MKW Chapter 496

Chapter 496    [5 Phase Spiritual body]


Yoko Nishikawa is lying in his embrace, her eyes teary and her expression is like a frightened little bird, not moving in Liu Yi’s embrace.

Her breasts are rising and dropping in her white blouse, making Liu Yi slightly envious.

Now it is already summer, thus this blouse is very thin. Liu Yi is able to see the pink lace penetrating through the blouse.

{Oh my! Your luck with ladies are not bad eh.}

By his ear comes the jealous voice of the little fox, {So while our Sir Liu is busy saving me on one side, you are not idle on the other side eh! Like I said without any woman by your side for a year how could you bear with it.}

{This, this really cannot be blamed on me ah…}

Liu Yi cries out for injustice in his heart before asking the AI in his body, {Little Jade what on earth is going on here ah. What kind of direction did you give this body of mine!}

{Master, Little Jade is wrongly accused!}

Unexpectedly Little Jade also says in grievance, {Today it is the jap girl who invited you out to this small forest to meet up…In the end, when you met up, the hug was your natural body’s reaction ah… I still have not taken control when you returned!}

{What?! My body’s subconscious reaction?}

Liu Yi is shocked, could it be that after I had sex with Yoko, my body nature naturally has some dependency on her?

{Liu Yi! You actually had sex already!}

The little fox only noticed this matter now, {God!}

Liu Yi’s heart trembles finished…Immortal Fox sister is going to settle the account with me.

{Gods! You have broken your boy body! In the future, your cultivation speed will be greatly decreased!}

At first, he thought that he will be scolded very badly. But unexpectedly, Lin Tong actually says this kind of stuff.

Indeed she is a little fox whose heart is on cultivation….what she is thinking is only of those matters…

{Idiot. Luckily you have already broken through the Earth Stage…otherwise, this will be a huge harm towards the speed of your cultivation…Indeed without this miss by your side, you will make mistakes!}

Liu Yi thinks in his heart, It seems like when I sex…I had yet to enter Earth Stage…anyways my body condition is already no longer able to be described using the norm.

At this moment Yoko Nishikawa actually says softly, “Stu, student Liu….let’s, let’s not do it here…if we get discovered by others it would be bad…”

“Ah, sorry, sorry…”

Liu Yi suddenly recalls that in his embrace is a living beauty, he instantly lets go and apologized.

“No worries…there is no need for Student Liu to troubled…”

Yoko Nishikawa lowers her head with a red face. “Ac, actually…today I came to find you…because I have some things that I wish to tell you…”


This makes Liu Yi surprised, what does she want to tell me?

Could it be that….she got pregnant?

What the hell….could I really be so unlucky? But even if she is pregnant, now is already too late right….since the time when I last fucked her…has been a long time ah!

{This girl’s yin qi is very vigorous. She is very suitable for dual cultivation.}

Lin Tong lies on Liu Yi’s head and starts to assess Yoko Nishikawa, {In your body, there is her smell. Looks like you have already taken her before. Not bad, from the looks of it, she gave you her virginity thus you also had plucked quite a bit of yin qi. Profit from disaster ah, profit from disaster!}

Liu Yi feel that it is slightly incomprehensible, {Immortal Fox sister….you, are not jealous at all?}

{I am, of course, I am, how could I not be jealous!}

Lin Tong rolls her eyes, {But this miss told you earlier that I do not object you having multiple wives. Furthermore, as long as it is beneficial to your cultivation, I will support you. This girl is a good cauldron. You go and fuck her a few more times, it will be very beneficial to your cultivation!}

Lin Tong’s words nearly caused Liu Yi to vomit blood, he does not know if he should celebrate or cry.

Immortal Fox sister is good in all places, except that her character is too weird.

{What is there to be strange. For a guy plucking yin to meld yang is originally a very beneficial matter to help with cultivation! Otherwise, why do you think that the first time I saw you, why did I want to suck away your yang qi?}


Liu Yi does not know how to refute his Immortal Fox sister.

“Student Liu, what is the matter with you?”

Realizing that Liu Yi is in a daze, Yoko Nishikawa pokes him gently on his arm with a finger.

“Ah, nothing, nothing. Sorry that I let my mind wander.”

Liu Yi immediately apologises, now that Immortal Fox sister is back, I am afraid that me letting my mind wander will become a very often matter…

“No worries…”

“There is also no need for you to keep calling me Student Liu, are we really that unfamiliar with each other?”

Liu Yi smiles, “You can just call me Liu Yi.”

“Understood….Liu…..Liu Yi…”

At this moment, Yoko Nishikawa is like a shy little girl, comparing to her after she had put on her ninja attire, she is like two completely different people!

“Oh…what did you want to tell me?”

Liu Yi is very curious, since that time we had sex, the two of us did not have any contact. Every time in class, well, there will be a slight awkwardness.

This time around Yoko Nishikawa took the initiative to invite him, wouldn’t it make him feel strange.

“Actually….I am here to say goodbye to you.”

Yoko Nishiakwa’s sentence shocked Liu Yi.

“Goodbye? You are going back to Japan?”


Yoko Nishikawa nods her head, “My exchange period has ended…”

She smiles bitterly.

