MKW Chapter 499

Chapter 499    [This is my woman]


From the moment Yoko Nishikawa started to understand things, she was sent to the ninja training base to undergo ninja training.

Being in such a cruel battlefield training base, the first thing that Yoko Nishikawa had learned is how to sense the presence of the enemy.

Only by knowing the location of the enemy could she be able to continually advance or retreat, otherwise it is a fight.

But now, Yoko Nishikawa is completely unable to sense the presence of that woman…she is like she has completely disappeared in front of her.

Just as Yoko Nishikawa’s heartbeat sped up, she suddenly senses numbness on her skull and instantly uses Body Substitution technique.


A wooden block is stabbed through by Snake Woman and drops onto the ground before turning into a piece of stone.

“You run pretty fast eh, but no worries, there will not be a second time.”

Snake Woman withdraws her finger before disappearing back into the darkness.

A horrifying sensation engulfs Yoko Nishikawa. Against this kind of ability even if I release the gene lock, it is also useless!

Yoko Nishikawa’s gene lock also belongs to the assassination branch….facing Dragon Group’s Snake Woman who is extremely weird, she completely does not have any chance to win.

Where is she? Where is she? Where on earth is she?

A deep sense of despair starts to engulf her mind causing her to slowly descend into horror.

Looks like this time around I am going to leave my life in China…

Alas, even though the moment I stepped into China I didnt have a plan to return back alive.

But now that she is about to die, Yoko Nishikawa starts to feel slightly regretful.

If there is really second chance….I hope that I can be his woman.

Just as the chill is in front of her, Yoko Nishikawa closes her eyes.

“It is not like I am going to kill you.”

Snake Woman appears from the behind Yoko Nishikawa before tapping on her temple with a finger gently, “Obediently follow me back. There are even more interesting and exciting things waiting for you.”

As she speaks, she licks her lips.

From behind her flies out a pair of black butterfly wings. This wings are very agile and wrap her up.

At the same time under the shocked looks of Snake Woman, Yoko Nishikawa holds a sword backhanded and stabs her stomach.

This method is to die together!

“Dream on!”

Snake Woman is shocked as she did not expect this Japanese girl would not want her life!

Her finger immediately stabs towards Yoko Nishikawa’s temple. Since you want to die than go and die yourself! Why should I die along with you!

Her speed is clearly faster than Yoko Nishikawa’s sword!

At this moment, the two of them suddenly jolt and become unable to move.

A figure wearing black western suit wearing a white mask and red scarf guy stands in front of them.

The moment Liu Yi arrives, he notices from afar of their dangerous actions.

His heart trembles as he throws out a Vein Sealing palm attack from afar.

Unexpectedly his palm wind is very efficient and manages to seal the two of them in place in time!

Luckily the two girls’ strength is not that great, thus they were both easily controlled by Liu Yi’s palm wind. He lands in front of the two of them and immediately pulls Yoko Nishikawa into his embrace before retreating.

Seeing this figure, Snake Woman who have regained her ability to move, her eyes instantly turns red as she shouts, “Blood Emperor!”

Liu Yi stands there hugging Yoko Nishikawa and pretends that he had never seen Snake Woman before and says, “Oh? You recognize me as well?”

While Yoko Nishikawa who is lying in Liu Yi’s embrace slightly shocked from her new lease on life.

Why is it this person…his data is also in the database in Japan. It is said that he is a mysterious loner….no one knows where he come from nor what he wishes to do.

But from what she sees, most of the things that he had done are all related to justice. But why does he want to save me?

“Blood Emperor’s big name in China, who does not know?”

Snake Woman seems to be excited, “That…I wish to say….actually, actually you are my idol…”


What Snake Woman said shocked, Liu Yi, slightly, I actually have fans?

“Tha….that….idol, can you sign for me…”

Snake Woman changes from her earlier cold attitude into extremely excited, “I, I only brought along a pen…how, how about idol sign on my bra! I, I will hang up the bra and treat it as a family heirloom.”

Snake Woman slightly pulls open her collar and reveals the white bra inside.

Cold sweat starts dripping down Liu Yi.

“Apologies….I do not have the habit of signing…furthermore, currently we seem to be enemies right?”

“First, first sign here first….”

Snake Woman keeps bugging him, thus Liu Yi has no other choice but to take the pen and sign the name Blood Emperor on her bra.

Hopefully, in the future, Chen Cai will never see this bra ah…otherwise we will definitely no longer be able to be brothers….

“Aiyah…now I can die with satisfaction…”

Snake Woman smiles merrily, “Now that the private matters are settled, idol, we should discuss some official matters now.”

While speaking she points at Yoko Nishikawa in Liu Yi’s embrace, “This girl is a person who is wanted by our Dragon Group. Can idol make things easy for use and give Dragon Group face.”

