MKW Chapter 493

Chapter 493    [All of us are idiots]


“Xiao, Xiao Qi….how can he be a human!”

Jin Boxin is completely shocked as he stares blankly at the youngster standing there.

“You, why did you still come!”

Lin Tong shouts out crying, “Didn’t I say that I do not love you? Scram away! Scram as far away as possible!”

“Immortal Fox sister, even if you do not love me, I will still take you away from this place.”

Liu Yi smiles, “This is the promise from a year ago. My grandfather says that as a man, one must not go back against his words.”

[TL: best moment to bring up with a sensible grandfather saying]

Hearing what Liu Yi says, Lin Tong trembles.

He is still the big idiot from back then….why can’t he becomes slightly smarter ah…

“How dare you dare to disturb my Ghost Fox clan’s wedding ceremony! You are seeking death!”

Seeing that someone dared to come and disturb he instantly rages, “And it is actually a human who does not know death! Man! Immediately kill this daring human! Use his blood to dye the wedding ceremony red!”

With that command, over tens of Ghost Fox instantly rushes forward angrily and releases enormous firefox at Liu Yi attempting to burn Liu Yi into ashes.

“Parlour tricks.”

Liu Yi only snorts coldly not even bother moving.

At the same time, Heaven Supporting strength melds into his body as he activates Spiritual Beast transformation.

“Thousand Illusion!”

Heaven Supporting strength which transforms into large arm waves under the direction of Liu Yi. Along with the boost from Glorious Sun Palm, instantly enormous palm image appears and instantly sent the Ghost Foxes flying away.

Almost with the effort to blink an eye, Lan Zhenyi’s elites are dealt with.

“How is this…such strength….”

Lan Zhenyi trembles as he stares at the skinny and weak-looking youngster.

Qiu Shuiyi is also shocked. In comparison to a year ago, Liu Yi’s strength has increased by way too much!

Isn’t this fellow who does not have any talent in cultivation? How could he improve so fast!

Could it be that there is some God/Demon helping him with his cultivation?


Lin Tong leans against the palanquin window and looks at Liu Yi’s eyes.

“Damn it…looks like I need to activate my Ghost Fox race’s secret strength!”

Ruthlessness flashes across Lan Zhenyi’s eyes. Just as he is about to say anything, his son Lan Yuan stops him.

“Father there is no need to be anxious. Let son say something first.”


Lan Zhenyi frowns slightly not knowing what his son Lan Yuan is trying to do.

From young, this fellow has always been very intelligent and is stronger than me his father. In a few more years my position will be passed down to him. The reason why I want him to marry Lin Tong is because I am thinking of his future strength.

Lan Yuan stands there with a smile and says to Liu Yi, “Liu Yi right. I have already guessed that you will come.”

Lan Yuan says calmly, “Thus I have already prepared a large gift for you. Intelligence Fox race people, it is time for you to take to the stage.”

The moment he finished, 100 meters away from the stage in 4 directions, 4 stela sudden rises up.

On every single stela, stands 7,7 49 Intelligence Fox race members. All of them are kneeling down their eyes closed, chanting.

At that moment Liu Yi feels that his body suddenly turned hollow. At that moment it is like all of his cultivation has been drawn out from his body.

It is like being beaten back to his origin and turned back into the ordinary person that Lin Tong met back then.

“This is Heaven Reversal technique which can reverse the time of your body. The you now standing in the center of the formation is nothing but an ordinary person.”

Lan Yuan looks at Liu Yi’s pale face and smiles faintly and says proudly, “Now you have two choices. First, is to find a corner to hide and live like a dog. A year later scram out of my Demon Realm. Do not think of removing this Heaven Reversal technique. After this technique is arranged, the formation eye has already landed on your body. The Intelligence Fox race will continuously operate the technique. Unless you leave the Demon Realm, the formation will continue to operate non-stop.”

Hearing what Lan Yuan says, Liu Yi’s heart becomes cold.

While Lin Tong’s eyes also wide in shock as she bites her lips until her lips have broken.

“But I am a person who is easy to talk to. If you like Lin Tong, fine then. I will give you a chance.”

Lan Yuan smiles, “As long as you are able to walk in front of his palanquin, pull open the muslin curtain and walk into the palanquin, I will give you the chance and let the two of you leave the Demon Realm. But, if you want to come over, you need to receive my test….I am a very good person and treat this as a test for your love, hahaha…”

He waves his hand and instantly a group of Ghost Fox emerges, each of holding a bow aiming towards Liu Yi.

There are a total of over ten archers. This is basically just wanting to take Liu Yi’s life!

Lan Yuan sneers and ask, “Two paths for you to choose. Do you want love or do you want your life?”

The two choices are dangled in front of Liu Yi like this while Liu Yi did not even hesitate and instantly take a step forward.

“Idiot…quickly scram away!”

Lin Tong is badly frightened as she loses her head and shrieks, “How many times had I said that I do not love you! The one I love is Lan Yuan! Did you hear me! The one I love is Lan Yuan!”

“Immortal Fox sister if the one you love is Lan Yuan then wouldn’t it be best if I die?”

Liu Yi keeps smiling, “This way the two of you can have no misgiving to be together right?”

“Right, what right! I do not want you to die! You big idiot! I don’t want you to die…”

Lin Tong really starts crying.

Liu Yi finally smiles brightly, the heart-rending pain in his heart, at that moment all of it slowly starts to fade away as warmth starts to flow out.

For this moment …I have already waited for too long…

Immortal Fox sister is already standing in front of me, the distance is just ten meters long.

Liu Yi walks forward another step and Lan Yuan instantly waves his hand, “Fire.”


An arrow shoots out and shoots through Liu Yi’s arm. Half of the arrow is still in his arm.