“The matter must not be so simple right…”

Liu Yi frowns slightly, “Yoko, I feel that you have some worries.”

Liu Yi calling her Yoko cause Yoko Nishikawa’s heart to shiver.

“Liu Yi….actually my body was originally for my husband.”


For a while Liu Yi does not know what to say, Miss Yoko ah, it can’t be that you only remember to settle this score with me now?

“So….in my heart, Liu Yi….you are already my husband.”

Yoko Nishikawa’s following sentence shocked Liu Yi.

Is my identity so high? But you, the way you treat your husband is like this?

That is too cold right…

“But…because I have some matters, that is why I am unable to completely open my heart to you…so, Liu Yi, sorry….the past days I did not perform properly…please forgive me…”

Done speaking Yoko bows deeply towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi hurries and pulls Yoko up, “Okay, enough. Why are you being so polite? You can just say what you want to say to me.”

“Mmmm…but the things that I say, I hope that you can help me keep it a secret…you are my husband, so I do not wish to let you always be in the dark, that is why I want to tell you…. otherwise when I leave, you will still be kept in the dark…..I, will have a guilty feeling”

“Oh okay. I swear that I will not tell anyone else. You can tell me.”

Liu Yi has a slight clue on what she wants to say.

“Okay…Liu Yi, please do not be surprised…actually I am a kunoichi from Japan…I have come to China, to obtain very important intelligence data…”

“Yoko you are really humorous.”

Liu Yi clucks, he does not know if he should pretend to be very shocked or very calm. Thus he decided to continue pretending to be naive.

“I am not joking.”

Yoko’s expression becomes serious, and with a swing of her hand and a ‘dang’ sound, a ninja star nails onto the tree by the side.

“Liu Yi….I do not wish to hide it from you. So please, do not hate me…”

“Okay, okay, okay. I believe that you are a kunoichi…but why do you suddenly have to return?”

“My task has failed, so I must return back to shoulder the responsibility.”

Yoko Nishikawa’s face turns slightly sad, “Furthermore I do not wish to continues to enter the fight between China and Japan….I also do not wish to continue lying to you…so, I wish to leave this place…”

“Do you really need to leave….”

Liu Yi also starts to feel slightly guilty, although he has done the things that need to be done with Yoko, Yoko also treats him as a husband in her heart. While for him, he had never done before a single bit of husband responsibility towards Yoko.

“Yes, please forgive me.”

Yoko Nishikawa once again bows deeply towards Liu Yi who hurries and stops her.

“Don’t have, don’t have. You have never done anything that needs my forgiveness.”

“I have…please forgive me…”

Yoko Nishikawa once again bows, before turning around and walks out of the forest without looking back.

When she turns around, her face is already covered with tears.

Liu Yi, I will miss you…

If there is another lifetime, I am willing to be a China person and be your real wife.

[TL: sad girl….well Yoko sorry to burst your bubbles, but you do have to go against at least 3 other girls before you can official marry him….]

{What a good cauldron and you just let her go just like this…}

Lin Tong pouts and says, {What a pity….}

{My Immortal Fox sister, why don’t you hurry and reform your flesh body, and let us dual cultivate?}

{Hmph, that is not possible!}

Unexpectedly Lin Tong instantly rejects, {Before we left, my master had secretly transmitted to me that before this miss’s cultivation has reached Earth Grade ten-stars, I cannot dual cultivate or other related matters with you. Otherwise, my fire spiritual body and all my spiritual powers will be completely sucked away and I will die.}

{So fierce…}

{That’s right, you do not know right, if you want to obtain the spiritual body power, the only methods is to rely on a guy to first puck the spiritual power from that girl, then have sex with another girl. This way the spiritual power will be inherited by the next girl.}

{This method….is too that already right….}

Liu Yi is shocked.

{It is indeed sinister, furthermore, it must be while the girl is at the peak of nine-star cultivation to do the plucking. Because at that time, the spiritual power is the most perfect. The moment you pluck it over, you can completely let the spiritual body form in your body.}

{So that is the case….then I have to wait till Immortal Fox sister reaches Earth Grade ten-star cultivation then. At that time, we can have dual cultivation, hehehe}

Liu Yi starts to have perverted thoughts.

{You ah… like a fake spiritual vein, you are a very special existence. Even if our spiritual body has reached Earth Grade, you will still be able to absorb our spiritual power. But it will not be as harmful to me.}

{Is the fake spiritual vein so overbearing ah…}

Liu Yi starts to sweat.

{Aiyah, you really do not know how to appreciate the fortune that you have!}

Lin Tong glares fiercely at Liu Yi, {People who possess spiritual vein are able to possess 5 spiritual power at the same time…and now you possess just a small bit of fire spiritual power, you are also so strong…Liu Yi, your growth, I am afraid that even I am unable to imagine it.}


Chapter 496     [5 Phase Spiritual Body]

Yup not this chapter. it is the next chapter where the information dump will happen

And yes Yuan Zhenyue is the female cop who had entered Dragon Group and obtain the Dragon zodiac armour who also possess a spiritual body.

Yup Jap girl will have a few more screen time in the upcoming chapters

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