MKW Chapter 498

Chapter 498    [Intercepted midway]


Ma Yixuan has always been relying on her gold spiritual powers, because with this power, her cultivation speed was a hundred times faster than normal people!

But now this power of hers is actually sucked away by an unknown person!

This is not possible! Without having sex how is it possible for him to suck away my gold spiritual power!

This is impossible!!!!

“You, just who on earth are you…”

Ma Yixuan is completely strengthless. She does not have any strength to resist. She can only lie on the ground and glares angrily at the guy who has sucked away her gold spiritual power.

If a gaze could kill, Ma Yixuan would definitely have killed that guy a hundred, a thousand times with her gaze.

“From now on, you no longer possess the gold spiritual body. Ma Yixuan, you are on your own from now on.”

Sect Leader extinguishes the golden light in his hands before walking out of the hole.

He comes and goes as he please like he had never come here before.

Ma Yixuan collapsed onto the ground with a pale face while her body trembles.

The gold spiritual power got taken away just like this….my greatest reliance…

“Do not think that….this way I will surrender…”

Ma Yixuan slowly climbs to her feet and wipes away the cold sweat on her face, “No matter who you are…sooner or later, I will personally kill you….there are no worries that I no longer have the gold spiritual body…I still have the Soul-Sucking technique. I will still become stronger no matter what…I want revenge….want revenge….I will definitely know who you are…”

She shrieks in the cave, her scream breaking the night sky.


Liu Yi does not know that the gold spiritual body got crippled. At this moment he is sitting in the canteen of the secret laboratory. By his side is Zhang Meixin and Maki, his two superiors….Chen Cai and the rest of the zodiacs fighters are sitting by the side.

What shocked Liu Yi most is that Long Yi, Long Er, and Long San are all here as well. The three of them are sitting on a slightly higher seat of honor.

But the three of them are not the main character, the main character is a middle-aged person wearing Tang-suit.

He is sitting on the main seat smiling brightly with a peaceful aura.

“Liu Yi, this is our Dragon Group highest person-in-charge, Zhang Xingchu, Chief Zhang.”

Seeing Liu Yi who is the last to enter the canteen, Long San immediately stands up and introduces Liu Yi.

“Nice to meet you, Chief Zhang.”

So it is the immediate superior ah…Liu Yi greats Zhang Xingchu who is like a smiling Buddha.

“Hahaha, so you are the Liu Yi who is recently very famous ah.”

Zhang Xingchu is very calm as he articulates the words clearly, making those who hear him feel very comfortable.

“Today I have finally seen the person himself. Not bad, not bad, you are an outstanding youngster. Our Dragon Group should promote more of these kinds of youngsters.”

Although he looks very peaceful when he speaks, you can hear that he is from the government sector.

Since the other person is polite, Liu Yi is naturally also polite.

“Thank you, Chief Zhang, for your praise.”

Long San laughs as he pats Liu Yi on his shoulder and says, “Chief Zhang is overpraising. This fellow is still not mature enough. Sometimes he also brings us some trouble.”

Actually, he is delighted in his heart, after all Liu Yi is the best member among his people!

In the past, the third group can only lower themselves in front of group 1 and 2, but now, they can finally hold their head’s up!

“Not bad, not bad. Looks like Long San’s eyes are getting better and better. With you guys in Dragon Group, our China’s safety will be ensured.”

“Chief is over praising.”

Long Yi and the rest lower their heads. Even if they are experts, in front of this higher up, they still need to be respectful.

Liu Yi more or less has some grievance in his heart, so what if you are an expert. Don’t you still have to abide by the rules of this world?

But I am not the same. I am not doing this to be influential nor for fortunes. I am selling my life for the country that I love.

Perhaps these people will feel that I am too noble….but I do not feel so. I sincerely love my country, and love the lineage of Chinese people.

He has lived in this country for 19 years. He has drunk the water and ate the rice here as he grew up, thus he has a lot of feelings for every piece of land here.

“Haha, actually I am here today is to take a look at the outstanding service of the people here.”

Chief Zhang smiles merrily and says, “Everyone has always been protecting China as well as this laboratory in Ke Da. Protecting the secret of our China. I thank everyone for your hard work and feels proud of everyone here. Come, come, come. I, Zhang Xingchu do not have any ability thus I can only toast to all of you.”

He raises his own winecup.

The rest of the members also hurry and raise their winecups, while saying that they are overwhelmed with the favor from their superior while snatching to be the first to finish the wine in their cup.

“Hahaha, drinking this cup, let us talk about the second matter for today.”

Zhang Xingchu clucks as he places down his wine cup and says, “These few years, because the laboratory of Ke Da is researching on the genetics of the zodiac beasts, thus it is being coveted by all kind of countries and powers. Everyone has worked hard in protecting this place and invested in your blood and sweat. Us higher-ups also cannot just take the salary and rely on you guys to protect. Thus under our efforts, we have finally investigated out one of the powers. This time around we can finally counterattack and capture all these spies unprepared!”

