MKW Chapter 564

Chapter 564    [Becoming angry because of a woman]


“Good, good, good!”

Duke Gong has always been thinking of cultivating. Hearing what the beauty says, although this matter concerns about a person’s life but he is heartless and directly orders the soldiers, “Quick. Drag them to the pill refinement cauldron for me!”

“Orders received!”

A few soldiers try to lift Liu Yi up but Liu Yi’s legs seem to be rooted in the ground. He sits on the chair and no matter how the soldiers exert their strength, they are unable to move him at all.

The soldiers got a shock as they exclaim.

“What sorcery is this!”

“Is there nails growing from this fellow’s butt?”

Seeing that his underlings are unable to do things properly, Duke Gong chides, “Trash, I let you guys do a simple matter and you guys are unable to do it properly!”

“May I know what is this lady’s name and which sect are you from?”

Liu Yi sits there like there is nothing going on, like there aren’t any burly soldiers trying to lift him up.

Seeing this scene the cold woman raises an eyebrow.

“You are actually not affected by the Intoxication Buddha Bewildering Immortal?”

Liu Yi is not in a hurry to reply, instead, he clucks and asks, “Beauty before asking someone a question, at the very least you must first answer my question right?”

“Hmph, I am Xue Luo.”

The beauty snorts and says her name.

But which sect is she from, she does not have any intention to reveal.

“Now it should be your turn to answer my question right!”

Xue Luo glares at Liu Yi and asks, “Intoxication Buddha Bewildering Immortal incense is actually not effective towards you?”

“Honestly, this thing of yours is quite effective. At the very least the immortal qi in my body is indeed sealed.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly and says, “Without a day or two my immortal qi will not be able to be released. But the key is that a too smart and clever person becomes the victim of his own ingenuity. Although my immortal qi is being sealed, my demon qi is still fine!”

As Liu Yi speaks he lifts up a palm and in the center of the palm is a scarlet flame.

“Scram for me!”

A black aura erupts from his body and sends the soldiers trying to lift him up flying away crashing into the surrounding walls.

Seeing this scene the duke who is slightly excited is instantly stunned.

“What….you, you are actually fine!!!”

“This method of your are able to deal with immortals but is unable to deal with devils!”

Liu Yi’s eyes turn red, “Duke Gong, persist in being evil brings about self-destruction! Right now it is time for you to pay the price for your evil deeds!”

“No! Daoist Xue! Daoist Xue save me!”

Seeing the eye-catching red flames in the center of Liu Yi’s palm, Duke Gong nearly peed from fright. He immediately turns around and seeks help from Xue Luo.

“Hmph, trash.”

Unexpectedly Xue Feng did not plan to save this fellow. “The two demon dans have already been extracted completely. There is no longer any more use of you. Goodbye.”

Saying finish Xue Luo’s fingernail turns into a ray of blood light and instantly disappear from the hall.

Duke Gong is completely stunned, at the beginning, he thought that he was making use of Liu Yi and them to deal with that snake demon, that they are the mantis while he is the oriole behind.

But right now, from the looks of it…that Xue Luo is the real oriole…

He, has obviously been used…

“Daoist Liu, Daoist Liu spare my life ah!”

Duke Gong suddenly regain conscience and immediately kneels down and kowtow while apologizing, “This duke, this duke has been deceived by the sorcerer momentarly and got bewildered, that is why I did those things just now! It is not the real intentions of this duke ah! Daoist Liu, please be magnanimous and spare this duke!”

Seeing that Ai Ling is still very weak Liu Yi says coldly, “Hand over the antidote first.”

Duke Gong immediately crawls to his feet and hands over the antidote. Liu Yi immediately let Ai Ling take it and then eat one himself as well. His immortal qi which was sealed up, starts to revolve again.

This Intoxication Buddha Bewildering Immortal incense is really potent. Just smelling for just a while and it is able to seal up an expert like me who is near heaven stage! If it is not for the fact that I still have other qi in my body, perhaps I would have really failed miserably!

“This old dog…”

Ai Ling exercises her body, “He actually dared to scheme on me. Really wish to stab him to death right now!”

