MKW Chapter 552

Chapter 552    [Karma is clear]


“Looks like you finally understand.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Then that will save me time from explaining.”

“Law Enforcement Official is carrying out official business, Those that are not related leave.”

Liu Yi raises his hand high up and waves.

Seeing this the two Dragon Group members immediately turn around and leave.

After Liu Yi explained the matter, seeing Zhang Xinchu’s manner, it can be considered as a confession!

This fellow actually concluded with foreigners and slaughter China people!

He deserves death!

The Dragon Group members are originally unhappy about Zhang Xinchu. How would they know about this matter, they directly turned around and left!

While the students by the sides upon hearing this, they also start to feel indignant at injustice and starts shouting, “Murderer! Murderer!”

“Kill him! Kill him!”

Zhang Xinchu who is sitting in the car is trembling from fright.

Seeing that the students had already rushed over and are about to flip over his car, he immediately shouts, “Hurry and start the car! Are you an idiot! Hurry up and drive!”

His secretary is already paralyzed from fear and curled up in his seat not daring to move.

“Trash! Trash!”

Seeing that the students are already pushing the car, causing it to sway, as well as their gnashing teeth like they want to eat his meat, drink his blood, he nearly peed from fear.

A lot of students are holding bricks in their hands, there are also some who are holding wooden sticks, smashing the window fiercely trying to smash the car window.

But as the smashing sound rings out, but the car window did not budge nor is there any trace of marks on it.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Xinchu who was originally badly frightened starts laughing.

“Hahahaha! This is bulletproof glass you guys are unable to break it! Hahaha, a group of fools!”

“Damn it! He is too arrogant! Come, let us flip over the car!”

“Right, right, flip him over!”

The students are done with hitting. And a lot of them prepare to lift up the car. With so many people, so many pairs of hands, although this Audi car is quite heavy, with the efforts from so many people it is really lifted up slightly.

Although Zhang Xinchu is trembling, he is about to be driven to madness. He suddenly pulls out a handgun from the secretary in front and aims it at the students.

“All of you scram! Scram! Otherwise, I will shoot all of you!”

Seeing that Zhang Xinchu actually dares to pull out a gun, the students are instantly frightened but soon they turn ferocious.

“This fellow actually dares to pull out a gun!”

“He still wishes to kill people!”

“Don’t be afraid, we have so many people and he only has a few bullets! If he dares to open the car window we shall pull him out and beat him to death!”

The students are really about to flip over the car.

Truthfully, Zhang Xinchu does not dare to open the car window. And this kind of bulletproof glass is unable to allow the bullet to pass through!

Finished…could it be that I am really finished this time around?

Liu Yi finally walks over and says loudly, “Students. All of you go to the side and watch the show. I am the Law Enforcement Official. Let me carry out the death sentence.”

Liu Yi uses Immortal Qi to wrap around his voice, allowing his voice to be carried to everyone clearly.

The students are not convinced by everyone except for Liu Yi.

Hearing Liu Yi saying so, they immediately scatter like birds and beast and hide far away, preparing to watch the show.

“What, what are you doing? Hurry and drive the car! Drive the car! Damn it, could it be that you also wish to die along with me?!”

Zhang Xinchu is really about to pee out as he hurries and urges his secretary in front.

The secretary had followed Zhang Xinchu for a long time. On his is also a number of cases. Basically, he is on the same boat as Zhang Xinchu.

With Zhan Xinchu’s roar, the secretary finally awakens to his senses and immediately steps of the gas pedal and prepare to drive away.

While Liu Yi only swings out his hand as a flying sword instantly descends from the sky and nails into the car hood. Piercing through the car body and nails the car there like a nail.

No matter how the secretary steps on the gas pedal, the car is unable to move forward a single inch!

“The, the car is unable to move!”

The secretary is about to cry. No matter how he presses the gas pedal or turns the steering wheel he is unable to move the car.

At this moment Liu Yi has already walked up to the side of the car window. He stretches out a hand and punches through the bulletproof window with a fist and pulls the badly frighten secretory out from the car and tossed him on the floor.

“You shall be passed to the police to handle. The person inside is my target.”

Liu Yi clucks as he pulls out the car key from the ignition and with a press of the button he locks up the car door.

“What, what do you want to do?”

Zhang Xinchu who is hiding in the car is trembling.

“No doing anything ah.”

As Liu Yi walks, he smiles towards Zhang Xinchu faintly, “What did you did to our students earlier, I will do it to you.”

He walks to the side of the car and cracks the oil tank of the car with a kick.

As the gasoline drips out from the car, Liu Yi swipes his finger at the gasoline.

A thin stream of gasoline stretches out from the car until 5 meters away.

“What, what on earth do you wish to do….”

Both of Zhang Xinchu’s eyes widen.

“Sending you to hell.”

As Liu Yi speaks he turns around and ask a student by the side.

“Brothers do you have the fire?”

“Have, have!”

That student immediately nods his head and toss over a lighter.

Liu Yi does not wish to use Scarlet Blood Devil Flames in front of the students, thus it is much dependable to use a lighter.

Liu Yi reminds loudly. “Everyone stay far away. I am about to light the fireworks. Don’t be injured from the shockwave.”

