MKW Chapter 566

Chapter 566    [God race]


“It is them!”

“Take down the murderers!”

The dock is completely surrounded by large numbers of soldiers, all of them are looking at Liu Yi and them like they are their most hated enemies!

“Everyone Duke Gong is guilty of terrible crimes, thus his ending can only be blamed by himself.”

Liu Yi who is standing on the docks looks at the soldiers as well as officials, “Hope that you guys do not take the side of the evildoer. I will only warn you once.”

“Just based on you?”

“Take a look just how many people we have! Everyone spiting once is enough to drown you!”

“Alas…” Seeing that they do not listen to his advice Liu Yi can only sigh.

He had not released the combined state with Sky Supporting Pillar. He aims towards a 3-mast ship that is anchored to the dock far away and clenches his fist.

The ten meters long 3-mast boat instantly got crushed by an invisible large hand!

Liu Yi uses his qi to hide the enormous hand that Sky Supporting Pillar transformed into, thus the crowd can only see the 3-mast boat being crushed like it had been crushed by Liu Yi’s small palm!

Bullshit, this is a 3-mast ship ah!

Even if all of us gather we are not as sturdy as a 3-mast ship!

“What, what kind of demonic magic is this ah….”

“Demon, they are demons ah….”

The soldiers and officials are completely scared as they starts falling over each other in a bid to escape, no longer surrounding the docks.

While far away on the top floor of a tea house, Xue Luo was sitting on the bedside as she calmly watches all of this.

“Looks like this is an expert….if he stays here it will be very troublesome.”

She slowly sips a mouth of tea before speaking to herself, “If he is here, reviving master might have some accident…I must think of a method to send him away from here.”

She knows that her own strength is not enough.

This fellow an expert that had popped out from who knows here! He actually possesses both immortal qi and devil qi at the same time and both are very condensed. At the very least both are above earth realm and perhaps is about to reach heaven realm’s strength! This kind of expert based on her ability is impossible to fight against! But she has other methods to make this person stay far away from here! Unable to interfere with her operations!

Current Liu Yi and Ai Ling scared away all of the rest of the people. They looks at Ge Shenhua who is in a daze kneeling down and ask, “Mr Ge what do you plan to do after this?”

“The world is small, from whence we come, for what we go?”

Ge Shenhua kneels there blankly as he starts saying this verse.

At that moment, Liu Yi thought that the Wine Sword Immortal on Wangzong Mountain has come.

The two figure are gradually overlapping making Liu Yi suddenly baffled.

Could it be that in the past Wine Sword Immortal was a person who was a scholar who wholeheartedly wished to attain scholarly honors?

But after meeting me, because of my mistake which caused the death of Long Yingying caused Wine Sword Immortal to changes himself?

He suddenly remembers what Wine Sword Immortal shouted just before he time traveled.

‘Don’t be reckless, otherwise, you will change the timeline, change the history…’

History had really been changed but this time around it had entered the right track. Looks like I returned back to here as well as become a part of this history.

I must definitely hurry up and find Sword Emperor and then take him as my master and swiftly leave this 1300 years in the past!

I have only come here for a day and I  changed this kind of thing. Who knows what impact would I have if I continue to stay here longer?

Hurrying back is the right path!

“Finished, he is having the same shortcoming again!”

Ai Ling has a headache over this Wine Sword Immortal reciting poetry. She cups her forehead and looks at Wine Sword Immortal speechlessly.

“Let’s bring him away and find a place to take shelter and then continue to think of our next step.”

As Liu Yi speaks he pulls up Ge Shenhua before stepping on his sword and shoots to the sky.

Xue Luo who was in the teahouse also instantly turns into a blood light and disappears. When the waiter went upstairs planning to collect the tea money, his face turns pale when he realized that the person had left.

“Damn it! Drink tea and dash! Is this place haunted, where did the person go!”


During these two months, the entire Yangzhou City was unable to calm down.

Duke Gong had died, his son had also been pulled back from the ship and beheaded!

When this matter spread to Chang’an, it causes the current emperor to become mad. His little brother and nephew were both beheaded at their door gates! This is completely appealing! Today they killed them in Yangzhou, perhaps tomorrow they will come to the palace and kill him!

The emperor immediately mobilized the arrest warrant on Liu Yi and them. Very quickly the portrait of the three of them was posted on all of the streets with a high reward! In Yangzhou City, it is to the point where they go from house to house to look for them but they are unable to find any trace of Liu Yi and them.

While currently Liu Yi and them had built a bamboo house in a mountain not far away from Yangzhou City. Every day they will rest there.

“Lord, going on like this is not the solution!”

Ai Ling looks at Ge Shenhua who is sitting by the door drinking wine as he recites poetry and makes a bitter face and says, “He is here every day and you are not willing to toss him aside and ignore him, how are we going to find Sword Emperor ah?”

“Right now he is on the wanted notice, we cannot toss him away like this.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “If we leave him in this desolate countryside, sooner or later he will die.”

“How is that possible, he is the Wine Sword Immortal ah!”

Ai Ling laughs and says, “Perhaps after we throw him here, the next day he might meet Sword Emperor!”

