MKW Chapter 507

Chapter 507    [Dagger Society]


“Lie down for me!”

The yellow-head guy walks towards Liu Yi and chops towards his shoulder with his saber.

If this saber hits Liu Yi, a normal person’s arm will definitely be crippled!


While Liu Yi only moves sideways slightly and kicks out with his leg at the yellow-head guy’s stomach.

The yellow-head person is instantly sent flying away and crashes a few meters away, rolling a few rounds on the ground before stopping.

“Brother Xiao Pi!”

“What the hell, Brother Xiao Pi had fainted from the kick!”

“Bullshit there are so many of us, everyone stab him to death!”

These people are obviously gangsters, seeing their leader being kicked onto the floor, all of them hold up their saber’s and rush towards Liu Yi

What the heck….aren’t you a dagger society? What are all of you holding sabers!

Liu Yi hugs Wang Yuzheng tightly and looks at the Dagger Society members rushing in from all direction and clenches his teeth.

No one offend me and I would not offend anyone! Since this whatever Brother Erhuo wants to chew on me this tough bone, then I will break his front teeth!

Thinking to here, Liu Yi did not retreat. Instead, he advanced, and rushes into the crowd while hugging Wang Yuzheng who had her eyes closed.

His legs dance in the air, kicking out in a semi-circle continuously. Like two axes, smashing onto the body of the Dagger Society members.

-boom! boom! pop!-

A series of dull sounds, although he is surrounded by over a hundred people, all of them who get close to Liu Yi were all send flying away shrieking.

After they collapse onto the ground, if they did not faint, then their bones would be broken as they keep crying out in pain.

“Good gods….this fellow is from a martial family!”

“Damn it…he can really fight….”

“There are so many of us, aren’t we able to chop him to death? He can’t even use his hands already!”

The members of Dagger Society valor rise as they chops towards Liu Yi’s head.

A shining saber starts descending towards the back of Liu Yi’s head, causing Liu Yi to feel numb from the back of his head. Without turning his head, he kicks backward with his leg, Scorpion swings its tail.


That saber is actually broken into two by Liu Yi’s high kick, the broken saber blade spins a few rounds in the sky before finally landing in front of a Dagger Society member’s leg.

“My mother ah…is this a joke…”

The gangster whose saber is broken looks at his broken saber as he gulps down his saliva.

This is a top quality steel forged saber ah….it is actually snapped into two by a person kicking with his legs?! This is not right?!?!

“Get lost!”

Liu Yi does not plan to leave this stun gangster along. He kicks him flying away.

His action of kicking a saber into two, frighten the rest of the gangster.

The group of people surround Liu Yi but leave an empty space of around a meter, no one dares to get close to Liu Yi.

This person is too devilish…his pair of legs is fiercer than a battle ax!

“Just who on earth is this fellow ah…why is he so fierce…”

“What the hell, I just found a video on this guy fighting in a stage…bullshit this is an iron board ah!”

One of the Dagger Society members shouts while holding his handphone.

The other gangsters by his side crowd around to watch and their skull starts to feel numb.

Is this fellow still a human….why did Brother Erhou send us to deal with this kind of person ah!

Isn’t this just wanting our life?!

“Who still wishes to play with me?”

Looking at the Dagger Society gangsters in front of him, Liu Yi starts smiling. This group of gangsters are still enough to bully normal people but meeting me, they are helpless.

“Damn it, I do not believe it. Brothers, light this fellow up!”

One of the gangster roars.

Liu Yi starts to be anxious, could it be that this group of people also possess firearms?

Although I am not afraid….but I am still carrying Wang Yuzheng. Furthermore, it is not a good thing to use cultivator techniques in broad daylight.

While he is suspecting, the gangsters pull out a crossbow. Holding in their hands, they point towards Liu Yi.

What the hell…it is actually a crossbow!

This group of fellows are way too good at squandering already! Crossbow. this object is considered as a handicraft. Although crossbows are under control, it is not so strict. This thing shoots very quickly and if a crossbow bolt is shot, it is enough to pierce through a person’s heart.

Especially when a group of them do it together, this might is really not small!

“Little fellow today we shall shoot you into a sieve!”

Done speaking they prepare to pull the trigger.

Liu Yi’s brows crease, looking around, he is surrounded by a large number of people from all sides and there is no gap to escape from.

As he looks around, he suddenly sees a parasol set up by a peddler stall by the side.


That guy raises his hand and everyone aims their crossbow at Liu Yi.

“Hug me tightly.”

Liu Yi says softly to Wang Yuzheng before he starts to run forward with large steps.

“This fellow is planning to run! Release! Shoot him!!”

-pew, pew, pew!-

Bolts of crossbow bolts chase after Liu Yi, while Liu Yi’s speed is very quick. He runs like he is doped. The crossbow bolts did not hit their target, instead, they land on the surround Dagger Society members body, causing them to wail pitifully.

