MKW Chapter 503

Chapter 503    [First time dating]


Liu Yi is holding a large bouquet of roses and standing under the female dormitory. He gathers all of his courage and shouts loudly towards Wang Yuzheng on the fourth floor, “Wang Yuzheng, please be my girlfriend!”

The ones who are watching seems to be even more nervous than him.

Will it work? Liu Yi actually took the initiative to confess to the girl!

But isn’t there a lot of posts online that Wang Yuzheng is already Liu Yi’s girl?

What are the two of them doing?

“Agree to him! Agree to him!”

A lot of people starts making noises.

There is also a portion of girls who are shouting, “Do not agree! Do not agree! Liu Yi is mine!”

Wang Yuzheng is also slightly dazzled. She seems to have waited for this moment for a long time….but when the moment really came, she feels like she had sunk into a dream…

This…is it really real…I…

“Wang Yuzheng…be my girlfriend!”

Liu Yi shouted once again under the encouragement of Chen Cai and Lin Tong.

“You, you, you…wait for me downstairs…”

After which Wang Yuzheng runs out of the dormitory building with a red face.

This is the first time she ran so fast, her heart is beating very rapidly.

Usually, she will take a long time to walk down the stairs, but today she runs down it in an instant and soon she reached the outdoors which is bright.

Liu Yi stands there and seems to be slightly nervous as he looks at her.

“That…Wang Yuzheng…”

Liu Yi seems to want to say something but Wang Yuzheng steps forward and presses her finger on her lips, “There is no need to say anymore… I agree to be your girlfriend.”

Wang Yuzheng says softly, “Originally it was me who confessed first…how can you snatch away my first time?”


Liu Yi recalls the Christmas Eve, the confession that Wang Yuzheng had and starts to have shame in his heart.

“I owe you a confession…”

“No worries…you being beside me is good enough…”

Wang Yuzheng hugs Liu Yi tightly. She feels like she had obtained the best treasure in the world…this guy, finally belongs to me…

I have waited so long….finally, I have waited until it came….

Liu Yi senses the soft heart of Wang Yuzheng, he stretches out his hand and rubs the back of Wang Yuzheng.

Liu Yi suddenly hears the sound of stomach rumbling.

Wang Yuzheng’s ears turn red as Liu Yi smiles.

“You must be hungry right? Did you not eat for lunch?”

“Wuuu….I, I am not hungry…”

Wang Yuzheng’s face is red as she buries her face into Liu Yi’s embrace, her voice is as soft as a mosquito.

“Not hungry? I can already hear your stomach singing.”


Wang Yuzheng punches Liu Yi lightly attracting the envious gaze of the surrounding guys.

Damn it….he is too fortunate….why is it that the one who Wang Yuzheng like is not me! If I had known, I would not believe in that post and went to confess!

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you to have lunch.”


Right now, Wang Yuzheng completely takes Liu Yi as the core, she will listen to whatever he says.

“But let me change my cloths first….”

Currently, she is still wearing her sleepwear. Just now she was in a hurry to come down, thus she did not change her clothes.

“Go on. I’ll wait for you.”

He knows that he might need to wait for a while, but Liu Yi is patient. He waves his hand and sends Wang Yuzheng upstairs with his gaze.

Lin Tong’s tail sweeps against Liu Yi’s face as she says in satisfaction, {So lucky, you have obtained such a cute girlfriend.}

{You are obviously jealous….yet you wanted me to confess to her…}

Liu Yi is really unable to understand Lin Tong’s heart.

{Hmph, I will not reject you looking for a girlfriend, but I never say that I will not get jealous.}

The little fox sneers, {But have you ever considered that now she is your girlfriend, do you want to tell her about your matters?}

{This…is a problem…}

Liu Yi falls into bitter thoughts, {She is an ordinary person ah…}

Liu Yi turns around and looks at Chen Cai, “Chen Cai, say. Should I tell Wang Yuzheng about my matters?”

“Boss don’t ask me! It is not like she is my girlfriend!”

Chen Cai is also very cautious about this matter and directly kicks this ball away, “It is best for you to consider yourself….”

Chen Cai would rather not answer this kind of question….if he answers wrongly, the one who will be blamed will be him.

It is best to let boss himself to have a headache. After all I have helped with everything possible!

“…..Fine then….let me think…..”

Liu Yi sighs looks like this time I will have a headache…

Don’t tell Wang Yuzheng? But she is already my girlfriend. Towards my girlfriend, do I need to hide so many matters….my Red Scarf Army, Scarlet Cloth Guards, cultivation ….also my little fox Lin Tong, Netherworld Servant Xuefeng…

But the moment I tell Wang Yuzheng everything, is she able to accept everything?

Other than her….I already have a little fox Lin Tong that I love deeply…as well as almost sex slave like Netherworld Servant Xuefeng…

God damn it…with Wang Yuzheng’s nature, perhaps she might not be able to accept it and immediately leaves me and hides far away!

Although she looks to be very soft, but in her bones, she is more arrogant than anyone else!

Liu Yi starts to ponder, unable to extract himself from the difficult situation. He plucks a flower from side of the walkway and starts tearing off the petals.

“Tell…do not tell…tell….do not tell…”

“Finished…..boss is possessed…”

Chen Cai looks at Liu Yi with sympathy. This is the end result of finding an ordinary person as a girlfriend…although that lass is indeed very proper!

{Master, Murong Die is calling you!}

At this moment Little Jade’s nice beep rings out pulling Liu Yi out from the his thoughts.

