MKW Chapter 547

Chapter 547    [I am Blood Emperor]


“Liu Yi don’t be impulsive!”

Yuan Zhenyue also persuades Liu Yi. She really does not wish to be enemies with Liu Yi.

“You are a law enforcer! You must have the awareness of a law enforcer!”

“Awareness of a law enforcer?”

Liu Yi questions Yuan Zhenyue, “Big sister Yuan, let me ask you. Why do you wish to be a law enforcer?”

“Of course….it is to protect righteousness, protect the citizens.”

“Protect citizens?”

Liu Yi points at the corpses on the ground, “You look at them, aren’t they your citizens? Their lives have been deprived by this person mercilessly. If I do not kill this person what law enforcer am I?”


Yuan Zhenyue really does not know how to refute Liu Yi.

“Let us sit down and discuss this okay…”

Long San by the side persuades, trying to calm Liu Yi down.

“Head, I had always been proud of being a member of Dragon Group.”

Liu Yi continues, “Please do not make me feel disgraceful about it.”

Long San also stops speaking.

He is able to see that Liu Yi has already decided.

“You really got guts!”

Zhang Xinchu snorts, “Do you really think that there isn’t anyone who is able to stop you? All of the members of Dragon Group hear my orders! Target Liu Yi! Immediately take him down! Regardless if he is alive or dead!”

This sentence alive or dead changes the expression of a lot of people.

Murong Die and the rest are panicking, just what is if that person’s brain! He actually wants to kill Liu Yi! If it is not for Liu Yi, they would have been dead!

Seeing that no one is taking actions, Zhang Xinchu immediately roars, “Still not taking action! Are you guys going to betray the country as well!”

Chen Cai is anxious and it seems like he is going to run over and help Liu Yi.

At this moment a lion seal suddenly floats to the top of his head and seals him within.

This Sky Flipping Seal transforms into a shapeless prison that is able to hold a single person, locking Chen Cai within.


Chen Cai exclaims as he does not know why Liu Yi want sto lock him up.

{Chen Cai, you are different from me. You cannot betray the country.}

Liu Yi transmitted over to Chen Cai, “So, stay inside there honestly. The people here still aren’t my opponents.”


He is very angry that he is unable to help Liu Yi during the most crucial moment.

{Don’t be worried about me. I will be able to deal with it.}

As Liu Yi speaks, he prepares to kill the redhead.

“You dare!”

Zhang Xinchu roars, “Why are you not taking him down yet!”

“Brothers from Dragon Group.”

Seeing the familiar faces in the group in front of him, Liu Yi’s heart trembles as he recalls what had happened back then in North Dragon City’s Hunter’s organization.

“I do not wish to be enemy with you guys. Do not make it difficult for me.”

“Ts, ts, ts, why is it hard. Let me, Zhou Yang kill you!”

A wretch looking figure suddenly sprints out from the group and turns into a ray of light, moving very swiftly.

The rat warrior of the 12 zodiac beast, who excels in speed!

Liu Yi is very lucky that today Xiao Mi did not come.

“Xiao Mi that lass keeps thinking of you daily. Let me take a look just what capability do you have to fawn over her!”

As that Zhou Yang cries out, he instantly moves to the back of Liu Yi.

He is a zodiac beast warrior that is famous for speed. Especially after the period of training, he went through, he has control over his earth realm strength.

Just a fighter from the 3rd group of Dragon Group. My strength is around the first group!

His palm stabs towards Liu Yi’s throat, taking advantage that Liu Yi still has not reacted to instantly kill him!

But at this moment Liu Yi suddenly raises his right hand and smashed into his face.


Zhou Yang instantly turns into a cannon ball and flies away, smashing into a wall behind.

“He is actually able to keep up with Zhou Yang’s speed!”

“He is not an opponent that you guys can face.”

Long Yi says coldly as he stares at Liu YI.

“Let me try!”

