MKW Chapter 511

Chapter511     [Who is joking with who]


“I want this, this, and this…”

In front of a hotpot stall, the boss and the surrounding customers watch a delicate looking beauty placing a hand on her waist while the other hand is pointing at the ingredients ordering them, they are slightly mesmerized.

This kind of girl dressed up so nobly and is obvious that she is a Ms. Perfect!

Why would a Ms. Perfect run to this kind of place to eat ah…this is weird ah… furthermore, the guy sitting by her side….he wears such an ordinary exercise attire. Just a look and it is obvious that he is a loser ah! This is even more unfathomable ah!

Watching Murong Die excitedly ordering a whole pile, Liu Yi finally is unable to stand it as he asks, “You ordered so much….are you able to eat them?”

Liu Yi orders a few more skewers of fish beancurd before sitting down and says proudly towards Liu Yi, “What is there to be afraid of. After all, you are treating!”

“What? Why it is me treating? Aren’t you the one who wanted to have supper?”

Liu Yi had just eaten a huge French meal and is truly not hungry right now.

As a cultivator, he is already able to absorb the qi in the air to replace food, thus his requirement for food is not large.

Murong Die gives Liu Yi a despising look, “You damn fellow. You are my boyfriend okay! When is there when a couple goes out for a date, is the girl who spends the money?”

“Fine then, I’ll treat.”

Liu Yi touches his wallet and sighs.

“Tsk, do not think that I do not know.”

Murong Die’s voice suddenly becomes cold, “Someone threw away money recklessly for Wang Yuzheng, spending over 100 thousand to buy clothing, and also spent over a million to obtain the smile of the beauty. Now for you, you are not even willing to treat me a hotpot meal?”

“How did you know?!”

Liu Yi got a huge shock as he looks towards Murong Die.

“That day in the city area, there were students from your KeDa. Whatever you had done that day is already posted onto the forum of your school. Now you are very famous already. A young man with lots of money and also willing to spend money. Don’t you know how many girls are wishing to become your girlfriend now!”


Liu Yi did not know that currently, the news would spread so quickly….

“Wang Yuzheng and you are different. From young, she was in a poor family and had never worn any branded clothing….”

“That’s right, so when you come to this miss, so it serves me right that eating a hotpot should be paid from this miss pocket right?”

“Al, also not…fine then, it is my mistake. But I must emphasise. I did not buy that piano at, I only took revenge on that shop assistant.”

“Hmph, I know that you did not buy it. Really was suspecting where did that money of yours come from.”

Murong Die pours some sesame paste into her bowl as she mutters, “Obviously my family’s condition is also very bad…Liu Yi, saying the truth, I am really unable to see through you.”

“Where can’t you see through me? How about I strip and let you have a good look?”

“Scram to the side you stinky hooligan! Eating a meal is still not enough to stop your mouth?!”

She picks up puffed beancurd and stuffs it into Liu Yi’s mouth.

“AH!!!! HOTTTTT!!!!!!! Arre youu tryying to takkkk mi live ahh yu!!!!”

There is no defensive measure in Liu Yi’s mouth, and thus his burn is not light as he spits out the puff beancurd.

Luckily he has a demon body, allowing the injury in his mouth to swiftly recover.

“Hahaha…idiot, who asked you to bully this miss, serves you right!”

Murong Die smiles happily while Liu Yi can only glare at her bitterly.

“Come, I feed you.”

He suddenly has an idea and picks up a fish tofu and offers Murong Die.

“Scram! This miss is not stupid. You blow it cold before feeding me!”

Even though I would enjoy Liu Yi feeding me, but if he wants to give me a hard time, that is definitely not okay!

Murong Die uses her gaze to indicates a bit. Liu Yi has no choice but to blow the fish tofu cold.

Murong Die licks her lips waiting for Liu Yi to blow it cold.

After blowing for a while, he finally disperses away all the steam. Liu Yi carefully sends the fish tofu towards the mouth of Murong Die.

Murong Die’s heart is joyous, just as she is about to bite down on her victory good, she sees Liu Yi’s chopsticks withdrawing as he places the fish tofu into his own mouth.

“Mm, not bad…very nice to eat.”

“Damn it!”

Murong Die becomes mad, “LIU YI THAT IS MINE!”

“Tsk, tsk. Want me to feed you? You must first feed me!”

Liu Yi retorts and gives her a V-sign smugly.

“Feed then feed! Not like this miss is afraid of you!”

Murong Die also picks up a piece of fishball and blows on it angrily.

The guys by the side who are watching, clench their teeth, bullshit, this guy is too low grade! He actually makes such a pretty beauty feed him!

Wasting natural resources ah! Wasting natural resource ah!

After blowing for a while, feeling that it is should be okay, Murong Die picks it up with her chopsticks.

But she seems to think of something and bites the fishball with her mouth and moves her mouth over to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi instantly is slightly agitated….what the….this lass is way too daring….

Murong Die is like a general who is about to win, under the envious gaze of the crowd, she feeds Liu Yi the fishball mouth to mouth.

When their lips gently touch each other, Murong Die’s face instantly turns red.

She is only daring for that moment, when they kissed, her face turns red as her heartbeat sped up and immediately turns her head away.

“Damn it, hooligan, how dare you take advantage and kiss this miss!”

Murong Die pinches Liu Yi’s waist a few times, “That is this misses first kiss!”

Liu Yi cries out in injustice, “Oi, oi, oi. My big miss, it is obviously you who fed me that way one okay?! Furthermore didn’t we kiss before?”

“I feed you like this, you, you just eat like this is it…you do not know how to reject me ah! Damn it, you definitely are taking advantage of others! Hooligan! Rogue! This miss has finally seen through you! Some, some more, last time was an accident it does not count!”