“Then all the more reason we should wait.”

Liu Yi’s words cause Ai Ling to wish to vomit blood in anger.

“Then why don’t we teach him how to cultivate!”

Ai Ling thinks of a good idea and says, “Lord after we teach him cultivation, he will have the ability to protect himself. Then wouldn’t we be able to go and find Sword Emperor?”

“Cannot. His master is Sword Emperor, not me nor you.”

Liu Yi shakes his head like a rattle drum, “We cannot change history.”

“This also cannot that also cannot, lord aren’t you just forcing me crazy!!”

Ai Ling pouts in anger as she glares at the drunken Wine Sword Immortal who is at the door, “Oi, oi, didn’t you want to go and take the imperial exams and attain scholarly honors, why are you not going ah you!”

“Scholarly honors, what is scholarly honors?”

Ge Shenhua laughs drunkenly, “Scholarly honors….they are all….dogshit! All is exchanged for fine wine, letting a thousand worries disappear along with you, hahahaha! Come, come, come, Daoist Liu drink a cup with me!”

He raises the Wine Immortal Gourd and beckons Liu Yi.

Liu Yi becomes even more self-reproaching of himself. If it was not for me, he would also not be like this…could it be that, in the mystery and mystical, destiny really exists?

“Hahaha….good wine, really is a good wine ah!”

“You drink less you alcoholic!”

Ai Ling shouts in anger. Originally I was planning to have a honeymoon with lord but it is disturbed by this damn Wine Sword Immortal!

But Ai Ling did not know that even if there isn’t Ge Shenhua, Liu Yi still has an Immortal Fox sister who is lying on his shoulder daily. The rumored two person honeymoon basically is impossible to happen.

“Everyday being stuck here, if there isn’t this alcoholic it would be fine, but there is him here, damn it!”

Ai Ling is very uncomfortable.

Liu Yi also does not know how to comfort her. He can only sit in the bamboo house and revolve his qi to attack his 15th-star jade.

As his Ascending Dragon technique is starting to be perfected, Liu Yi senses that his control over the dragon transformation strength is even more exquisite. Right now if he enters dragon transformation, his combat ability will definitely be even higher than in the past.

As long as his mental state has a breakthrough he will be able to open his 15th star jade.

At that time his strength will increase rapidly and directly enter heaven realm!

Perhaps the heaven calamity will also descend! Challenging heavenly calamity with 15 star jade cultivation, perhaps Liu Yi will be the first person in this cultivation world!

Just as Liu Yi is focusing on passing the stage, Ai Ling who was bored, Ge Shenhua singing drunkenly, a demonic aura suddenly starts to get close to the bamboo house.

Liu Yi immediately opens his eyes and stands up.

“What is the matter? Lord, are you finally going to toss that drunkard out?”

Ai Ling is delighted, as she thought that Liu Yi finally has a change of heart.

“No, I sense a demon aura…”

Liu Yi looks outside of the bamboo house, “No…it does not seems like demon aura…it is like an even more sinister kind of aura…”

“How, why don’t I sense it?”

“Your cultivation is not enough.”

“Tsk, back then when I first met you, you were only just a little bit stronger than me! Who can be as perverted as lord and increase a few grades in cultivation is a row like you had eaten a Vigorous pill!”

“At this time, stop speaking sarcastically to me.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he tosses out the Sky Flipping Seal which floats above Wine Sword Immortal’s head, “You and Senior Wine Sword Immortal stay together. The person who is coming might not have good intentions!”

“Fine then, oh by the way just wanted to say, this lass hates being burdened the most!”

She still obediently walks over and stands by Wine Sword Immortal’s side.

Wine Sword Immortal do not have any oppressed feeling as he raises the Wine Immortal Gourd and asks, “Daoist Ai, you drink as well?”

“Drink your sister, you go and drink on your own!”

Ai Ling pouts unhappily!

While at this moment from the bamboo forest suddenly come a faint trembling sound!

Following which a few black figures rush in front outside causes Liu Yi to feel slightly shocked!

These people look to be ordinary human beings but their complexion is dark and their eyes red. They walk slowly and do not have an aura of a living being.

After looking for a long time, Lin Tong finally says, {All of these….are zombies?}


Looking at the people who had lost their vitality, there is really this kind of things?

“Zombies, right! During this era, there are still zombies!”

Ai Ling suddenly claps her hand and says, “The current era no longer have such things. I had heard some senior say before that a thousand years zombies do exists. But just before the huge war between humans realm and demon race, for some reasons they no longer existed!”

“What nonsense is this lass talking about. My god race will forever exist!”

A female figure walks in from the bamboo forest outside, her tone carrying arrogance.

“Xue Luo?”

Seeing this girl Liu Yi frowns, this girl should not have kind intentions coming here. But such a pretty girl…is actually a zombie? Such a pity.

Ai Ling sneers, “God race? With your revolting behavior, you got the cheek of claiming to be god race?”

“Undying, unable to be exterminated, if we are not gods then what are we?”

Xue Luo says coldly, “I see that you guys are not bad. If you wish to enter my god race it is also okay!”


Chapter 566   [God Race]

…lame race

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