MKW Chapter 5

Chapter 5 [New Ability]


Looking at the pair of lovers, the yellow hair guy is wearing earring as well as leather clothing. From his looks, it is obvious that he is a hooligan from the underworld.

The girl in his embrace is gorgeously dressed in fire and smoke style as well as very thick dark eyeliner giving her a panda face.

The girl is dressed in an overbearing fashion and possesses her own style.

A black dress which barely reaches over her butt by just a bit revealing her two white legs, one of which is being touched by the yellow hair guy.

With the autumn weather, being able to bare her legs when going out are all warriors!

When Liu Yi sees the girl, he feels that it is scarier than Lin Tong as his eyes widen.

“Don’t, don’t go over! What do you want to do?!”

Seeing that his own footsteps instead of stopping but continue to rush over towards the two people, Liu Yi starts to lose his head in fear and shouts, “Stop, stop ah! There are people in front ah!”

But Lin Tong who is in control of his right hand did not listen to what Liu Yi says, instead she brings him and rushes between the pair of lovers.

The yellow hair guy is hugging his girl kissing happily.

He has great difficulty convincing his girl to come to his park to have a wild battle.

But he didn’t expect that there are so many weirdos this year!

Just as he had hugged his girl, sat on the bench in the park and cleared first base, a fellow rushes over towards them like a madman!

“What are you doing! Don’t come over!”

The yellow hair guy’s hand is inside his girl’s clothing.

His girl’s hands are also inside his jeans.

Seeing Liu Yi rushing over madly, his girl got frightened and her hand slipped, causing her to grip tightly and yank.

Instantly the yellow hair guy is in so much pain that he nearly fainted.

While Liu Yi rushes over and his right-hand does not know death and starts touching the girl’s white legs.

This feeling of the leg is quite good.

If there wasn’t the yellow hair guy clenching his teeth and glaring at him by the side then it would be better.

“You are fucking seeking death right! How dare you touch my girl…”

The yellow hair guy is raging and is thinking of teaching Liu Yi a lesson when his eyes suddenly widen.

What the heck! What is this damn situation!

The fellow hair guy is looking at his smoking hot girlfriend whose eyes are currently watery as her hands are touching all over his body while making whimpering sounds.

Seeing his own girl current manner, the yellow hair guy is stunned!

Even when he and his girl have sex, she is not so passionate!

Now when she is being touched by this student-like fellow she actually became passionate! Even to the point of crying!

What is this damn situation!

Liu Yi himself is also stunned!

When did my hand have this kind of effect! It is almost like a strong aphrodisiac!


At this moment Lin Tong speaks up.

{This lady is in your right hand, thus your right hand is now no longer the same as a normal person. Your right hand now has a new ability called Amourous Hand! Stinky fellow in the future you will have fortune ah! Did you not see this, this is the benefits of cultivating!}


Liu Yi only wishes to cry!

Because the smoking hot girl is now starting to hug his legs.

Liu Yi immediately withdraws his hand and the girl wakes up. She immediately shrieks and starts cursing as she raises her hand to slap Liu Yi.

“Pervert! How dare you touch me! Go back and touch your mother!”

Just as the girl’s slap is about to land on Liu Yi’s face, his vision suddenly changes as he feeling like the whole world has slowed down.

The girl’s palm has stopped by his cheek and slowly move towards his cheek.

The color of the world also changes from its original color to black and white.

Only the girl and the guy by her side faintly have a yellow glow.

At that moment Liu Yi felt the mysteriousness of the Dao. He takes a deep breath only to feel his spirit sobering up, conscience brightening up as he takes a step back.


Instantly the world resumes back to normal.

The girl’s slap hits the air and instead lands on the face of the yellow hair guy who is instantly mad, “Damn you! Why the fuck do you hit me!”


“Wang Erhu! What the fuck! How dare you hit me! I’m going to fight it out with you!”

“So what if I hit you! You must be excited being touched by the gigolo right! If I beat him up your heart will feel pain right!”

“Right your head!”

As the two of them start to fight, Liu Yi feels that the situation is to his advantage and immediately runs away.

This run immediately makes Liu Yi realize that he seems to be different from those loser high school students.

At least his stamina has increased!

After running for half a day, if it was in the past he would have been so dog tired and panting.

But today he is completely not tired!

Instead, he is able to do it easily!

Really strange…

At this moment Lin Tong once again floats in front of Liu Yi and says proudly, “This is the immortal qi of this Immortal Fox, being used in your body!”

Seeing the small fox, Liu Yi is mad but has no outlet.

This lass nearly created a big trouble for me and actually dared to appear now!

Is this lass really the one who saved my life?

Liu Yi currently feel like she is more like his bringer of bad luck!


Chapter 5 [New Ability]


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