MKW Chapter 501

Chapter 501    [Confess then youngster!]


Liu Yi and Yoko Nishikawa say goodbye reluctantly before he sends her off onto the helicopter with his gaze.

Just as the helicopter is taking off, Yoko Nishikawa sticks out her head from the helicopter and shouts to Liu Yi, “You must remember to come and visit me…”


Liu Yi nods his head as he watches the helicopter slowly flies into the night sky. Yoko Nishikawa leaving finally allows him to place down a load of his mind.

Lin Tong who is lying on Liu Yi’s head suddenly says, {Big idiot. I feel that you should go and find a girlfriend.}

{Ah? Why?}

Liu Yi feels that it is strange, why did my Immortal Fox sister keep wanting me to betray her?

Sometimes he is still unable to accept Immortal Fox sister’s love point of view.

{Because your EQ is still not mature enough.}

Lin Tong says seriously, {Even if you have enough strength, your intelligence is good enough for combat, but towards girls. Towards emotions, your maturity is still too shallow. In this world, if you wish to see through the world of the mortals and achieve a higher realm, the first thing you must do is to enter the world of the mortals. The current you is completely unable to break through to a higher realm mental state. This will only cause your strength to remain at a certain stage and no longer able to proceed. Right, the current you, if you try to cross your calamity, I am afraid that your heart devil will be too deep. At that time, the difficulty in crossing your calamity will be a few hundred a few thousand times harder…}

{Why would my heart devil be so scary?}

Liu Yi frowns, {It seems like there are also very few people in the cultivation world who have dated, but they are still able to cross their calamity?}

{Because the way to cultivate is different.}

Lin Tong reminds Liu Yi, {The people in the cultivation world, their cultivation methods conform to the norms. Every time they open a star jade, they will have that stage of strength as well as the mental strength they should have at that stage. As for you, you had only opened 10 star-jades, but your strength is already very close to 18 star-jade! Your strength is way higher than your current mental state! If it was not for the Boundless Righteous Qi supporting your body, I am afraid that you would have long been turned into a devil from your excessive might!}

{That way ah…then Immortal Fox sister, I must get into a love relationship?}

{Yes, you must get into a love relationship.}

Lin Tong nods her head, {There is no need for you to worry about me. I am supporting you. Furthermore, in the future your might will be very resounding. As a heroic person, there will be a lot of women who like you. Based on your current bit of EQ, if you do not train your EQ, sooner or later you will die in the hands of women. So, if you are willing the listen to this miss, then obediently go and get into a love relationship!}

[TL: alas what a pity this kind of women are rare in the world…]

{I….will do my best…}

Liu Yi is having a headache from Lin Tong strange request. While at moment he suddenly frowns before putting on his mask.

“You let go…”

Snake Woman limps over and walks to the back of Liu Yi. She clenches her teeth and says, “Do you know to our China how big of a loss it is by letting that woman go?!”

“She is nothing but a small fry that’s all.”

Liu Yi continues saying with a hoarse voice, “Think, how much useful information you are able to get from a small fry? Go back and tell your superiors, if they want to find someone, go and find a big fish. What kind of ability it is to bullying these small fries.”

“Big fish? Hahaha, I see that you are a traitorous big fish then.”

Snake Woman rebukes angrily, “Sooner or later people from my Dragon Group will apprehend you! You will pay the price for your crimes!”

“The one I love is this country, this territory.”

Liu Yi is calm, like he is not mad at Snake Woman’s word, instead, he says, “For this place that I love, I can invest everything on mine. But I will definitely not become the weapon of others.”

“Hmph, what you say is indeed pleasant to hear. But don’t you forget. The one you let go is a kunoichi from Japan!”

“I understand that kunoichi more than you.”

Liu Yi crosses his hands behind him as he stands there, not even looking at Snake Woman, “While she is on this land, she had never did anything that harmed this country. In my heart, there is the righteous that I support. This is different from the righteous that you guys support, but no worries. Even if there is only me left on this path, I will continue to walk on.”

Liu Yi no longer bothers about Snake Woman. Instead, he steps onto his flying sword and flies into the darkness and disappears.

Snake Woman stands there stunned as she looks at his back view, her heart starts to speed up out of her control.

Although this person is the enemy…but I must say that he is damn cool….

But I failed my task…what should I do now….how am I supposed to report to my superiors…

Alas…no matter what first I must tell the superiors what happened….I am so unlucky if I had known, I would not have taken this task….

But being able to see Blood Emperor….that is also not that bad…


In a certain organization building, Demon Emperor is sitting behind his hanging screen and ask softly, “Ri, how are your injuries?”

“Emperor, it is more or less recovered…”

Ao Ri is kneeling in front of the hanging screen as his brow jumps slightly.

“Also can Emperor call this subject by this subject’s full name….”

“Ri, how is that Asura Realm woman?”

The Demon Emperor seems to not have heard Ao Ri’s request and continues to call him as he wishes.

“Although she had injured this subject, this subject is also not in a disadvantage. The lightning qi should injure her quite heavily. Currently, she should be recuperating in some area.”

“That is good then. I did not think that this time around it would actually attract so many people to butt in. That is rather surprising. It is a pity that Devil Child’s revival had still failed in the end.”

“Looks like fate is not that easy to change.”