Liu Yi trembles and nearly collapsed.

“Liu Yi!”

Lin Tong is so frightened that she starts crying. She gets up trying to leave the palanquin.

But Lan Yuan waves his hand and instantly a few Intelligence Fox race members add a barrier to the palanquin causing Lin Tong to be unable to leave.

“Damn it you bunch of scumbags! Let me out!”

Lin Tong cries as she hammers the barrier.

When Qiu Shuiyi sees this scene, she turns her head away.

She is really not willing to watch….This time around, Liu Yi is really dead…he is not an extraordinary person…how can he be able to withstand so many arrows…


Another arrow shoots into Liu Yi’s arm. He trembles slightly but continues to walk forward.

“Do not kill him yet. Shoot slowly for me, slowly torture him!”

Yuan Lan shouts out as he snatches over a bow and shoots an arrow towards Liu Yi’s calves.

When Liu Yi’s calf is hit, he nearly falls over. He forcefully stabilizes his body and drags that leg along and continues to walks towards the palanquin.

A sinister smile appears on Lan Yuan’s face as he shoots out another arrow towards the other calf of Liu Yi’s.


This time round Liu Yi really collapsed. But he did not stop as he continues to crawl towards Lin Tong.

An arrow after the other keeps shooting into his body. The blood that flows out from Liu Yi starts to form an extremely terrifying red trail.

While the distance Liu Yi is from Lin Tong is still 1m only.

“Idiot…why did you not leave ah…”

Lin Tong is kneeling by the palanquin window crying.

“Because I want to bring you away….”

Liu Yi stretches his hand towards Lin Tong as he slowly crawls forward.

“You will die…”

Lin Tong cry very sadly as tears cover her face. Seeing Liu Yi covered in injuries, her heart is in pain, very, very painful.

It is like the arrows are not shooting into Liu Yi but into her heart.

Lin Tong, you are really useless….you have harmed Liu Yi….you are useless, you are useless…

“Damn it, I don’t believe that I am unable to kill you!”

Seeing that Liu Yi is about to reach the palanquin, Lan Yuan’s complexion changes as he pulls open his bow and shoots an arrow through the back of Liu Yi into his heart.

For a normal person, if his heart is pierced through with an arrow, he will definitely die.

Liu Yi’s body starts to stiffen as his pupil starts to widen.

My conscious is starting to slack….am I….going to die like this….

There seems to be someone crying beside my ear….this crying sound…is this crying sound from Immortal Fox sister….

Alas….I am so useless….I actually make Immortal Fox sister cry….

Cannot. I have said before that I am going to protect Immortal Fox sister…How can I let her cry…

How strong is a human’s willpower? There is a story of a father on a boat. His heart is accidentally pierced by a sharp object but to safely send his son to a safe place, he had persevered and stay alive for a week.

Under the shocked gaze of the crowd, Liu Yi slowly climbs to his feet as his hand which is covered with blood touches the palanquin.

“Liu Yi!”

Lin Tong suddenly explode out with a shocking strength as she breaks the shapeless barrier and hugs the tottering Liu Yi.

“I did it…”

A smile faintly appears on Liu Yi’s face, “I did it…Immortal Fox sister….you are mine…”

“I am yours, I have always been yours you this idiot, big idiot…”

Lin Tong hugs Liu Yi as she cries.

Qiu Shuiyi is also secretly wiping away her tears, this pair of person….is really too tough on them….

Alas if I have to blame I should blame that year….I should not have brought Lin Tong into Charm Fox clan…

“Motherfucker! Shoot him to death for me! Shoot him to death!”

Lan Yuan has already forgotten his earlier promise. He urges his underlings and pulls the bow at the same time.

Instantly tens of arrows tears through the air and whooshes over.

Lin Tong suddenly turns her body and uses her back to protect Liu Yi.

-puff, puff, puff!-

All of the arrows shot into Lin Tong’s body.

There is even one arrow which shot into Lin Tong’s heart.

Blood is flowing out from Lin Tong’s mouth but she is smiling.

“Immortal Fox sister….”

Liu Yi opens his eyes and sees the deadly arrows that Lin Tong had helped him block, at that instant his heart almost stopped.

“You, why did you…”

“Idiot…I already say that you are an idiot…because I love you ah….”

Lin Tong’s eyes slowly close.


Chapter 493    [All of us are idiots]

Poor Lin Tong…just how many times does she have to die…

Welp looks like Liu Yi will be going into a dragon rage in the next chapter.

Everyone please give the demons who are at Osmanthus Flower Mountain a moment of silence for their misfortune…


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    Yea it was a very touching scene and all and assuming Lin Tong DOESN’T FUKING DIE then cudos to the author. But I really have to say that that spell, is one of the worst ass pulls I have seen in a while. Just by setting up a formation they’re able to INSTANTLY drop someones entire cultivation down to 0 no matter how powerful they may be? The devs would be sent to hell and back for pulling that kinda shit.

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  2. Hey, He trained on the Asura Realm 500 years, ande the spell of those Inteligent Fox Races decrease the age of THE BODY, so, man, I think that the actual plot is somewhat Shit. But I still love this novel.

    Ps: Sorry for the bad english, I’m from other country.


  3. I really see this spell not working out feasibly. His body went through 500 years of Cultivation. How could this formation reverse time for 500 years that easily? and it seems like it could be done indefinitely….smh


  4. It is truly idiotic… he has so much power so why should he listen to their taunt… just break all with his power and be done with it… this chapter really didn’t show his result of 500 years training. To be the strongest but his behavior is really disappointing. So what the use of his years of training if he can’t just take Lin Tong away and scare the ghost fox clan into submission. Or this is just what they call talk no jutsu??


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