MKW Chapter 497

Chapter 497    [Ma Yixuan’s counterattack]


Spiritual body, this kind of strength, by logic is not possible to be born in a guy’s body.

But Liu Yi actually has this kind of ability, and it is none other due to the existence of Lin Tong

Being able to possess this kind of ability, only a single type of person which is the person who possesses the spiritual vein.

The reason why spiritual vein is so strong is because it can let the body to possess multiple kinds of qi within at the same time.

This also proves the reason why back then when Liu Yi cultivated Demon Qi, he can still safely obtain the Immortal Qi that Gu Yu gave him, as well as the Devil Qi that Wenren Qian gave him!

Now both Liu Yi and Lin Tong have finally understood.

Furthermore, every time he obtained a different kind of qi, his might, as well as capacity, will greatly increase!

{Little fox, in little fellow Liu’s body, there is not only just fire spiritual power.}

While the two of them are being surprised by these matters, Yan Qiuhong climbs out from Liu Yi’s body in her little scorpion form and stands on Liu Yi’s other shoulder swaying her dazzling scorpion tail.

Liu Yi asks respectfully, {Oh? Senior Yan Qiuhong, what do you mean?}

{What the…he has never been so polite talking to me…}

Lin Tong pouts, it seems like she is slightly jealous.

{This is because your experience is not as long as mine.}

Yan Qiuhong flaunts off her age and smiles in delight before saying, “You don’t even understand the qi within the stinky fellow’s body and you still wish to turn him into an expert?”

{I, I….}

Lin Tong’s face turns red from Yan Qiuhong’s words, {Isn’t it just that I am not by his side for a year only…}

{Hmph, what you know isn’t it just what your master had told you, you are still tender.}

{I, I am the smartest little fox…}

{Oh, is it? Then can you tell Liu Yi what is his current condition?}

{I, I….}

{You what you. Do you want to know? If you want to know then obediently call me senior!}


Liu Yi got stunned hearing this, good fellow. Yan Qiuhong, this Monarch Scorpion is indeed very powerful. She actually manages to teach my little fox into being so obedient…

{Very good, looking at that call of senior, I will tell you the situation within this stinky fellow.}

Yan Qiuhong wags her scorpion tail in delight before saying in a proud aged tone, {In Liu Yi’s body there is not only the incomplete fire spiritual body…at the same time he also possesses incomplete Gold, Wood, Water and Earth the other four spiritual bodies.}

{How is that possible!}

Lin Tong instantly retorts, {Could it be that other than me, there are other spiritual body owners who are by Liu Yi’s side?!}

{By is side, definitely not. But more or less he had come in contact with them.}

Yan Qiuhong says, {First Liu Yi obtained his fire spiritual body from you, afterward by accident it evolved into the spiritual vein constitution. After which he got into contact with Yuan Zhenyue, the Earth Spiritual body, Poison Jasmine, the Wood spiritual body, Ma Yixuan, the gold spiritual body. There is also an unknown person who has a water spiritual body….Liu Yi has gotten in contact with these spiritual bodies. Even if it is one-sided, their spiritual body will be absorbed by Liu Yi who possesses spiritual vein. But incomplete. It is like you and Liu Yi have not dual cultivated, which is why his fire spiritual body is still incomplete.}

Lin Tong starts guessing, {So that is the case…that means that the water spiritual body is among one of the people that Liu Yi got in contact with before?}

{Yeah, but this range is naturally very wide. Even if it is just a touch of a hand, brushing of shoulders, he is able to absorb the other person’s spiritual body power…so, if you wish to determine who is the real water spiritual body from those who got in contact with him in the past….it is too difficult.}

{Ah…since senior says it this way, my head also became big already….Liu Yi, I think it is best for you to think yourself.}

Lin Tong says in anger, {You are in contact with so many girls…I am unable to guess who possesses the water spiritual body…but you must first find an opportunity and push down the other three girls! Complete the plucking of those three spiritual bodies!}

{What, what are you joking about….}

Liu Yi’s head becomes big, {Among the three of them, Poison Jasmine is still considered okay…but she is my disciple…you can’t ask me to play right…as for Yuan Zhenyue that fierce girl…me pushing down her…it is more like she pushing me down….as for the last one Ma Yixuan…..the two of us are irreconcilable enemies…pushing down the three of them is basically dreaming….}

{You damn fellow! What a loser!}

Lin Tong says unhappily, {You have so many techniques specialized in picking up girls why are you not using them! Good Intention eyes! Amorous Hands! Emotion Sword technique…you just need to randomly use a few of them wouldn’t it be easy for you to get your hands on them?}

{Eh, how about we forget it…}

Liu Yi shakes his head like a rattle-drum, {I do not wish to use this kind of despicable methods to make myself stronger…Immortal Fox sister, I will use my own strength to protect you.}

{You idiot ah…it is obviously the chance to become unparalleled in the world is in front of you and you actually do not appreciate it! AHAHAHHHHHH!!!!! WHY DID I fall in love with this IDIOT!!!!!!!}

{Don’t say it like this ah…be more confident in me okay…}

{I don’t even have confidence in myself already….gods, take 500 years of my lifespan in exchange for a brain for this idiot!!!!}

{Oi, oi…}


While Liu Yi and Lin Tong are quarreling in the small forest, in a mountain cave not far away from JinDou’s shrubs, Jiang Qini is guarding for her disciple.

“Do your best. Persevere for a while more and you will be able to break through to the ninth star!”

Jiang Qini looks at Ma Yixuan who is sitting on a pile of bones as a delighted smile appears.

As long as she reached nine-star cultivation, I will be able to successfully extract out Ma Yixuan’s spiritual body as mine….hehehehe, at that time, I will be placed in an important position by the Sect Leader of the Great God Sect…

Currently, Ma Yixuan is sitting on top of the bones with her eyes close, letting her star map to breakthrough.

