MKW Chapter 506

Chapter 506    [Brother Erhuo]


Selling a piano will allow me to earn 2% of sales.

It also means that selling a 1.35 million piano…I can earn 26 thousand from the sales…

This big business….don’t say selling face, even if he wants to touch my chest it is also fine!

Her actions are very swift and she quickly helps Liu Yi swipe his card and finish the procedure.

“Sir, we also provide goods delivery service…”

“No hurry.”

Liu Yi waves his hand before turning around and looks warmly Wang Yuzheng.

“Don’t you wish to play this piano, come play a bit.”


Wang Yuzheng has already known what Liu Yi is thinking of, thus she obediently sits in front of the piano. She breaths in rigorously before she presses down on a white piano key.

This is a completely new Bosendorfer, furthermore, every day, there will be a professional piano teacher who comes and maintains it, thus the sound from the playing it is very precise and beautiful.

Wang Yuzheng plays gently, her ten fingers are dancing on the piano keys.

She is naturally beautiful, currently, she is dressed up like a princess. Sitting in front of the grand piano, she is even more beautiful.

Especially the melodious piano music, it swiftly spread around the shopping center.

A lot of people starts to gather around, appreciating Wang Yuzheng’s playing the piano as well as looking at the beauty playing the piano.

The sight and sound are experiencing pleasure at the same time…it is basically indescribable with words!

The shop assistant also turns slightly silly from listening. The piano is displayed here daily, although it is worth 1.35million, without anyone playing it, it is nothing but a dead object.

Currently, because of this beauty, it becomes alive and possesses true worth.

Wang Yuzheng is playing her most familiar <Prayer of a young lady>, as the crowd listens to the piano music, in form of the eyes a young lady seems to appear, she is so sincere and so cute…

A lot of people becomes drawn into the music as they start to hums softly along.

Liu Yi finds it hard to calm down the excitement in his heart….my girlfriend is actually so outstanding…also so pretty and she is also so talented…oh, perhaps the Entertainment company set-up by Red Scarf Army will need to rely on her to earn money!

Cough, I am not turning her into a money making machine. I will follow her wish to help her forge her stardom!

Very quickly the song is finished, the crowd wishes that it can continue on.

“Miss’s piano skill is indeed very high…it causes people to linger ah….”

The shop assistant starts boot-licking.

“Still wish to play?”

Liu Yi ignores that shop assistant and asks Wang Yuzheng softly.

“No, it is already enough.”

Wang Yuzheng gives Liu Yi a very wide smile, it is very splendid and dazzling, like a bright and beautiful sunshine.

Wang Yuzheng is this kind of girl, making people feel warm as well as dazzled.

She is like a beautiful sun which brightens up his life.

“Help me up.”

Wang Yuzheng stretches out her hand to Liu Yi, who smiles and pulls her into his embrace, attracting the surrounding guy’s envy.

Damn it…why is it the guy who is hugging this girl not me…

But thinking about it, this guy is willing to spend money extravagantly, spending 1.3million money to buy such an expensive grand piano….this is understandable.

“Sir, may I know where is your house, we will help you send the piano to your home.”

The shop assistant asks Liu Yi excitedly, the 20 thousand is about to enter my hands!

“No need.”

Liu Yi says straightforwardly, “I do not want this piano anymore, I’ll be returning it.”

This sentence shoots through the shop assistant like lightning stunning her there.

“S, sir….”

Liu Yi asks, “What is the matter. Didn’t your shopping center says that within 24 hours if the goods are not spoilt we can return without any terms?”

“What could it be that your shop does not need to follow this rule as well?”


The shop assistant’s face turns pale. She knows that this is Liu Yi’s retaliation to her, retaliation against her for looking down on them earlier.

Right now anything she says is too late already. This piano, the other person will definitely not buy it.

The shop assistant can only honestly return Liu Yi his money and finish the procedures before sitting to the side with a dejected face.

“Let is go, let us return.”

Liu Yi lets Wang Yuzheng place her arms around him and the two of them walk away under the shocked gaze of the crowd.

While Wang Yuzheng walks, she asks Liu Yi with apprehension, “Liu Yi….do you think what we did will be too much?”

“Not at all.”

Liu Yi clucks gently, “A person who humiliates others is asking to humiliate himself. If a person does not know how to respect others, why should others respect her? As for the shop assistant, her words earlier were sharp and unkind, sooner or later there will be a day where she will pay deeply for her mouth and influence. Today our actions is nothing but a small reminder to her. If she is able to change, then that is the best. If she is unable to then the day she will pay deeply will come.”

“You actually think so much…”

Wang Yuzheng blinks her eyes, “Where did all of this reasoning of yours come from…”

“I learned all of them from my grandfather!”

Liu Yi recalls his youth with his grandfather and starts to become slightly emotional.

“Ah…I also wish to get to know your grandfather, he is definitely a very knowledgeable person…”

“I’m afraid that I cannot satisfy you. My grandfather had already passed away.”

“Ah…sorry, sorry….”

Wang Yuzheng hurries and apologizes causing Liu Yi not knowing to cry or laugh.

