MKW Chapter 490

Chapter 490    [Osmanthus Flower Mountain here I come]


“Aiyah, young master what do you wish to inquire. Just ask, this girl knows everything!”

When the fox girl sees the silver, her attitude completely changes.

She warmly hugs Liu Yi’s arm and says slutily into his ear, “Lord, this is not a place to discuss matters. Why don’t you come and have a seat at our new tea floor.”

As she speaks she points towards a tea building that Liu Yi has just walked by earlier.

Liu Yi instantly starts sweating, isn’t that place the place where that fox girl is pulling customers….I think…it is best to forget it…

Liu Yi immediately replies, “I am here to discuss proper matters. I do not have time to waste on those matters.”

“Hehe…what ‘proper’ matter does lord want to discuss…could it be that lord wants to open a room for the two of us to slowly discuss….”

While speaking the fox girl flutters her eyes at Liu Yi.

The fox girl in front of Liu Yi has rather delicate features and her figure is not bad.

But he has traveled such a long distance to the Demon Realm not to find pleasures…

Liu Yi says his objective, “Apologies, I wish to go the Osmanthus Flower Mountain to take part in the wedding between the Charm Fox race and the Ghost Fox race.”

“Tsk, so it is for this ah.”

The fox girl loses interest and sneers, “Firstly I must say that I will not return you the money. It is you who gave it to me.”

“Haha, gave it to you then. Please send me to the Osmanthus Flower Mountain.”

“This is not a problem. We have some Foyou that are specially raised and is able to swiftly send you to Osmanthus Flower Mountain. Come hand over the money.”

“Ah? Need to pay what money?”

Seeing the fox girl holding out her palm, Liu Yi asks curiously.

“Transport fee ah, what else do you think it is?”

The fox girl rolls her eyes, “Raising a Foyou, it’s yearly feed is very expensive! Otherwise, you think you can ride it for free ah. So many fox demon people sitting it for free wouldn’t our inn suffer a large loss?!”

“Then how much is the transport fee?”

“Normally a single trip is 50 fragment silver. But seeing that you are a fox demon as well, we’ll give you a discount. Then it is 20 silver fragments a trip. At that time we will also send you on the fastest Foyou. How about it? Are you going to take it?”

“Of course. I definitely must go to Osmanthus Flower Mountain.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he pulls out two silver ingots from his sleeves and place on the fox girl palm. “I do not have any loose change. There is no need for you to give the change. Treat it as a tip.”

After all, this is not his money so Liu Yi is more willing to be magnanimous.

“Aiyah, sir is really generous.”

Such a big tip causes the fox girl to be very happy, “Looks like sir is also in a hurry to take a look at the bride of our Charm Fox race right? Hehe, let me tell you the new bride from our Charm Fox race this time around is really pretty and is called Lin Tong. She is the most beautiful woman of our Charm Fox race.”

Of course, she is the most beautiful woman. Furthermore, she is my woman.

I will not let anyone snatch away my Immortal Fox sister, no one.

“Seeing how sir is so extravagant, may I know which race is sir is?”

“Oh…Ghost Fox race.”

Liu Yi thinks for a bit, although he does not like it, it is the best identity for him to use currently.

Unexpectedly when the girl hears what Liu Yi said, her face turns pale and collapsed onto the ground.

Liu Yi ask, “What is the matter with you?”

Did this girl see a ghost?

“So, sorry….lord from Ghost Fox race. This girl knows my wrongful actions. This girl did not recognize the Mt Tai and actually dared to take the money of Midlord…”

The Charm Fox race girl starts slapping herself until her cheeks are swollen red.

Liu Yi is also stunned, what is going on?

“Lord…this..this is your money…”

The Charm Fox girl is trembling as she kneels there and raises the two silver ingots passing them back to Liu Yi.

“What is the matter with you ah…this money is originally yours! And why did you slap yourself for?!”

“Sorry lord…this girl knows my wrongs…this girl really did not know that you are from Ghost Fox race. If I had known that you were from Ghost Fox race, I would definitely not have accepted your money…please I beg you, don’t kill me….”

Liu Yi massages his temple in a headache.

Didn’t they say that the Ghost Fox race and Charm Fox race are going to be allied by marriage? Why are the Charm Fox race members such so scared of Ghost Fox race people?

“This miss, there is no need for you to be afraid!”

Liu Yi helps her up and says, “I am a Ghost Fox race member who is wandering outside. What is going with Ghost Fox race I myself do not know clearly…there is no need for you to be so afraid. I will not do anything to you…”

“You….are a wandering Ghost Fox race member?”

When the Charm Fox girl hears what Liu Yi says, she seems to be slightly relieved.

“That’s right…I have been wandering outside for very long. This time around it is because of the celebration between the two races, that is why I am back to take a look.”

Liu Yi feels that his ability to make up a story is getting better and better.

“So that is the case….”

The Charm Fox girl keeps wiping her forehead and finally relaxed.

“This…I do not understand, didn’t I hear that our two races are in an alliance? Why are you so afraid of me?”

“This…nothing much, lord I will go and help you prepare the Foyou now. Please wait in the hall for me.”

She walks into the inn and prepares the transportation tools for Liu Yi.

Liu Yi feels that something is weird in his heart, but he can only first wait in the inn.

