MKW Chapter 524

Chapter 524    [Dragon sucking water!]


This claw is very fast and quick, furthermore, it carries along with a surge of unblockable dragon qi!

18 star cultivation demon dragon, with boundless qi. When this claw emerges from the clouds, the sinister pressure appears from above Liu Yi and Zhang Jiashuang.

“Be careful!”

Zhang Jiashuang instantly throws out her magic treasure Ten Thousand Law Ruyi to block in front of her.


The enormous dragon claw lands on the Ten Thousand Law Ruyi instantly stirring up layers of white light.

Although she manages to forcefully block it, Liu Yi is able to see that Zhang Jiashuang’s face is very ugly, her forehead is covered with sweat and it is very obvious that it takes a lot of effort.

“Just a 16-star cultivation lass and you wish to block this king?”

Yu Xia laughs loudly as another surge of strength emerges from his dragon claw breaking the white layers above Zhang Jiashuang’s magic treasure.

“Junior sister do not worry, we are coming!”

Gong Zhenlin has already brought the other two junior brothers and fly over, Tu Can and Zhao Yu clenches their teeth as they come over.

Since it is not possible to escape then let’s fight all the way!

The four of them throw out their magic tools at the same time and combine strength to block that dragon claw.

Even with the four of them working together, they are still in a disadvantage!

“Hahahaha! A group of stupid cultivators ah!”

Yu Xia laughs continuously, “Even if you guys group together, you are still not this king’s opponent! The might of 18-star cultivation how is it possible for you group of ants to understand?”

His dragon claw pressed down a few more meters.

Gong Zhenlin and the rest are covered with sweat and they appear to be almost unable to block it anymore.

Zhang Jiashuang shouts at Liu Yi, “Liu Yi what are you staring at?! Hurry over and help ah!”

“He basically does not wish to help, he only wishes to watch us die only!”

Zhao Yu is almost in despair, even with them combining strength together, they are still not Yu Xia’s opponent.

Actually, it is not Liu Yi who does not wish to help, because his strength and this people one are not similar. If he hastily works together with them, perhaps it might injure them.

“Today all of you will die!”

Yu Xia’s dragon claw slashes fiercely and actually smash the combined defense of the four of them!

The dragon claw continues toward the four of them, if it hits, if the four of them do not die, they will still be heavily injured!

Zhang Jiashuang completely gave up this time around…finish apprenticeship unfavorable ah…looks like the first time I leave the mountain, I shall be dead in the hands of a demon.

Master ah, disciple has thrown away your face….

But….really do not wish to die ah….wuwuwuwu…..who can come and save me…

“Sky Flipping Seal!”

At this moment a lion seal suddenly appears in front of her and instantly turns big, instantly it turns into the side of a small hill and blocks in front of the dragon claw.


The dragon claw is deflected away while the Sky Flipping Seal transform back into a small lion seal and floats by the side of the Penglai Island Immortals protecting them.

“Little white dragon, your opponent is me.”

After Liu Yi throws out Sky Flipping Seal, he provokes Yu Xia in the sky to come at him.

Zhang Jiashuang is shocked, he actually uses Sky Flipping Seal to protect us?

Then what about him?

Zhao Yu is also very shocked, “This fellow actually used the Sky Flipping Seal on us?”

Tu Can also cannot comprehend what is going on, “Then…how is he doing to deal with the demon dragon?”

Gong Zhenlin frowns as he looks at Liu Yi who is standing in the sky.

Why is there a kind of deep and unmeasurable feeling coming from this outside pavilion cultivator….looks like this World Dao Gathering number 1 is not just in name only ah.

“You are already going to die and you still have the mood to save others?”

Yu Xia in the clouds lets out a pelt of laughter, “Forget it, let me kill you first and let that Ao Susu know who is the real expert!”

His claw breaks through the clouds once again and descends towards Liu Yi.

“Ah! Don’t ah!”

Zhang Jiashuang is badly frightened, looks like he wants to completely crush Liu Yi ah!

Why is he not dodging! Did he get frightened stupid?!

Just as Zhang Jiashuang is getting anxious, Liu Yi who is standing still finally moves.

“Mountain mist!”

An enormous palm image flies out and clashes against the dragon claw in midair.


A violent shockwave instantly spread out, blowing the clothing of the people from Penglai Island all over the place, nearly blowing them away.

Zhang Jiashuang barely manages to stabilize her body. She is very shocked, we are so far away and we are still affected by the shockwave?!

As for Liu Yi, he is still floating there not moving!

While looking at Yu Xia in the sky, he had withdrawn his dragon claw and exclaims in shock, “This is not possible!”

His enormous figure rolls in the sky causing the clouds to be chaotic.

“How is it possible for you to be able to block this king’s power! This is not possible!”

Liu Yi crosses his arm as he floats in the sky looking at the enormous dragon and says faintly, “Hehe, Yu Xia ah, Yu Xia. Do you know what is the biggest failure that you did?”


Yu Xia does not understand what Liu Yi is trying to say.

“The biggest failure that you did is to recall the formation of the Sea Flipping God Lamp and allow me to regain all my strength.”

Liu Yi smiles as he loosens his bones, “This way I can happily beat you up.”

“What joke are you saying!”

