MKW Chapter 487

Chapter 487    [Holy Tooth race’s legend]


“This, this strength….”

When the bald guy sees this scene, his face turns pale from fright. His earlier fierceness has completely disappeared.

“You, you are a member of the Ghost Fox race!”

“Ghost Fox race?”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow slightly. If I did not remember wrongly, my Immortal Fox sister is being forced to marry the whatever young master of Ghost Fox race!

Motherfucker of all things to mention!!!! 

With the mentioning of Ghost Fox race, it instantly angers Liu Yi!

“Ghost Fox race, your ancestor!”

As Liu Yi shouts, blue flames emerge from his body as the firefox turns even large and starts slaughtering the wolfmen of the Iron Tooth race.

“Quick, quickly run….”

The baldy no longer pretends to be tough. Facing such an enemy he finally understands what is called real strength!

He had heard of how strong the members of Ghost Fox race are…today he has finally experienced it…

“I still have not enjoyed myself fully and you guys want to leave?”

Liu Yi clucks and snaps his fingers.

Instantly a row of flames starts burning from the village entrance like a firewall, blocking the exit from the wolfmen.

The entire group of Iron Tooth race members are instantly in despair as they kneel onto the ground.

The baldy crawls to the front of Liu Yi as he begs, “King, king please spare our life, I beg you to spare our lives!”

“Oh? Did you shout earlier that you want to kill me? Why did you change so mind so quickly?”

Liu Yi smiles coldly. Toward this kind of vile tribe, there cannot be any leniency.

Sympathy towards them is being cruel towards oneself.

“I am wrong, king, I am wrong….I no longer dare to do it again….”

The baldy keeps weeping, only hoping to survive.

Liu Yi gives a nasty laugh, “Scram out from this village and never return again. Otherwise…the next time I see you it will be your death date.”

“Yes, yes, yes….”

The baldy swiftly shoots to his feet like he has been granted amnesty and frantically escapes in the direction of the village entrance where the firewall had disappeared.

Holy Tooth race is indeed very scary like rumored…in the future, I would not dare to come here again….

“Settled. In the future, the Holy Tooth race will not be worried about them.”

Liu Yi dusts off his hand and turns around and gives the villagers a smile.

Unexpectedly the village head suddenly has the entire village and kneels down in front of Liu Yi.

“Thank, thank you, king, for saving our entire village….”

King is the term that the demons call the people who are strong, which makes Liu Yi feel weird.

“Everyone please get up, please get up.”

Liu Yi hurries and helps the village head to stand up, while Xiao Fen stands by the side and looks at Liu Yi weirdly.

“King…king first promise us one matter…if you do not agree to it, we will not get up…”

The old village head stays kneeling down while the village members also do the same.

“Quickly get up old village head. You are so much older than me, I am unable to take this kneel…”

This will shorten my life ah!

“If you do not agree then I am really unable to get up….”

Liu Yi does not know what the old village head is trying to do, so he can only sigh and say, “Fine then, old village head I agree to it, tell me your request.”

“King, please marry my granddaughter!”

“Eh….the heck?!?!”

Liu Yi nearly jumps up in fright while Xiao Fen’s face actually turns red as she lowers her head and stands there shyly.

“Old village head don’t make fun of me.”

“I’m not, I’m not. I am really begging you to marry my granddaughter!”

The old village head persuades patiently, “King you see, my granddaughter does not have anything but some good looks. Furthermore, she also has an incomplete human figure…if you have a heavy taste, she can also completely satisfy your needs….”

Liu Yi is almost sweating, this village head is

In Liu Yi’s heart, Immortal Fox sister is already his wife, thus as an excuse, he says, “To be honest old village head, I already have a wife.”


When the old village head hears this, his body trembles and his face turns white.

Liu Yi says in his heart, this should be able to stop him right?

But unexpectedly, the old village head changes the topic and continues saying, “Since that is the case then it is also fine if King takes my granddaughter as a **”

[TL: So ** is basically unknown so whoever wants to term it just comment below. The author also leave it as **…]

What the hell…..

In Demon Realm, there is no concubine. Your women, other than wife, the rest are **.

Hearing how frankly the old village head says it, Xiao Fen buries her face into the embrace of a woman beside her.

While Liu Yi starts sweating and says, “Old village head…you can just stop beating around the bush. What is the matter you can just say it directly  I temporarily…still do not have any intention of finding a **…so….”

“What to do…what to do….could it be that my Holy Tooth race is really going to be finished…”

The old village head is apprehensive, unable to stand steadily almost collapsing.

“Old village head, you can just say the truth. If I am able to help, I will definitely help.”

“Alas…this matter to you, is basically an outsider matter…I, really am unable to ask it of you…”

Liu Yi suddenly thought of something and says, “Old village head, I Xiao Fen as a sister. The problem of my younger sister is my matter. You can just tell me the problem.”