“This, is actually not possible.”

Liu Yi gently shakes his head, “I’m afraid that today I am unable to give you face today”

“Why? It seems like this woman does not have any relationship with you right?”

“Who says she does not have any relationship with me?”

Liu Yi hugs Yoko Nishikawa tightly, “She is my woman.”


Snake Woman trembles as her expression turns cold.

Yoko Nishikawa is also stunned as she does not know why Blood Emperor would say this kind of lie.

[TL: well he is not lying haha]

“Originally I thought that you were the Guarding God of China but in the end, you are just a traitorous bandit!”

As Snake Woman speaks she instantly rips off her bra and tossed on the ground.

“From now onwards, you are no longer my idol.”

What the heck….she just directly tears off her bra ah….too crazy already…

Indeed, because she is only wearing leather clothing, on the front of Snake Woman’s chest is two little buds.

This girl…is rather fierce eh, hope that Chen Cai would be fortunate in the future…

“You can say whatever you like, but I will not hand this girl over to you.”

Today Liu Yi will definitely protect Yoko Nishikawa and will not hand her over to anyone else.

“Hmph, since that is the case then do not blame me for being heartless!”

Snake Woman instantly disappears into the darkness.

“Be careful!”

Yoko Nishikawa immediately understands, “She can hide her own presence! She also can turn people into stone!”

“Mm, understand.”

Liu Yi nods his head, hide her presence?

In my Black and White world, how is it possible for you to hide?

Indeed when he activates Black and White world, a red figure instantly appears.

Want to secretly get close to me from behind? This method is effective towards the others but is useless against me.

Snake Woman is very confident. Her ability is very perfect and no one has ever broken through it before.

Even if it is my ex-idol, he will still be obediently turned into stone in front of my abilities.

Just as Snake Woman is about to attack, Liu Yi suddenly says, “Even if you get to my back, your sneak attack might not succeed.”

Snake Woman trembles as she stops moving, don’t think you are able to trick me with your words!

But she still cautious and changes direction and approaches from the right.

“I am a right-hander. You coming from the right side will be disadvantaged.”

Liu Yi’s next sentence causes her to stop moving.

Cold sweat starts to form on Snake Woman’s forehead. He is really able to find my figure? How is that possible?

She clenches her teeth before jumping up and prepares to attack from midair.

“Midair attack are also useless.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he leaps forward lightly and jumps to the side of the helicopter.


Snake Woman lands on the ground as her figure walks out from the darkness.

“How did you find me?”

She frowns as she looks at Liu Yi unable to understand.

“The smell from your body.”

Why would Liu Yi say his ability, thus he blinks and says a lie.

“Damn it…do you have a dog’s nose…”

Snake Woman is really angry, this method is too depressing!

“It is best for you to leave.”

Liu Yi advises, “You are not my opponent. If you wish to fight, then find Long Yi to come.”

“You are too arrogant!”

Smoke is almost emitting from Snake Woman’s nose from her anger, “Long Yi is the strongest expert in our Dragon Group!”

“That is why only he has the qualification to fight against me.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, “Since you do not wish to leave then I do not mind sending you off.”

He stands there and sends out a palm attack through the air.

Illusion Extermination!

Liu Yi did not use his full strength. When this palm attack travels through the air and hits Snake Woman, it instantly sends her flying far away until she crashes into the forest in the distance away, flattening the trees.

“So, so powerful…”

Yoko Nishikawa is stunned seeing this and her mouth is unable for close for a while.

“Nothing much, just a parlor trick.”

Liu Yi senses that Snake Woman fainted, thus he places Yoko Nishikawa back onto the ground.

“China is a vast territory with countless experts. People who are as powerful as I are all over the place. It is best for you to no longer return to this place for your country. It is not worth it.”

“Why do you want to save me?”

Yoko Nishikawa looks at Liu Yi in front of her, woman’s institution has always been very correct.

“Nothing much….I just like to interfere when I see injustice done…”

Liu Yi coughs dryly.

“Do not lie to me. I feel that….I know you….”

As Yoko Nishikawa speaks, she smells Liu Yi before saying, “Your smell….I am unable to forget…”

He eyes start to turn angry.

“Fine then….”

Liu Yi already knows that Yoko Nishikawa has realized his real identity. Since I am not wearing my Monarch Armour, I am unable to hide my smell. This point is really an oversight…

Talking about this, this girl’s nose is really like a dog’s nose….

“It is me….Liu Yi…”

As Liu Yi speaks, he removes his mask.


Chapter 499     [This is my woman]

Poor Snake Woman just have to face our MC who as usual have a super plot armor. Alas…


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