MKW Chapter 572

Chapter 572    [Feeble and sickly princess]


{Master do not be angry, master do not be angry ah…}

Sky Supporting Pillar immediately begs for mercy, “Actually master, how is there any need for you to take action ah. In a while, later the Demon Emperor will exterminate my Dust Kingdom. The ten kingdom era of the Demon Realm shall end like this ah…”

{How long till it happens?}

{The heavens fate cannot be revealed…}

Liu Yi pretends to be enraged, {Damn it! Motherfucker are you toying around with me!}

{Master…even if you destroy the entire Demon Realm I also will not tell you…}

Sky Supporting Pillar says bitterly, {It is best if you do not ask, anyways since you are currently in the Demon Realm, very soon you will know everything!}

{Damn it! What is the point of raising you! Washing Machine you come and say!}

{Master, I have a stomach pain…}

{Pain your sister! Did you great aunt come! You are a male okay!}

{That master….actually us qilins are hermaphrodite…}


Liu Yi has a bellyful of anger.

Zhang Yunyun stretches out her hand and gently touches Liu Yi’s face.

“Uncle…what, what is the matter with you?”

She is leaning on Liu Yi’s back, thus she is able to hear the heavy breathing of Liu Yi.


Liu Yi smiles bitterly, looks like this time round travel will not be as successful as thought. Everything that had happened is like a heavy fog, shrouding me! But….something seems to be wrong ah….

“What the! Why did you call me uncle!”

[TL: …what a slow reaction…]

“Cause you are a lot older than me ah…uncle…”

“You are courting disaster! If you call me uncle again I will throw you away!”

“Then what do I call you…”

“Call me big brother!”

“Oh…then where are we going next?”

“I also do not know, let’s see as we go.”

Liu Yi is also not clear thus he  is slightly at a loss.

Could it be that I am really going to stay in Demon Realm for a year? Then what about Ai Ling and the rest outside? That lass likes to create trouble the most…without me by her side what to do ah!

There is also Senior Wine Sword Immortal…when will he walk out from his heart demons?

In Liu Yi’s thoughts have floated over to the outside of Demon Realm.


“At the borders of Qin and Han dynasty, the war at the endless borders never ends!”


A shiny sword instantly transforms into silver light and instantly pierces into the bull’s eye of a target a hundred meters away!

“Daoist Ai, how is it, I learned this sword move rather well right?”

Ge Shenhua is holding the wine gourd in one hand while the other hand form’s sword seal as he excitedly asks Ai Ling who is by his side covering her mouth with a hand.

“Not bad….still…still considered teachable…”

Ai Ling blinks her eyes as her eyelashes gleam.

How is this call learning quite well! This is basically a genius!

Indeed…this sword technique was basically created just for Wine Sword Immortal!

But currently, Ai Ling had also sunk into an enigma. Wine Sword Immortal taught us this sword technique in the future while now I taught it to Wine Sword Immortal….didn’t this become a time paradox?!

Just who is the one who created the Wine Sword Technique?

Even if Ai Ling is really smart she is unable to see through this question.

Going back into the past was originally a matter that is deemed impossible, but everything had happened now. Just who is able to answer this question, in Ai Ling’s heart most likely it is only god.

Did not think that with my going back into time and teaching Wine Sword Immortal this technique, in the end, it created this kind of curious question.

Furthermore, Ai Ling does not understand, since Wine Sword Immortal knows all of this will happen why did he not ask them to save Long Yingying as well when he sent them back?

Could it be that it is like what he says…history is hard to change? Then what on earth is going on with the things that had happened?

All of this is really troublesome….lord…when will you be able to come back…this girl misses you ah….


After staying a while more in the Demon Realm, Liu Yi and Zhang Yunyun can be considered as completely familiar already. The two of them do not dare to go to any city in the Demon Realm and can only stay in the wilderness.

Liu Yi is pulling water at the river bank when he suddenly hears Zhang Yunyun says weakly.

“Big brother…I am very hungry…”

Liu Yi says, “Don’t be anxious, I will be going to find food for you to eat now.”

“I….I am very uncomfortable…”

Zhang Yunyun’s voice becomes softer and softer. Liu Yi suddenly senses that something is wrong as he immediately walks over and realizes that Zhang Yunyun’s face is slightly red like a red apple!

This is definitely not because of shyness!

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and touches Zhang Yunyun’s forehead.

So hot…indeed this lass has a fever!

“Alas…how should I deal with this now.”

While Liu Yi is bringing Zhang Yunyun around for a month plus, Zhang Yunyun had fallen sick countless times. His Vitality Dan and Soul Dan had all been eaten.

“So uncomfortable…”

Zhang Yunyun’s voice is like a mosquito and her expression is of pain.

Liu Yi hurries and lets her drink some water before hugging her up.

It is a pity that I did not have more immortal medicine nor do I know how to concoct pills. Looks like the most urgent matter is to find some village and perhaps there will be a medicine that will be able to cure Zhang Yunyun.

Liu Yi carries Zhang Yunyun in his embrace and steps on his Taiji Sword and instantly flies into the sky speeding forward.

After flying for half a day, he is unable to find a single house.

“What should I do….”