While Liu Yi continues to run, after which with a stomp of his left foot, he jumps 2 meters high while his other leg stands on top of the parasol.

Liu Yi’s body is very graceful, even though he is hugging Wang Yuzheng he is still very relaxed!

He really stomps on the parasol. His body only lifts up slightly and sticks to the wall of a tall building by the side.

Both of Liu Yi’s legs kick out repeatedly against the walk, like executing qinggong, he runs forward a few steps and finally lands on a platform on the second floor.

After landing on the platform, Liu Yi did not stop moving, instead, he continues to run forward crazily and soon he is far away.

The group of people holding crossbows are stunned, what the hell….is this the rumored light qigong?

This is too much already ah…..who on earth is this fellow?

“Wh, what should we do?”

“Damn it, let’s go back and inform Brother Erhuo…we have touched something tricky…”

“Fine then, there is no other choice…”

The rest of the people can only nod their heads. Everything shall wait until they return and finish informing Brother Erhuo.

Liu Yi runs wildly the entire way until he runs back to the school campus.

Such a long distance to him is as easy as 1,2,3. Running back to the school campus, he is not even panting.

Liu Yi gently pats Wang Yuzheng’s butt and reminds, “Okay, you can open your eyes now.”

“Ah? Where are we now?”

Only then did Wang Yuzheng wake up and rubs her eyes while looking around.

Liu Yi clucks, this lass actually fell asleep!

Is it really that comfortable in my embrace?!

“We are in school now, idiot.”

Wang Yuzheng blinks and asks Liu Yi, “Oh…we are already back…how did you provoke the black society?”

“I also do not know. It should be because I am too handsome so the black society does not like me.”

“Get lost…only ghosts would believe you…”

Wang Yuzheng rolls her eyes and suddenly realize that the surrounding people are looking at them with an excessive ambiguous manner. Only then did she recall that she is still being carried by Liu Yi and her face instantly turns red.

“You, you, you….quickly put me down…”

“What is it, we are already husband and wife, why are you still being so shy?”

“Go and die…what husband and wife, I see that you are being shameless…quickly put me down, otherwise I will be angry…”

“Fine, fine, fine. I’ll put you down.”

Liu Yi knows that Wang Yuzheng is very particular about her face, thus he did not tease her anymore and placed her down.

After getting off Wang Yuzheng smiles merrily and says, “Mm, today is still rather happy. Follow me to the library to read books!”

What a really strange dating method ah…

But since Wang Yuzheng likes it, Liu Yi is willing to accompany her.

The two of them hold their hands and walks along the school road to the library.

Along the way, a lot of people are looking at them with anger, wishing to break them up.

One is the number 2 school flower while the other is the awesome looking handsome guy from the competition.

Although it looks like it is a match made in heaven…but there are still people who wish to break them up and have one of them for themselves….

Liu Yi does not care about the surrounding people gaze but is still slightly affected. While Wang Yuzheng had a red face throughout the journey, a few times she wishes to throw off Liu Yi’s hand but is unable to get her way. Thus she gave up in the end and calmly walks with Liu Yi hand in hand.

“You go up first. I need to go to the restroom.”

After Liu Yi lets Wang Yuzheng go up first, he walks into the toilet and calls Chen Dahai through Little Jade.

“Brother Dahai, do you know of the Dagger Society in JingDou?”

“Oh, boss why did you ask about the Dagger Society?”

“You just need to say do you know or do not know.”

“Of course I know!”

Chen Dahai replies, “This Dagger Society is a malignant tumor of our Red Scarf Army advancement into JingDou….their head is Wang Erhuo who is also the famous Crown Prince Duan in JingDou. His hands can stretch very far! Dagger Society expanded very fast under his shade and is now the number one gang in JingDou!”

“JingDou Prince Association is really that powerful?”

Liu Yi frowns.

“Boss it is not that they are powerful individually, but as a group of people, they are powerful! Crown Prince Association is a firm and unbreakable entity. Anyone who touches any of their benefits is equal to touching the benefits of everyone! Crown Prince Association’s shield Dagger Society while Dagger Society will help Crown Prince Association to deal with some matters that cannot be dealt with in the public sight….so boss, you understand.”

“If I wish to deal with this Dagger Society?”

“If we activate Scarlet Cloth Guards, we can assassinate them…but even if we assassinate that Wang Erhuo, there is no meaning. Dagger Society will still be inherited by other Crown Prince Association members….furthermore, Crown Prince Association has a special identity, it is best not to result in loss of life.”

“I understand.”

Liu Yi nods his head, looks like there is only one method.

“Tonight help me invite Dagger Society Wang Erhuo out. Say it is Red Scarf Army Commanding Officer who wants to drink with him.”

“Great! Brothers have been waiting a long time for this day!”

Chen Dahai’s voice is filled with excitement!


Chapter 507     [Dagger Society]

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