MKW Chapter 523

Chapter523    [We are Dragon Beheading warriors]



An enormous stream of water burst out from the area where the lance passes by, like an upside-down waterfall, it is very scary as it rushes to the nine heavens!

“What powerful strength…”

Even Gong Zhenlin also sighs, “This demon indeed has some ability…”

“Looks like his strength is above 14 stars!”

Zhang Jiashuang ask with some worry, “That Liu Yi…..he would not die right?”

[TL: hmmm just have an interesting thought….could she be the buddhist qi that Liu Yi can absorb??]

Zhao Yu smiles and says, “It is better that he dies, we can just take away his magic treasure.”

“Are you an idiot?!”

Tu Can by the side sneers, “If Liu Yi dies then who will fight against this Yu Xia. Our strength has already been sealed how are we going to fight?”

“Damn this…”

Hearing this Zhao Yu is also stunned.

That’s right if Liu Yi dies…what about them?

That Yu Xia has the might of 13-stars, killing us who’s cultivation have been sealed it be too easy!!

Zhao Yu who was hoping for Liu Yi to die earlier is now praying that Liu Yi will survive.

“This kind of attack, the hope of surviving is too slim…”

Zhang Jiashuang also says with worry, “Liu Yi only have the strength of 14-star cultivation…even if he does not die, he will be heavily injured.”

“Alas…looks like the heavens want us to die.”

Gong Zhenlin can only sighs.

“Hahahahaha! This is the end result of going against this king!”

Yu Xia also thought that Liu Yi has died under his lance and starts to be delighted.

While the upside-down waterfall has begun to fall, gurgling down onto the ground.

Yu Xia wishes to pull back his lance from the waterfall but realize that his lance is like stuck in a stone, no matter how he tries he is unable to pull it out.

Yu Xia frowns, “Good gods what is going on?”

At this moment from the waterfall comes a faint number off.



Yu Xia’s expression changes largely while the people from Penglai Island are also shocked.

“Even if you have the Sky Flipping Seal, it is impossible to completely block this move!”

Zhang Jiashuang’s eyes widen, “He actually is…is still standing?!”

After the water has all dropped, a black figure stands there not moving.

He is wearing back armor and grabbed Yu Xia’s lance with a single hand.

At the same time, water qi is flowing out from his body shocking Yu Xia.

“How is this possible, you also possess the power of water attributes?”

“The things that you do not know is too many.”

Liu Yi clucks, at the instant before he got hit, he put on the Monarch Armour and blocks Yu Xia’s lance.

At the same time, the spiritual beast transformation was changed to Washing Machine. Being a water attribute creature, it should be able to absorb quite a bit of damage.

Without even using Sky Flipping Seal, Liu Yi is already able to easily block this attack of Yu Xia’s.

“This….this is not possible…”

“Five seconds have been counted.”

Liu Yi holds onto Yu Xia’s lance as his lips lift upwards, “Your lifespan has come to an end as well.”

He suddenly moves forward and smashed his palm fiercely on Yu Xia’s chest.

“Desolate Flames!”


Sun rays instantly erupt out.

Yu Xia’s body instantly turns into a cannonball as blood sprays out of his mouth, as he flies up into the sky.

While Liu Yi uses shadow steps and instantly moves over hundred of meters and appears underneath Yu Xia and sends out a second palm attack.

“Thousand Shadow!”

This Thousand Shadow move not only can it be used for defending, it can also be used for attacking!

Instantly over hundreds of palm image like a thunderstorm densely smashes into Yu Xia’s body.

-boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!-

The sound of flesh being smashed keeps resounding from the sky, causing Zhang Jiashuang and the rest to be alarmed hearing them.

Even if Yu Xia possesses the body of a dragon, eating so many palms from Liu Yi in a row, he is also beaten up badly as he bleeds from his 7 apertures and is at his last gasp.

His body is beaten up higher and higher by Liu Yi and swiftly they reach around 500 meters high.

While Liu Yi is like a shadow chasing after the body chasing behind. He stops using Thousand Shadow and instantly appears above Yu Xia, aiming at his back he smashes down with a palm fiercely, “Army Destroyer!”

This palm first imprinted on Yu Xia’s back and instantly an eye-catching shockwave erupts out!

This palm move which is usually used to do an AOE attack is actually used by Liu Yi to serve this small white dragon!


Yu Xia vomits even more blood as he once again falls into the river, the river water splashes ten meters tall!

“This palm technique…is very powerful…”

Zhang Jiashuang also feels a chill creeping down her back.

“So this is the martial cultivation ah….looks like it is very cool….”

Hearing what his junior sister says, Zhao Yu is unable to accept it and says, “Tsk, our Dao cultivation is the path of Kings! Along with the support of our magic tools, it is basically impossible for that Liu Yi to get close to us!”

Zhang Jiashuang ignores him and asks Gong Zhenlin, “That demon…is it dead already?”

“Not clear….but it’s demon aura is still there.”

His brows are knitted as he looks at the river water that has restored its calmness.

“Hope that it is not…”

Zhang Jiashuang is afraid that the demon dragon will emerge once again. With that Sea Flipping God Lamp, she can only be passively beaten up so she is very unhappy.

If only I can be like Liu Yi and not be affected by that Sea Flipping God Lamp’s suppression how nice would it be…

While she is sighing in sorrow, the river water starts surging!

