MKW Chapter 571

Chapter 571    [Dust Kingdom]



Zhang Yunyun does not understand the meaning behind Liu Yi’s words.

“That’s right, it is guests.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he places Zhang Yunyun down and summons out his Monarch Shield and props it on the sand.

“You stand by the side of this shield and do not leave it do you understand?”

Liu Yi’s Sky Flipping Seal is still in the Human Realm thus he only has Monarch Shield by his side.

Although Monarch Armour is a godly armor, after all, he is an expert who is near Heaven Realm and has a very powerful regeneration body as well as the hard qigong protection that he had self-invented.

So this Monarch Armour can be left behind to protect the weak princess.

“Okay…this shield is really ugly…”

Hearing what Zhang Yunyun says, Liu Yi clearly feels the Monarch Shield trembling.

Senior Yan Qiuhong is definitely mad…hahaha!

“Remember you must stay here and do not move! If you come out then I no longer want you do you hear me!”

Liu Yi warns her very seriously.

“Under, understood…”

Hearing Liu Yi saying so, Zhang Yunyun finally knows fear and keeps nodding her head.


Only then did Liu Yi walk out of the Monarch Shield’s radius in satisfaction.

The surrounding is sand cloud and behind the sand cloud walks out tall large figures.

Liu Yi takes a look and all of them are guys who are above 2 meters all. Their formidable body makes it so that ordinary people have to look up to look at them!

“They are, all people from the Dust Kingdom!”

Zhang Yunyun glances around, “Are they here to fight against the Realm Crossing Guardian?”


Liu Yi crosses his arms and looks at the Dust Kingdom demons, “Where do they have this kind of courage. They are only here to bully weaklings.”

“Weaklings? Who are weaklings?”


“Wuwuwu…I am now a weakling…”

“If you are not then who is!”


“Already going to die and you still have the energy to joke around.”

A tall guy with a knife scar on his face walks out and says coldly, “What a really optimistic and hopeful person.”

“She is only an exiled princess that’s all, furthermore she has decided to leave the Demon Realm and no longer going to fight for the throne of the Cloud Kingdom.”

Liu Yi ask, “Can’t you guys let her off?”

“This kind of matter you should go and discuss with the king of Cloud Kingdom.”

The scar-faced guy says indifferently, “We are only following our orders that’s all. Furthermore, as a princess, she will naturally unable to escape from this kind of fate. On the other hand if is you who sticks your hands into this matter and have to pay with your life for nothing.”

“She is only an ordinary girl that’s all. I am unable to watch her die.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he looks at the Dust Kingdom people in front of him, “I will protect her till the end. To you guys, I only wish to give a warning. Do not help evil.”

“Damn it why are you saying so much nonsense to him! Let me go and kill him!”

One of the warriors of the Dust Kingdom is unable to take it anymore and charges forward with a roar.

His might is around 8 star-jades, both his hands are covered with dense demon qi and earth element, descending towards Liu Yi.

It is like a shooting star falling from the sky causing the surrounding dust to be blown up.

While Liu Yi did not even bother moving as he stands there and punches out.

“Desolate Flames!”


The guy did not even touch Liu Yi before his body immediately flies in reverse and tumbles into the sand far away.


“He is actually defeated!”

“Everyone be careful, this fellow has some ability!”

The scar-faced guy immediately warns, “Everyone attack together and show him the might of our Dust Kingdom King Kong might!”

-roaring sound!-

The guys immediately charge towards Liu Yi, all of them are like sumo wrestlers wishing to smash Liu Yi into pieces.

“Thousand Shadows!”

While Liu Yi did not move as he stands there, his hands transform into hand shadows and punch out.

-pa, pa, pa!-

All of the fist shadows are punching forward and directly send all of the burly guys flying away.

“This is my last warning.”

Liu Yi withdraws his fist and says loudly, “The next time I will no longer be so polite!”

“The feeling of being looked down is really uncomfortable!”

The scar-faced guy is also sent flying away. He climbs out from the sand, “Fine as well, then let us show you the real ability of us King Kong!”

While he is speaking the burly guys start roaring.

Following which a number of ten-meter tall golden fur apes emerge from the sand and surround Liu Yi.

Looking at the enormous golden fur apes, Zhang Yunyun hugs the Monarch Shield trembling.

“Golden fur apes….indeed is a breed.”

Liu Yi recalls the Sky Supporting Pillar in his body.

“Regarding strength, no one is comparable to the warriors of our Dust Kingdom!”

The scar-faced guy transforms into an enormous ape and roars, “Use our strength to smash you!”

The golden fur apes roar as they charge forwards, while they are running, a sandstorm rises!

“Spiritual Beast Transformation!”

Liu Yi instantly merges with Sky Supporting Pillar and enormous strength surges through his body.

“Go and die!”

A golden fur ape smashes down with its fist while Liu Yi only raises a finger and blocks that enormous black fist.

“Not possible!”

The golden fur ape is so shocked that it’s fur exploded out and its eyes nearly pop out.


