges from the blood water causing Xue Luo to be delighted.

“Master! You, you are already able to hear what I say….this is the great…this way our God race can finally once again rises….this world will be ours…”


“Big brother, where are we going now ah?”

Currently, at Demon Realm, Liu Yi is piggybacking Zhang Yunyun as he flies toward a mountain.

“Scarlet Mountain.”

Liu Yi had already inquired about the location of this mountain and directly tell Zhang Yunyun, “There is something that is able to cure you on the mountain.”

“My sickness can be cured?”

Zhang Yunyun looks at the tall mountain that is emitting black smoke, “My kingdom guardian said before….this sickness of mine can never be cured…”

“It is they are who incapable.”

Liu Yi sneers, “With me here, your sickness will definitely be cured.”

“But…here is very hot…”

Zhang Yunyun is already sweating quite a bit.

As they get closer to Scarlet Mountain and it’s peak, the temperature is getting higher and higher.

Liu Yi is still able to withstand it but Zhang Yunyun is unable to take it and is starting to faint.

“No worries I am here.”

As Liu Yi speaks he carries Zhang Yunyun into his embrace and pats her on her shoulder.

Instantly with this pat, his black Monarch Armour encases Zhang Yunyun within.

This is a new ability that Liu Yi recently discovered which is to let other people put on the Monarch Armour.

The place where Monarch Scorpions live is hot! In comparison, this Scarlet Mountain is nothing at all! Thus Monarch Armour is completely insulated. Thus when Zhang Yunyun wears it she will be protected well.

“I am also feeling hot, this miss is going back first!”

Even Lin Tong’s spiritual body is unable to take it as she flies back into Liu Yi’s spiritual realm.

While Zhang Yunyun completely did not feel any heat as she exclaims, “What kind of armor  is this ah…so mystical…wearing it actually makes me feel cooling!”

“Mm, with it protecting you, you will be safe and sound.”

Liu Yi does not dare to toss Zhang Yunyun alone at the foot of the mountain, thus he brings her along to this Scarlet Mountain to take the Sky Flint.

The closer they fly to the peak the temperature increases. The top half of the mountain peak is completely red like a heated iron!

Even the insulating clothing that Little Jade created is also unable to resist such high temperature.

Very quickly his clothing is starting to burn. Luckily Liu Yi cultivated Scarlet Blood Sutra thus is not burned by the flames!

“Ah! Big brother, you are on fire!”

“No worries, don’t make a fuss out of nothing!”

Liu Yi comforts Zhang Yunyun, “This bit of fire is unable to injure me.”

“But it is burning very strongly ah….your butt is also emitting smoke already…”

“What the, don’t look over there!”

Liu Yi is very embarrassed. He is almost becoming a rocket.

{Yaoyao, quickly come out and help!}

{Yes master!}

The flame spirit Liang Mengyao immediately flies out from Liu Yi’s body and floats in the sky.

“What is this! Where did this girl come from!”

Seeing a girl suddenly emerging Zhang Yunyun’s eyes widen in shock.

“It is one of my ability.”

Liu Yi also does not know how to explain to Zhang Yunyun. He hugs the very curious princess as he orders Liang Mengyao, {Are you able to help lower the temperature?}

{I rather like this place master…}

Liang Mengyao feels like a fish in water, {Master can combine body with water qilin, this way will be much more comfortable.}

{Ah right…I forgot about that guy…}

Liu Yi immediately combines body with Washing Machine but the water that he condenses in the surrounding immediately turn into water vapor due to the high temperature, the steam causing him to be even more uncomfortable.

“What the….this is still not possible…”

Liu Yi wipes away his sweat, {Yaoyao do you have any methods that are able to deal with this?}

{Okay, I’ll fly up first to take a look.}

Liang Mengyao’s body is originally formed from flames. In this kind of hot environment, it is like returning back to home for her.

She gracefully flies up with a trail of flames behind her before landing at the mountain mouth.

{Master, everywhere here is magma!}

Liang Mengyao’s voice rings out by Liu Yi’s ear as the two of them communicate with each other mentally.

{Furthermore it is not ordinary magma…}

Just as Liang Mengyao finished saying this sentence, she suddenly exclaims out in shock, {Ah! There is something below pulling me….master….}

After exclaiming, Liang Mengyao no longer replies.


Liu Yi immediately senses that something is wrong. He starts to feel alarmed in his heart!


At this moment from the mountain mouth suddenly sprays out eye-catching red magma!

The volcano erupted!

“So scary ah!”

Zhang Yunyun is so frightened that she curls up in Liu Yi’s embrace trembling.

“You stay here and do not move!”

Liu Yi leaves behind his Taiji sword and lets Zhang Yunyun stand on it.

He risks the danger of getting his entire body burned by fire as he flies towards the volcano mouth.

But the magma spraying out is too fierce and Liu Yi is completely unable to get close!

“Damn it!”

He looks at the magma pillar in front of him and lets out a roar, “Desolate flames!”


