MKW Chapter 488

Chapter 488    [Thousand year pig-spirit]


Hearing Yan Qiuhong’s tone, it seems like she knows of this mountain.

{Senior Yan Qiuhong do you know this mountain?}

{Rubbish, anyone who had taken part in the demon war back then…who would not know of this matter. Although I did not take part in it I have also heard before of Yunzong Mountian’s name.}

{Oh? How famous is he?}

{This Yunzong Mountain originally did not exist…but back then the Sword Emperor defeated a mountain god demon and turns its body into this Yunzong Mountain within Sichuan province border. In this mountain, it is rumored that there is a very powerful sword immortal residing there. No one knows where is the location of this Yunzong Mountain, neither does anyone knows who that sword immortal is waiting for…}

So it is actually such a mystical mountain?

But the sword emperor that Yun Qiuhong has mentioned makes Liu Yi curious.

“Senior Yun Qiuhong, who is this Sword Emperor?”

{He is the person who establishes Raising Immortal Palace Hall. Back then he was the leader of all the sword cultivators….every single sword cultivators were basically his disciples and all of them followed his orders.}

{What the heck, what a damn awesome person…if I have the chance I really want to get to know him.}

{Sword Emperor has disappeared many years ago. There is a rumor that during the fight with the Demon Emperor, after heavily injuring the Demon Emperor, he died afterward. There is another rumor that he and Demon Emperor were both heavily injured and need to look for a place to recover. But no matter which rumor it is, there is no sign of Sword Emperor reappearing. If you wish to fine Sword Emperor, from what I see, why don’t you first go and look for that sword immortal who lives in Yunzong Mountain.}

{That’s right….after all, currently, I have the map to Yunzong Mountain.}

{This is not only a map, but it is also the key. On the map, there is some unique qi. When you reach Yunzong Mountain, it will guide you to enter the barrier of that Immortal Mountain. Otherwise, even if you reached that place, without the map you will not be able to find the mountain.}

{So that is the case. So mysterious…good, later when I return I definitely must go and find this rumored Yunzong Mountain!}

Liu Yi becomes excited as he carefully stores the map into his storage technique.

Did not think that by coming to the Demon Realm, I would also be able to have some harvest.

But he is more curious about the ancestor’s instructions of the Holy Tooth clan. Is there really prophecy this kind of mystical technique? Anyways I do not know it…if I have the chance of learning a bit it’ll good. Foreseeing some of my future enemies will be able to allow me to avoid a lot of dangers.

Seeing Liu Yi is a daze for some time, the old village head finally says, “King…I had said all that I need to say. The rest will be relying on King.”

Liu Yi immediately wakes up and nods his head agreeing to it. “Ah, ah, right. Leave it to me.”

“Thank you, King. I will let Xiao Fen send you to the broken temple where the pig spirit resides. After dealing with the pig spirit, King can also take Xiao Fen away.”

“That….let’s forget about that….”

Liu Yi hurries and waves his hands, I am going to snatch a wife okay!

Who the heck would bring ** to snatch a wife! Wouldn’t that be a joke!

“Then I would have to trouble King…”

The village head also wants to invite Liu Yi to have a meal which he rejects. As he has a time constraint, he does not wish to waste time on useless matters.

As for eating and the likes, even if he does not eat for a month it is also not a problem.

[TL: damn what a crazy diet plan….]

“I’ll bring you to the broken temple…”

Xiao Fen’s current way of talking to Liu Yi changes and is slightly timid.

Liu Yi clucks, this girl’s attitude really has a large change.

As the two of them walk into the forest, Xiao Fen lowers her head and says in a mosquito-like voice, “Tha….that….sorry…..”

“Why are you apologizing?”

“I…I treated you that way….really sorry….”

Xiao Fen recalls the scene of her ‘torturing’ Liu Yi, she starts to reject and feel fear.

This fox demon is so powerful…if he wished to kill me it is basically as easily as 1, 2, 3…

But since he is so powerful..why did he not resist when I tortured him…what a weirdo ah….

“No worries. You are only doing so to protect your village members. I do not blame you.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, this kind of matter is basically unable to be blamed on her…talking about that, that   punishment….instead it is more like…yeah, pleasure….

Xiao Fen is still worried, “This, if you want to blame anyone for that matter…it is all my idea…please, please don’t harm the people from my village….they are all innocent…”

“Relax,if I really wanted to take my anger out on them, would I come and help you deal with the pig spirit?”

“Ah, then you are still angry at me…”

“Ugh, I am not angry at you!”

“Really? Why are you so magnanimous?”

Xiao Fen looks at Liu Yi suspiciously, nearly causing Liu Yi to collapse.

“Come on, I have always been magnanimous okay!”

“But looking at the way you treated Iron Tooth clan…you are very cold and scary….”

“What the heck, that is towards enemies okay? There is a famous saying on my side, towards enemies you must treat them as coldly and heartlessly as winter! Otherwise, you want me to be friendly towards those Iron Tooth clan people?!”

Xiao Fen raises her fist and snorts, “Hmph, don’t want. I want to become very powerful and beat out all of their teeth!”