Yu Xai trembles as his dragon eyes are filled with disbelieve.

“Could it be that your earlier strength….was the strength after half your cultivation base had been sealed?”

“To be exact, it is less than half.”

Liu Yi smiles, “After all, there are some abilities that I had yet to use. Right Immortals from Penglai Island, since you guys have heard that I am the World Number 1, then have you heard of the reason why in the end I was unable to become this World Number 1?”

“This…we are not very clear…”

Seeing Liu Yi’s might, Gong Zhenlin is slightly shocked.

“Because I am the enemy of all of the righteous path.”

Liu Yi turns around and faces Yu Xia.

“Yu Xia, 5 seconds had passed, now it is time for you to pay the price.”

He stretches out his hand and summons out his Xiao Taiji which floats in front of him.

Liu Yi continuously instills his qi into Xiao Taiji, causing it to emit green light as Devil Stillborn’s soul strength to gradually erupt out.

It seems like Yu Xia has sensed the might of the sword, he did not hesitate as his dragon tail sweeps towards Liu Yi like a god whip.

Liu Yi did not dodge, instead, he condenses out the strength of Sky Supporting Pillar.

His left hand transform into an enormous golden arm and grabs hold of the incoming dragon tail and swings downwards.

The small white dragon lets out a pitiful cry as it is swung flying by Liu Yi’s strength, with a ‘putong’ he drops into the river water from the sky.

The river water splashes very high, it is obvious just how much strength is behind his throw.

Zhang Jiashuang and the rest stare in shock, just now the arrogant small white dragon….is actually being suppressed by Liu Yi alone?!

Liu Yi has only entered spiritual beast transformation only. Although Yu Xia possesses the cultivation base of 18 star-jades, he does not know how to utilize it. He does not even need to enter dragon transformation and is able to deal with him already.


The river water boils as Yu Xia flies out from the water once again.

“Damn cultivator, I will let you know what is called horror!”

He moves swiftly and flies into the other side of the clouds and then only reveals his dragon head.

A surge of enormous dense demon qi spreads out.

The river water also starts boiling as an enormous whirlpool starts appearing.

“Dragon sucking water!”

Seeing this scene, Gong Zhenlin starts trembling.

“What is the matter big senior brother, what is dragon sucking water?”

“This is the ultimate technique of the dragons from the west sea!”

Gong Zhenlin says, “West Sea dragons rely on this technique to stabilize their rule during their fight for dominance in West Sea…looks like this time around Liu Yi is really in danger.”

While they are talking, Yu Xia’s dragon head that is stretched out starts releasing a sucking force. The river water starts flying up forming a water spout which is sucked into Yu Xia’s mouth.

The entire river is surging fiercely as the river water is continuously sucked into Yu Xia’s mouth.

Originally the water level was almost near the alert level and immediately drops down.

Two minutes later the water level drops by a meter! It can be seen just how much river water Yu Xia had sucked in.

After sucking another minute, Yu Xia finally stops the dragon sucking water technique and aims his dragon mouth at Liu Yi.

Zhang Jiashuang reminds anxiously, “Liu Yi be careful! He is going to use a big move!”

While Liu Yi has already gathered enough qi and has instilled them into his Xiao Taiji.

Although he knows two different powerful sword technique, Emotion Sword Technique, and Demonic Sword technique, he did not have any attainment in sword techniques.

The only thing he can do is to instill his qi into his Xiao Taiji and send it to Yu Xia to have a taste.


Yu Xia opens his dragon mouth and shoots out the river water that he had suck in earlier at Liu Yi.

“Too, too shocking already…”

Penglai Island people are feeling that their skull is numb from their shock.

While Liu Yi did not even move as he pushes forward with his hands and the Xiao Taiji that is absorbing his qi behind his back flies out.

Instantly his taiji sword reaches the waterspout.

Sword qi wraps around the Taiji sword while revolving at high speed while attacking the waterspout.

The waterspout is very thick, its advancing speed turns slightly sluggish but very quickly it starts pushing back the taiji sword and advances towards Liu Yi.

“Cannot ah…Liu Yi’s strength seems to be at a disadvantage!”

Zhang Jiashuang is slightly worried, “Should we help him out?”

“This is not a fight that our grade can fight in…”

Gong Zhenlin shakes his head, “If we go up, we will only an inconvenience…alas, we can only calmly watch the changes.”

“This kind of feeling is too loathsome!”

This is the first time that Zhang Jiashuang this pampered girl has this kind of helpless feeling.

If I am able to escape from here, I must become stronger, become even stronger!

Lin Tong watch as the taiji sword slowly retreats and says in worry.{Big idiot…enter dragon transformation, our strength do not seem to be enough!}

{I wish to see if I am able to force him into a retreat without using the dragon transformation strength.}

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes a deep breath.

Since you use water qi then I shall use fire qi to restrain you!

{Yaoyao! Come out and help!}


Chapter 524   [Dragon sucking water]

I swear I have the worst naming sense ever…hahaha


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  1. After sucking another minute, Yu Xia finally stops the dragon sucking water technique and aims his dragon mouth at Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi was really generous even to enemy in front of him, waiting in a minute for his enemy preparing its strongest attack.
    Yareyare… 😅


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