MKW Chapter 567

Chapter 567    [Please cultivate alright?]


Xue Luo crosses her arms with a haughty look.

“What the, who wants to become this kind of dry ugly thing!”

Ai Ling instantly sneers and jumps out from Sky Flipping Seal and stands by Liu Yi’s side and points at Xue Luo saying, “Can we not joke around big sister?”


Xue Luo’s face twitches making Liu Yi want to laugh.

Although Xue Luo looks to be around 16, 17 years old with a lolita face, being called big sister by Ai Ling, she will definitely be unhappy.

But Liu Yi also feels that it is quite right, after all, Xue Luo is a zombie and although she looks like a lolita her age is definitely unable to be evaluated.

“You guys are seeking death!”

Xue Luo’s forehead is covered with black lines as her hands tremble, “Let you guys know the power of our God race! Teach them a lesson!”

Those ten plus zombies suddenly stand still and open their mouths wide open and shoot out a bowl thick blood pillar in succession towards Liu Yi and Ai Ling!

Liu Yi immediately grabs hold of Ai Ling and uses spirit fox steps and dodges those blood pillars!

-boom, boom, boom!-

The bamboo house behind them instantly turns into a mess from the blood pillars crashing into it. While Ge Shenhua who is sitting within the Sky Flipping Seal has an uncaring attitude as he ignores the blood pillar charging towards him as he continues to drink large cups of wine and starts reciting poetry loudly as well.

“Great, great! This wine is only obtainable in heavens, there is hardly any of this grade in the human realm ah, hahaha, hahahahaha!”

“Damn it, that madman has it easy!”

Ai Ling is very unhappy, Sky Flipping Seal this kind of superb treasure is actually wasted on a madman!

“That is Senior Wine Sword Immortal! If he dies then the joke will be too big!”

Liu Yi glares at Ai Ling, “If he does not exist then how are we going to come back 1,300 years into the past?”

“Fine, fine, fine. My lord, you are reasonable, you have the final say!”

Ai Ling also cannot do anything about Liu Yi, sometimes this fellow is so adorably stupid but it makes people both love and hate ah!

From Ai Ling’s point of view, since the history is already set then in future they will definitely meet Wine Sword Immortal. Since that is the case, that means that right now Wine Sword Immortal will not die. Even if he does not have the protection of Liu Yi, he will still survive! This is history, history should not be so easily changed!

Perhaps why Wine Sword Immortal in the beginning wholeheartedly focusing on attaining scholarly honors, but because of meeting Liu Yi and her he changes! All this is destined!

Thus Ai Ling is so confident that Wine Sword Immortal would not die, instead, he will live quite well!

But perhaps if I tell these to lord, that stubborn person will not listen to it right!

“Ai Ling go back first!”

Liu Yi uses strength to send Ai Ling back into the Sky Flipping Seal to be protected. After all, Ai Ling’s cultivation is too low and he is worried that she might get into a mishap!

Ai Ling places her hands on her waist and says unwillingly, “Oi, oi, lord, I am also very powerful okay!”

Liu Yi chides, “Obediently stay inside there!” Making Ai Ling stay inside obediently.

“Damn it, looking down on me! Although I am not as powerful as the new junior sister who has just joined the sect! Her cultivation speed is like sitting on a bullet train! That is because I did not concentrate that’s all! Hmph, if I work hard, I guarantee that you will pee from fright!”

“Stop boasting, I am about to pee from laughter already!”

“Your sister! Lord will you die if you give in to me!”

“Can laugh to death!”

“Get lost!”

Xue Luo instantly becomes even more angered as she listens to the two of them having a lovers quarrel, “You do not take our God Race seriously eh?”

As she speaks, she waves her hand and instantly one of the zombie’s roars and charges over and hugs Liu Yi.

Liu Yi instantly has a feeling of back then when he got involved with the kamikaze unit of Shen Feng. After the zombie hugs him, it let out a roar.


A dense blood mist instantly exploded out. The zombie actually self-destructed!

“Hahaha! No one is able to block the self-destruction of my God race! Although it is only a 5-star zombie the might of its self-destruction is able to kill an earth realm expert!”

When Ai Ling hears this she got a shock, what the, would it become a human bomb already!

Isn’t the might a bit too powerful?! A 5-star cultivation zombie is able to deal with an earth realm expert! Wouldn’t the earth realm expert be at a disadvantage! No wonder during this period of time no cultivators are willing to come out to and bubble up. It feels like it should be because they are afraid of suffering a loss at the hands of zombies!

But as for Liu Yi, Ai Ling is not worried. If he was so easily defeated by a 5-star cultivation zombie then he would not be the Liu Yi that I adore.

After the blood mist disperses, Liu Yi emerges standing in his original spot in his black armor. The ground underneath him was exploded out half a meter deep!

Such a horrifying might is indeed startling. But Liu Yi is not even injured at all, only that the armor he is wearing is emitting white smoke.

Liu Yi looks at the shocked Xue Luo and asks, “What do you wish to do? If you wish to fight then I will not be polite!”

“You are indeed a very thorny fellow!”

Xue Luo’s hand flashes with a red light. “Leaving you here will definitely obstruct my plans…”

“Looks like you wish to get rid of me?”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and summons out his Taiji sword, “Good then let me have a go at you, this so called God race expert!”

“Comparing fighting, I am not your opponent!”

Xue Luo says honestly, “But I have methods to make you disappear!”