Liu Yi’s face is covered with tears. Indeed talking sense with girls is seeking for my own death.

After Murong Die vents for a long time till her stomach growls, only then did she start eating with a red face.

Perhaps she did not eat anything for dinner, and after quarreling with Liu Yi, she is hungry.

The two of them starts to attack the nice and warm hotpot. This time Liu Yi is more spontaneous as he occasionally picks out a few of the food that Murong Die likes to eat and blow it cold before feeding her.

Eating halfway, Little Jade suddenly notifies Liu Yi that Wang Yuzheng is calling.

What the…why did this lass call me at this time?

Seeing Liu Yi suddenly placing down his chopsticks as his expression turns stiff, Murong Die asks, “What is the matter with you?”

Liu Yi resentfully pulls out his handphone and says, “I got a phone call….”

“Oh…. from who’s?”

“Wang Yuzheng….”

While Murong Die lowers her head to eat the fish ball she says, “Hmph, you pick it up ah. This miss would not purposefully spoil you.”

Only then did Liu Yi pick up the call and immediately hear Wang Yuzheng feigning anger coquettishly.

“Xiao Yi….where are you ah, I went over to your dormitory to look for you but I cannot find you?”

KeDa university is slightly weird. Girls can casually enter and exit the guy’s dormitory but guys are not allowed to! This is definitely discrimination between genders!

Liu Yi looks at Murong Die and says with a guilty conscious, “Ah…I am outside eating with my friends.”

“Oh? Okay um, where are you eating at?”

“A food stall outside….”

Liu Yi says in his heart, this lass would not come and looks for me right….

While at this moment Murong Die takes the chance and move over, causing Liu Yi to be anxious….What does Murong Die want to do! If she suddenly speaks, then this matter will be terrible….

In the past it is nothing, but now Liu Yi and Wang Yuzheng are dating….if at this time he lets Wang Yuzheng knows that in deep night, instead of sleeping he ran out to eat supper with Murong Die….a hundred mouths would not be able to clear this matter up ah……

“Nothing…actually I am thinking of you and wanted to find you to have a chat ah…”

Wang Yuzheng’s sweet voice carries a bit of shyness, causing Liu Yi’s heart to be both happy and anxious.

At this moment Murong Die suddenly uses her mouth and bites gently on Liu Yi’s lips, causing Liu Yi to be stunned.

What the hell ah….there is no need to do this right!

“Xiao Yi, our matter is discovered by people and posted onto the forums. I only got to know today when my roommates let me see the page…so scary…this time the two of us are almost going to become the stars of KeDa already…hehehe….”

“Mm, mm…”

Liu Yi’s mouth is being covered, thus he is unable to make any sound.

Murong Die’s sweet tongue suddenly enters Liu Yi’s mouth and starts to kiss Liu Yi deeply. Her actions are obviously very proficient, but Murong Die kisses with all her might as her face turns red till the tip of her ears.

“These people are so boring. They likes to gossip about all kind of matters…but I still feel a bit happy. Now everyone in the whole school knows that you are mine, Wang Yuzheng’s. Hehe…”


With his tongue being bit, Liu Yi has difficulty producing sound.

“Xiao Yi? What is the matter with you? Are you listening?”

Liu Yi spends a lot of efforts before he is able to separate from Murong Die’s kiss.

“Listening, listening…”

He hurries and says, “Actually you were always a famous person, the number 2 school flower of KeDa…”

Murong Die’s expression turns slightly angry. She pouts as she looks at Liu Yi in dissastification.

“Hehe…those are not proven one ah…they are made by senseless people…”

Wang Yuzheng seems to be slightly shy as she starts to talk about other matters.

While Murong Die is unresigned as she once again moves in to kiss Liu Yi who hurries and turns his head away, dodging her mouth.

Beside his ear, he hears a soft snort from Murong Die and after which something seems to be softly biting his earlobe….

My fucking god ah…Murong Die my big miss! Just what on earth are you doing ah!!!

A stream of limp and numb feelings transmit into Liu Yi’s brain, making him feel itchy and comfortable as well…this is the first time Liu Yi feels what is called extreme agony.

The guys by the side watching are shedding tears of anger…bullshit…this is completely against reasons ah!

Murong Die is like a mischievous little kitten as she keeps biting Liu Yi’s ear gently.

While on Liu Yi’s other ear, he is listening to Wang Yuzheng’s phone call to him.

“….Recently more students are getting heat stroke in the history major….this matter is too weird. The school is also not letting people investigate, which is too much….Xiao Yi, do you think that it is also very strange?”


“What is the matter with you? Why is your voice slightly weird?”

“No…nothing….I went drinking with some friends….may, maybe I am slightly drunk….”

“Your alcohol strength is not good then do not drink ah. Why don’t I come and fetch you?”

Liu Yi is frightened as he hurries and says, “Ah…no, no need! I do not know what time we will eat to and perhaps after we eat we will go and play in the internet cafe…relax, I only drank so little and will not drink anymore. You are a girl, it is not safe for you to come out in the middle of the night…”


Chapter 511    [Who is joking with who]

Lols as usual Murong Die always get to bully Liu Yi but he cannot do anything about it hahaha

3 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 511

  1. So now that i have more time. Liu Yi is a dumb ass. Wang Yuzheng wasnt calling to find out were he was but were he said he was. She already knew as she was on the school bulletin board right then. He actually was very close to getting away as he told her he was with a friend and where. From the photos taken to that point he would have been fine. And Murong Die knew it so she went for the kill. While he was distracted with the phone call she posed for the camera and went for the kill.


  2. Murong Die, ah! Murong Die! I would be willing to put up with her verbal torture if I got to enjoy the torture she is putting him through while on the phone…. are we sure she isn’t the vixen instead of Lin Tong?


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