“Haiz what is there for you to apologize, not knowing is not a crime. Are you tired of strolling? How about we go and find a coffee shop to drink some coffee and rest a while?”

“Let’s not…they are all too expensive…let us go back to school, why don’t you accompany me to read some books.”

Wang Yuzheng is a model studying girl, causing Liu Yi to be very moved.

“Okay, okay, then let us go back to school.”


The two of them stands by the roadside, preparing to take a taxi.

At this moment, from the street side speeds over a white van. With a groaning sound, it suddenly stops in front of Liu Yi and Wang Yuzheng.

Following which the car’s door is pulled open as two burly chaps stretch out their hands and try to grab Wang Yuzheng.

What the hell? Still coming?

Recalling back then there were people who kidnapped Wang Yuzheng like this in front of me and today you actually dare to do the same again!

Liu Yi instantly turns angry, do you think I am air?

Liu Yi instantly pulls Wang Yuzheng behind him and kicks the top of the van at the same time.


The van instantly tilt to its side before rolling over.

The people inside are thrown all over the place as they shriek miserably.

“Fuck you, do you think I am a vegetarian?!”

Liu Yi walks over and pulls out a burly chap whose face is covered with blood.

“Say it, who is the one who sent you?”

This is definitely a kidnap organized by a gang with an objective. Liu Yi grabs that burly guy. With a glare, his killing intent erupts out scaring the burly chap into peeing in his pants.

“I, I also do not know…it, it was Brother Second Huo’s orders…”

Brother Second Huo? Who the hell is this Brother Second Huo?

Liu Yi starts to frown, when have I provoked this person?

“Which gang are you guys from?”

This people are obviously from a gang and can easily be seen.

“We are from Dagger Society….you better not provoke us…otherwise you will not be able to get anywhere in this JingDou area.”

Although the guy is trembling from fear of Liu Yi, thinking of his gang’s background, he threatens.

“Oh? Is the place is under the feet of the Son of Heaven and what kind of things can you this group do?”

Liu Yi does not really believe it.

But at this moment a ‘dang, dang, dang’ sound ringing out from the distance.

Liu Yi looks around, all of the surrounding people have all disappeared! Earlier there were a lot of people walking around!

The area cleared away? Are you for real, this is JingDou ah!

Who has such influence to actually proclaim himself as king in JingDou?!

Breaking the law under the feet of the Son of Heaven, isn’t that just seeking death?

“Liu Yi….what is this sound ah…”

Wang Yuzheng also starts to feel uneasy as she hides in Liu Yi’s embrace.

“No need to be afraid, I am here.”

Liu Yi hugs Wang Yuzheng and looks around vigilantly.

{It seems like there are a lot of people closing in!}

Lin Tong also hear some clues, {At the very least it will not be lesser than a hundred people…}

{Looks like this time around I cannot be benevolent already.}

Liu Yi hugs Wang Yuzheng tightly and says to her, “Be good, close your eyes.”


“I ask you to close your eyes then close your eyes! If you do not listen, I will throw you  out!”

“Oh….fine then…”

Wang Yuzheng can only embrace Liu Yi’s neck and closes her eyes.

At this moment, they hear a ‘dang, dang, dang’ sound.

Over a hundred guys holding knives gathers around Liu Yi, surrounding him within.

The leader of them who is a yellow-hair guy says to Liu Yi, “Little fellow consider yourself unlucky to provoke our Brother Second Huo in this territory! Brother Second Huo has given word to chop off an arm and leg of yours. You can choose which one.”

Liu Yi asks, “Talking about this…who is this Second Hua?”

The yellow-head guy sways his knife as he looks at Liu Yi like he is looking at an alien, “In this territory, you actually do not know who my Brother Second Huo is! Little fellow to think you actually mingle in this territory ah, you really do not have any eyes!”

“Firstly I am not here to mingle around, I came to JingDou to study. Next, JingDou is under the feet of the Son of Heaven, the root of the Imperial City. You actually dare to break the law and commit crimes in this area, are you not afraid of getting into trouble?”

“Hahaha, why don’t you say that you are an idiot who knows nothing! In this area, Brother Second Huo’s name is the best to use! Look at yourself, of all people to provoke, you go and provoke our Brother Second Huo, hahaha….”

“This Brother Second Huo is who? Can his hand cover the skies?”

“Hahaha, Brother Second Huo’s fame is very resounding. In this district Brother Second Huo is the most awesome. His words are even more useful than Imperial Edicts. Wanting to pinch you to death is as easy as pinching an ant to death. Come, choose a leg or arm so that I do not have to think of which one to take.”

“Really sorry but I still need to keep my arms and legs to use and have never thought of giving them to other people.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he hugs Wang Yuzheng who is trembling tighter.

“Little fellow, then let this young master take action personally!”

The yellow-head guy sneers coldly as he stabs a knife towards Liu Yi, the knife light is very eye-catching in the sunlight.


Chapter 506     [Brother Erhuo]

Hahaha Hevensdragon almost guessed what Liu Yi is going to do, nice one. Looks like you are starting to understand the mind of the author hahaha.


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