MKW Chapter 535

Chapter 535    [Acting tyrannical]


There is already a number of students sitting in the experimental class sitting in the surrounding.

Liu Yi and the girls have already changed into the uniform and look rather relax and comfortable. Looks like the quality is not bad, no wonder they want a deposit to be paid first.

Liu Yi, Murong Die and Wang Lele sit together. There is quite a number of students in the experimental class, looks like this Judo is rather impressive.

Liu Yi looks around the surround, these students age quite varies. The youngest is 4-5 years old while the oldest looks around 50/60 years old!

Indeed the living conditions now are different. There is a number who come here to keep fit. It is only a pity that most of them are willing to learn those quick to learn like Judo ah, Karate ah and Taekwondo and the likes.

As for those who want to learn martial arts, there are very few, other than WingChun.

Since IP Man went on screen, it allows people to get to know Wing Chun. A lot the Wing Chun schools around are getting more and more students, which increase the craze for Wing Chun within the country.

Although burning is burning, it is only in comparison to martial arts.

For example this Judo’s experimental class, there are more than 20 students sitting inside! With so many students, as for the number who are really willing to pay to learn, should be around 2 to 3 in the end right? One day accepting 2-3 students, within a month wouldn’t they be accepting almost a hundred students!

Just now Liu Yi has inquired how much is a lesson fee. An hour lesson is 100 dollars. A monthly course is 15 lesson which is 1,200 dollars!

This is earning money or snatching money ah….

While Liu Yi is sighing in his heart, an instructor wearing black belt and white uniform walks into the room.

“Wah, it is a beauty!”

Seeing this instructor, Wang Lele who is sitting there have a bright gleam in her eyes as she leans forward. It seems like because of her large chest, she nearly falls over. Luckily Liu Yi who is by the side is quick and supported her.

Liu Yi’s gaze is also attracted over, and surprisingly the instructor is indeed a girl! She appears to be around 23/24 years old, young and pretty, but in between her forehead is a trace of heroic aura.

She walks in with bare feet steadily. Entering the room she bows slightly to everyone and introduces herself.

Although she is a martial artist, her skin is quite good and her voice is also quite exquisite.

“Nice you meet you, everyone, I am called Ye Qinger. Judo 3rd dan. Please instruct everyone.”

She introduces herself after which she tightens the black belt around her waist and says, “Judo in Japan means flexible path. I believe that since everyone is here, you guys more or less have some understanding of Judo. It does not matter that you guys do not have any strength. As long as you are able to grasp the technique behind it, you are able to learn this martial art.”

“Instructor Ye!”

As Ye Qinger is introducing judo, Murong Die has already impatiently raised up her hand and asks excitedly.

“Instructor Ye! I have a question!”

“Please ask.”

Ye Qiner nods her head towards Liu Yi indicating for her to continue.

“Instructor Ye, for a girl like me who does not have the strength to kill a chicken, if I learn Judo well am I really able to deal with a rough guy with very large strength?”

Liu Yi nearly vomits blood, what the…what do you mean by rough guy ah!


Ye Qinger smiles and nods her head. “Judo is a wrestling technique. It is subdivided into standing techniques and lying down techniques. Among which the standing technique is further subdivided into throwing and sacrificing technique. These two skills are easier to use and you will be able to grasp them very swiftly.”

“Instructor can you demonstrate to us?!”

Murong Die’s face is filled with expectation.

“Fine as well.”

Ye Qinger nods her head as she looks around, it seems like she is trying to find a suitable opponent.

Among everyone in the room, the majority is women. The rest of the guys are all thinking and weak, it seems like there are none which Ye Qinger is satisfied with.

Her brows wrinkles slightly. Just as she is hesitating, from outside comes the sound of footsteps.

A tall and large guy runs in as he keeps apologizing.

“Sorry, sorry. I am late!”

Liu Yi and the girls look over and become annoyed.

Isn’t this Ling Tian!

Why did he come as well? He is also wearing a white uniform, could it be that he is also here to learn judo?

Ling Tian is gloomy in his heart. He had inquired about for a while before finally getting to know that Liu Yi and the girls have come to this Judo Dojo. After inquiring from the counter lady, Ling Tian did not say anything and directly pay the deposit, changes his clothing and rush over!

When Ye Qinger sees him, her eyes brighten up.

Although Ling Tian is terrified in the ice rink, he is indeed a tall and strong guy. He is around 1.9m tall, his handsome face, as well as the muscles, left become from his constant training.

If it is not for this lunkhead, those students bothering Wang Lele would not be frightened away.

Ye Qinger asks Ling Tian, “What is your name?”

“Ah, I am called Ling Tian!”

Seeing that the person who asked him is a beauty, Ling Tian is secretly happy.

Looks like my moral quality is not bad, no matter where I go, beauties like me.

A beautiful woman as an instructor, this is great! Not only can I date Wang Lele, I can also get pointers from this beauty! Learning these martial arts, body contact is definitely hard to avoid…hehehe….