“What methods?”

Liu Yi becomes vigilant not knowing what tricks Xue Luo is pulling.

“Take a look at what is under your feet.”

Xue Luo points.

Liu Yi looks down at his feet only to see that the earlier blood from that zombie has unknowingly formed a strange pattern.

Liu Yi got a huge shock. When did this emerge! This Xue Luo actually uses a formation to sabotage me!

“In front of Monarch Armour, your attacks will not have any effect!”

Liu Yi is very confident with his Monarch Armour. Although he is shocked he is not too worried, “Your strength is still not enough to harm me.”

“Who wants to harm you?”

Xue Luo clucks, “Today is the day which the demon realm gateway is open, Daoist Liu, hope that you will be able to live happily in the demon realm for a year!”

Xue Luo snaps her finger.

Instantly a blood light wraps around Liu Yi’s body and brings him high up into the sky and instantly disappears.


Ai Ling becomes anxious, but she knows that she will not be able to catch up to the speed of that red light and can only watch it turn into a shooting star and disappear.

“Damn demonic girl, return my lord!”

Ai Ling is very angry as she jumps out of the Sky Flipping Seal with her sword in her hand and charges towards Xue Luo.

“You are not my opponent at all.”

As Xue Luo speaks she snaps her finger again.

Numerous red chains instantly fly out and shackle Ai Ling, tying her up firmly.

“I do not wish to kill innocent people. You are only a side character and are not worthy of me to take action. After a year that family member of yours will come back. With his ability, he can walk sideways in the demon realm. You are worried about him? Why don’t you be worried about yourself. Hehe, soon this human realm will be the world of my God race!”

She transforms into a blood light and disappears along with the zombies.

The red chains also disappear afterward. This is the first time that Ai Ling feel flustered and helpless. She kneels on the ground and starts at the sky baffled.

Lord…you, you cannot toss lass aside and ignore her ah…

“Hahaha! Raising the cup and toast to the moon, seeing three reflections!”

Ge Shenhua’s manner of rejecting the mundane for a monastic life as he lifts his wine gourd and drinks away his sorrows.

These two months his other abilities did not improve but his capacity for alcohol is becoming bigger and bigger.

“Damn it!”

Recalling her own strength Ai Ling blames herself!

If she was stronger, Liu Yi would not have landed in the trap of the enemy!

Cannot I cannot keep slacking anymore like this. I must immediately start increasing my cultivation!

But a person cultivating on my own seems to be dull and dry…

Ai Ling turns around and suddenly sees Ge Shenhua who is drinking in sorrow and suddenly has a thought.

“Ge Shenhua do you wish to cultivate?”


Ge Shenhua understands this term and finally regains some conscious, “With my revolting behavior I can still cultivate?”

“Of course you can!”

Ai Ling nods her head, “Liu Yi is no longer here, I also do not know when I will leave as well. So you must learn how to cultivate so that you have the ability to protect yourself!”

“What is the point of me cultivating.”

Ge Shenhua smiles bitter, “If Daoist Ai wishes to leave then leave. Do not stay with me anymore, otherwise, I, this bearer of bad luck will implicate you ah!”

“Ge Shenhua you must live on!”

Seeing Ge Shenhua’s appearance, Ai Ling feels he will not make it if he does not even have the heart to cultivate!

She suddenly has a bright idea and immediately says, “Only if you manage to live longer would you have the hope of seeing your wife!”

“What, what did you say?”

Ge Shenhua immediately puts down the wine gourd and looks at Ai Ling anxiously, “Your meaning is that my, my wife still has a hope of reviving?”

“Reviving is impossible.”

Ai Ling shakes her head, “But her soul has already entered reincarnation. On the path of reincarnation, a second is a hundred years in the human realm. If you wish to meet Long Yingying after she had, then you must cultivate and do your best to survive till then!”

“Real, really can like this?”

Hearing that he might be able to see his wife, Ge Shenhua finally regains some spirit.

“That’s right. Perhaps a hundred years you might not meet, then two hundred years, 500 years a thousand years! As long as you are alive, you have a chance to meet Long Yingying! At that time you can pass to her your cultivation technique and the two of you cultivate together and become a pair of dao cultivators, wouldn’t that be great?”

“Right what you say is right, then, then we must cultivate!”

Ge Shenhua becomes excited, how does he know about Ai Ling craftiness.

The world is so big, even if Long Yingying really reincarnates, where should he go and search for her! But the current Ge Shenhua is already completely dizzy from being to excited. He wants to cultivate, cultivate to become a big immortal and bring his wife along to cultivate as well!

“Then, what technique should we learn?”

“The most suitable technique for you, Wine Sword Technique!”

[TL: lols from this it seems like Ai Ling might become Sword Emperor…Emperess]


Chapter 567   [Please cultivate alright?]

So…who is the Sword Emperor now…

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  1. Well crap. My prediction was reversed, i though ai ling would be the demon lord and liu yi would be sword emperor.but since making that comment it was becoming more and more clear it was the reverse, pluss i then thought back on the demon kings familiars coments, as well as that he left a clone that looks just like lui yi (that demon king proxy wasnt little black was it? Well she always had a temper.). Also as lui yi has a lot of demon devil and other such abilities it maks more sense for him to be the demon king than ai ling. So now he goes around the demon world recruiting and trying to break through to get back, wait wouldn’t his first teacher be around there now? Before he joined the hunters organization. Or that further in the future?


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