MKW Chapter 510

Chapter510     [Are you going to agree]


Ten minutes!

The distance from Wang Erhuo’s western restaurant and KeDa is not close ah! If I had taken a car….I would need another half an hour before I am able to reach it!

Luckily Liu Yi knows how to fly on his flying sword. He steps on his Xiao Taiji and borrows the night, he speeds through the sky and hurries to the lobby of the female dormitory in QingBei university.

As he flies through the sky, his clothing slowly starts changing, changing into a normal exercise attire. Liu Yi is very low-profile. Usually, he does not wish to wear too eye-catching clothing.

He looks at the time, 5 minutes had just passed. Since there is still 5 minutes, he lets out a sigh of relief.

He immediately gives Murong Die a call and tells her that he is already downstairs.

Unexpectedly from the other side comes Murong Die’s cold voice, “You are late by a minute.”


Liu Yi immediately rechecks the timing and shouts, “My big miss ah!!! I am earlier by 5 minutes okay?!?!”

“Who cares about you!”

Murong Die retorts, “This miss says that you are late, that means that you are late! Accept the punishment!”

“What the…what punishment?”

“Punish you to wait downstairs for two hours. After two hours I will come down.”

“What the hell, are you mad? Who wants to wait here 2 hours for you? If you like to come down then come down. If you do not come down, then I’ll leave.”

Liu Yi feels that Murong Die is definitely crazy and became so abnormal.

“You, you, you….you wait for this miss! This miss is coming down right now to look for you!”

Murong Die is flustered and exasperated and seeming to be really slightly anxious.

Liu Yi can only continue to wait downstairs for the big miss who seems to have become crazy.

After waiting for less than 5 minutes, Murong Die the goddess-like figure appears in front of Liu Yi.

She directly walks in front of Liu Yi and straightaway ask, “Liu Yi, you and Wang Yuzheng started dating?”

“Yeah…I just confessed…”

Liu Yi feels that the atmosphere is slightly wrong….

“You scumbag!! You want to die?!”

Murong Die starts trembling, not knowing if it is from anger as she glares at Liu Yi with clenched teeth.

“Big miss? What is the matter with you?”

“Who are you to date with Wang Yuzheng? Even if there is a queue, it is not her turn yet okay?”

“Queue? What queue?”


[TL: ah the moment we have all been waiting for since Liu Yi decided to date Wang Yuzheng, hahaha]

Murong Die starts scolding loudly, attracting the gaze of the surrounding people. A lot of people are very curious about what is the matter of this QingBei’s school flower. Is this the first time they had seen her losing self-control?

Liu Yi hurries and pulls Murong Die to a corner and asks softly, “My big miss ah, are you crazy? Shouting so loudly, do you wish to get on TV?”

“Liu Yi I ask you.”

Murong Die does not care about those at all. Her voice turns cold as she glares hatefully at Liu Yi and asks, “Why did you confess to Wang Yuzheng?”

“What? Of course, it is because I like her ah…”

Liu Yi feels that this question is very clear cut, why did Murong Die ask about it?

“Then what do you think of me? You do not like this miss at all?”

Murong Die is starting to get mad as her tone increases by 8 octaves.

The surrounding people who are secretly listening are all stunned.

What the hell, just what on earth is this situation!

The noble school flower of QingBei is actually chasing a guy! Furthermore, this guy also seems to have a girlfriend?!

Explosive ah, this is definitely an explosive big news ah!!!

The group of gossipers starts to become excited, there is also a portion of Murong Die’s fans already crying till tears cover their entire face.

“What? You….what did you say?”

Liu Yi is slightly stunned, the meaning of what she says….

Could it be that Murong Die really likes me?

But….how is it possible….I in Murong Die’s eyes should be an improved idiot ah…

Her insight is so high, there are so many princes who are chasing after her but none of them are able to enter her eyes, so how come she likes me?

“But….aren’t you the one who always treated me as a good friend…sometimes you also hated me…”

Liu Yi feels like his brain is not enough for him to comprehend.

“Indeed like what Lele said…you towards love relationships is a big idiot! A fool!”

Murong Die starts to smile from anger, “I hate you, if I hated you would I keep asking you out? If I hated you would I think of methods to get close to you? That’s right, I, Murong Die have some big miss temper and want face. But Liu Yi, you think yourself, for you, how many times did I do not care about my face! Even to the point of chasing after you!! You actually treat it as a joke and now you are pretending that you do not know!!!”

“I, I am not pretending ah…..”

“Then you are a real idiot! Fool! Scumbag!”

Murong Die keeps scolding while Liu Yi also does not dare to retort, because he sees the tears on the corner of Murong Die’s eyes.

My heart is actually aching slightly…

“You, you don’t cry ah….”

“Who is crying! Which eyes of yours see this miss cry! This miss would never cry because of you!”

Murong Die wipes her eyes, “Liu Yi, today this miss is here to get a statement from you! If you do not say anything! Then this matter will not end!”

“What statement do you want…”

Liu Yi’s head starts to become big. He wishes to seek his little fox for help, but Lin Tong is in closed-door cultivation in his spiritual world due to cultivation.

