MKW Chapter 489

Chapter 489    [Know that guests have come]


What the heck…you can’t be for real right…

Liu Yi’s forehead is instantly covered with cold sweat. Looking at the pig spirit’s mouth that is dripping with saliva, Liu Yi’s lower body shivers.

This pig spirit has a rather heavy taste ah…

“Gigolo, watch me bite off your JJ!”

As the pig spirit speaks, he swings his tongue and stomach and runs towards Liu Yi and stretches out his hand grabbing towards Liu Yi’s lower body.

What the hell, this fellow is really doing it! At the very least give me a bit of time to prepare ah!

You are a pig why are you running so fast!

Liu Yi will not let the pig spirit get close to his body. He raises a palm and smashes onto the stomach of the pig spirit.

Liu Yi instantly feels like he has smashed into a piece of sea. Just how much oil is there in this stomach….

“Hahahaha,  my belly is very powerful…”

Old Shi laughs. Although his belly is the best to hit, most people are unable to do anything to him!

Before he gets happy, Liu Yi’s palm suddenly erupts with a strong force. This force forms a storm which pounds onto the body of the pig spirit.

Instantly the pig spirit is blast away like a kite with a broken string and crashes onto the ground.


Large amounts of dust and dead leaves are sent flying up as the pig spirit is confused from the fall.

“Aiyah…there is actually someone who is able to deal with my belly…”

The pig spirit does not seem to be heavily injured. He climbs to his feet, “Little fellow, you have quite a bit of strength to be able to injure your grandpa! Watch how grandpa will deal with you!”

“Xiao Fen stand further away!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes out Overturning Heaven Seal and tosses above Xiao Fen’s head.

The lion image instantly appears and protects Xiao Fen within it.

“Have a taste of how strong I am!”

The pig spirit shouts and spread open his legs and stomps onto the ground. He opens his mouth wide open and puffs out a pelting black wind at Liu Yi!

This black wind coils together and rushes towards Liu Yi like a twister.

“Be careful…this black wind is very powerful…”

By the side, Xiao Fen reminds, “The people who got hit by the black wind will get petrified!”

Oh? It is actually such a dangerous black wind?

But Liu Yi did not dodge, instead, he receives it with a hand.

Xiao Fen instantly groaned out as her body softened and collapsed onto the ground.

A small sword flies out from her chest and instantly flies in front of Liu Yi.


Liu Yi’s palm pushes slightly and the sword instantly split apart the dense black wind and pierces through.


Xiao Fen’s emotion sword instantly pierced through Old Shi’s arm causing the fat pig spirit to cry out in pain and collapse onto the ground as he holds his arm.

The emotion sword is very sharp. After piercing through Old Shi’s arm, it flies back to Liu Yi.

The blade is very clean and there isn’t any trace of the pig spirit blood.

“This, what sword is this…”

The pig spirit is moaning in pain, looks like it’s injury is not light.

“A sword prepared for killing you, this kind of weird beast.”

Liu Yi says faintly, “Pig spirit Old Shi. For your own hatred, you have killed so many innocent girls. Today, it is time for you to pay your debt.”

Liu Yi controls the flying sword to float in front of the pig spirit’s head like it is waiting for the executioner to pronounce the sentence!

“I, I…I do not wish to die…”

When the pig spirit sees the sword, he starts crying.

“If you do not wish to die then think of those innocent girls, which of them wished to die?”

Liu Yi’s voice is very cold, “In your next life after reincarnating, remember to be a good person.”

He forms a sword seal with both hands and the emotion sword instantly descends from the sky, and instantly slice off the pig spirit’s head and stabs onto the ground.

The pig spirit’s body trembles slightly before finally losing its aura of life.

Liu Yi withdraws the emotion sword and lets it float in front of him.

“You really….are a human…”

By the side Xiao Fen is stun.

“Why did you confirm it this time around?”

Liu Yi turns around and looks at Xiao Fen.

Xiao Fen reply, “Because of this kind of technique only belongs to sword immortals…demon race is not able to become sword immortal…”

“Fine then considered yourself to be smart.”

Indeed it is the case. Even if he uses Demonic Sword technique, he still has to combine demon qi and immortal qi together to be able to do it.

“Then…you, you really come here for the Charm Fox race…”

Xiao Fen looks at Liu Yi curiously, “I have heard that that elder sister from Charm Fox race….is engaged to a young master from Ghost Fox race….the techniques that you used, isn’t it from Ghost Fox race….”

“Puttuhh! Who the heck uses their Ghost Fox race techniques! The techniques were self-created by this Young master!”

As Liu Yi speaks he grabs out a group of blue demon flames, “Do not compare me with the Ghost Fox race, otherwise I will get mad.”

“Fine then…from here you just keep walking east. After walking for a day and night, you will see a large city. That is our demon race’s, Longtian City. When you reach there, look for an inn called Aware Customers Come. The people in charge of the inn seems to be people from the fox race….when you see them, say that you are a member of fox race and you are here to take part in the wedding of the Ghost Fox race and Charm Fox race. This way they will naturally send people to bring you to Osmanthus Flower Mountain.”