Duke Gong immediately starts begging for mercy, “Daoist spare me, daoist spare me ah…”

“Two daoists….I see, it is best if we spare him…”

While Liu Yi and Ai Ling are hesitating, Ge Shenhua suddenly speaks up stunning Liu Yi slightly.

“What? Could it be that you still wish to go and attain scholarly honors during the imperial exams?”

Liu Yi’s question causes Ge Shenhua to be embarrassed.

Indeed, just now I was indeed thinking of this…

“Mr Ge, Mr Ge, I will definitely help you say a few good words, definitely!”

Duke Gong thought that he had found a lifesaver and immediately hugs Ge Shenhua’s tights and says, “What official position do you want. As long as you say it….right, as well as the imperial exams, I can just recommend you to my emperor brother and let you be a major official and give you authority and power in the imperial courts!”

Liu Yi is able to see in Ge Shenhua’s eyes a word, ‘Tempted’.

“What you say….is serious?”

“Serious, definitely serious!”

Duke Gong keeps nodding his head almost nodding off his head.

“Two daoists, is it possible for the sake of my face…. ”

A citizen should wish to become an official….Ge Shenhua always believed in these words. Furthermore, this Duke Gong is still a very important character in my future route.

“If you really wish to…”

Liu Yi sighs in his heart. Looks like Ge Shenhua is wholeheartedly entering the secular world. Since he is considered as a half master of mine, since he has such a request I will naturally not reject him.

Just as Liu Yi plans to let Duke Gong off from far away comes a heart-wrenching shout.

“Li Tianyi, even if I become a ghost I will not let you off!”

Hearing this voice, Ge Shenhua instantly trembles as his eyes instantly turn red and grabs Duke Gong’s collar and roars, “Where is Long Yingying! Where is my wife!”

Duke Gong’s face also turns white. Being grabbed by Ge Shenhua by the collar, he trembles not knowing how he should reply.


Ge Shenhua roars again causing Duke Gong to tremble before saying, “In, in the west side room….”

Ge Shenhua immediately tosses Duke Gong to the side and runs outside.

Liu Yi and Ai Ling immediately follow along behind him afraid that he will be in trouble.

If he dies, then in the future there will no longer be a person call Wine Sword Immortal!

But is this person who does not have the heart to cultivate and only wish to become an official in the secular world really becomes the alcoholic Wine Sword Immortal in the future?

Ge Shenhua is holding the hem of his skirt up as he runs hurriedly all the way and swiftly reached the west side room.

There isn’t a single person outside the west side room,  it is extremely quiet and very weird.

“Wife, wife?”

Ge Shenhua yells out at the top of his voice but no one replies him.

“Let’s go in and take a look.”

Liu Yi pulls Ge Shenhua along and kicks open the door of the west side room and walks in.

The moment they walk in, the three of them are stunned.

As they see a very familiar figure hanging from the center roof beam of the west side of the room.

Long Yingying had hanged herself there with a white scarf.

Her clothing is not in order and her hair very messy. It is very obvious that she appears like she had just been molested.

Ge Shenhua is instantly stunned from shock and kneels on the ground with a plop.

Ai Ling’s hand as fast as she shoots out her flying sword and cuts the white silk and grabs the falling down Long Yingying in her embrace.

It is a pity that Long Yingying had already died thoroughly. Even if Liu Yi let her eat a Vitality Pill, it is also not possible to save a person whose soul had already left the body.

[TL: death by hanging takes 4-6 minutes and as you guys know this duke’s mansion is well very…big…so yeah it takes them a long time to arrive….]

“Wife, wife, what is the matter with you. Wake up ah, wake up ah….”

Only now did Ge Shenhua regain awareness and rush to his wife’s corpse. He shakes the slightly warm Long Yingying as he cries.

Ai Ling cannot help but clenches her fist tightly.

“Damn it….damn it….I want to kill that Li Tianyi!”


Liu Yi’s eyes are also red. He did not think that the entire Duke Gong’s family was so poisonous!

Mistake…I actually made another mistake again!

Because of my mistake, it caused Senior Wine Sword Immortal to lose his wife…

Liu Yi ah Liu Yi when can you become more mature! Just how many people do you wish to harm!