“That is great…”

“That, fine then…thank you for saving us…”

Liu Yi recalls that ancient teaching and mutters, “There is no need to be so polite. Perhaps we have some fate between us.”

Have, have fate….

Xiao Fen’s face turns red, is, is he confessing to me….

Wha, what should I do…should I reject him….no…if I reject perhaps he might get angered…and not help the village….then should I agree to it…but, but….I am still not prepared…

Ahahahahh…really going crazy ah….grandpa, what should I do ah….

“There seems to be a very strong demon aura in front.”

Liu Yi suddenly stops walking, while Xiao Fen who is still in deep thought crashes into his back.


With this crash, Xiao Fen is startled and looks at Liu Yi who has suddenly stopped for no reason.

Looking at Xiao Fen’s shocked face, Liu Yi can only repeat himself, “That…in front seems to have demon qi…”

“Ah…that…in front is the broken temple where the pig spirit lives in…”

Xiao Fen points in front, “I, I am able to smell that stink from over there…”

Fine then, a dog’s nose is better than my nose.

Liu Yi did not smell any stink, but he is still very sensitive towards demon qi.

“Follow behind me. Let us go together.”


Knowing Liu Yi’s ability, Xiao Fen obediently follows behind him.

After walking forward for 100 meters, a small temple appears in Liu Yi’s vision.

It is unknown how long the temple is broken for as a lot of the walls were already broken.

The courtyard is covered with dust and dead leaves and is obvious that no one cleaned this place before.

Looks like this pig spirit requirement for living is not high at all.

Since they have yet to reach it, Liu Yi ask, “Xiao Fen what is the background of this pig spirit?”

Hearing Liu Yi’s question, Xiao Fen starts shivering badly, “That fellow….is very scary….is a tyrant of this place…”

Her voice is trembling as she speaks, “This pig spirit….when he was young, he was a person from the nearby Black Skin clan….one day the girl he likes had an affair with a person from the Iron Tooth clan…thus, this pig spirit went berserk. Not only did he kill that adulterous couple, but he also transforms and was kicked out from Black Skin clan and came to this wilderness and become a weird beast. This pig spirit original name is Old Nine, because he is ranked number 9 in his family. But later on because of this matter, he placed all his hatred on all of the beautiful girls and changed his name to ‘Old Shi’.”

“Old Shi….what a weird name.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “But he is a pitiful person…ah wrong, pitiful pig.”

“That is in the past…the current Old Shi is a perverted devil….he has already killed countless beautiful women in the nearby villages…every year’s Qixi, he will choose a girl to marry. After the bridal night, he will kill her…this year it is my turn.”

[TL: Qixi is the day where Chinese celebrates valentine’s day, also known as Qixi Festival.]

“So perverted….fine then, leave this matter to me. I will help you guys settle this Old Shi.” As Liu Yi speaks, he has already entered the radius of the broken temple.

Xiao Fen reminds, “Okay….but you must be careful. The black wind in the pig’s stomach is very powerful…”

From the temple suddenly comes a puffing shout which carries a heavy nasal sound.

“Snorts…I smell a familiar scent…it is the person from the Holy Tooth clan right…so obedient ah. It is not even Qixi yet and you have already sent my little wife over…snorts…”

While speaking, a black wind suddenly flies out from the window of the broken temple and lands in the courtyard.

All of the dust and dead leaves in the courtyard are sent flying into the air with the black wind, turning everything black.

Liu Yi is able to sense a very strong demon aura from within, which is around earth grade…

Looks like the strength of this pig spirit is not weak. No wonder he can be so tyrannical in this area.

After the black wind disperses, the pig spirit’s real figure appears.

A fat figure appears in front of Li Yi. Good fellow, being two meters tall, his stomach is already half of his height!

This is really the first time Liu Yi saw such a shocking stomach…using a ball to describe this pig spirit is not going overboard!

On the stomach, it is all fat. As the pig spirit speaks, it also trembles along…surging waves ah…so scary….

Especially the pair of yellowing bras on the head of the pig spirit…don’t know it was left behind by which lady. Perhaps it is used by the pig spirit as a way to destress and then it was placed on top of his head!

Isn’t this….head bra?…..

“Holy Tooth clan’s girl is tender ah…”

The pig spirit licks his lips and swallows his saliva, and says, “I can’t wait to enter the bridal room already, hehehe…”

Liu Yi pulls Xiao Fen who is trembling behind him and says to the pig spirit, “Apologies, looks like your marriage life is going to end soon.”

“Damn you, where did you pop out from, how dare you obstruct my matters!”

The pig spirit sprays out a mouthful of saliva and swings out his tongue and stomach and looks at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi instantly retreats as he is afraid that the saliva would touch his body.

“Damn it, it is a damn gigolo again!”

Seeing at Liu Yi, the pig spirit rages as he swings around his fats and makes pig snorts.

“Let me bite off your JJ!”

[TL: JJ chinese slang for dick]


Chapter 488    [Thousand year pig-spirit]

What a pig spirit with a heavy taste…

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