MKW Chapter 568

Chapter 568    [You must be Tang Seng!]


“Stand still! You will not be able to escape!”

Two tiger-headed demons are chasing crazily after a petite girl in front of them through the forest.

Her movements are very graceful and her running speed is also very fast. Along with her graceful posture, she is like a little rabbit!

“Don’t run! Stand still for me!”

The two tiger demon chasing speed is also very fast, furthermore, their claws are waving out demon wind tearing by the sides of the little girl!



The barks of the trees beside her were torn apart. Luckily the girl is very agile and is able to barely dodge at the last moment, otherwise, she would have already been turned into mincemeat!

“Princess it is best if you obediently die, that way it will be less painful!”

The single-eye tiger demon of the left lets out a peal of weird laughter as he chases and shouts out, “If you really make us brothers unhappy, when we chase up to you, it will not be so simple as killing you…hehehe….”

“That’s right, princess. You have such a good figure and a pretty face, if I do not enjoy it wouldn’t it be a pity!”

The other taller tiger demon licks his lips as he agrees.

The petite girl is badly frightened and does not know what she should do.

She can only believe in her two legs and escape, continue to escape!

She uses all of her demon qi just to be able to escape from the tiger’s jaw!

I remembered mother saying before that although I am not good any other things, my escaping skills are the world’s number 1!

I can do it one, definitely will be able to escape!

Just as the little girl is starting to be confident in herself, a red light suddenly descends from the sky and smashes into her.


She exclaims in pain and is directly overpowered into the grasses.

“Who is the one who executes this demon technique?”

The two tiger demon killers both got a shock. This does not look like the demon technique that they people use!

“What the….why is this so soft!”

A guy’s voice suddenly comes from the girl’s side. The girl is instantly stunning in shock as her pretty eyes widen as she looks at the guy in front of her.

I…I am actually being pressed down by a guy…gods…my innocence is gone!

My princess honor is also gone! How can I appeal to the people in my own country and overthrow my tyrannical uncle!

Finished…really finished…

Thinking to here the girl starts crying.

This crying sound causes Liu Yi to regain awareness. He takes a proper look, what the, why am I am pressing down a girl!

My hands are also grabbing her breasts! No wonder it is so soft!

Talking about this, this is clearly a small loli…but her breasts only develop so little, at least there is a meaty feeling!

But it is still pitiful. You can say that playing with Lele’s breasts need two hands while playing with Murong Die’s breasts need one hand…while playing with this lass’s chest around one finger is enough!

[TL: damn…a real life washboard….]

You cannot blame Liu Yi for ridiculing the lass, the main point is that the lass is too tender already. Although she looks to be around 14/15 years old, she should be a demon, thus if changing it into a human’s age then that is hard to say.

“Shameless! Rouge! Scum!”

After crying for half a day and finally seeing that Liu Yi did not withdraw his hand nor get off her, she scolds angrily, but her scolding voice is very soft and without any imposing manner.

This lass….is too adorable already!

That princess says bashfully, “Scumbag ah, you, you are still not getting up!”

“Ah! So, sorry!”

Liu Yi hurries up to his feet and did not forget to pull up the princess from the ground as well.

The two of them are covered in grass, and those who do not know the truth will think that they just had a battle in the wild!

The little princess looks at the guy in black armor in front of her and asks, “Talking about this who are you scumbag?”

With his current attire, I am really unable to think of which country he is from, anyways he is definitely not from their Cloud Country!

“I am…”

Just as Liu Yi is about to reply, the two tiger-head brothers who were stunned for a while behind let out a roar, “Are the two of you treating us as not existing?! We are Tyrant Country’s top assassins! No matter where did you come from to poke your nose in this, seeing us means that you are going to die!”

“Damn it!”

The princess immediately pulls on Liu Yi’s hand, “Quickly run! They are going to kill us!”

“Ah? Why do they want to kill you?”

Liu Yi no longer wishes to help wrongly.

“They are people who were bribed by my Emperor Uncle. I got exiled to Tyrant Country and did not expect that I nearly died there!”

As the princess speaks, her eyes immediately turn red, “My pitiful royal mother is still being imprisoned in the royal palace…if I do not go back, what would happen to her ah…wuwuwu…”

“Hahaha, little princess do not be upset. In a bit let me give you happiness!”

“That’s right, that’s right. At that time I guarantee that you will forget about your father!”

The two tiger race brothers start laughing.

“Since that is the case then I will not be polite.”

Liu Yi sighs before summoning out Taiji Sword.

“Bah, what do you count as…”

Before one of the tiger demons finished the Taiji Sword had already pierced through his head and nailed into a tree behind while covered in blood.

“Wha, what…”

The other tiger demon’s legs turn soft from fear. Bullshit what magic is this, too sinister already!

It is able to control a sword into flying so fast!

“Save, save my life ah…”

He immediately starts scrambling away, no longer thinking about giving that princess happiness and escape.