“Yingying…you relax….I will take revenge for you and kill that bastard!”

As Ge Shenhua speaks he snatches Ai Ling’s sword which had land by the side and shouts while rushing out of the west side room.

Liu Yi and Ai Ling hurry and chase behind him afraid that Ge Shenhua who does not have the strength to even strangle a chicken will lose out!

At this moment the outside is also filled with Duke Gong’s personal guards!

A group of Great Sword Soldiers are blocking outside the room. In their hands is a great sword aiming towards them.

On top of the room stands rows of archers surrounding them within.

Duke Gong is standing behind the soldiers as he laughs, “Hahahaha, you traitors. Do you really think that this duke is afraid of you guys? Even if you guys are experts this duke will turn you guys into a hedgehog! Daoist Liu, listen to this duke’s word of advice. Hand over your cultivation technique and this duke will spare your life. Furthermore, I will confer you as an honored guest! Otherwise going against the imperial courts, even if you are an immortal you will still die!”

He raises his hand and the archers on the rooftop pull their bows into a full moon!

“You bastards! You all deserve death! You all deserve death!”

Ge Shenhua is already lost in his anger. Seeing Duke Gong’s face he immediately chops towards Duke Gong with the sword in his hand, completely ignoring if there is anyone else by his side.

Duke Gong immediately commands, “Kill this fellow!”

Liu Yi immediately releases Sky Flipping Seal which floats above Ge Shenhua’s head.

-ding, ding, dang, dang-

The dense-packed arrows shoot towards Ge Shenhua and immediately hit the invisible barrier and bounce off.

While Ge Shenhua is roaring as he charges into the group of Great Sword soldiers who are also unable to hit him with their greatsword! On the other hand, Ge Shenhua slashes all over the place with the longsword and chops the Great Sword soldiers very miserably.

“What…what is this demonic technique….”

Duke Gong’s legs turn soft from fear. His underling’s attacks are completely ineffective, instead, a scholar had killed them until he reached him!

“Old dog! I’ll chop you to death!”

Before Duke Gong is able to understand, the sword in Ge Shenhua’s hand had already hacked onto his head.


Chapter 564   [Being angry because of a woman]

Welp as guessed want an interesting present.

15 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 564

    • It’s obvious really and it’s annoying. The mc in this story is so God damn stupid. Epic level stupidity. Why bring along the useless scholar but not his wife? Why trust the duke who everyone else onviously thinks of as evil only over a few words? Why not listen to the ling girl when she voiced her doubts? Why not think about poisoning when he smelt the smell? As a cultivate that has been through hundreds of battles and many schemes he should be on guard at all times. He should investigate every angle. He should not being shrugging of intuition and be led by the nose so easily. It makes the story unenjoyable and was onviously done so the wine immortal has a reason to seek power. Not because it’s good plot. Not because it makes sense. It’s odd. It’s jarring. It makes me despise the mc for being retarded. There have been dozens and dozens of “i should grow up and mature” moments for our mc and every God damn time he says it and acts like her learned his lesson, but lo and behold he didn’t learn a God damn thing.



  1. While i could say somthing about this being predictable im more concerned with the sky fliping seal. Holly shit its op. Do to how it was bing used i was under the impression it made a sphere around the target and made then reside in anoth dimension, still visable but untouchable. I thought it went both ways though as its always used and then put away or used on non combatants. But if its a impenetrable shield that doesn’t stop you from atacking it’s broken as fuck.


    • It’s not impenetrable. It’s been broken multiple times. But yeah you have a good point. If it’s a one way shield it’s op. It hasn’t been portrayed as such so it’s wierd.

      Maybe the mc only activated it when needed. Like dropping it when the wine immortal swings the sword, but brings it back up at other times. Who knows. But it feels like a plot hole.


  2. My God, Jesus! I can take everything until now since the idiocy seems mild but this part? It’s so retarded that I couldn’t even fathom how the author thought of using such a forced thing in the story. Don’t take me wrong, ntr? I might actually be a fan of it; but even so, such an idiotic plot progression leave me with no pleasure I would usually feel when reading ntr. The idiocy in this chapter makes her death meaningless at all. Jeez, this is like idiocy at a hundred level.


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