MKW Chapter 508

Chapter 508    [Want to gamble]


Since the Red Scarf Army took over North Dragon City, Liu Yi has never taken part in any Red Scarf Army activity!

As for some hard to solve problems, just sending out the Scarlet Cloth Guards and the problems will be easily solved!

But this time is different. The opponent’s higher up are Crown Prince Association! A slight change will cause a butterfly effect!

Being enemies with the Crown Prince Association, perhaps they might be enemies against the entire country. Liu Yi is very clear. He will not let Scarlet Cloth Guards and Red Scarf Army becomes the sacrificial victim between the fight with him and the Crown Prince Association.

The underworld is different from the cultivation world. In this place, not only do you need your fists, you need intelligence even more!

If you take a wrong step, all of your efforts might be completely gone!

Liu Yi wears the Scarlet Cloth Guards unique military attire and a pair of army boots. He puts on a mask and stands in front of a rather famous western restaurant in JingDou.

This western restaurant is decorated rather beautifully, it’s atmosphere is rather high class. It is actually one of the properties of this Crown Prince Association. Inside are a number of Dagger Society members, and it is also the usual gathering area for Dagger Society.

Behind Liu Yi is a Rolls-Royce Phantom, this is the private car for the upper layer of Red Scarf Army.

When a guy wearing military attire and mask gets off this car, it attracted the attention of a lot of the surrounding people. But today the restaurant is not open, which reduces unwanted attention and troubles.

“Commanding Officer, this is the place.”

Army Knife and Guan Yihua are standing to the left and right of Liu Yi, the two of them are wearing the attire for Scarlet Cloth Guards. Their tall stature makes them looks like two door gods.

The rest of the Scarlet Cloth Guards get off the black Audis behind and follow behind them.

This time Liu Yi did not bring a lot of people. He only brings along 8 Scarlet Cloth Guards, among them, the leaders are Army Knife and Guan Yihua. Because Chen Dahai still needs to hold down the headquarters of Red Scarf Army, he is unable to come.

After all this time Liu Yi is not here to war but to negotiate. If they fight against Crown Prince Association, injuring them a thousand and injuring themselves 800 is not suitable and not worth it.

The door to the western restaurant is wide open with only a single sign hanging by the side that says that they are not open.

This Dagger Society is rather impressive. They did not set up anyone to hinder us.

Liu Yi walks into the restaurant only to see a completely different sight. By the two sides of the restaurant stands two rows of guys in white shirts. Each of them are holding a saber.

The entire restaurant is covered with a murderous aura.

Liu Yi smiles, and here I thought that they are impressive, but unexpectedly they still enjoy making some atmosphere.

If they really want to compare this, the influence of Red Scarf Army covers China! Most of the retired military men have entered Red Scarf Army, these numbers are very large and if they really deploy the entire Red Scarf Army over, just a spit from all of them is enough to submerge this restaurant.

“Scene making efforts are not bad.”

Army Knife places his hands to his back and snorts lightly, “But from the posture they hold their sabers, they are all newbies, a group of good-for-nothings.”

Liu Yi asks, “If they are given to you to teach will you be able to turn them into experts?”

“Not possible.”

Army Knife sneers, “A group of trash who had already let alcohol and women hollow out their body, no matter how much training they go through, it will be useless. Completely useless.”

Liu Yi nods his head as he stands in the lobby with his Scarlet Cloth Guards.

One of the white shirt guys invites them to move upstairs, “Red Scarf Army, please head upstairs.”

Only then did Liu Yi bring his Scarlet Cloth Guards up to the second floor. Following a Dagger Society member, they walk towards the largest long table.

On the long table is a 30+ years old guy who is wearing branded clothing reclining against the chair.

Behind him stands a very familiar looking beauty, who is massaging the guy’s shoulder.

This girl seems to be a small star ah….

But as for who she is, Liu Yi is not too clear, after all, he seldom watches movies.

Being able to make a small star to massage his shoulders, he should be none other than the rumored Brother Erhuo.

Behind this Brother Erhuo stands a few Dagger Society members, although they are not carrying sabers Liu Yi is able to see from their bulging waist they had brought along other fellows.

What a good Dagger Society. Even in JingDou this area they are able to get their hands on guns….the power behind their backing is indeed very large.

This Brother Erhuo acts like he is the master and points at the seat opposite him and says, “Take a seat.”

Liu Yi is also not polite as he sits on the other side.

A few beautiful waitresses start to place down the tableware for dinner.

The first to be carried over is two bottles of France dry red wine. Liu Yi is unable to see the year but it should not be bad.

Two servers stand by Liu Yi and Brother Erhuo’s side and pour wine for the two of them.

At the same time, two plates of biscuits are placed in front of the two of them.

“I do not drink wine. Give me fruit juice.”

If Liu Yi drinks wine he’ll be done for, so he lets the server to change his wine to fruit juice.

After which, two plates of cold platter is placed on the table.

[TL: cold platter is a dish of cold foods, the ones I usually have/had is preserved duck eggs, seasoned jellyfish, prawn with mangoes, duck meat, spring rolls, baby octopus. Of course all of them are served cold.]

