MKW Chapter 569

Chapter 569    [Follow me to the Human Realm]


Liu Yi pretends that he is a deaf person pretending that he is unable to hear Zhang Yunyun’s endless chattering.

Zhang Yunyun’s eyes have already turned red. Seeing Liu Yi starting to remove its organs and remove the fur, wash it clean and start roasting it above a fire, her mouth had never stopped.

“Gods….too scary already! Such a cute rabbit, she originally had a beautiful future and  a happy family! But all because of you, everything has been destroyed! This was originally such a cute rabbit ah…”

Liu Yi cannot be bothered with her, her stomach is still crying out and she is still able to say all this…

He is roasting the rabbit above the fire and soon the rabbit meat starts emitting out its fragrance.

“Think about this, if you are this rabbit, being captured by people to be eaten like this how despairing is this ah…. your parents, how sad would they be for you, you…”

The fragrance enters Zhang Yunyun’s nose causing her to suddenly stop speaking and start salivating.


Liu Yi pucks out a rabbit leg and takes a mouthful, “This rabbit is really fat! Its meat is really fragrant!”

-swallowing sound-

Zhang Yunyun who is kneeling by the side seeing Liu Yi eating heartily, she swallows her saliva.

“Is, is it really that good to eat…”

“Of course, my BBQing skills are not bad.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he plucks off the other roasted rabbit leg, “Here!”

Zhang Yunyun immediately moves up as she salivates.

“Come, have a smell!”

Who would know that Liu Yi would wave the rabbit leg under her nose for a bit before withdrawing it?

“Fragrant right!”

Liu Yi bites a mouthful and chews it, his manner is so asking for a beating.

“Wuwuwu, you are bullying me….”

Zhang Yunyun instantly starts crying, “I am an exiled princess and is escaping. Right now you are not even giving me rabbit meat to eat, wuwuwu….”

“What the!!!!”

Liu Yi’s mouth start twitching, “Weren’t you the one who says that this rabbit is very pitiful! Then let me this evil person to eat it! As for you this philanthropy, how can you eat rabbit meat!”

“Any, anyways the rabbit was killed by you…”

Zhang Yunyun says, “I’ll help you eat a bit….can be considered as helping you share the, you show thanks to me okay….”

“!@$#%@#@%, how can you be so reasonable!”

Hearing what Zhang Yunyun says, Liu Yi does not know whether to laugh or cry, “Take it then, it is all yours!”

Other than the rabbit leg that he had just bitten into, Liu Yi gives the rest to Zhang Yunyun.

After all, he does not really need to eat food. Just relying on absorbing the yuan qi from heaven and earth, it is enough to restore his energy.

Furthermore, the 14 star jades in his body are continuously creating enormous power for him to use!

Zhang Yunyun is different, her cultivation is very weak! Liu Yi does not know how this delicate lass would be able to become a princess of a large Kingdom!

{Looks like 1300 years ago, demon realm was in ten countries chao of war!}

Lin Tong cannot be clearer about the demon realm matters. She ponders for a while and immediately comes up with a conclusion.

{Ten countries chao of war?}

{Mm, that’s right!}

Lin Tong nods her head, {Back then a large number of the villages gather together and formed ten strong countries. Among which the strongest was the Cloud Kingdom, after which it is the Tyrant Kingdom and the rest! The reason why the Cloud Kingdom was the strongest is that their ruler is a dragon! This strongest continues until Demon Emperor appears. He finally ends the war between ten countries and the Cloud Kingdom, unifying demon realm!}

{This little princess is a dragon?}

Liu Yi looks at Zhang Yunyun who is squatting on the ground while trying to preserve her grace while eating the rabbit meat with large bites.

“So, sorry….I am too hungry….”

Noticing Liu Yi’s gaze, Zhang Yunyun’s face turns red, “I, I lost the bearing of a princess…”

“No worries I am only curious.”

Liu Yi says, “Since you are a princess from the Cloud Kingdom, you should be a dragon right. But why is your strength so weak?”

Liu Yi senses that Zhang Yunyun’s cultivation is around 4-5 star jades! Dragon race are heaven-born fighters so this is a little not conforming to common sense!

“I, I am not a pure dragon race…”

Zhang Yunyun lowers her head, “In my bloodline, half of it is the bloodline of a human…my mother is a human…”

“Half demon!”

Liu Yi cannot help but to glance at Zhang Yunyun a few more times, isn’t this similar to me?

For a while, he feels that his distance from Zhang Yunyun has become closer as well as more intimate!

Seeing Liu Yi’s gaze becoming weird, Zhang Yunyun immediately asks in depression, “Don’t, don’t you feel that I am very filthy…”

“Dirty? Why would I feel that you are filthy?”

“Because I am not pure blood…”

Zhang Yunyun’s expression is sad, “My Emperor Uncle always says that I am a filthy hybrid…so…I do not have the right to inherit the emperor crown of Cloud Kingdom. I can only be exiled…”

“Who says that half-bloods are filthy?”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and rubs the head of Zhang Yunyun, “From my point of view you are the most eligible princess…other than being slightly naggy.”

“Real, really?”

Zhang Yunyun is shocked. This is the first time she hears other people evaluating her like this.

“Of course, especially the latter point.”

“Get lost…I, I am not naggy…I am telling you justification…”

Zhang Yunyun’s face is red as she says, “You, you are still teachable….I do not wish to let you become a bad person…”

“Fine, fine. It is not that I wish to be a bad person but I do not wish to be lenient towards my enemies.”

