MKW Chapter 548

Chapter 548    [Who is the traitor]


If this pair of blood hand seal lands on Liu Yi’s temple, with the protection of Monarch Armour, perhaps Liu Yi’s head will explode into meat paste.

But what is Liu Yi’s current cultivation? Even if he did not enter dragon transformation, but his true strength is already close to an entry-level cultivator who had open 18-star jades.

He uses Spirit Fox steps and turns into a shadow and flashes forward leaving the radius of Long Yi’s hands and in front of him.


Liu Yi did not use his hand, instead, he crashes into Long Yi’s chest with his shoulder.

Long Yi’s body instantly flies out and crashing into the floor far away.


Long Yi lies there in a daze.

He is an expert who had opened 16-star jades. He can sense he is completely not Liu Yi’s, Blood Emperor’s opponent.

I am the number one in Dragon Group ah…but now….I am unable to even receive a single blow from the opponent!

Seeing that Long Yi is lying on the ground, Zhang Xinchu roars, “Long Yi what are you doing! Hurry and get up for me! Everyone else move up ah! Capture that traitor for me!”

The gaze of Dragon Group members by the side turns cold as they say in their heart, you bastard if you have the capability then you go up yourself!

Bullshit this is Blood Emperor okay, even Long Yi got defeated so easily by him!

What do we count as, how are we his opponent!

“Looks like there are no people.”

Liu Yi glances around and no one dares to match sight with him.

“Let me fight with you!”

Yuan Zhenyue suddenly steps forward and looks at Liu Yi as she walks towards him step by step.

“Big sister Yuan, you…”

Seeing Yuan Zhenyue, Liu Yi is slightly dazed.

“Liu Yi I had said before that I shall bring you in for justice..”

Every single Yuan Zhenyue takes leaves a footprint behind on the ground. At the same time, she starts putting on her golden red dragon shape armor.

“We do not have any reason to fight ah….”

Liu Yi does not wish to fight with Yuan Zhenyue.

“How is there no reasons?”

Yuan Zhenyue smiles bitterly, “Right now I am a soldier while you are a traitor. Xiao Yi, why do you want to be our enemy?”

“Because I am protecting my righteous.”

Liu Yi says, “My righteous is for China, not for some individual’s benefits. Big sister Yuan don’t play dumb. Do you really feel that letting this foreigner go is right?”

“Nonsense! Yuan Zhenyue do not forget right now you are a soldier!”

Zhang Xinchu roars, “A soldier’s duty is to follow orders! The person in front of you is not a hero but a murderer!”

This sentence causes Yuan Zhenyue to tremble.

“Liu Yi follow us back, I believe that we will be able to clear this up.”

Yuan Zhenyue begs.

[TL: okay…enough already why don’t you just kill that trash and be done with it…]

“Big sister Yuan it is best if you go back.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “If I return back with you, I will never be able to come out in this lifetime.”

“Since that is the case I can only bring you in forcefully.”

As Yuan Zhenyue speaks she suddenly sprints forward and punches towards Liu Yi’s chest.

Yuan Zhenyue’s hand is like on fire causing Liu Yi to exclaim in shock, “Big Sky Towering Blood Hand Seal?”

“That’s right it is indeed my cultivation technique.”

Long Yi who is sitting on the ground lets out a bitter smile, “She is indeed a rather good student. Her potential is indeed very powerful.”

Bullshit, she has an earth spiritual body! How can her potential not be good!

This blood hand seal is hit out very fast and furious, it’s might is 100%, making Liu Yi incline his head to the side and dodge this fist of Yuan Zhenyue.


A fist shaped hole appears on the wall not far away behind Liu Yi. It is covered in red like bleeding blood.

Good fellow! This fist is indeed very powerful!

Liu Yi is able to determine that Yuan Zhenyue’s cultivation has already entered earth realm! Furthermore, it is just nice at 10 star jades!

At that instant, Liu Yi recalls what Yan Qiuhong said. After they have entered 9th star jade earth realm, he can dual cultivation with the girls….

This indeed causes Liu Yi to have perverted thoughts in his heart.

But very quickly he calms down, after all this is not the right time to think about these matters.

But Yuan Zhenyue has really improved very quickly. It has only been how long and she has already activated 10 star jades. The cultivation speed of cultivators with a spiritual body is indeed very fast!

I had put in so much effort only to be able to cultivate to 14 star jades, but she is good, it had only been so long and she is already at 10 star jades!

-boom, boom, boom!-

Yuan Zhenyue punches out over ten fists in a row which is dodged by Liu Yi with Spirit Fox steps.

The fist wind hits the air and creates an explosion sound.

As Liu Yi dodges Yuan Zhenyue’s blood hand seal, he says, “Big sister Yuan, give up. You are not my opponent.”

“Hmph, don’t you dare look down on me!”

Yuan Zhenyue snorts and retreats as the armor she is wearing lets out eye-catching gold light!

A pair of enormous dragon wings spread open from her back as the entire armor shape transforms to become even heavier and majestic.

This is the ability of Dragon’s Heart, Metamorphosis!