An enormous black whirlpool slowly emerges from the water.

This whirlpool is around twenty meters wide, it is very enormous stunning the people by the bank.

Good fellow, such a huge whirlpool! Just how much demon qi is needed to create this!

The Sea Flipping God Lamp floating in the sky seems to be sucked into it and flies to the center of the whirlpool and releases its radiance.

At this moment Zhang Jiashuang noticed that the formation beneath their feet has already disappeared!

“Ah! The formation is gone, our cultivation base is restored!”

“That’s right, that’s right! This is good now, we can finally change our fortunes!”

“Damn it, let me turn that demon dragon into a mudfish!”

Zhao Yu immediately pulls out his white jade porcelain bottle and appears to be getting ready to beat people up.


At this moment the river water suddenly split apart as a meter thick and 100-meter long white dragon flies out from the depth of the water and swallows the Sea Flipping God Lamp into its mouth.


What shocked the Penglai Island people is that this demon dragon actually swallows the Sea Flipping God Lamp!

After the white dragon swallows the Sea Flipping God Lamp, it flies into the clouds.

Black clouds are already covering the sky, the demon dragon causing mischief!


Yu Xia lets out a thunder-like laughter.

“A group of idiots. Do you really think that this king is defeated? Let me tell you guys, this Sea Flipping God Lamp has another huge ability!”

His body weaves among the clouds while laughing, “The other ability of this Sea Flipping God Lamp is to strengthen the body of the user! Right now I already possess the cultivation of 18 star-jades, hahaha, right now who among you are able to block this king!”


Everyone got a shock, 18-star cultivation?!

Isn’t this a step on the entrance of the Heaven realm?!

18 eye-catching star jade flickers in the clouds.

“!8 stars….it is really 18 stars….”

Gong Zhenlin starts trembling, “Although it is only 18-star jade early stage… it is a real 18-star jade ah….Sea Flipping God Lamp is indeed heaven-defying….”

“Let, let us escape…”

Zhao Yu who is shouting that he wants to beat people up is actually trembling currently with a pale white face, with just one look it is obvious that he is badly frightened.

“Escape…where are we escaping to…”

Zhang Jiashuang’s face is also white, “With his 18 star-jade cultivation….we are basically unable to escape at all….he will be able to instantly catch up to us…”

“Finished….looks like we are really finished this time around…”

Tu Can is already kneeling on the ground, “Did not think that this task…will be like this…”

“Hahahaha, know you know fear! Stupid cultivators ah, to actually dare to provoke me, Yu Xia. I will rip your bodies into pieces!”

Yu Xia laughs madly like he is already a grim reaper waiting to kill these cultivators.

“Really stupid ah…”

Liu Yi who is in midair looks at the white dragon in the sky, “Do you really think that after you have obtained 18 star-jade cultivation you will be undefeated?”

“Hahahaha, you stupid cultivator, do you know what is the meaning of 18 star-jade cultivation?”

Yu Xia keeps swimming among the clouds, at the same time he lets out provoking laughter, “18 star-jade cultivation means that I have already entered the heaven realm! Fighting against you, this 14 star-jade cultivation cultivators is basically as easy as pinching an ant to death! Hahahaha!”

“Even if you have Sky Flipping Seal, it is not possible to make a comeback…”

Zhang Jiashuang shouts out, “Liu Yi….work together with us. With us working together we will definitely be able to escape!”

“Ignore him, let us escape first!”

Zhao Yu pulls Zhang Jiashuang, “Let him block that demon dragon alone!”

“What are you saying ah, 3rd senior brother!”

Zhang Jiashuang glares at her senior brother in anger, “We are cultivators, how can we watch him die and do nothing!”

“Only caring about yourself is originally the doctrine of our inner pavilion!”

Zhao Yu says coldly, “His life is of no concern to us Penglai Island! Let us go!”

Done speaking, he pulls Zhang Jiashuang.

“Cannot! I am the strongest disciple of the younger generation, how can I lose to an outside pavilion cultivator!”

As Zhang Jiashuang speaks she ignores the obstruction of Zhao Yu and steps onto her Ten Thousand Law Ruyi and flies into the sky.

“Junior sister!”

Zhao Yu is so frightened that his face turns pale while his other two senior brothers are also shocked.

“Hahaha, none of you will be able to escape.”

As Yu Xia speaks, he lets out thunderous laughter.

“Liu Yi! I am here to help you!”

When Liu Yi sees Zhang Jiashuang flying over to him, his heart is slightly touched.

I originally thought that this lass is a crafty and unruly fellow but unexpectedly she still has some loyalty.

“Although you are very weak with me helping you, perhaps we have some way to fight against this fellow!”

As Zhang Jiashuangs speaks, she also rolls up her sleeve and gives off an impression that she is preparing for a huge fight.

“Thank you very much then, Fairy Zhang.”

Liu Yi cups his hands.

“Hmph, stop pretending to be so polite, hurry and take action!”

Zhang Jiashuang snorts and steps on her Ten Thousand Law Ruyi and flies into the clouds.

Liu Yi shakes his head, afraid that the lass will be in danger, he hurries after her.

“These two fellows who overestimate their abilities!”

Yu Xia laughs coldly and suddenly stretches out one of his dragon claws and attacks the two of them.


Chapter 523    [We are Dragon Beheading warriors]

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