Snake woman Ding Xiaochun is unable to bear it and immediately jumps out and hides her figure.

Chen Cai instantly sends Liu Yi a begging gaze. Liu Yi notices it and nods faintly towards Chen Cai.

“Snake woman is the best expert in assassinating.”

Seeing that Snake woman is taking action, Zhang Xinchu instantly starts smiling, “Liu Yi will be dead this time around.”

He had just finished when Liu Yi suddenly punched towards his right with his left hand.

Ding Xiaochun’s figure is instantly hit out. She is frozen there not moving like she has been put to pause with a remote control.

“What is going on!”

Zhang Xinchu is slightly stunned, how did Snake woman get frozen just from being hit?

Long San raises his eyebrow, “This….what a familiar palm technique…”

“Liu Yi, you, you should stop…”

Yuan Zhenyue clenches her fist. She feels that she will become further and further away from Liu Yi.

The two of them are originally strangers, but because of a misunderstanding, they slowly became close.

Right now, the two of them are becoming further and further apart like they are going back to be strangers.

Yuan Zhenyue really does not like this feeling. She had already unknowingly treat Liu Yi as her family…perhaps little brother….perhaps, something else, anyways Yuan Zhenyue herself is unable to determine.

“I wish to stop. But you ask him, is he able to stop?”

Liu Yi points at Zhang Xinchu.

“You ask him does he wish to stop. I will tell you if I am able to stop.”

“Hmph, it is not like I cannot stop.”

Zhang Xinchu snorts, “Immediately let him off and I will withdraw my orders and deal with you leniently.”

“Hahaha, let him off?”

Liu Yi laughs loudly, “The only way to let him off is me dying!”

“This is your choice!”

Long Yi walks over with devil qi coiling around his body.

Liu Yi is shocked. He had always thought that Long Yi was a loose cultivator of the righteous path but unexpectedly he is from the devil path!

This devil qi is very shocking which causes Long Yi’s entire face to turn black as his eyes let out red light!

The might of an earth realm expert spreads out surging throughout the entire auditorium.

Seeing him taking action, Zhang Xinchu starts laughing.

“Hahaha, with Long Yi taking action, this time you be dead!”

Long Yi is the strongest combat force of Dragon Group. With him here, dealing with a traitor is an easy matter!

“Since you have chosen, then do not regret your choice.”

The devil qi on Long Yi surges as 16-star lamp reflects against the auditorium ceiling.

“Bring it on.”

Liu Yi beckons Long Yi to bring it on.

“Seeking your death!”

Long Yi is very confident of his own strength. He exploded out with his strength and swiftly grows into a two-meter tall guy and walks over to Liu Yi and punches towards him.

Long Yi is also a martial cultivator who cultivates the Big Sky Towering Blood Hand Seal.

This large hand on his is very overbearing. When it hits an enemy, it will directly slap his enemy into a puddle of blood!

Currently, his right hand is completely red like blood and looks very scary.

While Liu Yi did not dodge, instead he laughs as his own right palm receives it.

“Desolate Flames!”

A huge explosion exploded out from the place where their two palm clashes. Long Yi trembles before retreating two steps. His face turns red like his qi and blood in his body is boiling.

After revolving his qi for a while, only then did Long Yi stabilize his qi and blood. He points at Liu Yi and asks in shock.

“You….you…..your strength….”

“Don’t ask.”

Liu Yi stabs his lance with a dang sound into the floor by the side.

[TL: oi, makes no sense….the lance is sharp that it is able to stab through the damn metal armour earlier and now it cannot stab through the brick floor?]

He says proudly, “Even if all of you group up together, you are not my opponent.”

Black flames suddenly burn his body. When this fire extinguish, Liu Yi’s attire has changed.

He is now wearing a black western suit as well as a red scarf around his neck.

“Blood Emperor!”

“He, he is Blood Emperor!”

Liu Yi’s current appearance, although he did not wear a mask, it is already enough to let everyone understand.