Ao Ri sighs, “Devil Child is still cant revive.”

“No worries, so what if that trash dies. But, have you really seen him?”

Demon Emperor’s voice becomes slightly softer.

“Yes…it should not be wrong…that Glorious Sun Palm, as well as that unique Dragon Aura….it, is almost a 100% that he is that person’s inheritor.”

“I had thought that he had completely disappeared from the cultivation realm…but unexpectedly he has cultivated out an inheritor.”

“Emperor….do you think that that person is still alive?”

In Ao Ri’s eyes, there is a trace of horror that had never exist.

“Till now you still do not dare to call his name?”

Demon Emperor clucks, “Isn’t it just Sword Emperor? Why are you so afraid? It is impossible for him to be still alive after taking my Nine Yin Demon Qi. Even if he is still alive, he would have become trash by now.”

“Hopefully that is the case….”

“You are suspecting this Emperor?”

“No, no…..I do not dare to…”

Ao Ri immediately shakes his head, “This subject has misspoken, may Emperor please punish this subject!”

“Forget it. You are now this Emperor’s sole helper. Punishing you is not advantageous to this Emperor.”

“Thank you Emperor!”

“Although I say so, there is a matter that you must go and do.”

Demon Emperor pauses, after Ao Ri vouch for it, he says, “I am already no longer able to wait anymore…Demon Race’s Army is also no longer able to wait….this world, will be ours….”

“Emperor’s intentions is…”

“Think of a method and get hold of the Gene map! If it is really not possible….even if you guys cause a large havoc it is also okay.”

“This one will carry out the orders.”

Ao Ri nods his head and get up, and walks out of the room.

Demon Emperor who is sitting behind the screen thinks for a long time before saying faintly, “You…are you really still alive? Hmph, this time around let me capture your inheritor! Let’s see if you are going to come out!”


“Ah Choo!”

Liu Yi sneezes and rubs his nose.

“What the heck! I actually caught a cold!”

He is slightly surprised. Since he starts cultivation, his body is like bull, sickness and the likes is but a joke.

Today he actually sneezed!

{One think, two talk, three discuss. It is definitely someone thinking about you.}

Lin Tong stretches lazily, {How did the matter that I instructed you go?}

{I am prepared…but, will it really work?}

Liu Yi is slightly apprehensive.

{Of course. Work hard youngster, this miss wish you well.}

Lin Tong sits on Liu Yi’s shoulder and applause for him.

By the side, Xuefeng ask bored, {Letting master go and chase other girls….aren’t you jealous?}

Returning back to school, Xuefeng also meets Lin Tong. Towards this Netherworld servant, Lin Tong is rather curious.

{Jealous. Of course, I am jealous! But after being used to it, it is fine. As long as it is good for my man, so what if I am jealous.}

Lin Tong wags her little tail, {The target is Wang Yuzheng. I have already know that that little lass likes you. This time around, it is time for a direct attack and successfully take her down!}

Seeing how excited Lin Tong is, Liu Yi really does not know if he is the one chasing after the girl or her!

{Anyways, work hard youngster! This miss will support you with all my might! You just need to follow what I teach you to say and there will be no problem!}

Before coming over, within his Spiritual Mind space, Lin Tong and Liu Yi went through various mock practice.

When they are practicing, Lin Tong anticipates all kind of reaction that Wang Yuzheng could have and let Liu Yi respond to all of them.

Currently, Liu Yi is standing at the lobby of the female dormitory building. He takes a deep breath under the vigilant gaze of the manager aunt.

Even when taking part in World Dao Gathering, I am also not so anxious…

Isn’t it just a confession! Why am I so anxious! You can do it!

While Liu Yi is recalling the words that Lin Tong had taught him, a familiar and pretty figure slowly walks down from the staircase.

Wang Yuzheng sees Liu Yi’s SMS that he wants to meet her and without thinking much about it, she wears a cute pink teddy bear pajamas and comes down.

Although the sleepwear is very loose, it is not enough to wrap around her abundant chest.

Luckily there are not a lot of guys in this area, within the surrounding, there is only Liu Yi. Otherwise, if he will definitely be unhappy if other people see this beautiful sight.

“Liu Yi…why did you come and look for me in the middle of the afternoon….wu, soo bright…”

Wang Yuzheng rubs her eyes still sleepy, it seems like she has just woken up from her afternoon sleep.

The sunlight shines on her white skin, making her look very sparkling and limpid, and even more gorgeous.

Liu Yi swallows his saliva. When Wang Yuzheng sees Liu Yi’s throat moving, she understands what is happening and her face instantly turns red.

“What do you want, quickly say it…I still have not had enough sleep….”

Wang Yuzheng pinches Liu Yi’s face before rolling her eyes at him in dissatisfaction.

“I…I like you …”


Chapter 501     [Confess then youngster!]

So anyone wants to guess how will our dear Yuzheng respond to Liu Yi’s confession?

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  1. She is going to drag it out in supposed anger from his rejection of her earlier confession.. you know the old you had your chance why take you now kinda thing…
    Or like? What about love? If it isn’t that don’t waste my time , good bye…
    or she will try to demand exclusivity or nothing just to push buttons


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    It’s finally time for Yuzheng to rise to the place she belongs!!!

    Or she tells him to wait, or jump into his arms, or call the other two girls so they beat him together.


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