{Ah? Pick it up then.}

When Liu Yi picks up Murong Die’s phone call, she instantly says, “Liu Yi, what are you doing. Come over to our QingBei. Lele misses you and wants you to treat her to a meal.”

“Sister Xiao Die….why do you say it is me….just now it is you who say that you wanted to look for Brother Xiao Yi one…..wuwuwu….”

It seems like Wang Lele’s mouth is being covered. Murong Die coughs before continuing and says, “Did you hear that, our Lele missed you until she starts saying nonsense. What are you still waiting for, I give you 5 minutes to hurry to the bottom of our dormitory!”

“Ah, that…..”

Liu Yi hurries and says, “I have already make an appointment with Wang Yuzheng to have a meal….so…..”

The other side is silent for a while, “Hmph, go and have your meal! This miss do not care to look for you!”

Done speaking, she hangs up.

Liu Yi blinks, what the heck……she became angry just like this?

It is just a meal…there is no need to be like this right, when did Murong Die turns so petty?

Liu Yi shakes his head.

At this moment Wang Yuzheng walks down the stairs causing the surrounding people to widen their eyes.

Chen Cai’s jaw also dropped and his saliva starts to drip.

Wang Yuzheng slowly walks out of the female dormitory, today she is dressed-up rather daringly!

A super short blue skirt revealing her two very attractive long legs.

She is also wearing a light pink blouse, together with the super short blue skirt, her youthfulness is completely released. Causing the surrounding people to want to look at her more and get her in their embrace.

But it is a pity that this beauty is in another’s guy embrace.

Envious, jealous, regret ah! How I wish that that guy is me ah!

If the guy is not Liu Yi, perhaps there will be a group of guys who would rush up to beat him up!

Realizing that Liu Yi’s gaze is fixed, Wang Yuzheng’s face turns red as she feigned anger coquettishly, “You, what are you looking at…”

“Ah, no, nothing…hahaha…”

When Liu Yi says so stupidly, Chen Cai by the side covered his forehead.

{Are you an idiot?! At this moment you should praise her alright?!!!!}

Lin Tong wacks Liu Yi’s face with her tail and scolds, {Who the hell chases after girls like this! Hurry up and praise her a few times for this miss!!!}

{What the….}

Liu Yi blinks and looks at the charming beauty in front of him and spits out a few words, “You….you look very pretty….”


Lin Tong vomits blood.

But unexpectedly Wang Yuzheng becomes slightly shy as she lowers her head and plays with her fingers.

“That…that….do I appear to be too open….this is my first time wearing such a short skirt…”

“No, not at all….it, it is very pretty….”

Liu Yi very seldom praises girls and he does not know many methods.

But Wang Yuzheng is not that picky. She hooks her hand around Liu Yi’s arm and ask, “Then let us go….where do we go to eat?”

{It must be a slightly romantic place!}

Lin Tong who is lying on Liu Yi’s shoulder reminds, {Also need to have few people and you need to make the atmosphere do you understand!}

{Yes, yes, yes…}

Liu Yi nods his head before saying to Wang Yuzheng, “Let us go to the canteen’s second floor to eat.”

Lin Tong falls off Liu Yi’s shoulder.

{What the fuck is wrong with your brain!!! A date in the canteen’s second floor?! Are you joking around with this miss?!?!}

Liu Yi blinks and answers Lin Tong, {At this time, the canteen’s second floor will be very quiet ah….furthermore the surroundings are quite good….}

His answer nearly causes Lin Tong to die from anger.

Wang Yuzheng looks at the time before proposing, “Okay…after eating let’s go to the library together.”

“Hmm, okay.”

Lin Tong becomes completely speechless, is this pair really going on a date?!

Lin Tong is finally unable to hold back her anger and roars, {RIGHT NOW!!! IMMEDIATELY!!! GO WINDOW-SHOPPING!!!}

Liu Yi trembles before asking Wang Yuzheng, “Why don’t we….go window-shopping…”

“What? Window shopping?”

When Wang Yuzheng hears this, her face turns red, “Su…sure….”

“Mmm, we can go to town to have a meal. I know of a rather good MaLa….”

Lin Tong cannot stand it and starts cursing, {FUCKING CHANGE IT RIGHT NOW!!!}

“A rather good western restaurant…”

Liu Yi hurries and withdraws the Ma La Tang and changes it.

Wang Yuzheng asks in worry, “Would it be too expensive…”

“Hahaha….relax….I have this bit of money. I guarantee that we will not be made to stay behind to wash the dishes.”

Liu Yi comforts Wang Yuzheng, “Let us go.”


As the pair walks through the school campus, it provokes a lot of jealous, envious, hatred gazes.

Among them is a very sinister gaze hidden in the darkness.

The owner clenches his fist.

Liu Yi….it is all because of this fellow….that completely destroyed my family….

Mu Tianchen grinds his teeth, seeing that the two of them walk out of the school zone, he makes a call.

“Hello, Second Brother Fire? They have already departed. The rest will be on you guys…”

“Hehehe…relax, leave this fellow to us to deal with. Do not forget, we are professionals.”

From the other side comes a wretched laughter of an uncle before it is hang up.

Mu Tianchen laughs coldly in his heart, Liu Yi since you are heartless then do not blame me for being evil!


Chapter 503     [First time dating]

Of cource Liu Yi gets the girl….damn it…well looks like there will be people who wants to ruin the date hahaha

Well Lin Tong is damn cute also hahaha

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