MKW Chapter 570

Chapter 570    [Walk from here?]


“The assassins that were sent out actually died?”

In the Cloud Kingdom, a guy in dragon robes in sitting on his golden throne listening to his underlings reporting to him.

“Trash! The people from Tyrant Kingdom are all trash!”

He throws the scepter in his hand onto the ground as green veins cover his forehead.

“King Wu please calm down!”

A silver shirt guy by the side immediately says, “Why don’t you let me go and kill that mix-breed.”

“No need!”

The current king of Cloud Kingdom waves his hand, “You are the guardian of our kingdom. There is no need for you to personally take action to kill that bitch! Furthermore, right now we are at the brink of war with the Mist Kingdom, you need to stay here and watch over!”

“Where is she right now?”

“My king…she had been saved by a mysterious guy and right now they are moving in the direction of Dust Kingdom.”

“Dust Kingdom…”

The king raises his eyebrow, “Why is she going there for, could it be that you wish to ask for help from the Dust Kingdom? Since that is the case then why don’t I, this Emperor Uncle send you a huge gift?”

He waves his hand, “Send down my order, tell the king of Dust Kingdom that my Cloud Kingdom is willing to form an alliance with them to deal with the Iron Kingdom together. But they must deliver a big present hahaha….”

“This one go right now!”

One of the underlings immediately leaves the room made of stone steps.

The current demon race has their own backward culture and they do not completely know how to build a stone house and can only use this kind of method to build a house.

Everywhere in Cloud Kingdom is stone houses, like it had returned back to stone age.

“Right, how is that Ao Ri?”

After giving his commands, the king suddenly recalls another important matter.

“He still has not surrendered to us.”

One of the underling says, “Still need to continue to add punishment?”

“Add! Must add!”

The king nods his head, “That fellow has a very hard will, increase it ruthlessly for me! Damn it, for a woman he is actually able to persevere till now! This kind wants him to willing submit to me! And become a dog by my side! The entire Cloud Kingdom is this king’s one! Whoever who dares to be this king’s enemy, this king shall make him wish to die but unable to! Little mix-breed, you will not be able to run far away, this king shall take action against you first!”

The entire Cloud Kingdom resounds with the angry shout of the king.


At the same time, Zhang Yunyun is following by Liu Yi’s side listening to Liu Yi talk about the Human Realm in envy.

“Human Realm is actually so good…”

“How is it, do you want to go to Human Realm along with me?”

As Liu Yi walks along with Zhang Yunyun within the endless desert of Dust Kingdom, he ‘fools around’ with the little lolita.

“Wuwu…really wish to go…”

Zhang Yunyun sobs, “But…I cannot leave Demon Realm…otherwise what will happen to my mother…”

“What happened to your mother?”

“She is still under house arrest by my emperor uncle…I am worried that he will take action against her…”

“There is no need to worry about this. Wait till I find the way to go out, before leaving I will help you save your mother!”

“Ah? Real, really?”

“Of course!”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Your mother was originally a human. After saving her let us bring her back to the Human Realm.”


The little princess suddenly starts crying again, as she pulls Liu Yi hand and uses his sleeve to wipe away her tears.

“Oi, oi, this is my clothing ah!”

“Big…big bad egg…you are really good…”

“Why is it that when I hear this I cannot feel your praise ah…”

“But…other than mother…only you treat me well…”

Zhang Yunyun says tearily to Liu Yi, “You will not….toss me aside and ignore me right…”

“Will not. Although you are a bit like TangSeng, I said that I will bring you to the Human Realm, so I will definitely do it.”

Liu Yi blinks at Zhang Yunyun, “Furthermore I am also a half-demon!”

“Ah? Really?”

Hearing what Liu Yi says, Zhang Yunyun is stunned for a moment, “You are not trying to make me happy right…”

“Why is there a need for me to trick you!”

Liu Yi rolls his eyes, “Let me show you.”

He takes a deep breath and releases the demon aura from within his body.

“This…this is the demon aura of a dragon…”

Zhang Yunyun covers her mouth as her eyes turn slightly red, “You are actually….actually the same as me…”

Zhang Yunyun is also a half demon and human while Liu Yi is the same as well.

“Of course, so do you believe that I will not toss you aside right?”

Liu Yi smiles as he rubs Zhang Yunyun’s head, “Talking about this, we are both of the same race.”


Zhang Yunyun nods her head heavily as she looks at the tall figure in front of her and suddenly becomes at ease.

She whose heart is always drifting seems to have finally found the shore.

“If he can always stay by my side forever and do not leave how nice would it be…”

Liu Yi once again starts to walk on the sand while Zhang Yunyun stares blankly at his back view and suddenly lost in thoughts.

Ah! What am I thinking about! Although he is also a half human-dragon…but, he is too bad….casually killing people as well as killing that so cute…oh so delicious rabbit….

Wuwuwuwu, why is there so delicious ah….am I going to be brought bad…

Realising that Zhang Yunyun is still behind, Liu Yi cannot help but turn around and says, “If you are not leaving then you will be roasted!”


Zhang Yunyun starts salivating, “That, that is definitely very delicious right…”

“What in the hell….”

Liu Yi covers his forehead, ….this lass is addicted to eating!

“Hurry up and continue on our journey!”

“My….my leg hurts….”

Zhang Yunyun looks at Liu Yi in grief.


Liu Yi has no other choice as he bends down, “Get on. I will piggyback you.”

