MKW Chapter 492

Chapter 492    [Wedding]


500 years of perseverance.

Liu Yi does not know how many asuras he had killed nor did he know how many times he gotten injured by asuras.

But no matter how heavily injured he was or how tired of killing he gets, Liu Yi continues to preserve on.

He knows that he must preserve on because a person is waiting for him.

She is at Osmanthus Flower Mountain waiting for him to bring her home.

For this belief, even if he kills all of the asuras in the Asura Realm, even if he was beaten up badly and full of injuries, so what?

But everything he had done till this moment completely collapses.

He takes a deep breath. If he does not do his best to breath, the next second he will definitely die.

“Go back….”

Lin Long’s palm is bleeding but she is still smiling, “Not matter when I am still your older sister.”

Older sister, only an older sister is it….

Liu Yi finally is unable to take it as tears start dripping down.

Although grandfather said before that a man can bleed but cannot cry….but grandfather, I am sorry….I really wish to cry now….

“Immortal Fox sister….can we not joke around anymore….let us go back to Human Realm together….”

He props himself on a nearby tree and stretches his hand towards Lin Tong.

“I am not joking around. How many times do you want me to say before you understand.”

Lin Tong suddenly shouts, “Are you stupid, an idiot? The one I love is Lan Yuan. The one I love is the Young master of Ghost Fox race! You go back and look into the mirror which part of you is worthy of me to love you! Stop dreaming okay?!”

“You, you really do not love me….”

“I do not love you, I do not love you!!! How many times do you want me to say! I do not love you!”

Lin Tong is crying in her heart.

Liu Yi wipes away his tears and looks deeply into Lin Tong’s eyes before staggering as he leaves.

He does not dare to turn back, really does not dare to.

But at the moment Liu Yi walks out of the valley, Lin Tong vomits out blood.

The lotus pond is dyed red.

Idiot…I really love you ah…..but I am unable to tell you…

Both of Lin Tong’s hand is covered with blood as she stretches them out from her sleeve.

Within her fingernails are her own blood.

But what does those pain count as….the pain in the heart is the real pain.

Moonlight hides behind the clouds. The valley becomes even more gloomy.

The sunlight tomorrow is very unsightly.

Lin Tong sits among the lotus flowers, dressed in pretty red clothing and is lifted up to Osmanthus Flower Mountain’s ceremony stage on the wedding sedan.

The Ghost Fox race and Charm Fox race’s wedding ceremony has a very large influence. Everywhere you see is filled with bustling fox demons as well as other kinds of demons who are here to join in the fun.

At the same time, Liu Yi is sitting in the inn, downing cups after cups of fruit wine.

Liu Yi slaps the table and shouts, “Wine! I want wine from the Human Realm!”

“Lord…really, really sorry…we really do not have Human Realm wine is this place…”

The landlady is a very pretty Charm Fox woman. Currently, in this inn, there is only two people, her and Liu Yi.

As for the rest, all of them went to watch the wedding ceremony.

“How about this, I’ll go and talk out the best fruit wine for lord…”

She wants to leave but Liu Yi suddenly pulls her over and pressed her down on to the table.

“I do not want to drink now, I want to eat.”

“What does lord want to eat…this, this girl can go and make for lord right now…”

“I want to eat you!”

He fiercely kisses the lips of the Charm Fox woman.

The Charm Fox woman trembles and strengthlessly leans on the table not daring to move.

Liu Yi kisses crazily for a long time but seeing the beautiful woman not reacting at all, he shouts in rage, “Why are you not moving!”

“I, I am wrong…I, I will help lord remove my shirt…”

“I do not want you to take off your clothes! I am asking you why are you not resisting, why are you not resisting!!!”

Liu Yi kicks the table by the side, causing it to embed into the wall.

The Charm Fox woman is so frightened that she is trembling and tears start to from.

“Resist! You resist ah!”

The Charm Fox girl’s eyes are misted with grievance tears, says in fear, “Lord…this, this girl does not dare to…”

“Why do you not dare? Do you want to live with dignity?”

“Dignity? Before dignity, first one must be alive…”

The Charm Fox girl sighs faintly, “If it was not for the Ghost Fox race people protecting us, the Charm Fox race…perhaps would have been eliminated from this Demon Realm….how could it be that we do not want to live with dignity?! But, dignity, this word needs to be exchanged with power. We do not have power thus can only be bullied by other people. If we have power, who would be willing to live like this? Who is willing?!!!”

“That’s why you sacrifice your own race’s people to exchange for the chance to live on?”

Liu Yi sneers coldly, “If you live this way, why don’t you just die!”

“We have let down Young head Lin.”

The Charm Fox woman’s face turns gloomy, “This entire year, Young head Lin was crying daily. We all know that….that young master Lan of your Ghost Fox race, she avoided meeting him and has never seen him before. I believe this marriage ceremony is really hard on her…but what can we do….if she does not save us, who can…..”

“Wait a minute…what did you say…”

Liu Yi suddenly regains awareness and cuts the words of the Charm Fox girl.

“What did you say? Lin Tong, has never seen Lan Yuan during this entire year?”

“That’s right ah, this entire year Young head Lin has always remained in the lotus pond. When your Young master Lan found her three times, he had been rejected outside.”

Liu Yi trembles and stand there.

