MKW Chapter 500

Chapter 500    [Ask me to stay behind?]


When Liu Yi shows his appearance, although Yoko Nishikawa is already prepared for it, she still stops breathing.

The famous Blood Emperor….is actually Liu Yi….

If I did not have skinship with him before…and was unable to forget this smell…even I also would not know this identity of his.

No wonder he is so powerful during the competition back then…no wonder he is able to defeat Tetsue….

Yoko Nishikawa is finally able to understand everything.

“So…Blood Emperor was you…”

“That’s right, it is me.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Very surprised right?”

“Not really that surprising…actually thinking about it now, you being Blood Emperor is not really surprising.”

Yoko Nishikawa suddenly smiles, “Let me think….actually that Dragon Group member wearing black armor is you as well right?”

“What the heck, how do you know?”

Liu Yi’s expression changes.

“Intuition, guess.”

Yoko Nishikawa’s face has a delighted smile, “But you are so soft-hearted, how can you do this kind of job properly?”

“You have the face to say that to me?”

Liu Yi clucks, “No matter what this job of mine is righteous. Look at you, what kind of nature you are, aren’t you the same as well?”

“I….my heart is indeed soft and weak!”

Yoko Nishikawa’s face instantly turns red as she stutters, “So, so isn’t that why I am going back to Japan…then you…what about you…you have spoiled the matters of Dragon Group, how are you going to explain later?”

“Eh, they do not know that I am Blood Emperor.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders indifferently, “What is there to account for.”

“But…why did you want to let me off…aren’t I your enemy?”

Yoko Nishikawa looks at Liu Yi’s eyes with uncertainty like she is trying to see the answer from his eyes.

“Nothing much…just doing it while passing by….”

“Less nonsense. You are able to lie to others but do you think you be able to lie to me.”

Yoko Nishikawa suddenly smiles in delight, “If you do not tell me then I’ll go and looks for Dragon Group to surrender myself.”

“What the heck you are crazy!”

Liu Yi is very mad, “I went through great efforts to save you okay!”

“Didn’t you say that you save me passing by? Why did it turn into through great efforts?”

Yoko Nishikawa figures out Liu Yi with just 2 sentences causing Liu Yi to unable to say anything for a while.

Lin Tong lies on Liu Yi’s shoulders wagging her tail, {Oh my, oh my. Such a complete idiot.}

Fine then…

Liu Yi can only admit that he is indeed weak in EQ… but this Yoko is also too crafty already…

“I am going back, Liu Yi.”

As a kunoichi, Yoko Nishikawa also knows how to pilot a helicopter. So even though the pilot had died, it does not affect her much.

“Before I go, I only wish to know a question.”

“What question, go ahead and ask.”

Liu Yi’s lie was exposed by her earlier, thus he is still slightly embarrassed. He turns his head to the side and avoids Yoko Nishikawa’s line of sight.

Yoko Nishikawa looks too cute already, she is like a doll.

Her eyes are the most outstanding, very expressive and spirited. If she looks into your eyes like this, normal people usually are unable to take it…because it is too nice to look at and will cause the other person to stare.

“Look into my eyes ah. When talking, looking at other places is not polite. Could it be that Chinese people are all so impolite?”

“Hmph, who says so! Isn’t your etiquette learned from us!”

When Liu Yi hears what Yoko Nishikawa says, he instantly turns his head over with wide eyes and stares at Yoko Nishikawa firmly.

But very quickly he once again starts to be defeated.

“Fine, then you are JiangHu I am a big sister. What you want to ask just ask. I will tell you what I know!”

“I just want to ask a question. Just one is enough…”

Seeing how crestfallen Liu Yi is, Yoko Nishikawa covers her mouth and laughed lightly. Her bell-like laughter soon turns firm as she takes a deep break and asks, “Liu Yi…you…have you loved me before…”

Yoko Nishikawa’s question shoots through Liu Yi like lightning.

He thinks deeply. This question is really not easy to answer…

“Unable to answer?”

Yoko Nishikawa’s expression turn dim causes Liu Yi to feel heart pain.

He subconsciously recalls that Wang Yuzheng also had the same desolate expression.

“Actually…I also do not know if I love you…but I like you a lot.”


Liu Yi’s reply causes Yoko Nishikawa’s eyes to brighten up, “Then what do you like of me?”

“What the…isn’t this the second question….”

“Who cares, are you going to reply or not?”

Yoko Nishikawa pouts, that Barbie Doll-like pretty face making such a wronged expression has huge killing power.

“I am already leaving…perhaps we will no longer to be able to see each other anymore…but you are still not willing to answer my question….”

“Fine, fine, fine….I’ll say, I’ll say…”

Liu Yi is at wit’s end and can only say, “You are so pretty and cute, how would there be any guy who does not like you.”

“So you only like my face ah…”

Yoko Nishikawa touches her face and sighs gently, “Oh…”

“Ah no, no. Your character is also very good…it is very attractive to me…”


“This the fourth question already…”

“When was your math so good?”

“Coughs….anyway, Yoko Nishikawa, you are a good lady…”

“Are you going to give me a good person card?”