There is all kinds of expressions on everyone present. There are people who are surprised, there are those who are stunned.

Murong Die and Wang Yuzheng are stumped for words at the same time. As a person from North Dragon City, they are very familiar with the name, Blood Emperor.

Especially Wang Yuzheng as Blood Emperor had saved her before.

So this guy had always been protecting me. It is that I do not know only…

Wang Yuzheng ah Wang Yuzheng, why are you so stupid….

“So it is you….”

Long San takes a few steps back from shock. His single eye is filled with shock, “So, so you are Blood Emperor….”

The person whom he recruited with great trouble is actually Blood Emperor!

This matter is really damn unexpected!

“You, you….”

Yuan Zhenyue also covers her mouth as she stands there in shock.

“You are Blood Emperor! You are Blood Emperor!”

Zhang Xinchu also recognizes him as his body starts trembling.

“That’s right. I am Blood Emperor!”

Liu Yi laughs, “I want to see if there is still anyone who dares to block me today!”

He raises his right hand and punches the redhead on his forehead.


The redhead instantly sprays out blood from his mouth and lies on the ground.

Blood spreads on the ground causing Zhang Xinchu’s eyes to widen when he sees it.

“Liu Yi! Blood Emperor! You, you really have big guts!”

“My guts have never been small.”

Liu Yi kicks away the redhead’s corpse with a leg.

“This person deserved death.”

Zhang Xinchu is about to have a stroke from anger as he roars, “Take him down! Take him down!”

“Leave it to me!”

Long Yi is going to take out his true strength now. He wants to prove to Zhang Xinchu that he is then the number 1 in Dragon Group!

Liu Yi snorts and looks at Long Yi who is charging towards him and says coldly, “Helping tyrant Zhuo in his oppression, what is the point of keeping you.”

“I want your life!”

[TL: basically it means helping the evildoer.]

Long Yi also did not say any more as both his hands, which are like blood jade, slap towards Liu Yi.

What close combat martial cultivators cultivate is close combat techniques. What they train is their body, their strength!

Although they do not have any sea flipping dao techniques, their two fists are incomparable to any weapons!

A strong martial cultivator is able to flatten an entire city, smash a mountain with just a fist!

Long Yi who had activated 16-star jade is definitely not weak!

He lands in front of Liu Yi and punches towards his temples with both fists!


Chapter 547   [I am Blood Emperor]

Honestly speaking I have no idea what Liu Yi is trying to do or prove… this is retarded


16 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 547

  1. Talking truthfully, that DG’s leader seems the most retarded to me
    Want to obtain some tech at the cost of making an enemy of the one who can overpass said tech?
    Throwing away the relations with a true (immortal) cultivator and the dragon’s gene possessor (the lab obviously informed him)?
    I know I’m always ranting about Liu Yi’s dumbness and low EQ, but this move from DG’s leader is the retardest one


    • They said last chapter that the one offering the tech, the redhead, also apparently has a unique identity. From Zhang Xinchu’s POV, he gets new tech, and a very important hostage if he keeps redhead alive, in exchange for the animosity of some loose cultivator who, even if he is a successful dragon gene possessor, is still only part of the bottom tier Team 3 of DG.

      On the other hand if Xinchu lets said “lowly” cultivator kill the redhead, he gets none of the benefits, AND has potentially gained the hatred of whatever power backed the redhead.

      Furthermore, even if the tech isn’t nearly as powerful as Liu Yi, it’s still strong, and freely usable, as opposed to the apparently disobedient and thereby unuseful Liu Yi.


      • Certainly Liu Yi isn’t that obedient, but is dumbly overflowing with patriotism, so he can be “controlled” as long China’s honour and safety are taken into account, also Liu Yi is not a simple “loose cultivator”, he is someone who defeated the devil child, a monster that almost swiped DG’s agents
        Taking measures in preparation against some future strong force from outside or making and facing a strong enemy immediately (knowing that Blood Emperor is an unstoppable killing star once enraged), which do you prefer?


