MKW Chapter 494

Chapter 494    [Say some secrets]

Now before the chapter starts, yeah I know I’m not even bother writing in the post…since most of you might just skip to the end to get to the chapter hahaha…

Anyways from the large amounts of comment received, well most of you agree with me that Liu Yi is an idiot.

Now to address some questions and inquiries, so take your time reading this portion.

As for the spell that ‘turn back’ Liu Yi’s time, it is not really turning back time but sealing of Liu Yi’s cultivation base completely. The reason why it can work is because it follows the ‘Heavenly law’ the magical 7*7-49 number of people as well as the 4 directional sealing, where the 4 directions can represent the Dragon, Tortoise, Phoenix, Tiger which strengthens the seal. While the number 49 is basically to strengthen the spell they are mumbling. Of course, there will be a limit to the spell where the must be of equivalent stage I believe that means that there should be a total of 196 Wisdom Fox of earth stage doing the sealing of his cultivation base.

And to all of you who are sad and mad that Lin Tong died, well there is no need to be mad….if she truly died then there is no need for this story title ^_^ anyways she is still alive and idiotic Liu Yi nearly killed her himself in this chapter like the fucking idiot he is as usual!!! BAKA LIU YI!!!!!


“What are you trembling for! Seeing how scared you are, are you a man or not! Let me tell you, this miss is not a ghost! This miss is an Immortal Fox! The most beautiful and cutest little Immortal Fox!”

“If you do not cultivate then I will keep toying with you!”

“Fine, you are not going to cultivate then I’ll let you not cultivate!”

“Big idiot, quickly leave! There is no need for you to care about me!”

“I am not a good person nor am I your Immortal Fox sister, there is no need for you to care about me okay!”

“Within a year can you become even stronger? I…can I rely on you?”

“Big idiot….next year you must come….”

The past flashes in front of Liu Yi scene by scene.

[TL: The first 3 sentence is when they first met. Sentence 4 and 5 is from the time where they enter hell. Sentence 6-8 is when they got separated.]

He hears the words that Lin Tong said to him.

Those scenes, that voice is all so clear, unable to be forgotten…


Liu Yi’s heart is like it had been completely ripped into pieces. He is in so much pain that he is agitated and shivering.

At that instance, it is like the entire world is no longer important to him. He only wishes to wipe everything out of existence.

The Boundless Righteous Qi in his body suddenly changes into black smoke and continuously flows out from his body.

Devil, is but a single thought away.

The moment Liu Yi gave up all of his righteousness, his Boundless Righteous Qi will also turn into the entire world’s scariest Devil Qi!


The Intelligence Fox race members on the four stone stela start vomiting blood and collapse onto the stela. Some who are unlucky directly fall off the stela and injure themselves very badly.

The Heaven Reversal formation, because of them losing their strength, is removed.

Liu Yi’s eyes completely turn red as his silver hair grows longer but instantly turns red.

Black devil marks creep up his cheeks until it reaches the location between his eyebrow!

He instantly enters the Second Stage of dragon transformation! But the aura on his body is even scarier than that when he was in the second stage of dragon transformation!

“What, what is this…”

Sensing the extreme aura from Liu Yi, Lan Yuan’s legs start trembling.

Liu Yi suddenly raises his palm, his palm slams onto Lan Yuan.

Illusion Extermination!

Lan Yuan’s body is instantly blasted into minced meat and scatters all over the floor.

Lan Zhenyi immediately went crazy the moment he witnessed his son’s gruesome death!

He howls mournfully and charges towards Liu Yi along with an enormous firefox.

Liu Yi did not dodge, instead, he opens his mouth and lets out a dragon roar.

Blue ice qi is instantly breathed out freezing that enormous firefox completely into a life-like sculpture.

“Kill, kill him! Kill him!!! I want to use his head as a sacrifice to my son!”

Lan Zhenyi lets out a series of ghost-like wails and mobilizes all of the elites of Ghost Fox race to surround and attack Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi stands there not moving. Facing the attacks of over a hundred Ghost Foxes, he only stretches out his palm and slaps the sky.


The sound of a glass being shattered is heard by everyone.

Glorious Sun Palm, tenth palm technique, Glazed Glass!

The sky above everyone suddenly scatters as a palm-shape black hole takes shape and starts to revolve, turning into a ball and starts sucking in everything in the surrounding.

The Ghost Fox race members who were standing at the very front are the ones who suffer the calamity first. All of them are sucked in by the force of the black hole and their bodies start to get crushed!

Even Lan Zhenyi is unable to escape. He revolves all of the Demon Qi in his body but is unable to withstand the force of the black hole. In a blink of an eye, he is pulled in and his body is ripped apart like he had met a horrifying meat grinder.

Their flesh is continuously sucked in by the black hole until there is nothing left.

“Glorious Sun Palm! Gods, it is Glorious Sun Palm….”

“Heavenly Fox palm technique! How could it be learned by a human….”

“You, do you really think that he is a human….”

The rest of the demons are all badly frightening, every single one of the want to hide away but their bodies are bit by bit being sucked towards the black hole.

The original marriage ceremony has now turned into the doomsday of these demons.

The entire Osmanthus Flower Mountain is implicated by the black hole and soon it will turn into a death zone.

Qiu Shuiyi is also unable to control her body as she is slowly pulled towards the black hole bit by bit.

Alas, this should be the rumored retribution…Ghost Fox race, as well as Charm Fox race destiny, will end here….

It is all my fault ah…

Liu Yi has already forgotten everything. His single palm is controlling the black hole, only wishing to destroy everything.

All of them shall be buried along with Immortal Fox sister!

And at this moment, Liu Yi suddenly hears a shock exclamation.

