MKW Chapter 509

Chapter 509    [Big Miss is angry]


Hearing Wang Erhuo’s request, Liu Yi raises his eyebrow.

Want to gamble?

“I don’t know what Brother Erhuo wants to gamble? Mahjong? Cards?”

Liu Yi is not good at these things, but relying on immortal techniques, he can easily win any game.

“No, no, no. Although I, Wang Erhuo like to enjoy life, there are two things that I had never touched before. 1 is drugs, the other is gambling.”

Wang Erhuo clucks, “Let me and you gamble another type…underground fighting.”


Liu Yi is delighted in his heart, good fellow, aren’t you just walking towards death?!

“I normally do not have any likes, but what I like most is to watch people fight underground. To be honest, I have a few up to par underground fighting experts. I heard that last time when Commanding Officer is surrounded by my Dagger Society, your kung-fu is very powerful, thus I am envious. How about Commanding Officer have a match against my experts. We will accept the final conclusion how about that?”

“Are you joking around.”

Guan Yihua by the side stands up and sneers, “Do you think that our Commanding Officer is one who takes action so casually? The six people behind me, you can choose one to fight against your experts!”

“A strong dragon cannot repress a snake.”

Wang Erhuo clucks, “In JingDou city, this is the territory of my Dagger Society. There is no need to be so anxious. Just the 9 of you what can you guys do?”

Done speaking, he claps his hands, -pa, pa, pa, pa-

A series of footsteps closely packed together. Very quickly the entire second floor is filled with people from Dagger Society, each of them holding a saber glaring fiercely as they surround Liu Yi and his people.

“Do you see this?”

Wang Erhuo smiles in delight, “In this place, what I say is the law.”

“Looks like there are people who are looking down on my Scarlet Cloth Guards ah.”

Liu Yi picks up his knife and fork while tasting the plate of delicious food in front of him he says, “Instructor, Xiao Guan, I have to trouble you guys. There are too many people on this floor. When there are too many people when I am eating, I will be shy.”

The moment he speaks the 8 Scarlet Cloth Guards behind him suddenly transform into   and dash towards the members of the Dagger Society like black tornados.

-ding, ding, dang, dang!-

Within the time it takes to blink, the second floor turns very spacious.

The Dagger Society members were all taken down by the few Scarlet Cloth Guards and tossed downstairs.

“Be careful!”

One of the higher up from Dagger Society pulls out his handgun and aims towards one of the Scarlet Cloth Guard.

But that Scarlet Cloth Guard instantly appears behind him and chops in on the neck.

That higher up eyes darken and collapsed onto the ground while the handgun is kept in custody by the Scarlet Cloth Guard.

Within the time to drink a cup of wine, all of the Dagger Society members which numbers over a hundred were all cleared out from the second floor of the restaurant.

Wang Erhuo is still stunned as he sits there. Behind him is only left with the small star who had collapsed onto the ground from fear, everyone else had disappeared.

While behind Liu Yi, the 8 Scarlet Cloth Guards return to their original position, they place the handgun they had taken on the table as well.

The servers are also frightened until their legs are trembling, squatting by the side shivering.

“Now that it is much more relaxed, it is even more delicious.”

Liu Yi clucks as he pushes his empty flute glass to the side.

Guan Yihua immediately walks forward and help him refill his glass to the brim with fruit juice. Just now the earlier fiend-like cold face Scarlet Cloth Guard is now no different from a small waiter.

Wang Erhuo is completely stunned, bullshit….this group of people….just who on earth are they!

“Brother Erhuo, we can continue talking now.”

Liu Yi drinks some fruit juice and claps his hand continuing to speak.

“If you wish to make me fight a round, it is also fine. But I must say this first, my actions are neither hard or light. If I injure your expert, you must not blame me at all.”

“No…not at all…”

Wang Erhuo forced out a smile. His 8 underlings are so fierce….how could he himself be any weaker!

No wonder Red Scarf Army is able to dominate the entire China Underworld….there is not no reason…

Damn it! Mu Tianchen that bastard…he actually makes me provoke this scary fellow….going back I am going to toy him to death!

“Then come. I am already full, I can work out a bit.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stands up.

“Okay, okay…”

Wang Erhuo keeps nodding his head. He had already prepared his people. Hearing what Liu Yi says, he immediately takes out his handphone and makse a call.

Now that his little brothers had been sent down, he can only make a call…

After a short time, a door on the second floor is pushed open as a guy carrying baleful aura walks in.

“Brother Erhuo, what instructions do you have for me?”

“This guy is called Zhang Zhilong, the strongest underground fighting expert of mine. He had fought underground fighting for three years and had never been defeated before. His nickname from other people is Duel King!”

Wang Erhuo hurries and introduces to Liu Yi, “His fist techniques are very powerful…Commanding Officer, I will trouble you to fight…”

Seeing the Red Scarf Army’s might, Brother Erhuo’s way of speaking becomes more polite.

Looking at this black attired guy, Liu Yi frowns faintly.

This person is not a mortal. Liu Yi is able to sense a bit of devil qi from his body.

Looks like this Zhang Zhilong guy is a person who has practiced a bit of Devil techniques. Looks like this person is the same as me, instead of cultivating properly, we ran to the city to earn money.

“Then please instruct.”

“Hahaha…you are not my opponent.”

On the other hand, Zhang Zhilong is unable to sense any bit of threat from Liu Yi’s aura and thought that Liu Yi is only an ordinary person.