Immortal Fox sister has never seen before Lan Yuan…she is lying to me…she had never even seen him before how is it possible for her to love that annoying Young master from Ghost Fox race!

“But I have heard that there will be a youngster from the Human Realm who will come and save our Young head Miss…..but to prevent that the Ghost Fox race has invited people from the Intelligence Fox race over just to deal with…..en, where did he go?”

The landlady raises her head and Liu Yi has already disappeared.

“Tsk! That fellow why did he not listen till the end ah!”

The landlady waves her hand in front of her face and instantly transforms into another completely different person.

Qiu Shuiyi stomps her feet, “Without knowing about the methods of the Intelligence Fox race he ran off….finished, looks like everything will be completely ruined….disciple ah disciple. You must not blame master ah….it is that silly idiot of yours who is so idiotic…but that silly idiot kissed me so painfully….he really does not know how to be tender to the fairer sex…”

She stomps a few more time before slowly fading away and disappearing from the inn.


Seeing Qiu Shuiyi walking over from the forest, Lin Tong asks curiously, “Master why did you come here?”

“Coughs, nothing much. I went out to have a walk to get rid of boredom.”

Qiu Shuiyi brushes her hair.

Through the layers of muslin and looking at Lan Yuan not far away in a groom attire, Qiu Shuiyi ask, “Soon it will be your big marriage. Do you regret?”

“Disciple does not regret.”

Lin Tong smiles, “Being able to dissolve the worry of Charm Fox race, what is there for disciple to regret? This is the pride of disciple.”

Qiu Shuiyi sighs in her heart as she looks at the gauze that wraps around her disciple’s injuries.

Protect Charm Fox race? Actually, it is more like you wish to protect that silly fellow of yours…

The earlier matter of me using an illusion technique to lie to that silly fellow, I must never let my disciple know….otherwise with her character, she might hate me for this entire lifetime…

Liu Yi ah….this time around you really need to pray for fortunes ah….it is not that I am hurting you on purpose….but you not letting me finish my words.

The master of ceremony steps up the stage and announced loudly, “Inviting people from both sides who are going marrying up the stage!”

Qiu Shuiyi hesitates for a while before placing the red veil over her disciple’s head and walks out from the large red palanquin. The red palanquin is 1 foot wide by 2 feet long and 1 foot high.

While from Lan Yuan’s side a middle-aged guy also walks over slowly.

“race head Qiu, today has finally arrived.”

The middle-aged guy says, “I, Lan Zhenyi have been the race head for 300 years. For other matters, I can be considered having some small results. But the only thing that makes me ill at ease is my son. My son Lan Yuan is already not young, but his character is still slightly restless. After this, when I retire, he is also unable to take above the position of race head. But now that he is going to marry, I believe that after the marriage he will be much calmer. race head Qiu, this is not just the happy occasion for the two of us, it is also the happy occasion for our two races. After this, the relationship between Charm Fox race and Ghost Fox race will be even steadier. Who dares to make things difficult for Charm Fox race is equivalent to making things difficult for me Lan Zhenyi!”

“Howl~~~~~! Howl~~~~~! Howl~~~!!!!”

The Ghost Fox race people below starts howling. With three loud howls, they frighten the birds in the forest into flying away.

Qiu Shuiyi sighs in her heart. What a firm hand, the Ghost Fox race is giving us such a huge show of might.

Qiu Shuiyi has a feeling that she is doing an exchange with the devil.

Lan Zhenyi smiles family and says, “The time is no longer early. Let us proceed with the ceremony.”

“Everything will follow according to the wish of race head Lan.”

“Hahaha, how can you say follow according to my wish. It should be following according to the wish of both of us right, race head Qiu?”


Under Lan Zhenyi’s laughter, Lan Yuan slowly walks up the stage and walks over in front of the sedan chair.

“Lin Tong my wife. For this day I had waited for so long! From today onwards you are my Lan Yuan’s wife.”

While Lan Yuan is speaking, Lin Tong who is sitting in the sedan chair did not say anything.

“Wife please come out and let us receive the congratulations from everyone.”

As Lan Yuan speaks he gently push aside the muslin.

Originally he wants to lift up the bridal veil and get intimate. But Lan Yuan suddenly frowns as his complexion turns bad and retreats back a few steps.

At this moment a white sword suddenly descends from the sky and with a dang, it nailed into the ground in front of Lan Yuan.

“This is….”

Everyone is shocked while Lin Tong trembles and remove the muslin. She looks at the sword as her eyes widen.

“Want to marry my Immortal Fox sister, first you must ask my sword!”

This voice is like thunder as it resounds throughout the entire Osmanthus Flower Mountain.

Everyone turns around and looks over and looks at the Fox race youngster standing among the crowd.

Lin Tong also lifts up the right muslin and sees the familiar figure.

The fox youngster’s appearance changes bit by bit and all of his fox race’s unique appearance completely disappear.

By the side, a demon suddenly shouts, “Human! He is a human!”


Chapter 492    [Wedding]

Like what Crywolf said yesterday, let the bloodbath begins ^.^

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  1. “I do not love you, I do not love you!!! How many times do you want me to say! I do not love you!”

    Isn’t he able to see the affection level of women as one of his skills? Why had he taken her words at face value if it’s so easy to check their trustworthiness?


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

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