MKW Chapter 504

Chapter 504    [Huge operation for the date]


Chapter 504 Huge operation for the date


Liu Yi brings Wang Yuzheng to a Western restaurant in the shopping district in JingDou. A calming music is being played while servers wearing formal clothing with a bowtie walks around the side.

This is the first time Wang Yuzheng comes to a western restaurant to have a meal. She feels rather curious and secretly glances around the surrounding.

Liu Yi is rather calm, after all, he had experienced quite a number of things. Currently other than having some trouble with dating, the rest of the matters will not affect his heart.

“Sir, this is our menu for today.”

A server walks over and places the menu in front of Liu Yi. Liu Yi nods his head before passing the menu to Wang Yuzheng, “Here you go, order whichever you like to eat.”

Wang Yuzheng is slightly nervous, “I, I do not know how to order ah…”

“No worries, there are pictures on it. Order whatever that seems to look delicious to eat.”

Only after Liu Yi gives Wang Yuzheng an encouraging look did she start to look through the menu attentively.

While Liu Yi cups his hands together and watches Wang Yuzheng’s small face that cannot be fussy…

Really did not think that….back then the famous school flower in high school, is now my girlfriend. It feels like time passes really fast. Fate is indeed a very mysterious thing.

As Liu Yi watches, he starts to be mesmerized.

At this moment he senses that the surrounding scenery has changed, Wang Yuzheng, the western restaurant have all completely disappeared.

In a blink of an eye, he suddenly appears on a mountain, surrounded with bird cries and the scent of flowers.

In front of him is a very beautiful lake, by the lake is a simple and small pavilion.

A guy wearing white brocade gown is standing in front of him, his hand is slowly waving a sword while the other hand is holding a wine gourd that he is drinking continuously from.

As the guy drink his wine, he swings his sword and starts mumbling to himself:

<<Care for Gods flies, spouse laughs, laughing at how foolish we are in affection.

Sword flies out without any trace, sword returns without any trace.

I laugh, infatuation has how many people, how many people can wait till old age.

Love like firmament turns to tears, tears, in the end, waits noiselessly for reincarnation.

You heard that the nine heavens have an immortal song, when sung in human world sorrow in separation and reunion.>>

[TL: please no more poems….my mind is nearly fried….]

Sword Shadow, Wine Fragrance, Love Poem.

Liu Yi’s heart is starting to beat rapidly, just what is this situation? Could it be that I got teleported?

Seeing that the guy only cares about drinking his wine and waving his sword, and ignoring him completely, Liu Yi becomes slightly mad and asks, “Who the hell are you!”

“A sword release cleaves the Nine Provinces!”

[TL: Nine Provinces]

The guy suddenly swings out in a slanted angle and instantly the mountain peak on the opposite is cut in two, causing Liu Yi to be stunned.

What the hell….this sword technique…is is damn cool!

Thinking about myself, although I have the Emotion Sword technique, the Demonic Sword technique these kinds of heaven-defying sword techniques…but they do not have any practical sword move which is very pitiful…

“I have already waited a long time for you.”

The guy withdraws his sword and seems like he wants to turn around.

Liu Yi hurries and widens his eyes wishing to see the guy’s appearance clearly.

But at this moment he suddenly hears a soft voice which once again teleports Liu Yi back to the western restaurant.

In front of him, Wang Yuzheng is gently knocking on the menu as she looks at Liu Yi and asks, “I, I have finished ordering….what do you wish to eat…”

“Ah, I’m okay with anything…give me the same as yours.”

Liu Yi is slightly regretful, just now I do not know where I had entered to, I also do not know who did I meet….that virgin forest, where on earth is it located…

Liu Yi asks Lin Tong through his spiritual sense, {Immortal Fox sister, did you see the things that I saw earlier?}

Currently, Lin Tong is lost in thoughts while lying on Liu Yi’s shoulders, hearing Liu Yi’s question she perks up her ears, {What did you see?? Aren’t you staring at your pretty girlfriend all the time? Tsk, tsk. This lass is indeed very pretty but compared to this miss, she is still slightly lacking!}

Looks like Immortal Fox sister did not see that…am I the only one who saw it?

Just what on earth is going on…?

Liu Yi feels that he is unable to comprehend it.

Forget it…let’s not think about it for now. Let’s see if we are able to enter that place in the future.

Liu Yi shakes his head and starts chatting with Wang Yuzheng while waiting for the dishes to be served.

Wang Yuzheng is slightly nervous, it should be due to the fact that she and Liu Yi are now officially dating.

“Why are you so nervous? Are you afraid that I will eat you up?”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and lightly pinches Wang Yuzheng’s pretty nose.

“Don’t pinch!”

Wang Yuzheng bats away Liu Yi’s hand, “If you pinch it pointed I will become ugly! Some more, when am I nervous….I, I am only, am only….”

“Only what?”

Liu Yi laughs mischievously

“Nothing, annoying…”

Wang Yuzheng pouts, she feels like she is too passive already, thus she takes the initiative and says, “Right, have you heard of the most recently weird matters that had happened in our school?”

“There are weird matters that are happening in our school?”

Isn’t that too normal? There is such a large underground laboratory in KeDa…as well as a group of expert spies from foreign countries eyeing it…if there were no weird matters, that would be weird!

“That’s right…my roommates told me.”

Wang Yuzheng seems to be slightly nervous, “She is a history student. She says that their course is recently very weird…a lot of students fell sick for no reason…and when they went to the hospital, they are unable to find any symptoms. The only explanation is that they got heat stroke…..but so many people have heat stroke one after the other…isn’t it very weird?”

“Perhaps heat stroke is contagious now.”