“Where are you escaping to!”

Liu Yi did not have the habit of letting his enemy off. His hand trembles and his Taiji Sword immediately fly out of the tree, letting out a dragon roar before once again chasing after the badly frightened tiger demon.

“Don’t kill him!”

The princess exclaims in shock. But because it is already too late, Liu Yi’s Taiji Sword had already pierced through the head of the tiger demon and killed him.

“You, you, you, how can you kill people!”

The princess is very mad as she points at Liu Yi’s nose and scolds.

“You beast! Too savage already!”

“What the!”

Recalling back Taiji Sword, Liu Yi looks at the princess puzzled, “Are you crazy? The ones I killed are the people who wanted to kill you!”

“You are crazy! You are also a big scoundrel!”

The princess points at Liu Yi’s nose and scolds, “The two of them were unable to kill me. Furthermore, one of them was also frightened into escaping? You actually chased after him and killed him! You, You are too cruel!”

“What in the hell, are you for real??? You actually pity your own enemy!”

Liu Yi looks at the princess and says with grieve, “Pitying your enemy is being cruel to yourself ah!”


The princess rebuts Liu Yi, “Only selfish people will have this kind of thoughts! If you use real love you will definitely be able to reform these bad people! You murderer!”

“What the how come I also become a murderer!”

“You are a murderer, slaughterer!”

“Fine, fine, fine, I am a murderer, I am a slaughterer is that okay!”

Liu Yi waves his hand, “This lord is too lazy is bother about you, see you!”

He is still anxious to think of a method to leave this demon realm. A year is too long and he is unable to wait!

Liu Yi turns around and leaves while behind him comes a faint trembling sound.

He turns around to take a look to see the princess who had scolded him so cheerfully earlier is now lowering her head and following behind him.

“Oi, oi, my charitable person!”

Liu Yi is unable to take it and turns around saying, “What are you following me this murderer for! Not afraid that I’ll kill you?”

“I….I do not know where should I go…”

That princess toys with her cloth edges while lowering her head. “I am an exiled princess…no matter where I go there will be people who want to kill me…al, although you are slightly bad…but I feel that…you, you are not that bad yet….and can be reformed…”

What the….this lass is too cute already.

Liu Yi warns the little girl. “Do not follow me. I have my own things to do okay?”

“No worries…I can accompany you… I know how to cook food…wash clothing…I can help you ….”

“What the, it is not like I am lacking a housekeeper!”

Liu Yi is slightly driven mad, “Why the heck would I want you for!”

“But I am lacking a bodyguard ah…”

The princess blinks her eyes, “Aren’t boys supports to protect girls?”

“What the…just now I protected you and in the end wasn’t I scolded by you badly? How lowly do you think I am!”

Recalling this, Liu Yi is mad.

“I…I will do my best not to scold you in future…but you are indeed very bad ah…”

“What the, you are coming again?”

“I am wrong…”

The princess lowers her head. Although she is feeling slightly wronged but she does not dare to say anymore.

Liu Yi feels that perhaps he is being slightly too fierce towards that lass. He gently pats his face and tries to soften his own tone.

“Fine then. You can follow me…but you cannot start pointing at me again do you hear me? One more time and I will chase you away!”

“Will not anymore, will not anymore. I will be obedient!”

The princess immediately nods her head, looking very pitiful, making Liu Yi feels like he is being slightly too strict.

“What is your name?”

“I am Zhang Yunyun, a princess from Cloud Country…”

The lass starts to spill the beans as she rattles out her matters.

Liu Yi says in his heart, this lass is too honest already. The first time she meets me and all she is missing is to tell me when her first menstruation date is.

After listening to her speak for half a day, Zhang Yunyun’s stomach suddenly starts growling.

The princess instantly turns red while Liu Yi laughs and says, “Hungry already?”

“No…not at all…perhaps is a little bit afraid that’s why my stomach is letting out weird sound….right, it is definitely the case…”

Liu Yi nearly laughs, can she be even cuter.

“I’ll go and make some food for you.”

Liu Yi sees a rabbit runs out from the bushes by the side and with a swing of his hand, he nails the rabbit onto the ground with his sword.

“This rabbit is rather fat, it is enough for you to eat!”


Unexpectedly Zhang Yunyun starts shrieking, “How, how can you kill such a cute rabbit! You scumbag! Big scumbag!”

What the….it comes again….

Liu Yi covers his forehead, is this lass categorized as Tangseng….

“What an obedient small rabbit, how can you kill it! It was originally healthy and lived freely. It has it’s rabbit mother, rabbit father who likes it, a family of three living life blissfully, but because of you who destroyed this family. You also want to eat it, wuwuwu….”

Crazy! This lass is really categorized as Tangseng ah!


Chapter 568   [You must be Tang Seng!]

Wonder if she has any buddha qi?

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