The students immediately reacted and retreat even further away to avoid the shockwave.

Zhang Xinchu finally understands and nearly peed in his pants.

He looks at the lighter in Liu Yi’s hand and nearly falls apart. He struggles with all his might to crawl over to the front seat. But he is too fat and his belly is stuck in the small crack.

He tries to think of a method to escape from the car but the Audi is too sturdy. No matter how he bumps and does his best, he is unable to wreck anything.

“Save my life ah! Save me ah!”

Zhang Xinchu is badly frightened as he shrieks out why crying.

“You, you let me off. I am willing to give you all of my money. I beg you, I beg you please let me off! I still have 5 million! I can give it all to you. Everything is yours!”

“5 million is indeed not a small sum.”

Liu Yi clucks, “This is how much fat and wealth from the people ah. Just how much people blood did you suck.”

“Not a lot…not a lot…I’ll give it all to you, as long as you can let me live…”

Seeing Liu Yi holding the lighter, Zhang Xinchu keeps begging.

“Your single life is worth 5 million ah, just you this thing.”

Liu Yi looks at the obese Zhang Xinchu, “Then those dead students…how much are they worth? Ah wrong. They are unable to buy back their life no matter how much money you spend…because they are already dead. They died due to your betrayal. In the capacity as a government official, for your own benefits you were willing to sacrifice the life of your people…if I let you off, then will the grievance ghosts from the students let me off?”

“Grievance ghosts, where is there grievance ghosts….how is there such things…”

“Do you wish to see?”

Liu Yi smiles and claps his hands.

Scarlet Blood Heart Sutra activates as pillars of red flames emerges in the surrounding.

The red flames form the figures of humans and climb to their feet. In total there are over a hundred people as they slowly float towards Zhang Xinchu.

“What, what is this, what is this….”

This time around, Zhang Xinchu really peed in his pants. The flame specters continue to gathers around, they are very horrifying.

All of the students are also badly frightened. This is the first time they have seen this kind of things.

Liu Yi also does not care about it much. As for Zhang Xinchu, if he does not punish him then who will punish him.

“Do you see this? This is all of the students who died because of you.”

Liu Yi waves his hands and the densely packed group of flame specters floats to the top of the car hood. Some of them directly pass through the car window and charge at Zhang Xinchu while roaring.

“Save me, save me…..”

Zhang Xinchu starts crying out like a pig, “It is not me who killed you, it is not me ah…it is that American as well as the Japanese….it is them ah….”

“It is you who betrayed them.”

Liu Yi says, “If it is not for your betrayer, they will not die.”

“I, I am the high and above person-in-charge of the Dragon Group!”

Zhang Xinchu suddenly lost his mind and starts laughing madly, “I am a task with the safety of China! I protected so many people! What do these ordinary citizens count as! So what if they sacrifice a bit for me! There are so many people in China 13 billion people ah! So what if a few of them die?!”

Everyone is shocked when they hear what Zhang Xinchu says.

“Then what do you count as?”

Hearing what Zhang Xinchu says, Liu Yi instantly sneers, “Who is the one who gave you the right? You which is even lower than a dog actually wishes to ride above the head of the citizens? Zhang Xinchu you are a wicked beyond redemption criminal. I, Liu Yi, the Law Enforcement Official, sentence you to death penalty today!”

He flicks the lighter and tosses it on the ground.


The flames instantly burn over swiftly until it reaches the car.

“I, I do not wish to die!!!”

Seeing the flames coming closer Zhang Xinchu shrieks out.

But he only leaves behind this single shriek as the oil tank of the car is instantly ignited and transforms into an enormous fireball and exploded.

Enormous shockwave spread out and causes a lot of people to lose their hearing for a while.

The fireball swallows up the entire car as a few fireworks fly up into the sky.

The flame specters suddenly gather together and fly up.

This appearance is like an enormous firework opening in the sky, very pretty and eye-catching.

A lot of students seeing this scene are in a daze.

They also do not know if it is violent or pretty.

By the time the flames dissipates, Liu Yi’s figure has already disappeared. While the car that had stopped in front earlier had also left without them knowing.

One of the students stares blankly at the car burning in flames and finally spits out a few words, “He is a hero….”

“Yeah….that’s right….him leaving is a loss to our KeDa.”

“Luckily he did not leave China.”

Another person mutters apprehensively, “If he left for foreign countries and became a foreigner, I will really be very scared and on the edge.”

“Blood Emperor…..”

“Blood Emperor!”

“Blood Emperor! Blood Emperor!”

A group of students suddenly become fired up and start shouting towards the sky.


Chapter 552   [Karma is clear]

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7 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 552

  1. So he mentiones not wanting to use scarlet blood sutra so uses a lighter, then uses it in ghost form infront of all of them. Its most supernatural form, then still uses the lighter instead of just making a few sparks. Where is the logic.

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  2. There are so many people in China 13 billion people ah! <- ?!????!!!!!!!! China has over double the people of the rest of the Earth and ten times their official numbers?


      • But stll… Given the facts that the size of that world is the same as ours and that they are not eating each other due to lack of resouces, I find it more believable if it said 十三憶, (one billion three hundred millions, one zero less).


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