MKW Chapter 565

Chapter 565    [Personal foe]



A stream of blood shoots toward the sky. Just how sharp is Ai Ling’s sword, even though Ge Shenhua does not have any strength, but Duke Gong’s head is like watermelon and is instantly chopped into two.

All of the personal guards nearly pee from fright seeing this!

Duke Gong got killed in front of them! If the emperor knows of this, they will also have to die as well!

One of the smarter personal guards immediately shouts, “Take down these murderers! Make them pay with their lives for Duke Gong!”

The rest of the personal guards also instantly comprehend and instantly arrows rain down like locusts descending towards them.

“Persisting in evil will bring about destruction.”

Ge Shenhua is being protected by the Sky Flipping Seal, naturally, he is not affected by the arrows.

While Liu Yi is standing in front of Ai Ling holding a black lance. He keeps deflecting the arrows that are shooting towards them, at the same time he says, “Duke Gong has violated multiple wicked conducts, could it be that you guys are still going to help Tyrant Zhuo?”

“Get lost what do you know!”

One of the Great Sword soldiers rush forward and slashes his great sword towards Liu Yi’s waist.

This greatsword has a very long blade and its edge is incomparably sharp, very suitable for chopping people! If it really lands on Liu Yi’s waist then his lower body will definitely be separated!


Liu Yi only uses a finger to tap the great sword edge and the great sword in the personal guard’s hand instantly raises into the sky and lands in between the legs of on an archer scaring the archer into falling on his butt.

“What a pity, your blade techniques are lacking.”

Liu Yi shakes his head and uses immortal qi to enforce his voice and says, “If you guys do not retreat now then do not blame me for being heartless.”

He raises a leg and with Sky Supporting Pillar combining into his body sends shoots his lance backward.

Sky Supporting Pillar strengthens Liu Yi’s brute strength, at the same time a black light erupts from the lance causing the lance to turn into over ten meters long!

When the lance lands on the side room behind Liu Yi, instantly the entire side room is split into two and starts caving in!

“My mother ah…”

“This, this is really an immortal….”

Seeing Liu Yi demolishing a side room with just a lance the personal guards finally understand what kind of enemy they are facing.

This, these fellows are basically not humans ah….just who did Duke Gong provoke!

“Quick, quickly run ah…”

The personal guards finally understand as they toss down their weapons and start running away.

While Ge Shenhua is holding back a personal guard not letting him leave.

“Hero, hero please let me off ah, I still have elderlies and young ones as well as a wife…I do not wish to die ah…”

Liu Yi’s destroying west side room with a lance had already destroyed his courage.

“I ask you where is Li Tianyi!”

Ge Shenhua does not care how many family members does this fellow have. He only wishes to take revenge for Long Yingying till his eyes are blood red.

“Young, young duke he, he….”

“Quickly say! Otherwise, I’ll kill you!”

“Young duke has already escaped on the waterway…”

“This bastard!”

Hearing this Ge Shenhua ignores that soldier and immediately rushes outside.

Liu Yi and Ai Ling can only continue to follow behind him. This Ge Shenhua is really angered as he holds the sword and runs all the way to the docks.

Always read in the novels and watch on the tv that the people in Jianghu would be carrying a sword on their back for no reason, holding a blade and the likes as they walk around. In fact, this is all nonsense!

In the past, blade and swords are like guns in the current era which are all military tools!

In the past, if you are foolishly holding your sword outside on the streets like Ge Shenhua holding a sword running crazily on the streets like a criminal, it would immediately attract the attention of a number of guards who step forward to apprehend him.

But Ge Shenhua who was being protected by the Sky Flipping Seal makes it impossible for the guards get close. They can only watch with wide open eyes as Ge Shenhua runs towards the river.

Liu Yi and Ai Ling follow behind closely afraid that Ge Shenhua might disappear.

“Murder ah! Murder ah!”

At this moment people ran out of Duke Gong’s mansion shouting loudly, “Those people killed Duke Gong and are preparing to escape by the waterway ah!”


This news instantly is spread throughout the entire Yangzhou City and also shakes the entire Yangzhou City!

Who is Duke Gong, he is the current emperor’s most beloved younger brother as well as the hegemon of Yangzhou City!

It can be said that he is basically the local tyrant!

With this the entire Yangzhou City is tremblings. The Prefecture Magistrate of Yangzhou City is so frightened that he nearly peed in his pants and immediately sendS almost all of the people in the yamen to capture Liu Yi and the rest.

[TL: Yamen, the administrative office or residence of the local bureaucrat in ancient china]

Furthermore, their pictures were immediately drawn and pasted on the boards on the streets. Not just capturing them, even finding or offering clues to their locations also haS rewards!

“Looks like we have become the enemies of the people.”

Liu Yi looks at the wanted notice of him on the board and says, “But it would have been better if they drew me more handsome!”

“They also drew me not that pretty!”

Ai Ling pouts, “Indeed these officials are all unable to do good work despite taking money!”

While the two of them are speaking, they follow behind Ge Shenhua. At the same time, Liu Yi keeps using sealing curse, freezing the guards who are rushing over on the spot.