But she did not let down her vigilance. She has seen through Jiang Qini’s conspiracy… during the period while she was following Jiang Qini, Ma Yixuan secretly obtained knowledge regarding the spiritual body.

Hmph, thinking of using me as a cauldron when I reach 9-star cultivation? Impossible. I have already prepared a method to deal with it…

9 golden lights slowly fly out from Ma Yixuan’s body and shoot into the sky before turning into 9 eye-catching stars.

Jiang Qini is instantly delighted, this is great, my cauldron is finally complete.

At this moment, Ma Yixuan’s face suddenly turns dark as the nine lighted stars extinguish.

She collapses onto the bones and vomits out blood.

“What happened?”

Jiang Qini is instantly shocked as she hurries over and helps Ma Yixuan up.

Don’t enter qi deviation ah! If that happens the cauldron will be spoiled!

Blood seeps out from Ma Yixuan’s mouth as she says with a pale face, “Master…I, it seems like I enter qi deviation….my cultivation is dispersing…”


Jiang Qini’s face turns white in shock as she immediately supports her disciple up and presses both her hands on her chest. She prepares to transfer over qi to Ma Yixuan to help her attract back the qi in her body!

At this moment a whirlpool seems to have appeared in Ma Yixuan’s body, tightly sucking onto both of Jiang Qini’s hands, causing her to be unable to pull away.

“What is this?”

Jiang Qini’s expression changes as she tries to pull away but does not have the strength to do it. Furthermore at this moment from her disciple’s body comes a mysterious sucking force which is sucking out her cultivation!

“This is a technique that I have learned from Sect Head Ling.”

Ma Yixuan flutters her eyes at her master, “My dear master ah, have you heard before of Sect Head Ling’s Soul-Sucking technique?”

“What…you actually learned Soul-Sucking technique….”

Jiang Qini is finally unable to sit still, but she is unable to stand up as her hands are still stuck.

“That’s right, furthermore I also changed it slightly…”

Ma Yixuan smiles, “My dear master you only see that my gold spiritual body is very talented but you did not know that I am also very powerful in my comprehension of techniques. After the Soul-Sucking technique have been changed by me, I can suck all of your cultivation as mine. Not only that, there is also your technique, everything of yours…will all turn to mine. Dear master, there is no need for you to worry, the incomplete dream of yours, as your good disciple, I will help you complete it. So, you can go in peace.”

“You, you are so malicious…”

Jiang Qini’s body keeps trembling as her chest keeps moving up and down.

But it is a pity that Ma Yixuan is a girl and does not have any feeling for this fiery scene.

“Am I malicious? My dear master, this is all because you taught me. Furthermore, what you wished to do to me, do you really think that I did not know?”

Ma Yixuan’s words gradually cause Jiang Qini to turn silent, “What methods you are going to deal with me, I, Ma Yixuan will use the same kind of methods to deal with you. Apologies master, from today onwards, your name will no longer exist in this world.”

Jiang Qini’s body quickly dried up and swiftly turns into a scary dried up corpse, lying by Ma Yixuan’s side.

While Ma Yixuan’s figure becomes more well-rounded and enticing.

“Hahahaha….so comfortable….”

Ma Yixuan stands up and stretches her body, “Did not expect that master’s cultivation is quite good…hehe…from today onwards, I, Ma Yixuan am no longer the same. I shall become the number 1 Queen of the world! Those who have harmed me before, look down on me, I shall seek them one by one for my revenge!”

“It is a pity. You no longer have this chance.”

A voice suddenly enters the hole, as Ma Yixuan instantly frowns. Her arms transform into blades as her vigilance greatly increase.

“From today onwards, gold spiritual power is no longer yours.”

A figure wearing black robe walks in. If Jiang Qini was still alive, she would definitely shout in delight, ‘Lord Sect Leader!’.

But it is a pity as she is already dead.

Ma Yixuan frowns and asks, “Who are you?”

“There is no need for you to know about this.”

“Hmph not knowing is also alright.”

Ma Yixuan sensed that the other person does not have any cultivation and smiles before saying arrogantly, “If you want to take my cultivation, it is not impossible…but as for taking my body…if you are a handsome fellow, I can consider…”


Great God Sect Sect Leader snorts coldly before stretching out his hand towards Ma Yixuan.

Instantly the gold spiritual powers leak out from Ma Yixuan’s 7 apertures and gathered in the center of Sect Leader’s palm.

[TL: 7 apertures are 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils and 1 mouth.]

“This, this is not possible…my, my cultivation….”


Chapter 497     [Ma Yixuan’s counterattack]

Things are getting complicated….

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  1. Well… There’s no more Gold Spiritual Body… A relief since I didn’t wanna Liu Yi x Ma Yixuan, but it will complicate the future matters
    About the Water Spiritual Body, maybe the jap girl? She used water jutsus after all

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  2. I am having trouble trying to reread the early chapters, but I swear I remember a chapter where they fought a “ghost” that Lin tong called the water spiritual body at the school pool… if only I could find the chapter


  3. Hmmmmmmmm. Thanks for the chapter. As Help mentioned, the water spiritual body could really be the dragon loli who still has yet to reappear for some reason. It could even be the dog loli from the demon village, that would make for an unexpected plot twist. 75% it’s the dragon loli tho.

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  4. don’t know if it has any relevance but i remember wang yuzheng saying that she has always hated water since she was young. maybe that has something to do with it idk. i don’t see why she would hate water but i guess have a spiritual body doesn’t exactly influence their personalities. after all, i would think yuan zhenyue (cop girl) would be fire, based on her personality but she isn’t.


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