After that I can go and teach Wang Lele, wouldn’t I be able to take advantage of her as well?

Looking at the deep valley revealed in Wang Lele’s uniform collar, Ling Tian has the urge to salivate.

“You come over and practice with me a bit.”

While Ye Qinger’s following sentence cause Ling Tian’s heart to fall into a valley.


He is stunned as he stands there.

“Hehe, relax. I have propriety with my actions and will not let you get injured.”

Ye Qinger smiles faintly and beckons Ling Tian over.

“Come, use your full strength to attack me.”

“This, is this okay?”

Ling Tian hesitates slightly, letting me hit a beauty…is it a gentlemanly act?

“Relax and come, no one will be injured.”

Ye Qinger smiles faintly to encourage Ling Tian.

Murong Die does not fear that the world is not in chaos as she claps her hands and says, “That’s right, that’s right. Come on Ling Tian do your best! Show us your manly aura!”

Seeing Ling Tian is still hesitating, she elbows Wang Lele, “Lele, shouldn’t you say something right?”

“Eh? Right, right…”

Wang Lele has always been listening to what Murong Die says, perhaps she still does not know what is going on but she follows along and nods her head.

“Fine then! I shall be impolite then!”

Ling Tian shouts as he uses what he thinks is the most handsome move and punches towards Ye Qinger.

Just as he is about to hit her, Ye Qinger suddenly grabs hold of Ling Tian by his wrist and sits down, as the same time one of her legs pressed against Ling Tian’s stomach and borrows the downwards force and Ling Tian’s forward rush and tosses Ling Tian behind her.


Luckily behind is a mat. When Ling Tian falls onto it, although the posture is ugly, it is not painful nor did he get an injury.


Ye Qinger stretches out her hand to help Ling Tian up. Being tossed like this, although Ling Tian is uncomfortable in his heart and wants to get mad. But seeing the apologetic smile from Ye Qinger, the anger in his stomach dissipates away.

This lass is really pretty ah…

“You did not get injured right?”

“No, no…I am fine, hahaha. Instructor Ye is indeed powerful.”

As Ling Tian laughs, he is not willing to let go of her hand.

Ye Qinger frowns lightly and pulls back her hand without a word.

“This sir Ling Tian please sit down. Thank you for your cooperation.”

“Don’t mention it, don’t mention it. Next time if you need someone to help out, you can just find me!”

Ling Tian elatedly side by the side and secretly smelled his hand. Causing Murong Die and Wang Lele who are watching by the side curl up their lips.

“As everyone has seen, throughout the process I did not use any strength and was able to deal with a guy who is 30 cm taller than me.”

Ye Qinger mainly says it towards Murong Die, “Now do you believe in Judo?”

“Still have a bit of disbelief!”

Murong Die smiles lightly and points at Liu Yi by her side.

“Instructor if you are able to beat him down then I’ll believe!”


Ye Qinger does not understand what is this student is trying to do.

“Instructor, you do not understand. He uses his large strength and always bullies me!”

Murong Die pretends to be wrong as she complains tearfully, “I am still okay…you see this beauty by my side, when he has nothing to do he will forcefully molest her, grabbing her chest, butts and the likes….We are all weak girls and do not have strength to block….”

She pretends to lower her head and wipe away her tears. Wang Lele blinks her eyes, not knowing what her Sister Xiao Die is trying to play.

Liu Yi’s forehead is also covered with black lines. What the, do you really have to sabotage me like this! When did I did act so tyrannic before?!

Ling Tian who is sitting opposite them clenches his teeth, damn it…he actually grabbed Wang Lele’s chest…so damn envious.

Most of the people here are women, and all of them immediately give Liu Yi a despising look.

Liu Yi is almost going to cry. Bullshit, I am wronged ah, really enormously wronged ah!

In the blink of an eye, he is almost going to become the enemy of girls!

Not only that, the gaze of the surrounding guys are unkind as well! Perhaps all of the guys are very jealous…

“So that is the case. No worries, right now I will perform some techniques for you to see. The next time he dares to try to be funny with you girls then you can deal with him like this.”

Ye Qinger seems to also believe in what Murong Die is saying and beckons Liu Yi to step out.

“This friend, please come out. Let us practice a bit.”

“How about not…”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “Hands and feet have no eyes….”

“Relax I will be lenient.”

Ye Qinger smiles, but from Liu Yi’s view, it is definitely a smile filled with evil intent!

“Scary cat!”

“Tsk, only know who to bully weak woman!”

“Although this guy looks delicate and pretty, he is actually not a thing!”

The surrounding people start discussing while Liu Yi is almost going to cry, just what is this ah!

“This friend please.”

Ye Qinger bows lightly towards Liu Yi, making him sigh.

Looks like it is not possible for me not to step up.


Chapter 535   [Acting tyrannical]

As usual Murong Die is a bundle of evilness

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