MKW Chapter 491

Chapter 491    [Meeting at the lotus pond]


The Foyou’s speed is very fast. Liu Yi and Jin Boxin ride the Foyou and within a day, they have already flown over to Osmanthus Flower Mountain.

At this moment Osmanthus Flower Mountain is in a celebratory atmosphere, with lighted lanterns all over the place, making the scene very beautiful.

“Xiao Qi you have no idea that usually Osmanthus Flower Mountain is not a place that allows outsiders to enter.”

Jin Boxin rides the Foyou and looks at the enormous Osmanthus Flower Mountain below him and proudly shows off his knowledge, “Because this place has a lot of Charm Fox race members, this Osmanthus Flower Mountain is usually covered by a barrier which is formed protection for them. These Charm Fox girls, other than knowing a bit of charm technique, all of them looks very pretty, but have no real ability. If it was not for us Ghost Fox, they would be very miserable. Talking about this that Qiu Shuiyi must really thank us Ghost Fox and wait upon me!”

“Talking about this Young Master Jin, that Qiu Shuiyi has some ability right? Why did she pass her techniques to the rest of the Charm Fox race members?”

“Tsk, you do not know. That group of girls in Charm Fox race ah are naturally talented in cultivation! Most of them can only train in charm techniques this single type of technique. As for the rest of the techniques they are unable to train in them at all. Otherwise, why would they be called a group of trash, natural born sex slaves! Based on what I see why need to have an alliance at all. Capture all of them and let their entire race be our **!”

Liu Yi frowns secretly, looks like Charm Fox race’s days are indeed not well at all.

They actually placed the entire race’s courage on Lin Tong’s small shoulders…Qiu Shuiyi you are too selfish!

She is the race head of the Charm Fox race how can she throw all the responsibility onto her disciple to shoulder!

How can this kind of master, be considered a master!

She is even more laughable than Liu Haisheng that ambitious person!

For this kind of person, Liu Yi only have seven words for her! ‘Open a room and look for me!’

“We have reached!”

Jin Boxin watches the Foyou slowly floats down towards a wooden platform behind a tavern and laughs, “Inside the tavern of the Osmanthus Flower Mountain is filled with Charm Fox girls! How about it, today this young master shall treat you and let brother Xiao Qi to also have some fun?”

“Hahaha, I would pass on it!”

Liu Yi hurries and rejects, “But today I am happy to get to know Young Master Jin! Today what Young Master Jin spends shall be on me! There is no need to be polite and enjoy yourself.”

“Hahaha, with us playing here, would the Charm Fox race dare to charge us?”

Although Jin Boxin says so, he is still very happy, “Perhaps you are tired after flying for so long. How will you have the strength to handle the Charm Fox girls. Go and have a good rest, tomorrow let us combat again, hahaha….”

As Jin Boxin boasts how powerful is his ** ability, he gets off the Foyou and walks into the inn with Liu Yi.

The Charm Fox race manager in the inn hurries and prepare a room for the two of them. After which under the arrangement of the manager, Jin Boxin went to find a place to vent himself.

Liu Yi returns to the room and puts on his black armor, preparing to explore during the night.

He is slightly emotional…finally reached Osmanthus Flower Mountain.

This one year plus….ah wrong, 500 years of hard work is just for this instant.

Liu Yi leaves the inn through the window silently, not only relying on the black armor to hide his figure in the night, but he also releases Netherworld Qi wrapping around his body.

This way, even if someone sees him, they will only see an indistinct figure.

This is the strength of Netherworld Qi. Liu Yi basically hides his presence into the spiritual world but he did not completely enter the spiritual world otherwise he would not be able to see anyone in the outside world.

While Xuefeng’s Netherworld Qi has already been practiced to the point of perfection, thus she is able to netherlise her body any moment, not only to hide her figure, she is also able to make techniques which do not target souls unable to affect her.

[TL: screw language…time to create my own words >.<]

All over Osmanthus Flower Mountain osmanthus flowers are blooming. The white osmanthus flower is all over the place, emitting a fragrance that seeps into the heart.

But Liu Yi has no mood to enjoy this fragrance. He is single-heartedly finding his Immortal Fox sister.

But Osmanthus Flower Mountain is very large, wanting to find a single person is very difficult.

Liu Yi thinks a bit before recalling an ability of him. Thus he stretches out his hand as a pretty black butterfly appears in his palm.

“Help me find the aura of Immortal Fox sister.”

Since Liu Yi breakthrough into Earth Grade, when he reached 10-star cultivation, his butterfly transformation also gained a new ability which is ‘Seeking people’.

The black butterfly can easily find anyone’s aura within a radius of 1000 meters. Osmanthus Flower Mountain range is around the same, thus he is relief in letting his black butterfly do it.

Indeed after circling Liu Yi once, the black butterfly starts flying towards the south.

Liu Yi also transforms into a black butterfly and follows behind his black butterfly.

The two butterflies one in front the other behind is like a frolicking around and gradually approach a valley.

Within the valley is a beautiful waterfall, under the waterfall is a pond. Within the pond is an enormously large white lotus.

Liu Yi discovers that on a white lotus sitting cross-legged is the figure he is yearning for day and night!

It is this figure which back then lodged in his body and lured him into the path of cultivation.

To save me, she ran to the netherworld and almost got thrown into the Asura Realm.

To save this kind of girl so what if I enter the Asura Realm?

Thinking to here Liu Yi calms down his emotions and flies into the valley, flies into the lotus pond and dances in front of her.

Lin Tong who is sitting cross-legged resting opens her eyes when she senses the little figure in front of her.