Liu Yi pinches Zhang Yunyun’s nose, “You are still young and pure, so you do not understand. In this world, there are some matters that are not as beautiful as what you think.”

“Then….then can I continue to follow you?”

Zhang Yunyun asks weakly, “I do not have anywhere to go…”

“You can follow me, but I am going to leave the Demon Realm.”

Liu Yi says, “I do not belong here, I want to return back to the human realm.”

“Ah, you want to leave Demon Realm?”

When Zhang Yunyun hears this, she is slightly shocked, “They say the human realm is very scary…all the people there eat demons….we have never dared to go to the human realm to walk…”

“What the…”

Liu Yi did not think that the people in the Demon Realm would think of the Human Realm in this way, “Human Realm is a very beautiful place. It is not as bad as the Demon Realm.”

He suddenly has an idea. “Since you already have no place to go, why don’t you follow me to the Human Realm. Perhaps you might like that place.”

“This, can I?”

“Why not?”

Liu Yi rubs Zhang Yunyun’s head, “Human Realm is actually very interesting, there are a lot of things that your Demon Realm do not have…”

Thinking that at this time the Demon Realm will not invade the Human Realm, the current Demon Realm should be quite backward. Since ancient times, the people in any backward places are very fierce and then they invade the civilized place. For example the invasion of the Mongol Dynasty, Manchu soldiers. But no matter which one, after they invade China they will be conquered by China’s culture.

Culture is impossible to be exterminated. There is no need to doubt this point. Looking at the Demon Realm 1300 years in the future, Liu Yi understands this point.

[TL: and it is false….well the culture of spartans is gone…sadly…]

But I am powerless to stop the invasion of the Human Realm by the Demon Realm. This is the matter for the Sword Emperor and Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

As a person who has traveled into the past, I can only continue to observe the history.

When will the Demon Emperor appear? The moment he emerges, naturally Sword Emperor will emerge as well.

Thinking till here Liu Yi cannot help but ask Zhang Yunyun.

“Little princess have you heard of the Demon Emperor before?”

“Demon Emperor? Where did this Demon Emperor come from?”

Zhang Yunyun looks at Liu Yi in incomprehension, “In the ten kingdoms of the Demon Realm I have never heard of anyone called Demon Emperor! Who dares to call himself this name, isn’t it just looking for death!”

Liu Yi mutters apprehensively, “Don’t have?”

Why did the Demon Emperor not appear as well?

Could it be that I came back into the future too early?

If I had then-then I would rather come back a hundred years later!

What should I do not, it is best if I hurry back to the human realm and find Ai Ling to discuss!

Sword Emperor should be coming out soon, after all, Ge Shenhua still has not cultivated yet. If it is later by a few more years then he will miss the optimal age for cultivating.

As long as I stay by Ge Shenhua’s side I will definitely be able to meet the Sword Emperor!

“Of course don’t have. How can this kind of person exist? He will definitely become the target of everyone!”

Zhang Yunyun shakes her head, “Right now the most famous in the Demon Realm is the 4 Demon Kings. As for Demon Emperor, I have never heard before!”

4 Demon Kings?

Liu Yi cannot help but think of his two body protecting demon spirits!

“Who are they?”

“I remember…it should be Iron Kingdom’s Overlord, Sky Swallowing Turtle. Mist Kingdom’s Overlord, Water Qilin. Dust Kingdom’s Overlord Golden Hair Ape…as well as my Cloud Kingdom, my Emperor Uncle number one general Sky Flipping Dragon…”

“So it is this four…”

Liu Yi recalls him trying to get information of news regarding the Demon Emperor from his 2 body protecting demon spirits but the two of them are unwilling to speak, even when Liu Yi threatens to kill them, they are also unwilling to speak.

As he is unable to get any information from the two follows, Liu Yi can only place his hopes on this little princess Zhang Yunyun.

“I have only seen Sky Flipping Dragon…he is a very gloomy person…the rest of the demon kings I have never seen before.”

Zhang Yunyun finally says, “But if you are in a rush to return back to the Human Realm… I do have a plan.”

“Oh? What plan?”

Liu Yi instantly becomes excited, “Let me hear it!”

“It seems like if we go through that place….we are able to go through and fro the Human Realm freely…”

There is actually this kind of place? 1300 years in the past, there is such an important passageway in the Demon Realm?

Cannot, after I pass through it I must definitely think of a method to seal this passageway. Otherwise, the world will be in chaos!

Zhang Yunyun mutters apprehensively, “Actually I have only heard of it only…and have never really gone through it before so I do not know if it is possible to go through..”

“No worries let us go and take a look. After seeing it personally we will definitely know!”

Having a method is stronger than having no methods! Liu Yi glances at Zhang Yunyun, “Are you full yet my little princess, when you are full then it is time to set off!”

“Mm, let us go to the Dust Kingdom. The passageway is there.”

Zhang Yunyun recalls for a while before points in a direction, “As for the Dust Kingdom…it should be in that direction.”

“Let’s go.”

Liu Yi holds Zhang Yunyun’s hand as the two half-demons walks towards the Dust Kingdom.

“Right…I still do not know what is your name…”

“I call Liu Yi.”

“Which country are you from?”

“I am a human.”


The little princess is shocked, I….I am actually following a human! This….is it a good thing or a bad thing?


Chapter 569  [Follow me to the Human Realm]


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