The magma pillar immediately distorted but very quickly it restores back to normal and continues to spray out.

After the magma is sprayed out, they did not descend, instead, they gather together and form an enormous sphere shape in the sky!

This sphere shape forms from magma as it floats high up in the sky and seems like an enormous red egg!

Liu Yi feels that his connection with Liang Mengyao got cut off! Like there is someone who had cut this thread apart!

Bullshit, what situation is this!


Liu Yi takes out his wine gourd and drinks some immortal wine before pulling out Lin Tong’s emotion sword and aims towards Scarlet Mountain and executes Wine Sword Technique!

“Don’t ask the nine layers of heaven, one sword cleaves through 9 lands!

A white line immediately shoots out and sever off the volcano mouth!

Surging broken stone falls into the volcano mouth but they are instantly burned into ashes by the magma!

While all of the magma seems to have sprayed out from the volcano and instantly all of them gather within that enormous magma egg.

This magma egg is very huge. It’s radius is over ten meters! It floats there in the sky weirdly like a small sun!


Liu Yi roars toward the enormous magma egg, but there is not a single bit of reply from Liang Mengyao at all!

“Damn it ah!”

Liu Yi is so anxious that his eyes are nearly split apart. Just as he is about to enter dragon transformation and attack the enormous magma egg is the sky, that magma egg suddenly starts moving. Following which it suddenly shrinks until it is around 2 meters tall before splitting open.

A human figure walks out from the egg and does a huge stretch.

“After sleeping for so many years….it is really comfortable ah! Hehehe, thieving Heavens after sealing this Zun for so many years but in the end, this Zun still escaped out! So rare ah, to actually let this Zun meet such a good flame spirit….this is basically giving this Zun a present to take revenge ah! Thieving Heavens didn’t you seal this Zun? Now that this Zun came out, this Zun wants the world to be in chaos. From now on, this Zun will make all of the living beings in the 6 realms to have no peace hahaha!”

[TL: this Zun is like calling himself this lord]

A woman with Liang Mengyao’s figure opens her arms widely as she laughs at the sky.

Liu Yi’s heart turns cold. Liang Mengyao’s body….got seized!

“Return my Yaoyao!”

He roars out as the emotion sword in his hand transforms into to a beam of light shooting towards that woman in the sky.

“Which person dares to offend this Zun!”

That woman immediately lets out a shout as nine eye-catching red dragons emerge from her surrounding and block the emotion sword that Liu Yi toss out!

“This technique!”

Earlier it was Liu Yi’s heart but now his entire body is completely cold!

“This Zun is the one and only Great God of the entire universe!”

The woman laughs out loudly, “After being sealed for so many years, perhaps there is already no one who knows of this Zun’s horror! Very well then, this Zun shall behead you! And let the world know of this Zun’s divine prestige!”

One of the hundred meters long fire dragon immediately charges towards Liu Yi with a roar.

While Liu Yi is stunned there like he is unable to see the fire dragon charging towards him.

I…actually awakened the Great God….

Furthermore, I used Liang Mengyao’s flame spirit body! Just why is this so ah?

After I return back in time, wasn’t it to take Sword Emperor as my master?

He does not wish to change the history ah! But right now, he is basically creating history!

Furthermore, he also pays it with Yaoyao!

All of this….just what the fuck is going on ah!

Seeing that the fire dragon is already closed while Liu Yi is standing there blankly like a wooden chicken, Zhang Yunyun who is standing on the Taiji sword shouts out loudly, “Big brother! Be careful!”

“Hahahaha! Go and die!”

The Great God is still laughing sinisterly when her laughter suddenly stops. The fire dragon also stops in mid-air.

“Master…quickly escape…”

Liang Mengyao’s voice comes out from the body of the Great God. Currently, the Great God’s expression is very painful as she holds her head like she is unable to control herself.


Liu Yi realizes that Liang Mengyao still has her own conscious and is instantly delighted!

This shows that he is still able to save Yaoyao out!

“Damnit….to think that there is actually still consciousness….this damn spirit….”

The Great God’s voice emerges again.

“Master….grab it…”

Liang Mengyao tosses out a red stone which is grabbed by Liu Yi.

This stone is octagonal in shape and is causing his hand to become warm. Inside it seems to contain very powerful firepower.

“Sky Flint!”

The Great God instantly lets out a roar and starts to flip out and completely suppress Liang Mengyao’s consciousness, “Return it to me!”

“It is you who should return my Yaoyao!”

Liu Yi also roars as he instantly enters the second stage of dragon transformation!


Chapter 574  [Creating history]

Erm…WTF??? So Liu Yi is the one who released the Great God???

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  1. So……..Liu Yi uses ‘Desolate FLAMES’ on a monster that lives in magma.
    Just WoW 99.9% I.Q.
    Sooo if great God is revived in the future won’t that mean that Flame woman would be becoming the host for the great god?
    I think I just uncovered Why Liu Yi was Fighting her in his Prophesized Dream.


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