MKW Chapter 505

Chapter 505    [Do not fight for a sigh of relief]

(Screw this chapter title)->Chapter 505 Preparation for bitch slapping timeeee!!!


“Just take a look at your attire and you actually dare to walk into our store and look at the piano. Do you know how much does this grand piano cost?”

The store assistance pats the white grand piano and says, “This is a Bosendorfer brand, authentic Austrian craftsmanship. One piano is 1.35 million do you think you are able to buy it?”


Liu Yi is very uncomfortable. You are only selling a piano only and you are being so overboard.

“Forget it, Liu Yi, let us go…”

Wang Yuzheng also feels that this piano is very expensive and is not something that she is able to touch. She tugs Liu Yi, wishing to leave this place.

The shop assistant continues to ridicule, “That’s right, hurry and scram back to where you come from. Dressed so shabby from top to bottom, next time before you buy items take a look at your dressing first.”

“Fine then, you just wait.”

Liu Yi starts to become angry. He glances at the shop assistant, causing the shop assistant to feel like she is being stabbed by two knives as a shiver runs down his spine.

So strange, how come that guy’s gaze is so sharp…

Isn’t he just a poor student, why am I so afraid of him?

“Yuzheng, let us go.”

Liu Yi pulls Wang Yuzheng’s hand and turns around and leave.

“Let us continue strolling…”

“Mm, let us go to the second floor first. Let us go to the premium good area and buy new clothing for you.”

Wang Yuzheng immediately shakes her head, “Ah? The clothing there are too expensive…how about not…”

“Relax, I have money. Helping my girlfriend buy clothing is the norm!”

Liu Yi feels that since Wang Yuzheng is already his girlfriend if he still lets her wear low-quality clothing like him then he is letting her down.

I can look down by others but I can not let my girl looks down upon by others!

Liu Yi pulls Wang Yuzheng to the second-floor premium good area and finds a shop that looks rather fashionable and walks in.

“Sir and miss, how are you, this is this year’s newest fashion for summer…”

Luckily the shop assistant is not that snobby and enthusiastically presented the clothing to Liu Yi and Wang Yuzheng.

“This, this and this, let her try all of them.”

Liu Yi looks around and sees a few attire that looks not bad.


The female shop assistant visually estimates Wang Yuzheng’s figure before leaving to help her take the clothing.

“The clothing here is very expensive ah…”

When Wang Yuzheng sees the price on those clothing, she is surprised and tugs Liu Yi, “Let us hurry and run away…”

“Idiot…why run away. Today I shall bleed and give you a detailed makeover! How dare that shop assistant look down on people! I shall let her know what is called a real goddess!”

While they are speaking, the shop assistant has returned with clothing.

“Go in to try it out! Go in, there is no need to worry, my fortune is very abundant!”

Liu Yi pushes all the clothing to Wang Yuzheng’s hands and pushes her into the changing room.


“How about I help you change?”

Liu Yi clucks causing Wang Yuzheng’s face to turn red as she enters the changing room.

“Sir’s insight is not bad, those clothing that you pick are the most fashionable ones.”

The female shop assistant is able to see that although this guy’s dressing is simple, actually he is actually a rich and imposing person. Thus she starts to dupe Liu Yi.


Liu Yi laughs but did not say anything. How are these clothing chosen by him, they are chosen by Little Jade from the fashion magazines.

As for his own clothing, he is fine with anything, after all, he can change his style anytime he like. Any attire in this world, as long as he wishes to he will be able to imitate it with Little Jade’s high technology.

No matter how expensive the clothing is, to Liu Yi, it is nothing but a matter of some spiritual power.

In this world, to ordinary people, money and authority are the highest pursue.

But to Liu Yi, this two things can be stepped on. His real pursuit is the greatest power. With power, he is able to change everything.

After a while, Wang Yuzheng finally carefully pushes open the changing room door and is slightly uncomfortable while walking out.

When she walks out, Liu Yi nearly suffocates.

OMG…indeed she is a beauty. Along with the purple dress, she is completely overflowing with beauty!

Wang Yuzheng is like a female star that walks out from the movies, especially with her extremely bashful appearance, not only did she instant kill Liu Yi, she also awes the customers walking around.

The guys who are passing by slow down their footsteps as they stare blankly at Wang Yuzheng, there are some who when walking stumble over their own feet and fall onto the ground.

Seeing that Liu Yi is not saying anything as he stands there, Wang Yuzheng ask in worry, “I, am I….too scary?”

“No, not at all…you are too pretty….”

Liu Yi swallows his saliva, he is in disbelief that she is actually her girlfriend.

In the past Wang Yuzheng was already very beautiful…but now she dressed-up slightly and she is almost heaven-defying!

Indeed human relies on the clothing while horse relies on the land. A beauty is indeed naturally beautiful but if she dress-up meticulously, then it is even more incomparable!

“Sir…your girlfriend is truly beautiful…”

The shop owner who is sitting by the side originally also stands up, “How about this…I can include some small accessories. What do you think of letting your girlfriend endorse this shop? Just taking a picture will be fine.”

“Yuzheng, what do you think….”

Liu Yi respects Wang Yuzheng’s intention in this situation.