“Your sister ah! Are you going to let me speak or bot!!!”

Liu Yi is really going mad. Today he has finally completely seen Yoko Nishikawa’s mischievous side.

Soon she is leaving and both of the identities are almost completely revealed. All of the disguises and defenses are lowered.

Thus Yoko Nishikawa also reveals her little girl side.

“Fine, fine. You say, you say. I let you talk.”

Yoko Nishikawa smiles merrily with her hands behind her back looking at Liu Yi, waiting for him to speak.

“That…actually…although you are a kunoichi, when I see you, I realize that you are different from other ninjas.”

Liu Yi smiles gently as he recalls the first time the two of them fight.

“You were obviously not my opponent but you were still taking care of the innocent bystanders. It is around that time when my impression of you started to change. At that time I was thinking if you are not a kunoichi but an ordinary Japanese exchange student how nice would it be.”

“Sometimes, fate is something that we are unable to choose. Identity is also the same.”

Yoko Nishikawa’s expression dims but swiftly recovers, “But you think, if it is not for this case, I would never get to know you. I feel that fate and destiny are both very mysterious…Liu Yi, I am very happy to get to know you…”

She steps forward and stands in front of Liu Yi. Standing on tiptoes, she kisses him on the lips gently.

Yoko Nishikawa’s kiss is very light but also very sweet causing Liu Yi to linger in memory.

“We….are going to end like this…”

Liu Yi is slightly dazed as well as slightly reluctant.

His heart is feeling like he is going to lose a very important thing, causing him to not know how to react.

Liu Yi grabs hold of Yoko Nishikawa’s hand and asks, “Will you….come back?”

Yoko Nishikawa’s hand is slightly cold and in his hand, her hand is very soft like there is no bones.

Liu Yi’s heart is slightly soft, wishing that he is able to completely knead her into his embrace.

This girl…I cannot help but love her upon seeing her….

Liu Yi feels that his heart is beating faster. At that moment he has an urge to make Yoko Nishikawa stay behind.

But if he makes her stay behind, it is harming her.

“You do not wish to let me leave?”

Yoko Nishikawa stands there as the night wind gently blows up her long back behind her back.

She stands there and looks at Liu Yi with her watery eyes. Her appearance in Liu Yi’s eyes is even more lovely and pitiful.

This lass’s…killing power is getting stronger ah….

“If you do not wish to let me leave….you just need to say it….”

Yoko Nishikawa feels that she must be crazy, that is why she says these kind of things.

But if it is for this guy in front of me, even if I becomes crazy once…so what.

A human lifespan is only a short few tens of years. Either be vigorous or let things take their own course. Sometimes, thinking of dying of old age, the heart will start to be nervous.

Thus in the short lifespan, there will be times where a person will go crazy a while for some matters.

That way the moment you become old, thinking back you will not feel any regret, instead, you will smile for the courage back then.

Now Yoko Nishikawa is thinking of doing this kind of crazy thing, so that she will not regret in future.

In this world, the only one who is able to make Yoko Nishikawa so crazy is only the person in from of her.

Perhaps there will no longer be a second one.

“All you need to say, say it…”

Hearing Yoko Nishikawa saying so, Liu Yi feels that his heart is suffocated.

The words ‘Stay behind then’ that he wanted to say….is stuck in his throat.

Wanting Yoko Nishikawa to stay back is nothing but because of his greedy desires.

Yoko Nishikawa is very pretty, keeping her to be his lover is indeed very good. But the aftereffects, she will always be wanted by the people from Dragon Group and will be treated by her own country as a traitor. At that time, she can only progress in China with great difficulty and unable to return home.

Liu Yi is not willing to harm Yoko Nishikawa this way just to satisfy his selfish desire.

Perhaps there will be a day where the two of them will be able to get together. But, it is definitely not now.

The current Liu Yi is unable to ensure his own safety, not to mention protecting Yoko Nishikawa.

“How about it.. do you want me to stay behind?”

Yoko Nishikawa is waiting for Liu Yi’s reply.

Her pretty eyes are filled with expectation as well as a bit of excitement.


Liu Yi pauses before finally says the rest of his words.


Liu Yi’s words instantly strike Yoko Nishikawa like lightning as she is nailed there.

“But I will go and look for you.”

Liu Yi hurries and adds more words, “I will not let you stay in this dangerous place. Give me a way to contact you. As long as I am free, I will go over to Japan to look for you, how about it?”

“Hmph…that is more like it…”


Chapter 500     [Ask me to stay behind?]

A short teaser. Enjoy


Lin Tong who is lying on Liu Yi’s head suddenly says, {Big idiot. I feel that you should go and find a girlfriend.}

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  1. Liu Yi really sucks. If he only keep spamming misunderstanding here and there, then he will be his country’s enemy in the future. Not that truly matters though, Hehehe I just want to see Liu Yi destroy everything and regret everything he has done hahaha!!!
    What’s the use of becoming a hero, if you’re a saint then behave like a saint, not that double side action puh. Likewise if you’re a demon, then behave like a demon, no need act like an unknown saint. Truly a hypocrite Liu Yi ah. But I like it hahaha, cause many human actually is hypocrite hehehe

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