That watery eye gives people an intoxicated feeling.

This is the third time Liu Yi saw Lin Tong’s real body. The first time is on the public bus. The second time is when her master took her away.

This is the third time. It is even clear and even vivid.

“Are you here to accompany me?”

Lin Tong stretches out her hand as the black butterfly gently lands on her finger.

“Thinking about this, that fellow also has a slightly decent butterfly as his spiritual pet…but his is only a   butterfly and is also a beauty…hmph, hmph….do not know how that fellow is now…this parting feels like it has been a long time, a long time…..”

Hearing Lin Tong’s words, Liu Yi starts to be emotional.

It has been too long…I have already waited for 500 years….

“But tomorrow….I will become another person’s wife…hope….he will not hate me…”

But Lin Tong following words causes Liu Yi to be dropped into a deep valley and feel cold all over his body.

Looks like my Immortal Fox sister seems to have some willingness?

Isn’t she unwilling to marry that annoying Ghost Fox race Young master?

“You should also leave…the water qi in this valley is very heavy. If you stay here long, you will freeze to death.”

Lin Tong toss her hand up and sent the black butterfly into the sky.

But unexpectedly the black butterfly did not leave. Instead, it circles around Lin Tong a few times.

“Idiot butterfly why are you still not flying away…”

“You are not leaving, how can I leave?”

A familiar voice suddenly speaks up by Lin Tong’s ear causing her to tremble. Her eyes instantly turn red as two tear drips down.

The black butterfly turned into a black smoke and lands on the ground before forming a human figure.

This human figure is too familiar to Lin Tong. So familiar that even if it turns into ashes she will still recognize.

Within this year, Lin Tong does not know how many time has she fantasies the way Liu Yi appearing.

There are somewhere he rides on a white horse…some are him driving a tractor…also somewhere he kicks Lan Yuan’s head like a soccer ball as he runs over…

No matter which one, when Liu Yi appears, she will have a single reaction, which is rushing into his embrace crying and leave this Demon Realm and continue their lives.

But now…

Lin Tong…you cannot harm the Charm Fox race…you also cannot harm Liu Yi…

Lin Tong…you must bear with it…you cannot be so selfish…

“Immortal Fox sister, I am here to bring you back.”

Liu Yi goes down on one knee in front of Lin Tong and stretches out his hand and gently strokes Lin Tong’s slightly cold face.

But Lin Tong only shivers and dodges Liu Yi’s hand.

She forces out a smile and asks Liu Yi, “Why did you come…”

Liu Yi is slightly stunned, “Immortal Fox sister what is the matter with you? Why are you unhappy seeing me?”

“I … ah…I am very happy. Tomorrow I will be married, you being able to come and see me, of course, I am happy….”

“What marriage! I am here to bring you away!”

Liu Yi says, “In this life, you can only have a single husband and that is me, Liu Yi!”

At that moment Lin Tong really nearly threw away everything and rushed into his embrace and left with him.

But I cannot…if I do so, it will only push him into the pits of death.

Lin Tong secretly clenches her fist and the pain makes her more awake.

“Stop messing around Liu Yi. Actually, I have been always treating you as my little brother.”

“What? What are you saying Immortal Fox sister? We have not met for so long and you still have the mood to joke around…”

Hearing what Lin Tong says Liu Yi’s heart trembles and feel like it is stabbed by something, very painful.

“Why would I joke around. Liu Yi, I have already said that you are an idiot. It can’t be that you really think that I fell in love with you?”

Lin Tong laughs like she is sneering at Liu Yi, “Hurry and wake up. You are just an idiot why would I Lin Tong fall in love with you. After meeting Lan Yuan I realized that the one whom I love is him. This guy is very charming and I really wish to marry him. So Liu Yi if you still have feelings for me then fulfill me and let me be his wife.”

Lin Tong sits there looking at Liu Yi with a smile.

Heart dripping blood.

“Immortal Fox sister…you, you…..”

Liu Yi feels like at that moment something seems to have shattered in his body.

Dripping with blood, so painful.

His legs are unable to stand steadily and collapsed onto the ground.

It is like something is leeching away his strength.

Heartbeat is so slow….like it is going to stop any moment….my sight, why is my sight so dark….why…..why is my heart so bitter….so strange…


Chapter 491    [Meeting at the lotus pond]

Finally, the lovebird meet each other


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  1. So yeah. This is why I didn’t like this chapter specificly.
    After that is blood bath.
    Also did she even think for a momen that if Liu Yi looses the woman he loves as a wife. It’s possible for him to turn into a devil and kill everything? Did she even thought of that?


    • Well, from her perspective, only a couple years passed, so she could only guess that Liu Yi got somewhat stronger, but definitely not a lot. She has no idea how strong he got, but there is no way she would guess he reached earth grade.
      I mean how would she know that since he left he: got a new qi flow (plus a netherworld servant), 2 more contract beasts, a dragon transformation (plus second stage transformation), 500 years of combat experience, broke through to earth grade, a new high quality sword technique, plus whatever else I failed to mention. Her best guess would be something like 8th, or with a lot of hope, maybe 9th star. And since the Ghost Fox race probably has Earth Grade people, Liu Yi wouldn’t be able to do anything. Her best bet at keeping him alive would be getting him to leave, which wouldn’t happen if he believes she was held against her will.

      TL;DR she don’t know his power level, so if she wants him to keep breathing, she gotta get him to GTFO

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      • One problem with that, she does have a way. She has a sight ability that lets her see other stars. She did it all the time before . So she could absolutely find out he is earth grade. But she was to quick to try to send him away.


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