“So that is the case. Thank you Xiao Fen.”

“Don’t , don’t that me….”

Xiao Fen’s face instantly turns red. How would dare to let Liu Yi thank her?

“You take this sword. It will keep protecting you all the way until you return to the village.”

Liu Yi is in a hurry to get to Osmanthus Flower Mountain, thus he passes Xiao Fen’s emotion sword back to her, “With the protection of this sword, no one will be able to get close to you.”

“Thank, thank you…”

Xiao Fen nods her head and hugs the sword. She immediately senses a returning back to water feeling from the sword like the sword is part of her body…

“I will not send you back. See you in future if we are fated.”

Liu Yi says good-bye to Xiao Fen before stepping onto two flame wheels and instantly flies into the sky towards the east.

“Please, please remember to return back to Holy Tooth race to take a look ah….”

Xiao Fen watches Liu Yi fly far away when she suddenly turns anxious and shouts into the sky, “I, I will miss you…”

This lass…

Although Liu Yi has flown very far away, he is able to hear her shout faintly.

This lass is rather interesting. But this time around I am here to snatch my wife, not to date.

Liu Yi is focusing on his proper stuff and does not have time to bother with the Holy Tooth race anymore.

He flies through the sky swiftly. Instead of using a day and night, in just 4-5 hours, he is able to see a city in the distance.

The city wall is ten meters high. Above the city gate is three large words, ‘Long Tian City’!

From the city, Liu Yi is able to sense dense demon qi, furthermore, it is of all kinds.

Now that I have reached the territory of the demon race, my this bit of half-demon needs to be concealed more.

Liu Yi carefully hides all of his immortal and devil qi. After which he withdraws the two flame wheels and lands back on the ground.

By the city, gate stands two demon soldiers in armor. But they did not shout at any of the demons walking through and fro. Looks like there are there for show.

Liu Yi pretends to be a passing demon and easily mingled into Long Tian city.

The difference between the Demon Realm and Human Realm is after a thousand of years, the standard of science and technology in Human Realm has advanced while the Demon Realm’s culture is frozen in like, similar to the Human Realm a thousand years ago. This place has a very ancient feeling, pavilion, kiosks, limestone alleys, peddlers by the street side.

Although it is behind time, but it is booming scene.

Liu Yi realizes that there are some black market businessmen on the streets selling Human Realm products at a high price.

No wonder every year when the Demon Realm gateway opens, there will be so many demons running over…so they are running over to smuggle goods over!

An out-of-date black and white flip-phone is sold for 20 ingots of silver, such a scam! Is there even any signal here?!

What’s more….what the heck, that long toy, isn’t that a female vibrator….this kind of thing is also sold for 3 ingots of silver….scam ah! How much does a cucumber cost ah!

Which female demon would be interested in such things!

Perhaps that spider spirit… can’t you have more moral! At the very least negotiate the price ah! What the hell!!! You actually chose the thickest one!

Liu Yi is dazzled by the customs of the demon race and is getting disoriented. At this moment a fox girl, who is dressed very gracefully with a red Dudou above and a white obscene underpants, walks over and pets Liu Yi on his shoulders.

[TL: Dudou, Ancient China female undergarment.]

“Little brother….do you want to come over to our side and have a seat…”

The fox girl smell quite nice, there is also a faint smell that makes people bewitched.

Liu Yi immediately shakes his head and keeps a distance from the girl.

The fox girl lets out a soft shout behind him, “Hehe, little brother do not is not like you will lose something if you come and play…”

Liu Yi would not dare do stop…if I really play, then I would really lose over billions….

He hastens his journey and conveniently inquires from some passer-by the location of that Aware Customer’s Come.

In less than 5 minutes, Liu Yi arrives at a three-story tall inn.

A fox girl is receiving a guest, “Guys come in to rest your legs. This store has 24 hours hot water as well as beautiful fox women to give you massages…..there is also romantic circle bed in the inn, lovers bed, there is also a newly released economic bed which is charged by the hour. An hour is ten coins…”

Liu Yi looks around carefully at the coin they are using, it seems like it is the money used during the Tang Dynasty. Indeed they have preserved the history from years ago.

This ten coin should be the current era’s 30-40 dollars.

That fox girl moving over, immediately ask enthusiastically, “This little brother do you want to rent a room in the inn? There are rooms with special prices now!”

“No, no. I am not here to stay, I want to find some information.”

Liu Yi’s sentence instantly cause the young girl to lose enthusiasm.

“Oh, do not know, scram to the side.”

What the heck! Her attitude changed too quickly already!

But after Liu Yi takes out an ingot of silver, the young girl’s eyes brighten up as she smiles.

This money is obtained while he was walking down the streets from a few rich looking guys.

No choice, who asked him to not have this era’s money. As for RMB, this demons might not accept ah….

To them, RMB is just a piece of paper.


Chapter 489    [Know that guest have come]

Here we go onwards to Osmanthus Flower Mountain!!!


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