“Get lost, how could heat stroke be contagious! And your family has an ancestor’s medical knowledge!”

Wang Yuzheng rolls her eyes at Liu Yi causing Liu Yi’s heart to have a guilty conscious.

When is there any ancestor’s medical knowledge in my family…more like how to fight against the devils….

This matters of mine, should I inform Wang Yuzheng….

If I let her know, it will definitely be very troublesome…

Liu Yi is terribly gloomy due to this matter. When their meal is served, Wang Yuzheng starts to eat heartily, Liu Yi reckons that she is really hungry.

Seeing how sorry looking Wang Yuzheng looks like eating, Liu Yi ask, “Where did your monthly living expenses go, why are you not eating lunch ah?”

“Because my mother had just recovered from her sickness….she needs tonics…”

While Wang Yuzheng is eating bacon, she says forcefully with justice, “I am still young and fit. It is fine. So I saved the money to buy tonics and mail back to her….oh, I had also gotten in contact with an agent. A while later I plan to work part-time as a private tutor, working as I study to earn some pocket money.”

“You want to go and work part-time?”

Liu Yi is slightly worried and he is also not willing to let his girlfriend go outside to suffer.

“That’s right. Teaching one lesson can earn me around 50 to 100 RMB! Just one hour is enough to earn a lot right?”

Although it sounds like a lot, then main point is that you need to travel all over the place for this one hour. First let’s not mention about the travel fare, just based on the time wasted, it will be around 2 hours. If in a single day she needs to tutor in 2-3 different family, Wang Yuzheng would not be able to do anything else for that day as all the rest of the time is wasted while sitting on the bus.

Wang Yuzheng sees that Liu Yi seems to be slightly unhappy and thought that she is not happy that she does not have time to accompany him thus she hurries and say, “Come on. You can relax. I will go out to tutor 3 days a week…the rest of the time will be with you…”


Liu Yi immediately waves his hand. He suddenly has a bright idea and asks, “Yuzheng, you like to sing a lot right?”

“Ah? I suppose….”

When Wang Yuzheng hears Liu Yi’s question she is slightly shy, “I only like it a bit…actually I prefer musical instruments more…”


Liu Yi recalls that song that Wang Yuzheng played on Christmas Eve.

“No, no….I am actually not really good at guitar…”

Wang Yuzheng shakes her head and says, “When I was young, I went to an aunty’s house and learned piano from her….I am best at playing the piano…”

“Oh, unexpectedly our Yuzheng is so artistic..come, come, come, eat this saute chicken egg to supplement…”

Liu Yi clucks causing Wang Yuzheng to roll her eyes at him.

While Liu Yi passes a chicken egg to Wang Yuzheng, he pretends to be indifferent and ask, “Right, I have a friend who has an entertainment company. Why don’t you go to their company to take a look?”

“Entertainment company?”

Wang Yuzheng is shocked as she places down her knife and fork and looks at Liu Yi, “Which entertainment company?”

“A newly established small company…”

Liu Yi purposefully did not say his own name, “They recently want to enter the entertainment circles and wished to train up their own artist. Yuzheng do you want to go and give it a try?”

“This…is it okay?”

Although Wang Yuzheng asked it like this, Liu Yi is able to see expectations in her eyes.

“Why is it not okay. After all, you also wish to work while studying, why don’t you find a job that you like. Go and give it a try. Trying out would not make you lose any flesh. Perhaps they might choose you.”

“Real, really?”

“Oi, oi. You do not believe me?”

“No….I believe…than I will do my best and try it out…”

Under Liu Yi’s encouragement, Wang Yuzheng gains some courage.

“Mm okay. Then I will help you ask them when do they start the trials. Let’s eat. After eating let us go window-shopping.”


Wang Yuzheng becomes very obedient and does whatever Liu Yi asks her to do.

After the two of them finish their meal, they walk out and go window-shopping outside.

There are a lot of people walking through and from the shopping street, it is very lively. Wang Yuzheng seems to be worried that she might get lost and tightly hugs Liu Yi’s arm.

Walking to a large shopping center the two of them strolls until they come to a music instrument shop. When Wang Yuzheng sees the enormous grand piano displayed within the shop, she stops walking.

“This one is so pretty…”

Wang Yuzheng’s eyes fill with yearning, “Pure white one….how nice would it be if I am able to play it just once….”

“If you are not buying then do not touch.”

A shop assistant with a donkey face walks out and says unhappily, “This piano is very expensive, if it got spoiled from you touching it you will not be able to compensate for it.”

“Sorry, sorry…”

Wang Yuzheng immediately apologizes while Liu Yi starts frowning.

“Do you know how to speak? This piano of yours would be spoilt from just touching? If that is the case then why did you display such trash product to sell?”

“Tsk, no money then don’t come and look.”

The shop assistant acts like her great aunt had come as she crosses her arms and says sharply and unkindly, “You look so shabby and still come to look at a piano. Do you think that piano is something that you are able to play with? Why don’t you buy a guitar and go home and strum it? So funny, being real to all kinds of people when trying to sell things.”

Liu Yi’s expression is very unpleasant. Wang Yuzheng pulls him tightly, afraid that he’ll become rash.


Chapter 504     [Huge operation for the date]

As usual people forgets unimportant characters.

Haha me too as well so I do have to go back to look for them.

Mu Tiancheng is the guy who bought a ‘pill’ from Liu Yi back when he returns to his hometown and save Wang Yuzheng’s mother before heading to the demon realm.

By the way face slapping will occur during next chapter so look forward to it

Also looks like Liu Yi is planning to be Wang Yuzheng’s sugar daddy

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