“Ah….I, I am fine with anything…”

Wang Yuzheng is rather okay and nods her head.

“Then leave it to me! Other than these few items of clothing, the rest are all gifts from me!”

The shop owner as she starts to be busy. First, she takes out high-heel shoes and brings over a few small accessories. She also places a crystal crown on top of Wang Yuzheng’s head.

Very soon a beautiful princess appears in front of Liu Yi and she is a lot more beautiful than earlier.

After the shop manager takes he photo, she excitedly tugs on Wang Yuzheng’s hand and says, “Too beautiful…miss are you really not a movie star?”

“I….I am not…”

Recalling the price of the clothing she is wearing, she starts to be anxious.

“Okay, how much is it in total. Help me wrap up everything.”

Liu Yi points out all of the clothing that Wang Yuzheng has tried out.

“In total, it is 202,500 dollars, I’ll give you a discount. 200 thousand!”

The shop owner is rather generous, after all, Wang Yuzheng let them take a publicity photo, just based on this photo, it will help them earn more than 2 thousand dollars business.

“Ah? So, so expensive….”

Wang Yuzheng’s expression is like she is going to cry.

Isn’t it just a few items of clothing…why would it be so expensive.


Just as Wang Yuzheng plan to change the clothing, Liu Yi has already slashed his card and settled the bill.

“Top, it is too expensive already…where did you have so much money from?”

“Actually I am kept by a wealthy woman. It is just that I had never told you before/”

Liu Yi blinks his eyes at Wang Yuzheng.

“You, you…I do not want these clothing, you quickly break up with that wealthy woman!”

As Wang Yuzheng speaks, she prepares to walk over to the changing room.

“Oi, oi, my big sister ah. I am lying to you. Where do I go to get to know a wealthy woman!”

Liu Yi hurries and stops Wang Yuzheng.

“How would you not know….”

Wang Yuzheng pouts, “Isn’t Murong Die one…”

[TL: hahaha that is why you should not lie, hahaha]

“How is it possible for me to spend her money…”

Liu Yi instantly starts sweating, “I earn all of this money. You can relax and spend them!”

“Where did you earn it from? Isn’t your household income very ordinary as well?”

“That….actually I have a very wealthy maternal grandfather!”

Liu Yi is at wit’s end and can only pull out the Wang Family as a shield.

“Ah? How come I do not know?”

“I also just got to know it recently…my maternal grandfather is the Wang Commanding Officer from Wang Family…my Big Uncle has a small company, my mother’s sister’s husband is the richest billionaire in Hong Kong, Li Shangdong!”

Liu Yi throws out a whole string of people names before Wang Yuzheng is finally comforted.

By the side, the shop manager sighs, alas I thought that the money was earned personally by that handsome guy, so he is actually a rich second-generation.

“Your family’s money….will it be fine if we spend it like this?”

Wang Yuzheng is still slightly uncomfortable.

“Relax, this is just a hair of an ox!”

Liu Yi grasps Wang Yuzheng’s hand as his other hand holds a large bag of clothing and says, “Furthermore buying clothing for my girl is nothing wrong.”

Liu Yi’s sentence makes Wang Yuzheng unable to say anything as she lowers her head with a red face.

“Right, your shop has regulations right?”

Liu Yi ask the shop manager by the side, “Anything that was bought on the expensive area as long as it is not spoiled can be returned any time within 24 hours right?”

Liu Yi’s memory is not bad, he remembers that when he just walk into the shopping center he seeing a banner posted on the door.

“It is indeed the case…but sir, our product is very good and are from Italy…”

“Relax, I do not want to return the clothing. Yuzheng let’s go, we are going to play the piano.”

Liu Yi pulls Wang Yuzheng and returns back to the first-floor lobby and soon they return back to that musical instrument shop.

When the musical instrument shop assistant sees Liu Yi coming back, her face instantly drop as she prepares to ridicules them again. But her gaze suddenly falls on Wang Yuzheng and her breathing stops for a while before recovering.

This girl….she is too beautiful…is she a princess…

Especially the clothing she is wearing…I have seen before…isn’t it the most expensive clothing shop on the second floor that sells clothing from Italy….

How are these two poor ghosts able to afford it? I….could it be that I am dreaming?

“I’m buying this piano.”

Liu Yi walks in a directly takes out his credit card.

Seeing the credit card, the shop assistant’s breathing stop for a while.

This is the rare black card…the high-grade credit card that is only possessed by those who are truly rich….it is rumored to have no limit….how is it possible for this guy to have this kind of card?

How would this shop assistant know that Liu Yi’s black card is given to him by Long San? Every single Dragon Group member also has this card, which is one of the privileges given to them by the country.

In Liu Yi’s card, he has a few million to spend as he wishes, the rest of the fortunes are in the company’s bank account to be used to develop Red Scarf Army.

“Did you hear it? I want to buy this piano.”

“Ah, okay, okay. Sir please come in, please come in.”

It seems like she has forgotten how sharp and unkind she was earlier, she starts to smile embarrassedly.


Chapter 505     [Do not fight for a sigh of relief]

And the plot deepens so how do you guys think Liu Yi will screw with the sales assistant?

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