{Master, actually you can make use of Little Jade to release a satellite.}

At this moment Little Jade suddenly speaks up, {Through the satellite scan, Little Jade will be able to help master understand the Demon Realm.}

{What the, why did you not say so earlier!}

Little Jade’s tone contains slightly grievance, {Because master did not ask earlier…}

{Fine then, it is my mistake. Right now hurry and release the satellite!}

{Okay, starting to absorb master’s vitality to create a nanometer satellite!}

Little Jade immediately starts the system and the clothing on Liu Yi’s arm suddenly opens up and release over hundreds of nanometer satellite which whoosh into the sky.

Creating a single nanometer satellite needs a large amount of vitality! If a normal person wishes to use this kind of ability it is extremely hard!

Thus after Little Jade had been developed, she was shelved for so long is all because she was unable to find a suitable host!

While Liu Yi’s body does not lack is vitality! With four different qi cultivating at the same time, the vitality within his body is enough to allow Little Jade to create over tens of thousands of the nanometer satellite. But if he wants to deep scan the entire Demon Realm just over a hundred is enough!

Very quickly the surrounding map appears in front of Liu Yi.

{Master, a small village is found in the southeast direction, around 2000 meters away.}

{OK! Thanks, Little Jade!}

With this AI, it is indeed too convenient!

Liu Yi immediately carries Zhang Yunyun and flies rapidly towards the village.

His speed is very quick and in a few minutes, he had reached the village entrance.

This village is indeed very behind times, the houses are all made from piled stones. Currently, in the Demon Realm, the culture is roughly around this level.

Liu Yi descends at the village entrance and walks in carrying Zhang Yunyun.

By the village entrance, a sheep head guy instantly shouts out when he sees people walking in, “Who are you?!”

Liu Yi requests, “Sorry, my sister is sick. I am here to obtain some medicine!”


Seeing Zhang Yunyun in Liu Yi’s embrace the sheep head guy trembles slightly before saying, “This…sickness is not light ah!”

“Don’t know if it is possible to make things convenient…”

“No problem, no problem. Our sheep village is the best host! You come along with me!”

The sheep head guys immediately toss away his woodchopping ax and lead Liu Yi to his house.

“You wait here first. I’ll go and help you find the shaman!”

Done speaking, he walks out of the door.

“Queen Mother…”

In his embrace, Zhang Yunyun suddenly cries out with her forehead covered with cold sweat.

Liu Yi helps her wipe away the sweat before saying softly, “Very soon there is no need to be so upset….bear with it for a while more!”

Seemingly like she is able to hear what Liu Yi says, Zhang Yunyun gently bites her lip and shrink into Liu Yi’s embrace.

After waiting for a few minutes, from outside comes dense footsteps.

Liu Yi instantly becomes vigilant as he holds his Taiji Sword in his hand!

But the one walking in is that sheep head guy followed by a shaman wearing a bone mask.

“This is the strongest shaman in my village! Let him help this young….young lady take a look!”

Liu Yi nods his head but he holds his Taiji Sword tighter.

Seeing Liu Yi being very vigilant the sheep head guy immediately explains, “You can relax, we will not harm you. You see this is a sheep village, not tiger or wolf village. We are naturally born gutless and never dare to do bad things!”

“Hope that is the case. If something went wrong with my sister then I shall take your sheep head to drink wine.”

“Don’t dare, don’t dare…”

The sheep head guy immediately waves his hand like he is really frightened.

After seeing Zhang Yunyun’s sickness, the shaman immediately pulls out a few herbs and hand them over to Liu Yi saying, “She only suffers some cold. This is Nine Yang Grass, specifically used to treat cold. Let her consume it will do.”

“You eat it first.”

Liu Yi takes out a few and passes it to the sheep head guy by the side.

“You are really too suspicious ah!”

The sheep head guy takes them and tosses them into his mouth. His expression turns bitter as he chews before swallowing it down.

“Honestly speaking…this herb is really bitter…”

Liu Yi is still slightly worried as he takes out a few more and consumes himself.

This grass when chewed is indeed very bitter, especially the juice from chewing, it makes people want to puke.

But Liu Yi continues to eat it. His control over his qi is very outstanding, even if there is poison it will also be slowly eliminated.

After eating this Nine Yang Grass, there isn’t any reaction, instead, he feels a stream of warm flow rising from his stomach and flows through his body causing him to start to heat up and sweat.

It seems like it is really used to deal with colds.

Only then did Liu Yi stop suspecting him and feed the herb to Zhang Yunyun.

But Zhang Yunyun already no longer has any strength to chew. After the herb is placed in her mouth she is unable to swallow it down.

Liu Yi starts to become anxious. He can only eat some and after chewing it up feeds Zhang Yunyun mouth to mouth.

The bitter juice flows into Zhang Yunyun’s mouth which she swallows them down subconsciously.


Zhang Yunyun immediately lets out a frail cry as her face starts to turn even redder. But very quickly her face once again starts to turn back to normal as her body temperature starts to recede.

“What a mystical herb…”

Liu Yi cannot help but lament. If this is taken to the Human Realm and given to those who have a cold to eat, wouldn’t the effect be quick to see! It is not like western medicine which has side effects and dependencies. Looks like the Demon Realm is not a place without anything good!

“There is an effect.”

The shaman lets out a breath of relief and says, “After resting for a while more then she’ll be more or less healed. This lady’s body is slightly weak. You can take the rest of the herbs and bring them along with you.”

“They will be finished one day.”

Liu Yi asks, “Could it be that there isn’t a single herb that after eating it, improves her constitution?”


Chapter 572  [Feeble and sickly princess]

Such a weak girl…

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