The guards do not know what is going on and suddenly they cannot move.

Is this the so-called pressure point hitting through the air?

“We have arrived.”

Seeing the docks in front Ai Ling’s eyes brighten up.

While within the river far away, a large imperial boat had already sailed far away.

The young duke Li Tianyi is standing on the aft of the ship and points at Liu Yi and them while shouting, “You wicked people! Wait for death!”

He wants to go back to the capital and tells the emperor what happened! At that time naturally, there will be someone who will kill these damnable fellows!

The teacher of the states by the emperor’s side is very powerful. His magic technique will definitely take the life of these damnable fellows!

But my father died, that means that I inherited the duke position! Hahaha, in the future who will be able to obstruct me, this duke!

Li Tianyi is not only not sad about his father’s death, instead, he becomes even more excited.

“Daoist, two daoists!”

Seeing that the boat had already sailed very far away, Ge Shenhua immediately kneels down in front of Liu Yi and Ai Ling.

“Unacceptable ah, this is unacceptable ah!”

Liu Yi immediately helps Ge Shenhua up. Ge Shenhua cries and says, “Two daoists, I beg you guys to help me….help me take revenge. As long as you kill this person I am willing to do anything….please I beg you….I want to take revenge for my wife…”

“There is no need to be like this. I promise you alright.”

Liu Yi pulls Ge Shenhua up and shouts toward the boat far away.

“Li Tianyi your death date has arrived!”

“Hahaha, what can you guys do to me!”

Li Tianyi laughs loudly, and says arrogantly on the boat, “A group of wicked people, can you guys catch up? Some more you damn scholar, that wife of yours was not bad. Her below was really tight ah, furthermore her cries were very pleasant to hear! Such a pity that she died, otherwise I would wish to accept her as my concubine, every day being taken by me, hahaha!”

“Damn it you bastard who is worst than dogs and pigs!”

Ge Shenhua clenches the sword tightly as his eyes turn so red that blood nearly drips out.

“Two daoists I am begging you guys, please help me kill him! As long as you are able to kill him I am willing to pay any price!”

“It is best if you personally kill him.”

Liu Yi pulls out a five-color chain with his right hand and tossed it towards the boat that had sailed far away.

The five color chain grows longer and instantly stretches over twenty meters long and hooks onto the boat.

“What, what is this ghost thing ah….”

Seeing the five color chain hooked onto the boat the young duke is slightly shocked.

“Come back for me!”

As Liu Yi speaks he exerts strength and pulls with his right hand.

Instantly the 3-mast big boat that had sailed off was immediately pulled backward by him and crashes into the dork.


Li Tianyi exclaims as he falls off the aft of the ship from the trembling and was grabbed by Liu Yi and placed on the ground.

“Vein sealing!”

Liu Yi taps Li Tianyi in between his brow with a finger causing him to be unable to move as he kneels downs in front of Ge Shenhua.

“Mr Ge, you can deal with him as you wish.”

Liu Yi yields his position. Ge Shenhua walks slowly towards Li Tianyi holding the sword with red eyes.

“Don’t, don’t kill me….”

Liu Yi did not seal the mouth of Li Tianyi. After all, if he seals it up how could Ge Shenhua enjoy his revenge.

[TL: spoken from experience??lols]

“Don’t kill you?”

Ge Shenhua laughs coldly, “If I don’t kill you then how can my wife reincarnate in peace?!”

“It, it was she who seduced me!”

Li Tianyi is already completely in a panic as he rambles, “She seduced me and I was unable to restrain myself! You, you cannot completely blame me!”

“She seduced you?”

Ge Shenhua’s eyes become even redder, “My wife obeys three and her four virtues! She had never done before anything that betrayed me! She rushes over from home just to give me traveling expenses to go to the capital! She was waiting for me to attain scholarly honors and bring her to live in ease and comfort! While you, Li Tianyi destroyed all of this!!!”

“You, you don’t kill me, how many women do you want I can give you!”

Li Tianyi keeps begging, his pants are already wet, “My, my father has died and soon I will inherit the duke position! At that time, I will have many women! At that time you can just choose, just choose within Yangzhou City. Whichever family’s girl that you want, you just have to say the word and I, I will help you get her!”


Ge Shenhua’s voice is trembling, “Going to die already and you are still insulting me like this! Li Tianyi you deserve death! Go down and apologize to my wife!”

He raises the sword and chops down, chopping off Li Tianyi’s head.

-sound of object rolling-

Li Tianyi’s head rolls until it reaches in front of Liu Yi, in his eyes is a trace of unwillingness.

“This is the end result of being evil.”

Liu Yi lifts his leg and kicks the head into the river.

“Wife do you see this, I helped you take revenge…”

Ge Shenhua finally lost all of his strength and kneels in front of the river as tears stream down his face.

Seeing this Ai Ling is unable to take it and turns her head away.

Seeing how heartbroken Ge Shenhua is, Liu Yi blames himself.

At this moment, a dense number of soldiers had already surrounded the docks.


Chapter 565   [Personal Foe]

That Li Tianyi really have some problems with his head….father dead is good cause I get more power??? The Fuck??

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