The first floor of the inn is a restaurant, a lot of guests are sitting in there having a meal.

“Motherfuckers where is the wine that this lord wants?!”

At this moment a youngster sitting the at inn attracted Liu Yi’s attention.

Only to see a fox race youngster sitting in the inn slapping the table and shouts domineeringly, “Why are you still not sending it over. If you delay this lord sending of gifts how are you guys going to be able to make up for it?”

“Coming, coming lord. Your wine, your wine!”

The manager personally runs over and sends over the shop’s best fruit wine.

“Motherfucker you are really damn slow!”

As the youngster scolds, he stretches out his hand and feels up the butt of the pretty female manager, “Scram down. Do not spoil this lord’s drinking mood!”

“Yes, yes…”

The Charm Fox race manager did not say anything and obediently lowers her head and walk away.

Liu Yi had already guessed that that fellow must be a member of the Ghost Fox race.

Thus he walks over and sits in front of the youngster.

“What the fuck who is so blind to sit in front of this young master! You don’t want to live anymore?!”

The youngster instantly starts scolding and prepares to fight.

“Brother no need to be so anxious. I am also a member of Ghost Fox race.”

“You are also a member of Ghost Fox race? Take out your identity!”

Liu Yi immediately stretches out his left hand as a blue flame burns in the center of his palm.

“Hmm, this is the unique Ghost Foxfire which cannot be faked. Indeed you are a person from my Ghost Fox race, very good, very good.”

“Being able to meet my own race member in this place really makes me happy. Don’t know what is this one’s name?”

“Oh, this young master my name is Jin Boxin. Does your Ghost Fox race know Lan Yuan? Young Lord Lan Yuan is this young master’s cousin!”

Liu Yi immediately cups his hands, “So it is Lord Jin, please to meet you, please to meet you!”

“Hahaha, being able to see this young master can be considered your fortune! What’s your name, report your name!”

“Ah, I do not have any name, in the family, I am number seven so you can just call me Xiao Qi.”

Liu Yi causally comes up name.

“Oh, oh, Xiao Qi, sure. This young master will call you that. So you are also here to go up to Osmanthus Flower Mountain to send congratulations?”

“That’s right, that’s right. This is our Ghost Fox races big matter.”

“Hahaha, how can this be any big matter. Isn’t it just marrying a woman of Charm Fox race! Let me tell you this is what that group of ladies owes us! All these years if it is not for us sheltering them, they would have been captured long ago as ** already! This group of ladies actually do not know how to thank us and actually wished to break the marriage promise! Let me tell you, they are just asking for a lesson….”

While he is speaking, the Charm Fox girl who had accepted Liu Yi’s silver walks over and says softly beside them, “Two lords…the Foyou is prepared…”


That Jin Boxin instantly kicks out and kicks the girl onto the ground.

The Charm Fox girl lets out a shriek and sits there, her face completely pale from pain but she does not dare to make a sound.

“Can’t you see that I am talking with my brother?! How dare you butt in!”

He raises his leg again and stomps on the girl.

The surrounding Charm Fox race members look in shock and do not dare to look again. But no one come forward to stop it and allows Jin Boxin to do as he like.

Jin Boxin finally seems to be tired of kicking as he wipes away his sweat and says, “Damn it! Strip for me and crawl on the ground!”

The girl’s face turns even paler as she bites her lips.

Jin Boxin threatens, “Hurry up! Otherwise, this young master will be unhappy!”

The girl does not have any choice as she slowly reaches for her clothes.

Jin Boxin licks his lips as light flashes across his eyes.

At this moment Liu Yi suddenly stands up and kicks the girl to the side.

“Scram away do not block our path.”

Jin Boxin behind him starts to frown while Liu Yi turns around and says, “Young master Jin there is no need for us to waste time on this kind of woman. Later when we reached Osmanthus Flower Mountain, I heard that their race leader Qiu Shuiyi is very pretty.”

“Right, right, right….what you say is right. It is best if we hurry over to Osmanthus Flower Mountain. Let’s go, let’s go to the platform constructed at the backyard!”

“Why are you still not bringing us along?”

Liu Yi glares at the Charm Fox girl.

The Charm Fox girl secretly gives Liu Yi a thankful look before standing up and walk towards the backyard.

Although she was kicked a few times the regeneration ability of fox race is very strong.

Furthermore the kick that Liu Yi gave her is very light. Although she flew very far away there is no pain at all.

As the Charm Fox girl leads the way, very quickly they have reached the backyard of the inn. There they see a platform constructed two meters above the ground.

On the platform, there are large Foyou being raised. These Foyou are like enlarged stingrays, flat body and slender tail, flapping their soft wings.

Liu Yi and Jin Boxin find their own respective Foyou and mount onto it.

“Let’s go. Osmanthus Flower Mountain, Qiu Shuiyi, young master is coming!”


Chapter 490    [Osmanthus Flower Mountain here I come!]

Here we go onwards to Osmanthus Flower Mountain!!!


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  1. On the one hand, I am shaking with excitement to see Li Yu (I mean Xiao Qi) and Lin Tong together again, on the other hand, my anger at the ghost fox race is building to the point that the flames won’t be quenched without lots of their blood to soak in….. I could almost see Li Yu bringing the charm fox race back to be idols and prostitutes (oh wait I mean **) ….


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