Xuefeng is also not around as she is out catching ghosts to supplement her strength.

Thus the only thing that he can rely on is his that pitiful low-grade EQ….

Damn it ah….what a pity….during the 500 years in the Asura Realm, I had already completely merged together with the black-bellied side of me….otherwise letting that face of me come out to handle this, I would definitely be able to easily deal with Murong Die…

But as for this me….I can only have a headache…

“What statement do I want, you go and ask yourself!”

Murong Die glares coldly at Liu Yi, “Liu Yi you cannot treat me like this. This is not fair.”


Liu Yi does not know what to do….should I also accept Murong Die?

But this is not possible ah! What kind of person is Murong Die? A rich missy ah! Will she be willing to be my lover?

But even if Murong Die is willing to be my lover…what about Wang Yuzheng? What would I do if Wang Yuzheng finds out?

“I only want to know a thing.”

Murong Die suddenly calms down and ask Liu Yi softly, “Liu Yi, do you like me?”


“I want to know the truth. No matter what please say the truth.”


Liu Yi hesitates for a while and seeing the tearful eyes of Murong Die, his heart stops beating for a moment and starts to be slightly in pain.

What kind of feeling do I have toward Murong Die?

This goddess-like big miss….perhaps, I only like her.

The past flashes in front of Liu Yi, the moment he got to know her, the time they spend together till now.

It seems like….the two of us had experienced a lot together.

When he is with Wang Yuzheng, Liu Yi will feel peaceful, furthermore, he will pamper Wang Yuzheng, wishing to take care and protect this lass.

While he is with Murong Die….Liu Yi will feel that his heartbeat is speeding up and becomes happy.

This is considered as like right….it should be…

Murong Die asks once again, “Say it!”

Liu Yi does not wish to deny this right, thus he honestly says, “I….I like you…”


Murong Die had always wished to know the answer to this question. But when she really asked this question, she is taciturn.

Liu Yi likes me…but…..should I be happy…..he already has a girlfriend….but it is not me ah…..suddenly feel like I am so laughable…

Murong Die ah, Murong Die…you have the fortunes, possess a noble identity….but you are unable to possess this guy….then what is the point of everything….

Murong Die! You are the most laughable person in the entire world!

My chest is very stuffy ah….really very stuffy….

At this moment she loses all of her strength as she holds onto the wall by her side, her breathing becomes rapid as well.

Seeing how pale Murong Die’s complexion is, her eyes devoid of brilliance and her heavy breathing, all of the scared Liu Yi very badly.

“Xiao Die, you, are you fine…”

Liu Yi hurries and supported her up before sending some qi into her body to check her body situation.

There isn’t any sickness ah…

But her current appearance suddenly makes Liu Yi recall that day when his Immortal Fox sister lied to him….he also seems to be the same.

The kind of feeling where you are unable to get the person you love….really, really makes people feel heart pain.

The entire world seems to have dimmed as the entire life seems to have lost color.

“Xiao Die…sorry…”

“Forget it Liu Yi…it is not your fault….”

In Liu Yi’s embrace, Murong Die seems to have calmed down slightly.

“Although you are a scumbag, an annoying person, a big idiot. But, I do not wish to lose you like this.”

She wipes her eyes and stands up. Looking at Liu Yi she suddenly hardens her heart and says, “I wish that you are able to give me a chance.”

“What, what chance?”

Liu Yi feels that this situation….seems to be out of his control…

“Please go out with me.”


Murong Die’s sentence nearly frightened Liu Yi into anger!

“My ancestor ah….you are joking with me….you and I go out?? I have a girlfriend okay…..”

“I only want to prove that you with me will be better than you with her!”

Murong Die says in an unquestionable manner as she arrogantly lifts up her chin.

“This, this….what if she finds out?”

“That is your problem, not my problem.”

Murong Die suddenly smiles, in her smile carries an evil intention, “This trouble that you provoked you go and think of a way to solve yourself! I am not going to care about it! Anyways from today onwards you are my Murong Die’s boyfriend! Do you understand?!”

What the….isn’t this….too overbearing?

Liu Yi is able to faintly sees the shadow of Ye Hanshuang on Murong Die.

“Did you hear it?”

Murong Die raises her eyebrow as her queen aura exploded out.

This big miss…is really willful….

But thinking of her heartbroken grieving appearance…Liu Yi cannot bear to reject her.


He listlessly smacks his lips and replies, like he is a whipped cream.

“Oi, how dare you show your temper!”

Murong Die starts smiling from anger, “How many people are queuing up to be my, Murong Die’s boyfriend and I did not even bother looking at them! Now I am chasing after you and you are still unwilling?!”

Liu Yi hurries and starts smiling, “I am willing, I am willing….very willing!”

“That is more like it! Now this miss commands you, my boyfriend, Liu Yi…”

“Do what?”

“This miss is hungry! Piggy-back me to eat supper!”

[TL: i give up…murong die is the best troll so far hahaha]


Chapter 510    [Are you going to agree]

And boom goes the Big Miss explosion…well she is as overbearing as usual. hahaha

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