Just like Liu Yi’s Dragon Transformation, Dragon’s heart can also metamorphs 4 times, every single time will allow Yuan Zhenyue to become even stronger!

Looks like Yuan Zhenyue is already in complete control of-of the first stage of metamorphosis, furthermore the golden light on her body is still not done.

The wings start to shrink bit by bit until it finally completely disappears.

While a pair of dragon horns starts to grow out from Yuan Zhenyue’s forehead.

3rd metamorphosis!

Liu Yi got a huge shock as he did not expect that Yuan Zhenyue had actually comprehended Metamorphosis to the 3rd stage!

Her strength also instantly erupts off the charts and instantly becomes a few hundred times stronger!

The current Yuan Zhenyue’s strength is already close to Long Yi’s! Which causes Liu Yi to be shocked.

“Big sister Yuan I currently have a new level of respect for you.”

Liu Yi gives her a thumb up.

Yuan Zhenyue snorts, “Of course, if you do not wish to get beaten up then surrender!”

“This is not possible Big sister Yuan.”

Liu Yi smiles, “Although you have entered the 3rd metamorphosis state, your strength is only around Long Yi’s. You are still unable to win me.”

“I do not believe!”

Yuan Zhenyue roars and transforms into a golden shadow, appearing in front of Liu Yi and punches out with Blood Hand Seal.


Liu Yi did not dodge. He instantly puts on his Monarch Armour and uses his chest armor to receive the punch from Yuan Zhenyue head-on.

A shockwave exploded out from the location where they clash. Yuan Zhenyue is instantly sent flying back a few meters from the explosion while Liu Yi did not even move.

“Do you see this, Big sister Yuan?”

“Damn it!”

Yuan Zhenyue is hopping mad, why am I unable to defeat Liu Yi!

Could it be that my devilish training is wasted?!

“A mess! This is a complete mess!”

Seeing that his underlings from Dragon Group are unable to deal with Liu Yi, Zhang Xinchu starts scolding, “You guys are all here to eat without working? Not a single one of you is able to take him down? I order all of you to go up! All of you go up for me and take Liu Yi down! Whoever who does not go up then he will have the same crime as Liu Yi!”

Zhang Xinchu’s words are too hardline. The rest of the Dragon Group members do not have any choice but to sigh as prepare to take action.

But Liu Yi raises his legs up and stomps in front of him like an ax.


An enormous crack instantly appears on the floor. The ground keeps trembling and a lot of people are unable to stand firmly and fall over.

Like an earthquake, that deep ravine is left there like like a heaven moat.

“Everyone here are my brothers. I do not wish to fight with you guys.”

Liu Yi says, “Whoever who dares to cross this line then do not blame me for no longer caring about our relationship.”

This crash is nearly a hundred meters long, basically cuts through the entire KeDa’s school campus, scares the people from Dragon Group badly.

Zhang Xinchu falls back on his butt with his forehead completely covered with sweat.

Bullshit….what is this monster strength!

This Blood Emperor is way too scary already!

“18 star jades…your cultivation definitely had already reached 18 star jades!”

Long Yi suddenly comprehends, “That’s right….it definitely must be so….”

18 star jades….

This sentence causes everyone’s face to undergo a huge change.

18 star jade cultivation is the peak of the earth realm! There is no one present who can be his opponent!

Even if they decided to work together, they can be defeated with just a wave of the hand!

“Do not force me to take action again.”

Liu Yi says coldly, “From now on you walk your own bright road, I walk my difficult path. Zhang Xinchu, if you feel that you have the power to take me down then come and catch me.”

He turns around and walks out of the auditorium, no one dares to stop him.

“Do not think that you will have everything by just having strength.”

Zhang Xinchu glares at Liu Yi’s back in hatred as he clenches his teeth.

“I guarantee that I will definitely, definitely make things difficult for you!”

Long Er ask, “Leader what do we do?”

“Hmph, deal with the funeral arrangements. The rest of the matters I naturally have my own thoughts.”

Zhang Xinchu is very unhappy as he swishes his sleeve and leaves.

The Sky Flipping Seal finally flies away, but Chen Cai remains there kneeling.

Snake Woman’s Vein Seal has resolved as well. She walks over and pets his shoulders gently before leaving with the rest of the Dragon Group members.

Murong Die and Wang Yuzheng watch them leave. After which some people came over and clean up the scene and communicates with them. The two lasses had already decided their own ideas.

Wang Yuzheng continuously tries to call Liu Yi, but his phone is turned off.

Murong Die is also able to see that the situation is not good and she must do something for him!

Very swiftly the auditorium is cleaned up. Everyone understands that this matter will be covered up. But everyone present today are the eye-witness to Blood Emperor. They have witnessed a real hero.

Chen Cai walks to the side of an artificial lake without any people and bites his finger. He uses his blood to mark out a strange formation.

The formation lights up with black radiance as a charming figure slowly walks out.

“I am thinking who is the one who is looking for me. Aren’t you my beautiful consort’s underling?”

Ye Hanshuang crosses her arms as she smiles faintly under the moonlight.


Chapter 548   [Who is the traitor]

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