Liu Yi frowns faintly, the higher-ups has already investigated out the spies?

“Although it is only one of them, but at least we win in this times small intelligence war! I will pass this person’s information to you guys, the rest will be up to you guys.”

He takes out an information report and placed it on the table.

“It’s her?”

Seeing the report Zhang Meixuan is slightly shocked, “So she is the spy eh….I have always thought that she was a good student, what a surprise…”


Seeing photograph on the information Liu Yi’s body turns slightly cold.

The one in report is none other than….the wife that he had unknowingly obtained, Yoko Nishikawa.

“We have already received the report that tonight she will leave JingDou. We must retain her before she boards the helicopter.”

A Dragon Group member asks, “Oh? You already know where she is leaving from?”

“Yes. It is here….”

Zhang Xingchu points at an address at the bottom of the data and says, “Maki. You are the person-in-charge here. Who do you think is the most suitable for this mission?”

Maki rubs her chin and says, “I think……this task is suitable to…how about, giving it to…giving it to Snake Woman? How about it?”

“I do not have any opinion.”

By the side a seductive woman nods her head coldly. By her side stands Chen Cai who is massaging her shoulders.

Liu Yi frowns faintly, this seems to be slightly troublesome…

Zhang Xingchu clucks and issued the task.

“Then that is it. Snake Woman. Your task is not to kill Yoko Nishikawa but to bring her back to be interrogated. Do you understand?”

“I guarantee to complete the task.”

Snake Woman is very cold as she nods her head and turns around and leaves the canteen.

Liu Yi’s heart trembles as he secretly transmits some instructions to Chen Cai, {Help me stall Snake Woman for a while.}

{Boss she is called Ding Xiaochun!}

{The heck do I need to know what she is called, stall her for me, just a while will do.}

Liu Yi tosses the task to Chen Cai before excusing himself to the toilet and leaves the canteen.

{Big idiot what do plan to do?}

Lin Tong asks Liu Yi, {Are you going to save your little lover?}

{Of course I must save her.}

Liu Yi stands in the cubical of the toilet, nodding his head he says, {I can not care about others, but I must care about her.}

{Don’t you love your country the most, why are you willing to let this spy to escape?}

{If I wished to, I am able to easily eliminate the power behind Yoko.}

Liu Yi says, {She should not have used Yoko to breakthrough. She should not be captured to undergo torture.}

Liu Yi says frankly, making Lin Tong sigh.

{Alas, fine then. You always have this temper. This miss is unable to stop you. Go then. But be careful.}

{Relax Immortal Fox sister. I have already thought of an absolutely safe plan.}

Liu Yi smiles as he summons out Little Black and made him transform into himself.

As for he himself, he transforms into a small black butterfly and flies out of the underground laboratory.


“We should leave now.”

In a small factory in the suburbs of JingDou, a helicopter is preparing to take off.

Yoko Nishikawa is standing below the helicopter, looking into the distance like she is able to see something.

“Yoko. It is time to leave.”

The helicopter pilot urges once again.

Only then did Yoko Nishikawa withdraw her gaze reluctantly and walks over, and prepare to board the helicopter.

At this moment from the helicopter comes a cold voice, “Don’t leave, all of you stay behind.”

Following which a black dagger stabs into the throat of the pilot.

The pilot vomits out black blood before collapsing in the cabin.

Yoko Nishikawa had a huge shock as she raises her head and looks at the woman in black clothing.

The woman’s figure is not bad, very skinny but she is wearing a black mask.

On the mask, there are two poison fangs drawn on it, giving people a demonic feeling.

“Who are you?”

Yoko Nishikawa retreats, frowning as she looks at that woman.

This woman seems to be very powerful….could she be from China’s Dragon Group?

“Dragon Group, Zodiac branch, Snake Woman. I am here to take your life.”

The woman says coldly, “If you do not wish to die then obediently follow me.”

“Apologies, I do not wish to die, nor do I wish to follow you.”

Yoko Nishikawa says as she tears off her outerwear, revealing the ninja attire underneath.

Snake Woman snickers, “Hehe, you are rather confident. I thought that you want to cover up a bit.”

“There is no need to cover up. Since you have found your way over, it means that I had already been exposed.”

As Yoko Nishikawa speaks, ninja stars appear in her hands as she keeps her eyes on Snake Woman.

“Do you think that you are able to keep your eyes on me?”

Snake Woman clucks before her figure fades away disappearing in front of Yoko Nishikawa.

Yoko Nishikawa got a huge shock as she cannot even sense the aura of that girl!

This causes Yoko Nishikawa to feel like she has turned into a blind person, very uncomfortable!


Chapter 498     [Intercepted midway]

So how do you guys think Liu Yi will save her?

By the way RIP Ma Yixuan and finally the author did something right

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  1. My guts feeling told me character like Ma Yixuan would survive throughout the story, like the pattern where cheap and lowly villain survive longer than the most fiercest enemy. Hahaha…

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