“How is that doable! I am a noble princess how can I do such a lacking in manners thing!”

“Less nonsense and get on!”


Zhang Yunyun obediently climbs onto Liu Yi’s back and Liu Yi’s piggyback her and continues to talk in the desert.

“My little princess ah, in this kind of desert is there really people living in here?”

Liu Yi looks at the endless desert and nearly has the wish to cry.

Luckily his cultivation is very strong, thus he can continue to walk on. This desert has no end and the sun above them is very vicious and scorching while the sand below their feet is very scalding.

If it was an ordinary person he would have become a dried corpse earlier!

“Of course have ah!”

Zhang Yunyun who is on Liu Yi’s back says, “There is a number of oases in this desert. The Dust Kingdom people live around the oases. Furthermore, the bodies of the Dust Kingdom people are very sturdy thus it does not affect them much.”

“You are after all also a half dragon, why are you so weak!”

Zhang Yunyun says with a red face, “This, this one is a princess….”

“Fine, fine, fine, princess which direction should we go in now?”

“I think….should be that direction!”

The princess sense of direction is still quite good, “I remember there was a year when I came here….should be like this…”

“There are no markings, how do you know?”

“Since I have come once I will never forget.”

The princess is rather confident in herself, “As long as I have seen a matter once before, I will remember it very clearly.”

“Oh, your ability to remember is not bad eh!”

“Hehe, my mother frequently praised that my memory was very good!”

“Looks like you are not a princess who is a complete trash in everything.”

“I, I originally was not a person who was bad in everything! Damn it.. you rude wicked person…”

The two of them bicker as they walk, following the direction that the princess points in.

After walking for another 3-4 km, Liu Yi finally reaches deep within the desert.

He looks at the 20 meters tall enormous sculpture in front of him as his jaw drops.

“What the heck…my little princess ah…what you say…is not here right!”


The princess nods her head, “Hehe, it is here! I remember that my mother said before that if you wish to go to other realms, you must walk through this place!”

“Bullshit ah…this big brother is the Realm Crossing Guardian ah!”

Although this Realm Crossing Guardian is only a hundred meters large sculpture and seems like he is sleeping, but Liu Yi is able to sense a very strong ancient aura from him!

“You want me to defeat the Realm Crossing Guardian to return back to the Human Realm!!! Princess ah, are you too confident in me or trying to kill me!”

“Defeat the Realm Crossing Guardian?”

Zhang Yunyun tilts her head and looks at Liu Yi, “Crossing from here need to defeat the Realm Crossing Guardian? Who is the Realm Crossing Guardian ah?”

“My mother ah….”

Liu Yi really wishes to cry.

The Realm Crossing Guardian enormous figure is sitting in the desert, very enormous and imposing.

Liu Yi has already heard of the matter regarding Realm Crossing Guardian from old man Ma Hua. These guardians who are guarding the realm, usually transform into these stone statue and sleep deeply.

Those who want to go to another plane of existence need to wake them up. When the Realm Crossing Guardian wake up a passageway to another realm will open behind them! To cross over you must defeat the Realm Crossing Guardian!

The difficulty of this….is indescribable! Back then Liu Yi’s master Ma Hua was a Heaven Realm expert! But in the end he is being beaten badly by the Realm Crossing Guardian and basically became a crippled!

As for me, I am only so strong….and have not even reached Heaven Realm…how can I fight against such a pervert!

Perhaps even before I get close to that big passageway I would have been instant killed!

“Then when will we fight ah?”

Zhang Yunyun asks with some worry, “How about I hide slight further away…”

“What the! Not fighting! This lord I do not dare to cross from here!”

Liu Yi shakes his head like a rattle drum, fighting against the Realm Crossing Guardian isn’t it just seeking death!

Although his desire to fight is also wishing to fight against this kind of pervert, but Liu Yi knows himself!

Wait till I have mastered the fourth stage of Dragon Transformation and increase my might greatly then I’ll come and have a fight!

Right now my realm is still not enough!

Zhang Yunyun asks weakly, “Fine then…then where do we go now…”

“Let us go and find something for you to eat first.”


Hearing her stomach crying out Liu Yi thinks in his heart, this lass is too troublesome.

Damn, traveling back into the past I have completely become a full-time nanny.

Earlier being a nanny for Wine Sword Immortal and now I become a nanny for this princess. Your sister ah, when did I change my profession!

Just as Liu Yi is preparing to bring Zhang Yunyun to leave the surrounding of the Realm Crossing Guardian when the aura of demons start coming towards them from all directions.

Seeing Liu Yi stopping again, Zhang Yunyun immediately asks, “Why are we not walking?”

“Some guests have come, let me go and greet them first.”


Chapter 570  [Walk from ]

Haha poor nanny

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  1. If im not mistaken she is the “devil child” i think was its name. The gaint serpent, worm thing that was the closest yo the demon emperor. It makes a weird sense, the child part was always random seeming. And she is half dragon so her dragon form is incomplete and only a serpent. Though if this is the case not only does she end ip sealed, he kills her and ripps out her soul. He made contracts with the ape and quin’s souls but did he with the serpents? He didnt feed it to his sword did he? This whole back in time arc is going to end in tragedy pretty much no matter what. His generals will all end up being sealed. Now this is all assuming one thing. That the author wont make paradoxes. It seems like closed loop time travel, definitely not branching worlds, but maybe a flexible loop. I really hope closed loop. So much easier to follow and just a cleaner story.


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