“Dealing with you I only need 3 seconds.”

“This way….”

Liu Yi turns around as he picks up the flute glass and drained it before passing it to Guan Yihua and says, “Help me fill it to the brim.”


Guan Yihua immediately takes the glass and the pitcher of fruit juice and starts to refill Liu Yi’s glass.

On the other hand, Liu Yi instantly disappears and reappears in front of Zhang Zhilong.

Realizing that Liu Yi is already in front of him, Zhang Zhilong pales in fright but it is already too late.


Liu Yi kicks Zhang Zhilong and sends him flying away.


The rumored Duel King crashes into the wall and faints.

As for Liu Yi, he instantly returns back to Guan Yihua’s side and takes back the just refilled flute glass from Guan Yihua’s hands.

“Thank you.”

Receiving back the flute glass, Liu Yi calmly sips it.

“Orange juice is more nutritious, it can also supplement vitamin C. Brother Erhuo, do you want some?”

While Wang Yuhuo is still unable to react as he sits there blankly.

In just the time to refill a glass…he finished dealing with the strongest expert under me…

This Commanding Officer….I am afraid that he is not an ordinary person…

Wang Erhuo remembers that his father had told him before, although they appear to be the highest layer people in China, in this world, there are still some people whom they also cannot provoke.

Looks like….this Commanding Officer…should also be one of them.

Looks like I need to forge a good relationship with him…

“Brother Erhuo, what do you say, I won right?”

Liu Yi placed down the wine glass and ask with a smile.

“Win…win…you won very beautifully!”

Wang Erhuo immediately agrees, “Commanding Officer indeed havs good skills…good skills….you relax. From now on, you are my, Wang Erhuo’s friend! Whoever who dares to trouble you is equivalent to troubling me Wang Erhuo! Come, come, come. Commanding Officer…ah no, brother Liu Yi, let me Erhuo toast you!”

He lifts up his wine glass, not caring if it is a red wine or white wine, he drains it with a gulp, his earlier arrogance is gone.

“Then I shall have to thank Brother Erhuo.”

Liu Yi also smiles. Looks like today’s operation is rather successful.

“Come, come, come. For today’s matter, let’s call it making friends through fighting! Come, let us brothers drink, drink!”

Wang Erhuo changes his earlier attitude and becomes enthusiastic.

How he managed to have his current standing is not only because of him relying on his Crown Prince Association’s might. It is also because of his intelligence.

He is able to see that Liu Yi will definitely become a dragon in the future! He will definitely create a huge wave!

Thus creating a good relationship with Liu Yi now, he will definitely be able to recuperate in the future!

“Good! Today I am very happy, let us toast!!”

“Hahaha, well said, well said. These red wines are too weak. Come, bring me that special offering MaoTai over!”

“What the…you are going to change to spirits now? Brother Erhuo didn’t you say that you are going to be like the western nobles?”

“Hehe, to be honest with brother, that is only pretending to be cool for outsiders to see! Since you are not an outsider, there is no need to act like that! It is still drinking spirits the best!”

“But, I cannot drink alcohol…”

“Eh…no worries, you drink fruit juice I drink alcohol! Come, come, fill it up, fill it up….”

The two of them starts to drinking their respective cups as the atmosphere starts to become joyous and harmonious.

Just as the two of them are starting to discuss on opening what kind of business would earn the most money in JingDou, Little Jade suddenly calls out,

{Master, Murong Die is calling you!}

Murong Die? Why is this lass looking for me at this timing? Now it is already quite late and Murong Die does not seem to be a rich lady who likes nightlife ah.

“That, Brother Erhuo I need to pick up this call, please wait a while for me.”

“Okay, okay.”

Liu Yi walks to the side and where there is no one around him before picking up the call.

“Liu Yi, where are you now?”

From the other side of the phone call, comes the cold voice of Murong Die.

This lass is angry? Who provoked her?

“I am outside ah, what is the matter?”

“Now. Immediately. Get to the lobby of my dormitory! <NOW!!!>”

[TL: <NOW!> is written in english in the raws.]

“What the hell, my big miss ah, why don’t you take a look at what time it is now?”

“I do not care. If you are unable to reach in 10 minutes, you better not regret!”

Done speaking Murong Die hangs up.

My mother ah, this lass is trying to defy heavens ah!

Liu Yi signs. He can only walk over and say to Wang Erhuo, “Apologies, Brother Erhuo. Something happened, thus I need to make a move first…I will find another day to pay a visit and have a good drinking session.”

“Sure, sure. Since brother Liu has some matters, you can go and deal with it first.”

Wang Erhuo is slightly drunk as he nods his head, “In the future if you have some problems in JingDou…Brother Liu can just say the word and Big Brother I will settle it!”

“Then I’ll have to thank Brother Erhuo.”

“Haha, why is there a need for us brothers to be polite for…come, arrange a car and send my brother back…”

“There is no need already Brother Erhuo. I have my own car. Let me leave first.”

Take a car? I better hurry and fly back on the flying sword instead!


Chapter 509     [Big miss is angry]

It will be a good show tomorrow hahaha

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    • Although I agree that EVENTUALLY it will be a harem Murong Die is no mood right now to join a harem…with a comment like that, she found out that he has a girlfriend AND IT ISN’T HER, how can a rich self absorbed woman accept that…. I feel there will be blood tonight… can’t wait until the next chapter is red…and read hehe


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