    • It’s because it’s not just the base tech of the quicksilver armor, the research could lead to more advanced tech military or otherwise. And having one super strong person vs an army of fairly strong people are a big difference. Also once that redhead betrays his country and hands over the tech then they also get secret info and maybe plans or even more tech. It’s definitly not the correct choice here cause plot though.


      • But there are two or three points there to say:

        1-That redhead was a soldier and probably not the inventor, even if he handed it over, they would have to do the analysis from zero

        2-Saying that he had an important rank, won’t this evoke an attack from his backers (since they did it already) instead of negotiations? (And of course DG already fall out with their strongest asset so they have no backer)

        3-Let’s say they painfully would have repelled Liu Yi and opened negotiations, they would have ended really weakened, have no backer (since they are the “strongest” humans in their country and the really strong sects don’t care about them or the citizens) and finally, the international pressure will make them hand over their zodiac tech or place inspectors/regulators under some treaty or something to place an eye over them

        I want someone to correct me if I’m mistaken, but isn’t that DG’s leader the dumbest? They don’t have the power to protect themselves (it was already proved more than one time), but he probably wants to negotiate or threaten a military potency that is already openly attacking them, and moreover he is falling out with his one-man army soldier, and one last point, since “Blood Emperor” declared the Japanese girl his, (although it won’t happen) didn’t he considered the MC defecting to the Japanese side out of a fit of rage against the government?
        It doesn’t matters what is said, after he made his choice like that, there’s only a dead end awaiting. Ah, and I forgot, let’s say the cultivators caught a whiff of the fight, he will lose more in the end, since the “righteous” sects would attack him to eliminate the DG’s “evil cultivator”


  2. A rather horrible redirect has attached itself to this page if not your site. I use mobile to read LN and can tell you that internet explorer, chrome and safari all are hit by it. PC is likely able to block it but mobile cant. A few seconds after loading the page its forcibly changed to this one saying the whole”you are eligible for a gift” scam. Its includes a popup trying to get you to hit ok three times. It happens on both the page with the chapter and the one with your comments and link to chapter. This was not easy to post.


  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    Liu Yi is actually just slightly lower than a normal person, is just that the world they live in is a cultivation world, what means that the average brain power is that of an amoeba…


  4. The end he slammed into the ground was the “butt” ( i.e. blunt) end of the lance. If you have ever seen a martial art style movie it is the end which is usually a slightly rounded metal cap that is designed to produce bludgeon damage NOT piercing damage. They would tend to be used for lesser, non lethal, damage or dramatic presence for the loud “clang” sound it makes against hard surfaces.

    I also understand where Liu Yi is going with this. As others have also stated, a government agency will sometimes let bad people get away with bad things in order to foster goodwill with individuals/organizations that will be of benefit (either now or the future). So they put their desires above justice. By announcing that he was already considered an enemy of the state (or country), he has shown that he wishes to protect the people of China without sacrificing the concept of justice. Which is great if you have the power to back it, but this is why the real world is a darker place than fictional stories.

    Also by revealing that HE is blood Emperor, he is actually improved the opinion of most the dragon group members that have already considered the emperor as an enemy (due to his actions in the group AND his speech before killing the murderer)


  5. Honestly speaking I have no idea what Liu Yi is trying to do or prove… this is retarded <- That those who oppose China shall die.

    In this case, though, there’s a false choice. They say that either the guy dies or they mooch US technology from him. Leaving aside the fact that a user of miltary-grade technology will most likely know nothing about how to replicate it, there are options other than “kill” and “befriend”. Like “give him a proper trial”, for example.


  6. “Honestly speaking I have no idea what Liu Yi is trying to do or prove… this is retarded”

    Finally you agree with me!

    He could kill the old man as well and everything woul be fine, but nooooooooo. Liu Yi is retarded.


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