[TL: since this is france french version, it is various kind of ham and cheese ^_^]

“This is a set of France banquet, a total of 13 dishes. First is wine and biscuits which is the appetizers. This cold platter is then the first real dish.”

Brother Erhuo swirls his cup of wine as he says with a merry smile.

“I like this kind of luxurious noble lifestyle, furthermore I would not lose quality. It is a pity that this region of ours does not have the so-called noble lineage. I yearn for Europeans, their royal family lineage is very noble. When I look at myself, sometimes I feel like I am an upstart. So I am doing my best to learn the nobility etiquette, to let myself to become a real elegant nobility. If I am lacking in manners in anyways, please forgive me.”

“Your lineage is already set when you are born. It is a matter that cannot be changed.”

Liu Yi smiles, “What is the point of mimicking the Western Nobility? Being an ordinary commoner is also quite good.”

“Oh? The words coming from the famous Commanding Officer’s mouth is really making it hard for me to believe.”

Brother Erhuo clucks, “If I did not hear wrongly, China, other than JingDou as well as some of the rather remote areas, the underground powers of all the other areas had already been united by sire’s Red Scarf Army right? Money and power, the importance of this two words I believe that you understand it more than me!”

“The reason why I unify all of them is not for money or power.”

Liu Yi also did not expect that the other person would be able to understand his ideology, “Instead it is to establish a new order.”

“Hahaha, if you are not Commanding Officer, what you say would had definitely made me laugh non-stop.”

“You are already laughing.”

“Cough, cough. Sorry, sorry. I have forgotten my manners.”

Brother Erhuo gracefully wipes his mouth. “Actually I am rather curious. Why did Commanding Officer this kind of person would step out for a small student? Unless the two of you have some relationship? There shouldn’t be a need for you Commanding Officer to drop in to demand repayment just for me dealing with a student right?”

As Wang Erhuo speaks, he is actually cursing in his heart. Mo Tianchen that fellow, why did he provoke such prickly fellow!

Originally he thought that he was only dealing with a student, but unexpectedly he provoked the Red Scarf Army!

Although he is from the Crown Prince Association, he only has slightly more influence in JingDou that’s all. Towards Red Scarf Army who possesses influence throughout China, Crown Prince Association is also not willing to provoke. After all, the members of Crown Prince Association do occasionally want to go to other areas to play, have a holiday, have some fun and the likes. If they meet with misfortune outside of JingDou….it is hard to say.

Furthermore, Wang Erhuo had found people to investigate the background of this Red Scarf Army only to realize that they seem to have some government power…which makes it even harder to deal with!

“This, talking about that, it is actually simple.”

Liu Yi takes off his mask, “Because the student that you want to deal with, is me.”


The knife in Wang Erhuo’s hand drops onto the plate.

Fucking bullshit…..

Right now he only wished to drag Mu Tianchen over and fiercely give him a hundred slaps!

You fucking want me to find trouble for the Commanding Officer of Red Scarf Army!!! Damn it….this is fucking playing big already….

But as a member of the Crown Prince Association as well as the owner of Dagger Society, Wang Erhuo naturally could not admit wrongdoing just like this.

He pretends to place the fork on the plate as he coughs and defused the awkwardness before saying, “Although your Red Scarf Army is powerful, in JingDou this territory, it is my Dagger Society who has the final say. Last time you injured quite a number of my people. So what are you going to say about that.”

Wang Erhuo continues to pretend to be arrogant.

Liu Yi does not care, instead, he gives Wang Erhuo a way out.

“Brother Erhuo, talking about this matter, actually it is only a misunderstanding. I feel that the two of us can work together and there is no need to fight due to some misunderstanding that even I myself do not know. This way not only would it badly injure both of us, it will also destroy the unity and stability in JingDou, don’t you agree.”

“What you say is indeed reasonable.”

Wang Erhuo nods his head, having gained back his face, his complexion became better.

“Why don’t we find a solution and forget the former enmity. From now on let us develop together in JingDou. How about it?”

“Ah, so Commanding Officer has this plan.”

Brother Erhuo sips a mouth of wine before saying, “As the saying ‘A mountain cannot tolerate two tigers’ Do you think that in the territory of JingDou, my Dagger Society will allow the existence of another fierce tiger?”

“I have already said that we will have a working together relationship/”

Liu Yi smiles, “The underground forces of JingDou will still belong to you. What My Red Scarf Army wants are some surface businesses that’s all.”


Wang Erhuo instantly becomes slightly interested, “You wish to let us be the protection for you guys in JingDou?”

“Let the two of us each take a step back.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “The cake of the white side, you need to split some to us. while the underworld will still remain yours. At the same time as allies, if Dagger Society needs help, my Red Scarf Army will definitely lend a hand.”

It is not that Liu Yi does not wish to enter the underworld of JingDou, but because JingDou’s water is too deep, he is unable to enter at all.


Wang Erhuo narrows his eyes, “Since that is the case, why don’t we have a gamble. If you win, you can enter my JingDou area, for the white side you can have a part of the cake, I am fine with it. But if you lose….hehe, apologies, scram out from JingDou for this young master!”


Chapter 508     [Want to gamble?]

Tomorrow will be a interest day. hehe

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