{Big idiot…you, you quickly stop!!! This miss is about to be sucked in ah!!!!!}

This voice causes Liu Yi to tremble as he turns around and sees a pretty little fox pulling on his collar. Her body and tail is being sucked into the air by the black hole.

At that instant, the baleful look in Liu Yi’s eyes immediately dissipates.

He immediately gives up control of the Glazed Glass black hole and instantly the black hole disappears.

The sucking force had finally died, the fortunate demons who had managed to live are crying tears of joy.

Qiu Shuiyi is also standing there in slight surprise.

I am actually still alive?

Liu Yi looks at the little fox who has climbed back up to his shoulder and asks in delight, “Immortal Fox sister…you, you are fine?”

{Big idiot!}

Lin Tong uses her tail and whip Liu Yi’s nose, {My flesh body got destroyed only. This miss’s spiritual form is still here okay! Why are you so stupid. Do you really think that this miss would really die for you….tsk, why don’t you look into the mirror? You don’t even look handsome at all…}

“Immortal Fox sister….”

Liu Yi hugs the little fox tightly and starts crying, “This is great….you are still alive…”

“Aiyah….your mucus is dripping onto this miss’s beautiful fur ah….damn idiot, what are you crying for it is just my flesh body got destroyed only. In the future, I can just create another one! If you cry some more then this miss will call you a sissy!”

“I will not cry…”

Liu Yi wipes away his tears, “Immortal Fox sister you are too much. I am just too happy that’s all…”

“This miss’s flesh body got destroyed and you are actually happy?!?!”

“Ah, no, that is not what I mean ah…”

“Hmph, I see what are meaning! Why are you still not pulling out those arrow in your body! They make you look like a hedgehog, not nice looking at all!”

“Understood…Immortal Fox sister…”

“To lose something and regain it again…there is nothing that can make a person even happier.”

Liu Yi is smiling very widely and happily pulls out those arrows from his body, not caring about the blood dripping out.

Currently, the entire Osmanthus Flower Mountain is already in a complete mess. As for the Ghost Fox race which had a lot people, now there are only a few lucky survivors.

Jin Boxin is among them. He collapsed on the ground not daring to say anything pretending to be a dead person.

“Looks like everything has ended…”

Qiu Shuiyi looks at the ceremony stage is which covered with enough blood to form a lake and sighs softly, “In the end, the two of you still walk together…I should congratulate the two of you…”

“Thank you, Senior Qiu, for granting our wish.”

Liu Yi cups his hands, “Senior is no longer planning to block us?”

“Use what to block….”

Qiu Shuiyi laughs bitterly, “Even the Ghost Fox race was almost exterminated in your hands…how is it possible for my Charm Fox race to be able to block the two of you. If you really care about my disciple then in the future treat her well…”

Liu Yi pats his chest and says loudly, “Senior Qiu relax. Immortal Fox sister is more important than my life. How can I not treat her well.”

“The demons below, all of you listen up for me. I am Liu Yi, a Dragon Hunter!”

He releases the Dragon Hunter aura within his body instantly scaring all of the demons.

“Ghost Fox race has been eliminated by me. From today onwards Charm Fox race is protected by me, Liu Yi! In the future whoever dares to make things difficult for them, that is to makes things difficult for me! Even if I chase you to the extreme ends of the earth, I will exterminate all of the enemies of the Charm Fox race!”

Dragon hunters are the biggest enemy of the Demon race! While Liu Yi’s words frighten the demons to the extreme.

Earlier they have seen the methods of Liu Yi….it is too horrifying…this fellow is way, way, way stronger than Ghost Fox race by countless of times…

Qiu Shuiyi looks at Liu Yi in surprise as she did not think that Liu Yi will stand up for Charm Fox race.

“Senior Qiu, leave the responsibility of the Charm Fox race to me. Do not throw it to my Immortal Fox sister. In the future, the matters of Charm Fox race is my, Liu Yi’s matter.”

“So be it…you have already done what needs to be done. Leave the rest to my Charm Fox race.”

Qiu Shuiyi smiles bitterly, “Lin Tong, Liu Yi. The two of you follow me. There are some matters that I must let the two of you know.”

She turns around and walks away.

Liu Yi and Lin Tong glance at each other but they do not know what Qiu Shuiyi wants, thus they can only follow along.

They walk until a distance away, returning back to the lotus pond in the valley before Qiu Shuiyi stops walking.

“Liu Yi, I can see that you love my disciple a lot.”

“That is natural, otherwise I would not have come.”

Liu Yi nods his head while Lin Tong feels warm in her heart as she leans against Liu Yi’s throat and uses her small mouth and nibbles on Liu Yi’s ear.

“En, but there are some matters that you still do not know. I feel that I should tell you…..also, Tong’er, master has also concealed it from you for a long time. Today let me tell you everything. To the two of you, this might not be a good thing but the two of you must know.”

“What matter? Master?”

Lin Tong is slightly curious, being raised by master for so many years, there is actually some matters that she had hidden from me?

“Actually Tong’er, you are not a member of my Charm Fox race.”

Qiu Shuiyi’s sentence frightens Lin Tong.

“Master what are you saying….stop joking around ah…..”

“I am not joking. You are not from my Charm Fox race, instead, you were secretly carried back by me when you were a baby.”

“How, how is that possible…master…you are not lying to me….”

Lin Tong does not really dare to believe as she tightens her grip on Liu Yi’s arm blankly.

“Master is not lying to you. You are really not from the bloodline of my Charm Fox race…”

“Then, then I am….”

“Your real bloodline is Heavenly Fox.”

This sentence of Qiu Shuiyi jolts through Lin Tong like lightning. Even Liu Yi also had a huge shock.

So Immortal Fox sister is actually a person from the Heavenly Fox race?


Chapter 494    [Say some secret]

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