Liu Yi flicks his finger and instantly causes the enormous ten meters tall large golden fur ape to be sent flying away like a kite with a broken string and instantly disappears out of sight!

“What the!”

“How, how strong is this fellow ah!”

Seeing this scene the group of golden fur apes instantly were badly frightened!

“What is this strength! Just who on earth are you!”

The scar-face guys finally become afraid.

“A guy who likes to meddle in other people’s business!”

Liu Yi stretches out a hand and grabs the leg of one of the golden fur ape and like playing with a toy, he starts waving it around.

-boom, boom, boom1-

The surrounding golden fur apes are instantly sent flying away and in front of Liu Yi, an empty space appears.

The earlier aggressive King Kongs earlier are instantly badly beaten up wretchedly.

“May I know which saint beast is sir?”

The scar-faced guy knows that they had kicked an iron plate this time around. Looks like even if everyone was deployed here, we will still be unable to take down this princess!

This guy who appears out of nowhere is too fierce already. We are not his opponent!

My underlings were so easily defeated…most likely only our king is able to fight against him!

Damn it, such a strong person why have I not heard of him before!

Just where on earth did he pop out from?

“You care about me for what?”

Liu Yi will not be like Zhang Yunyun and tell everything to other people.

“Sir…please listen to me!”

Since his people were all defeated, the scar-faced guy can only thicken his face and says, “Sir, this princess is now a target of all! Although the demon realm is very big and has ten kingdoms, there is no place that will tolerate her. Even the Mist Kingdom which is enemy of Cloud Kingdom will not dare to take her in as well.”

“Oh? Why is that so? Since they are enemies would it be good if they receive the princess as a honored guest and attract the forces within the Cloud Kingdom and finally divide Could Kingdom?”

The scar-faced guy blinks his eyes and rubs the back of his head and says, “Eh? There is also this method?”

@$#%$, looks like these demons do not even know of schemes!

“Let us not care about this first…that Mist Kingdom people also do not have this brains as well.”

The scar-face can only thicken his face and says, “Right now the princess is very dangerous, there are no kingdoms that will protect her! But of sir is willing to join my Dust Kingdom, my Dust Kingdom is willing to protect the princess!”


This causes Liu Yi to be slightly shocked, “To recruit me, you guys are willing to offend the Cloud Kingdom?”

“Our Dust Kingdom’s national power is just barely below that of Cloud Kingdom!”

As the scar-face guy speaks he becomes slightly excited, “But the Cloud Kingdom still has an expert who is Sky Flipping Dragon! That is the head of the four demon kings! Other than him, there is also Ao Ri that perverted expert….taking a looking at my Dust Kingdom, only our king can fight against Sky Flipping Dragon but is unable to fight against Ao Ri….so we need an expert like Sir! If we have Sir, we will possess the power to deal with the Cloud Kingdom! At that time the princess will naturally be safe!”

“Not possible.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “I will not intervene in any fight.”

Since I have returned to here, I am really not willing to take part in any matters.

Otherwise, if I changed the history what will happen in the future!

“Sir if that is the case the princess will be in a difficult situation! With the strength of you alone, how can you resist the power of the ten kingdoms?”

“I have said earlier that I want to bring the princess and leave this place!”

Liu Yi frowns, “Are you done or not, if you wish to fight again sure bring it on! As long as it is enemy, I Liu Yi will never give face!”

The scar-faced guy’s face twitches and finally says, “Since that is the case….then Sir you are on your own.”

“Thank you for your reminder, see you!”

Liu Yi waves his hand and then piggybacks Zhang Yunyun again before walking away with wide steps and no one dares to block them.

“General…what should we do, could it be that we let them off like this?”

One of the golden fur apes asks somewhat unwillingly.

“This person is too thorny.”

The scar-faced guy says gloomily, “Since we cannot make use of him we must eliminate! Right now let us start getting in touch with people from other countries and prepare to work together to deal with this person first…but the words of this person just awakened me…”

He continues and says, “After we kill him, we can snatch the princess over and use her name and influence to instigate a portion of the people in the Cloud Kingdom…I remembered that Ao Ri seems to be supportive of the princess. As long as we manage to get the princess in our hands then that Ao Ri will also help us! Hahaha, this kind of good plan why did I not think of it earlier! Go, go, go. Let us go back and report back to the king!”

Liu Yi did not know that his casually talking would lead to such an upheaval. Right now he is piggybacking Zhang Yunyun, as he walks he questions Sky Supporting Pillar.

{You damn orangutan, the matter regarding Sword Emperor you wont say but regarding the matter about your kingdom you will tell me, right?}

{The, the mysteries of heaven cannot be revealed ah…master…}

Sky Supporting Ape hesitation causes Liu Yi to become very mad.

{Bullshit, if you do not say do you believe if I slaughter my way over right now and exterminate your Dust Kingdom!}


Chapter 571  [Dust Kingdom]

I am starting to hate the phrase ‘mystery of the heaven cannot be revealed’…

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