“If this is the case…fine, then I will say it.”

The old village head rubs his granddaughter’s head and says slowly, “In this forest, there is a broken temple and inside it lives a pig spirit with high cultivation and boundless strength. This pig spirit takes a fancy of our Xiao Fen and comes over to harass us every 3-5 days….a few days earlier he has come again and gives us an ultimatum. If we do not hand over Xiao Fen to be his wife, he will exterminate our entire tribe….”

“So it is this story ah.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, isn’t this the Zhu Bajie from the novel! Looks like no matter where this pig spirit is a pervert.

“I can help old village head eliminate this pig spirit…but old village head I have a question and I hope that you can clear it up for me.”

“Oh? What is the question, King can ask.”

“Since the village has dragon bone this Holy object why does old village head not take it out to use as a weapon? I believe that relying on this object, the Iron Tooth race or pig spirit they would not be able to take the attack right?”

The old village head suddenly coughs and waves his hands and instructed, “Cough, cough…I want to talk to King alone for a bit. Everyone else can leave.”

Everyone in the village respects the old village head a lot and follows his instruction blindly. Hearing his orders, they immediately scatter like birds and leave.

Instantly in front of the tree stump in the village is only left with Liu Yi and the old village head.

“King ah….to be honest…actually my village does not have any dragon bone…this thing is nothing but a story that my forebearer fabricated…”

“Oh? It is actually like this?”

Liu Yi is shocked, the dragon bone is actually nonexistence?!

“But the village people seem to treat this dragon bone as a Holy object….seeing their expression, it does not seem to be fake…”

“Because this matter is only known only by every generation’s village head, the rest of the villagers do not know.”

The old village head laughs bitterly, “King you do not know, a thousand years ago my Holy Tooth race was only a weak and small tribe. There were originally a lot of weird beasts in this forest. Along with those other barbarous tribes who wantonly bullied our tribe people. As well as snatching away the women from my tribe as they please. While the people in our tribe are naturally cowardy and do not dare to retaliate…back then the village head to make the villagers survive on fabricated out the dragon bone story. It caused other people to think that my Holy Tooth race is protected by a Holy Beast! And thus from that, the people from my village gained belief and became courageous. Even when enemies come, we are able to unite together and resist to death! Because of a few times of resisting to death being effective, thus outsiders also starts to believe in the story of the dragon bone…this story is spread all over the place….and turned into the current situation.”

[TL: so fucking long…..]

“So it is only a story….”

Liu Yi is stunned, unexpectedly the village head of Holy Tooth race is actually so smart!

The old village head for some unknown reason suddenly becomes anxious as he pulls on Liu Yi’s arm and asks, “Right…King…I still have a matter that I need to ask you….this matter is very, very important. You must really tell me the truth…”

“Eh, old village head…you and just ask.”

“May I know…if King’s name….is called Liu Yi…..”

“How do you know?”

Liu Yi instantly frowns as killing intent leaks out from his eyes.

The old village head’s cultivation is low and under Liu Yi’s killing intent he starts trembling and starts shaking.

“Ki, King no…you, you, please listen to my explanation…”

“Apologies…it is a subconscious reaction…”

Liu Yi also feels that his reaction is too extreme. The 500 years of demonic training in Asura Realm turned him very sensitive.

“It is our ancestor’s instruction….”

The old village head is slightly emotional, “Really did not think that this ancestor’s instruction…have actually come true….”

“What ancestor’s instruction?”

Liu Yi is slightly curious and feels that this matter is becoming more and more suspicious.

The old village head did not say anything, instead, he is trembling as he breaks his scepter into half and takes out a rolled up leather and passed to Liu Yi.

“This, this is the thing that is passed down by ancestor’s instructions…..the forebear says…if one day, I see a fox race youngster who is able to use blue flames and is called Liu Yi saves us….then pass this item to him…”


Liu Yi feels that this is unimaginable. How could the Holy Tooth race people know that he would come a thousand years ago! Could it be that they have a prophecy book?!

But Liu Yi still takes the piece of leather and on it seems to be a map of China.

Liu Yi pulls it open and takes a close look. Indeed the map is a map of China, but on it are some location names that Liu Yi has never seen before, perhaps they are the names used in ancient times.

While one of the locations is circled with a red circle.

Wanzong Mountain…luckily my Chinese standard is not considered low and is still able to recognize this words.

This mountain position is roughly located within Sichuan province border…but when I was learning geography I don’t seem to recall hearing about this mountain ah…

Liu Yi can only ask for help from his multi-talented senior, Yan Qiuhong. When Yan Qiuhong sees the mountain name she instantly exclaims in shock, “It is actually Wanzong Mountain!”


Chapter 487    [Holy Tooth race’s legend]

Haha yeah Xiao Fen is a gone case indeed


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